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T  he Department of Dance offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts
   for undergraduates. The BFA in Dance provides a
comprehensive education across the field of contemporary
                                                                 The department offers an undergraduate BFA degree in
                                                                 which students develop their knowledge and skills through
                                                                 courses in modern and ballet techniques, performance,
dance with a core focus on the dancing experience. An            choreography, dance description and notation, technology,
accredited member of the National Association of Schools         education, history, and production. With this foundation and
of Dance, the Department of Dance offers students a solid        faculty mentorship, students design an individual focus in
foundation in modern and ballet techniques, performance,         the junior year. Areas of focus include, but are not limited
choreography, Laban studies, dance education, history,           to, performance, education, choreography, and dance and
and technology. Beginning in the junior year, students           technology. Students also have the option of following a
have the opportunity to declare an individual focus such as      broad-based general dance track. In addition to their dance
performance, choreography, or education.                         courses, students also take general education courses in the
                                                                 arts, sciences, and humanities.
The curriculum is designed to be demanding by challenging
our students’ technical, creative, and analytic abilities. Our   Students can venture into courses such as partnering,
students are partners in their own education providing focus,    development of Western and classical dance, African-based
energy, skill, and creativity.                                   dance forms, dance documentation, dance dynamics, and
                                                                 dance technologies. Students also may conduct historical
Pursuing Dance at Ohio State                                     research, where dance is studied in its social, historical, and
Acceptance into the dance program is contingent upon             cultural framework.
the successful completion of the applicant’s high school
college preparatory program and an on-campus audition.           All dance majors must earn a minimum grade of C- in any
The purpose of the audition is to determine the applicant’s      required dance course.
level of basic skills in ballet and modern dance. Notification
of audition dates will be sent upon written request of the       For further educational opportunities, the Department of
Department of Dance.                                             Dance also features a top ranked graduate program offering
                                                                 MFA	and	PhD	degrees.
In addition to successfully completing an on-campus
audition, students must also be admitted to the university.      Educational Objectives
The primary criteria for admission are the completion of         Students majoring in Dance will achieve the following
the applicant’s high school college preparatory program,         learning outcomes:
performance in that program as indicated by class rank           	 •	Students	should	have	a	solid	foundation	in	a	breadth	of	
and/or grade-point average, and performance on either                 contemporary dance techniques.
the ACT or SAT. Other high-ability students may become                - Upon graduation, students will exhibit an advanced
eligible for honors or scholars courses by demonstrating                 degree of proficiency in the contemporary dance
academic achievement once they have started college work.                techniques taught in the department.
                                                                      - Students will be able to translate technical
A minimum of 181 quarter hours are required to complete                  proficiency from the studio to a performance context.
the degree requirements in dance. Of these, approximately        	 •	Students	will	be	able	to	synthesize	skills	and		
60 will be used to meet the GEC requirements.                         knowledge from the department’s diverse curricular
                                                                      areas including Laban studies, choreography, history,
Core education requirements for a BFA in Dance:                       education, technology, performance and technique.
	 •	Technique	(modern	and	ballet)                                     - Students will apply skills and knowledge attained in
	 •	Composition/Choreography                                             one course to a new context in another course.
	 •	Somatic	techniques                                                - Students will exhibit intermediate/advanced
	 •	Performance                                                          proficiency in each of the curricular areas.
	 •	History                                                      	 •	Students	will	be	able	to	provide	well-considered,	
	 •	Production                                                        analytical feedback to their peers in regards to
	 •	Improvisation                                                     performance and choreography.
	 •	Music	skills                                                      - Students will be able to produce thorough written
	 •	Education                                                            analysis of his or her own work and the work of
	 •	Laban	studies                                                        others.
For more information, check these web sites:
Department of Dance:                               Admissions:
Arts and Humanities:                   Multicultural Center:
Ohio State:                                              First Year Experience Program:
Curriculum Sample                                         Co-Curricular Opportunities
This is a sample list of classes a student will take to   Ohio State offers many opportunities for students to learn and grow
pursue a degree in Dance. Since university students       outside	of	the	classroom.	These	range	from	cooperative	education	(co-
need more than a specific education in a narrow field,    op)	and	internships	to	study	abroad	programs	to	student	organizations.	
they also will take classes to complete the General       Co-ops and internships place students in professional environments
Education	Curriculum	(GEC).	The	GEC	will	allow	
students to develop the fundamental skills essential
                                                          while they are Ohio State students. Ohio State offers more than 100
to collegiate success across major programs. Course       study abroad programs in 40 countries around the world. In addition,
work options satisfying the GEC often come from a         there	are	hundreds	of	student	organizations	on	campus	to	meet	the	
variety of academic areas of study allowing students      interests of a diverse student population.
to tailor their GEC toward their interests. Note: This
sample represents one of several possible paths to a      These opportunities enable students to gain valuable work experience,
degree in Dance.                                          learn about other cultures, and take on leadership roles before they
                                                          enter the workforce. All of these experiences enhance learning and may
Freshman Year:                                            provide an advantage in the job market.
Modern	Dance	Technique	                          6
Ballet Dance Technique                           6
Dance	History	                                   8        	 •	Opportunities	in	the	Arts	and	Humanities:	
Composition                                      2  
Dance	Production	                                3        	 •	Opportunities	at	the	Wexner	Center:
Dance	&	Technology	                              3        	 •	Learning	communities	for	art	majors:
Dance Survey                                     1
Improvisation                                    2
Music	Skills	                                    2        Honors & Scholars Programs
GEC courses                                     15        The	Honors	Program	offers	students	the	opportunity	to	pursue	bachelor’s	
Total hours                                     48        degrees “with distinction” or “with honors.” Honors	students	benefit	
                                                          from	the	smaller	size	and	more	challenging	approach	of	honors	classes,	
Sophomore Year:
Modern	Dance	Technique	                          6        work with faculty honors advisors, have access to priority scheduling,
Ballet Dance Technique                           6        receive the honors newsletter, and are eligible for honors housing.
Composition	                                     3
Notation                                         6        Please	visit for more information on the Arts
Repertory/Performance	                           5        Honors	Program	or	the	Arts	Interdisciplinary	Scholars	Program.	
Dance	Lighting	                                  3
Dance	Education	                                 3
Somatics                                         2        Career Prospects in Dance
Kinesiology	                                     3        Undergraduate	students	who	obtain	the	Bachelor	of	Fine	Arts	(BFA)	in	
GEC courses                                     15        Dance are prepared to enter the dance profession in a variety of areas
Total hours                                     49        including, but not limited to, performance, choreography, production,
Junior Year:*                                             lighting, dance and technology, and dance education. Ohio State has
Ballet Dance Technique                           6        produced graduates of high caliber who have gone on to successful
Modern	Dance	Technique	                          6        performing	careers	with	the	Paul	Taylor	Dance	Company,	Twyla	Tharp	
Dance	Methodology	                               3        Dance	Company,	Merce	Cunningham	Company,	Ron	Brown,	Stephen	
Kinesiology	                                     3        Petronio,	Senta	Driver,	Mark	Morris,	Sweden’s	Cullberg	Dance	Company,	
Advising Colloquium                              1
Additional	dance/related	courses	               13        and Israel’s Batsheva Dance Company. Others such as Senta Driver,
GEC courses                                     15        Dianne	McIntyre,	Lynn	Dally,	Bebe	Miller,	and	Timothy	Buckley	have	
Total hours                                     47        built successful careers as choreographers. Ohio State students have
                                                          also gone on to careers as dance notators, historians, movement
Senior Year:*                                             analysts, or as specialists in dance productions.
Ballet Dance Technique                           6
Modern	Dance	Technique	                          6
Senior	Project	                                  4
Experiential	Learning	                           3
Advising Colloquium                              1
Additional dance/related courses                12
GEC courses                                     15
Total hours                                     47

*Upon completing the foundational dance require-
ments, students have an additional 25 credit hours        Revised August 2009. For the most up-to-date information on the
to design their own focus or to follow a broad-based      dance program, please visit
general dance curriculum.

                                                          Contact information:
                                                          Department of Dance | 022 Sullivant Hall
                                                          1813 North High Street | Columbus, Ohio 43210-1307
                                                          (614) 292-7977 |

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