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									Make Mongolian Arts and Culture Thrive!

Mongolia has an extremely rich culture, full of skilled and creative people. Mongolia’s talented artists,
performers and writers produce work as unique to Mongolia as Mongolia’s cultural heritage is to the
world. Unfortunately, the transition that took place in 1990 brought new problems and new challenges
for society. Artists and arts institutions lack funds for their projects and activities. In addition, the
drastic reduction in government support for the arts combined with the lack of tax incentives that
encourage private donations to the arts has created a major deficit in Mongolia’s cultural development
and the preservation of the nation’s cultural heritage.

In 2002, business, civic and arts leaders formed the Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) to support
Mongolian arts and cultural institutions and individual arts and cultural workers, to promote
international interest and awareness of Mongolian arts, to enhance skills of Mongolian arts
administrators and artists and advocate for cooperation between the private and public sectors on arts
issues. Three years later, the Arts Council of Mongolia is a dynamic organization which supports,
advocates and enriches Mongolian arts and cultural endeavours through a broad range o f programs and

The Arts Council of Mongolia works through four major program areas: Arts Education, Grants,
Marketing and Information Services, and Policy.

Through the two annual grants competitions (individual and organizational grants) run by the Grants
Program, ACM is able to provide much needed support and development opportunities for individual
artists and cultural workers and arts and cultural organizations. The Grants Program enables
Mongolian arts and culture workers to attend international conferences, print catalogues and marketing
material, present new products and run new programs in the arts and culture. Past grant recipients have
included the Roaring Hooves Music Festival, Golden Eagle Festival, Tumen Ekh Ensemble, Tsokh
Children’s newspaper, Union of Mongolian Writers, filmmakers J.Enebish and U.Narangerel, painters
M.Erdenbayar and Ts.Enkhjargal and many many more.

In addition to the Grants Program, ACM runs a broad range of arts and culture projects involving
many partners and reaching a diverse range of audiences. The Arts Education Program includes the
successful implementation of the first arts management masters degree in Mongolia, working with
disadvantaged children to improve their confidence, knowledge and to provide them with new life and
vocational skills through arts education programs and working with schools and the Mongolian
government to include interactive and effective teaching methods in the Mongolian education system.
ACM also works with the government and other elements of civil society to ensure cooperation
between the private and public sectors on issues affecting arts and culture as part of the Policy
Program. The Marketing and Information Services Program ensures that Mongolian arts and culture
are accessible to the public both in Mongolia and internationally with a range of events and
information products including websites, brochures, articles and newsletters.

In 2004 the Arts Council supported 60 artists and cultural workers and implemented 17 projects which
in turn affected thousands of people and, with your help, 2005 can be better and brighter still.

In 2005, the work of the Arts Council will include providing confidence, knowledge and new skills to
young disadvantaged Mongolians through arts education programs like Focus on Kids, a community
photography project, and I Can Do It, an arts education program for disabled children, by offering
financial support for the projects of arts and cultural workers and organizations through our annual
grants program, hosting international conferences in the fields of literature and translation and arts
education, promoting new opportunities and products in cultural tourism and much more.

The Arts Council of Mongolia could not provide these opportunities without the support of its
members. By becoming a member of the Arts Council of Mongolia you can help to preserve unique
Mongolian arts and culture, to create new opportunities for the development of arts and culture in
Mongolia and to support the development of a confident, innovative and open society. You
rmembership fee will go directly to the ACM Program Fund to support our programs.

Simply fill in the pledge form and send it back to the Arts Council with your membership fee or give
us a call on 319 015 and we’ll be happy to join you up.

When you become a member of the Arts Council of Mongolia, you will also receive some great
benefits as a big thank you for your support. Benefits include everything from a monthly newsletter
and what’s on calendar to discounts off arts purchases and free tours of artist studios, galleries and
museums. See the table below for more details on those benefits.

Let’s celebrate the richness and diversity of Mongolian arts and culture by supporting our artists,
cultural workers and organizations when they need it most. Now is the time to work together with the
Arts Council of Mongolia and make a difference!

If you want to know more about the work we’re doing at the Arts Council of Mongolia or the benefits
you will receive as a member please do not hesitate to contact us on 319 015 or at or check out our website at

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