iPad's Sister-New iPods Announced by Apple

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					iPad's Sister-New iPods Announced by Apple

This is the day of Apple fans! At the conference held in San

Francisco, CEO Steve Jobs unwrapped a new lineup of iPods and the

New Apple TV, iTunes 10, and iOS 4.1.

iPod Shuffle 5

iPod Shuffle 5 ($49 for 2GB), has been updated to include playlists,

buttons to navigate the volume. It is still a tiny iPod available in 5

different colors with a built-in clip for wearing it on-the-go, but it

now has 50% more battery life offering up to 15 hours of continuous

music playback, according to Apple.

iPod Nano 6
iPod Nano 6($149 for 8GB; $179 for 16GB), now includes FM radio,

24 hours of music. 6 different colors and 29 languages available.

It does away with the circular navigation wheel and sports a

multi-touch display instead. It’s 46% smaller and 42% lighter than

the previous model.

iPod Touch 4
iPod Touch 4($229 for 8GB; $299 for 32GB; $399 for 64GB), 40

hours of music, a Retina display (the same kind as the iPhone 4) is

included. The distinctive new feature of iPod Touch 4 is two cameras:

one on the front for use with FaceTime( a feature released on the

iPhone 4 in June), the other on the back for capturing photos and HD

video that can be edited with software on the iPod Touch. It will be

available next week.

Apple TV

Apple TV($99), only a quarter of the size of the previous version,

the hard drive stripped out, the component video output and

analogue audio output removed, now it’s just a television with

HDMI. It will allow users to rent TV shows for 99 cents or first-run

movies for $4.99 each. Apple has also struck a deal with Netflix Inc
that enables viewers to stream content from the video rental site.

iTunes 10

iTunes 10 has Ping, a social music network (much like MySpace

and built in. Ping will allow users to follow their friends to

find out what they’re listening to; and users can also follow

artists. There'll be a feed showing nearby concerts as well, and a Top

10 list of songs and musicians your friends are downloading from


iOS 4.1
iOS 4.1, right now we know for sure that it fixes proximity sensor

issues, problems with iPhone 3G, adds Game Center, HD upload

over wifi and HDR photo capabilities. It will be landing next week.

Registered developers can already download their version through

Apple's website.

Well, if you got these fantastic iPods, no matter which model, and

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Description: Apple unveils its new iPods, including iPod Shuffle 5, iPod Nano 6, iPod Touch 4, and Apple TV, iTunes 10, iOS 4.1.