Course Outline

                 BIOCHEMISTRY 4200 (Proteins and Nucleic Acids)

Spring Semester 2005                              Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lecture: Tu, Th 16:30 h – 17:45 h D633                             University of Lethbridge
Lab:     M      13:00 h – 15:30 h E770

Lecturer:                Hans-Joachim Wieden    
                         E868 UH                          Ph: 329 2303
                         Office Hours:                    M 13:00 h – 15:00 h
                                                          W 9:00 h – 11:00 h or by appointment

Lab Instructor           Michelle Duke          
                         E856 UH                          Ph: 329 2088
Textbook:                Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 4 Ed. 2004
                         By D.L. Nelson and M. M. Cox

Prerequisits:            Chemistry 2410, 2710, Biochemistry 3020

General Information Biochemistry 4200 will deal with the biochemistry of proteins and nucleic
acids including protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions; membrane proteins, enzyme
mechanisms, and modification of gene expression and rapid kinetics. Laboratory projects will
involve the purification and characterization of enzymes and DNA.

Reference material will consist of textbook chapters, selected research articles, and specific
internet resources. Reference material will be posted weekly. Copies of all reference material will
be made available.

The midterm exams will deal with material covered in the lectures prior to the exam. The final
exam will be comprehensive, but there will be an emphasis on the more recent material.

Lecture Outline          The course will be separated into three sections of roughly equal size.
For each section, a topic will be introduced, several example systems will be studied and
underlying methodologies will be discussed.

    I.      Biophysical Methods
            Modern research tools and techniques for studying macromolecular function.

    II.     Macromolecular Interactions
            Structure and function of representative enzymes.

    III.    Omics
            Genomic, proteomics, metabonomics, and others.

Laboratory Outline       Will be provided or discussed in lab
                                                                                     Course Outline

Grade Composition:
Midterm Exams            50min            15%     Feb 3            (tentative date, 2 weeks notice)
                         50min            15%     Mar 10           (tentative date, 2 weeks notice)

Final Exam               180min           40%     Date set by registrar

Laboratory                                30%

                         TOTAL          100%

Please Note : Failure to attend a Midterm exam will normally result in a score of zero, unless you
have a good reason for being absent (Instructors discretion). In the case of illness, a medical
certificate must be presented. In either case, the final exam will be pro-rated to reflect the missed
Midterm exam. A missed final exam will normally result in a score of zero. Only the Dean (or
Associate Dean) of Arts & Science can authorize a "make-up" final exam.

A passing grade must be achieved in both the lecture and laboratory component of the
course in order to obtain credit.

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