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					                              Catalog Title            Volume Three | Issue Two   April- June 2008

                          The Press Office of the Embassy of Italy
               edited and designed by Simona Massobrio and Federica Gentile

The Italian Legacy in Washington, DC:
 Architecture, Design Art and Culture

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                            Social and Cultural Events

                      Presentation of the book The Italian
                           Legacy in Washington, D.C.
                                 April 1, 2008

                                                                 H.E. Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta

On April,1st the Congress of the United States hosted the official presentation of the book The Italian Legacy in
Washington, D.C. Architecture, Design, Art and Culture, edited by Luca Molinari, with the collaboration of Andrea

The book – the first of a series of volumes that the Embassy of Italy wants to dedicate to the Italian heritage in
the United States – shows Italy’s strong stylistic influences upon the US capital’s architecture and works of art,
from the eighteenth century to the present day: a deep relationship widely illustrated by pictures, designs,
sketches and new images by the photographer Max Mackenzie.

After NIAF President Salvatore Zizza’s initial speech, Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta, during his speech,
made mention of the fifth centenary of the birth of Andrea Palladio, the great Italian artist whose style inspired
the architecture of the White House. “Italian art” - he said- “also influenced many other buildings in Washing-
ton, such as, for example, the Capitol’s dome, whose interior is decorated by Costantino Brumidi’s frescos”.
In his remarks, Ambassador Castellaneta recalled the strong Italian presence in the United States: “Almost 25
millions of Americans carry Italian blood. They’re the living proof of the Italian roots of this great country,
which I like to consider the Rome of modern times. Traces of Italy are clearly visible even in this Capitol, a sym-
bol of freedom and democracy for the whole world.”

The presentation was attended by various historians of art, scholars and congressmen, including Representatives
Bill Pascrell (Dem-NJ) and Tom Tancredo (Rep-CO). The event was also the occasion for an interesting cultural
exchange and for the showcasing of American art which is, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointed out in her precious
preface to the book, “a token of America’s splendor and a tribute to the beauty created and inspired by Italian

                                                                 The Capitol

                   Salvatore Nizza, President of

                                               Congressman Bill Pascrell

     Minister Luca Ferrari, Embassy
    Spokesman, with two of the guests

         A Conference at the National Gallery of Art on the
       The Italian Legacy in Washington, D.C.: Architecture, Design, Art and
                                        April 2, 2008

                                                         On April, 2nd the National Gallery of
                                               Art joined the Embassy of Italy to celebrate the
                                               publication of the stunning book, The Italian
                                               Legacy in Washington, D.C.: Architecture, Design,
                                               Art and Culture.
                                                         The main auditorium of the National
                                               Gallery hosted a lecture by Architect and Pro-
                                               fessor at the University of Naples, Luca Moli-
                                               nari, on the topic of Italian influences on Wash-
                                               ington buildings and works of art. Indeed, the
                                               capital of the United States is clearly marked
                                               by the neoclassical style of the famed Italian
                                               artist Andrea Palladio and by the projects of
                                               contemporary Italian architects, visible in many
                                               important and famous buildings such as the
                                               Watergate complex, designed by Luigi Moretti.
                                                         Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta
    The book on Sale at the National Gallery   opened the conference, focusing on the Italian
               of Art Gift Shop                influence on America’s art and announcing a
                                               series of volumes describing Italy’s heritage in
                                               other major cities of the U.S., such as New
                                               York, Boston and San Francisco.
                                                         The event was attended by the co-
                                               editor of the book Andrea Canepari, Minister
                                               Luca Ferrari, the Head of Italian and Spanish
                                               paintings at National Gallery of Art, David Alan
                                               Brown, and the Chief Archivist of National
                                               Gallery of Art, Maygene Daniels.

              The Book Signing Ceremony

             Italy on the Potomac:The Italian Heritage in
                           Washington, D.C.
                             April 3, 2008

    The Embassy of Italy, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art, hosted the symposium “Italy on
    the Potomac: The Italian Heritage in Washington, D.C.”, on the occasion of the release of the book
    The Italian Legacy in Washington, D.C.
    Among the panelists, Luca Molinari, Professor at the University of Naples, highlighted the contribution
    that Italian immigrants to the United States made to the definition of Washington’s style. The U.S.
    capital wanted to reproduce ancient Rome’s classical style since it is well adapted to the democratic
    values and to the Nation’s symbolism. Mr. Molinari particularly stressed the work of Costantino Bru-
    midi, whose beautiful frescoes representing progress, democracy, and the rule of law decorate the
    interior dome of the U.S. Capitol.
    Mario di Valmarana, Professor Emeritus at University of Virginia, focused on the architecture of the
    Embassy of Italy which mirrors the diamond-shape design of Washington and embodies the typical
    features of Italian buildings like Tuscan Villas and Venetian Palaces.
    David Alan Brown, Curator and Head of Italian and Spanish Paintings at the National Gallery of Art,
    showed several pieces of the collection depicting the city of Venice, analyzed and represented in all its
    aspects: from the fascinating San Marco Square to the Byzantine Basilica and the Ducal Palace.
    Bruce Cole, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Gregory Hunt, Vice Chairman
    of Leo A. Daly Associates and Eric Denker of the National Gallery of Art also participated as panelists.
    The symposium was followed by a cocktail in Piazza Grande, where a book signing took place.

                       America’s Polo Cup Cancer Benefit
                                           April 10, 2008

     Guests enjoying a delicious reception in
      Piazza Italia, the hall of the Embassy

    The National Capital Area Chapter of the Leukemia
    & Lymphoma Society held a kickoff event at the Em-
    bassy of Italy on April 10, 2008 for one of its most       Guests at the Benefit dinner
    important fundraising campaigns. The 2008 Man and
    Woman of the Year Campaign presented by Accen-
    ture in Association with Land Rover America's Polo
    Cup has an expansive title as well as a history of ex-
    cellence, but its mission is simple: raise money to find
    a cure for blood cancers and to improve the lives of
    patients and families.
    The campaign began with the launch at the Embassy
    of Italy had the ambitious goal to raise $1 million in
    just 10 weeks. The event was free and opens to the

          Washington Humane Society
                     April 12, 2008

                                      Some shots of the event

    A fashion show

                       The Washington Humane Society held a second
                       annual fashion fete, Fashion for Paws, at the Ital-
                       ian Embassy. Fashion for Paws featured fifty to
                       sixty of Washington, DC’s most notable and
                       well-known personalities as the models in the
                       show. H.E. Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta
                       and his wife Lila took part in the event and Mrs
                       Lila Castellaneta modeled with her dog Pofak.
                       The Washington Humane Society, the only Con-
                       gressionally-chartered animal welfare agency in
                       the US, has been the leading voice for animal
                       rights in the DC area since 1870. All proceeds
                       from Fashion for Paws benefit the Washington
                       Humane Society’s human–animal programs. The
                       Washington Humane Society provides comfort
                       and care to more than 20,000 animals each year
                       through its broad range of programs and ser-

    Dog fashion show

    The Embassy of Italy Organizes a Gala in Honor of His
          Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI’s Birthday
           with the Washington National Opera
                                        April 16, 2008

                         From the Right: H.E. Giovanni Castellaneta,
                          his wife Lila Castellaneta and some of the

             On April, 16th 2008, in honor of the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to the
    United States of America, the Embassy of Italy in Washington, D.C. hosted a gala with the Wash-
    ington National Opera of Placido Domingo.
             Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta inaugurated the event by symbolically welcoming the
    Holy Father and invited Denyce Graves to join him on stage. The renowned soprano from the
    Washington National Opera led the audience in singing “Happy Birthday!” as a musical wish for
    Benedict XVI’s 81st birthday; later, gifted lyrical singers from the Washington National Opera Cen-
    ter for Education and Training entertained the audience by performing arias from Italian composer
    Giacomo Puccini’s “La Bohème”.
             During the buffet dinner, the guests were surrounded by the suggestive pictures shot by
    photographer Graziella Vigo in the most famous theaters of the world, portraying some recent
    mises-en-oeuvre of Giuseppe Verdi’s works.
             The event was attended by various Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, members of
    the Bush Administration and former American Ambassadors to the Vatican.

                                             Pope Benedict XVI during his visit
                                                   to Washington DC

       Mr. Denyce Graves
      Addressing the Guests

                                   One of the Washington National Opera
                                     Center for Education and Training
                                             Singers Performing

     Senator Patrick Leahy (left) and
       Minister Luca Ferrari (right)

                                 URBINO PRESS AWARD
                                             April 23, 2008

     Martha Raddatz, Chief White House
     Correspondent and ABC News re-
     porter, is the winner of the third edi-
     tion of the Urbino Press Award. The
     announcement has been given during a
     ceremony at the Embassy of Italy in
     Washington DC.
     Mrs. Raddatz, who will receive the
     award in Urbino on May 23, is at the
                                                 From the Left: Martha Raddatz
     center of media attention in the United
                                                    and Minister Luca Ferrari
     States thanks for her scoops and exten-
     sive reportings on Iraq. “I’m very hon-
     ored – she said – to accept this award,
     it was a big surprise for me and I am
     very enthusiastic, especially because
     Michael Weisskopf received the same
     recognition in 2007 and Diane Rehm in
     2006. The organizers of the Urbino
     Press Award should be proud: they
     recognize the value of journalism,
     something that many people don’t ap-
     preciate. The world of reporting has
     changed, but I – she concluded – re-
     main faithful to the principles of jour-
     At the conclusion of the ceremony, a
     video was shown illustrating the beauty
     of the city of Urbino and explicating the
     origins of the initiative of the Urbino
     Press Award. A buffet reception fol-
                                                                    Deputy Chief of Mission,
     lowed featuring specialties from the
                                                                    Minister Sebastiano Cardi
     Marche, such as truffles, wines and
                                                                      opens the Ceremony
     cheeses, while the guests were enter-
     tained with Italian music.

                                                                            Martha Raddatz
                                                                         Accepting the Award

                           John’s Hopkins University’s
                             Annual Spring Formal

                                       April 25, 2008

                 A View of the

                                                Some of the Guests at the Party

     On April 25th the Italian Embassy
     held the annual spring formal of
     John’s Hopkins University School of
     Advanced International Studies. The
     spring formal is typically an evening
     cocktail party with a bar, hors
     d’oeuvres and dancing. The evening
     was attended by 400 guests, all stu-
     dents or alumni.
     Johns Hopkins University is Amer-
     ica's first research university, a
     world leader in research and educa-
     tion in medicine, public health, the
     arts, sciences, and engineering. Hop-
     kins is internationally renowned for
     its exchange programs with foreign
     universities as an example the
     graduating class spent their first
     year at the campus in Bologna.

                                               EU Embassies Open House

                                                              May 3, 2008

                                                   Thousands Visit Italian Embassy in Washington D.C.
                                           Marking the “US Embassies Open House” day on May 3rd,
                                           thousands visited the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C.
                                           Charmed by the Embassy’s structural design and its permanent
                                           art collection, guests formed lengthy queues early on. For the
                                           second year in a row, visitors were welcomed to tour the Ital-
                                           ian Embassy amidst a cultural atmosphere enhanced by artistic
                                           photographs of classical opera dramas, by Graziella Vigo, and
                                           unique takes of urban Italian landscapes, by Renato D’Agostini.
                                           The auditorium graced the Embassy’s ambience with a docu-
                                           mentary on the late Italian tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, as the re-
                                           freshments desks soothed the visiting palates with specialty
                                           dishes, from sorbets to arancini. But the main attraction was
                                           obviously the Embassy itself, flowered by its unique art collec-
                                           tion, consisting of Etruscan vases, modern sculptures, the re-
                                           fined interior design (entirely made in Italy) and the main inner
                                           open space, Piazza Italia.
                                           Italian Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta, wife Mrs. Lila Castel-
                                           laneta, and Minister Sebastiano Cardi, kindly presided over the
                                           event, along with other Embassy Officials. Commenting on the
                                           successful outcome of the “Open House” day, Ambassador
                                           Castellaneta pointed out that “these occasions show a more
                                           realistic picture of Italy. Despite the problems our country had
                                           to confront with waste management and dairy products issues,
                                           it is still a country that has many positive things to offer to the
       Ambassador Castellaneta with        rest of the world.”
      Counselor Adriano Monti (left),      The “Open House” day in Washington D.C., in its second year
     Counselor Silvia Limoncini (to the    of celebration, was organized by E.U. Member States to mark
        Ambassador’s left) and Aldo
      Stacchiola (to the Ambassador’s
     right), Waiting to Greet the Many

          Andrew Monti, Research Assistant at the
          Embassy Guiding a Tour of the Building

          Refugees International Gala at the Italian Embassy
            in Washington DC: Awards to Mia Farrow and
                          Ronan S. Farrow

                                                May 8, 2008

     For the second consecutive year, Italy
     celebrated in Washington DC, the ef-
     forts of people aiding refugees.
     The 29th anniversary of “Refugees In-
     ternational” was marked on the evening
     of May 8th, at the Embassy of Italy.
     Refugees International is an interna-
     tional organization, which, under the
     auspices of the United Nations, pro-
     vides humanitarian aid to the victims of
     wars, famine or natural calamities.

     The event was entirely dedicated to Mia
     Farrow and Ronan Seamus Farrow,
     who received the “2008 McCall-                    In the Photograph from the Left, Mia
     Pierpaoli Humanitarian Award” for                Farrow, her Son Ronan, and Actor Sam
     their unparalleled commitment to rais-                        Waterston
     ing awareness of the genocide in Dar-
     fur, and for inspiring others to get in-
     volved. Members of Congress were
     also recognized for their efforts on be-
     half of refugees.
     Members of all the principal humanitar-
     ian organizations based in Washington,
     gathered at the Embassy.
     Italian Ambassador, Mr. Giovanni Cas-
     tellanneta, with his wife, Mrs Lila Cas-
     tellanneta welcomed the more than 400
     guests. Among then were such notables
     as Carly Fiorina, Chris Matthews, Am-
     bassador Richard Holbrooke, actors
     Sam Waterston and Matt Dillon, Sena-
     tor Ted Kennedy, Robert e Elena All-
     britton, Senator Joseph Lieberman and
     Mrs. Hadassah Lieberman, Senator
     Gordon Smith and Mrs. Sharon Smith,
     and Reza Pahlavi, former Crown Prince
     of Iran.                                        In the Photograph Senator Gordon Smith
                                                      (Left) and Senator Ted Kennedy (Right)

             Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta and
             Mrs. Lila Castellaneta with Ambassador
            Said T. Jawad of Afghanistan and his wife,
                       Mrs. Shamim Jawad

     In the Photograph on the Left, Senator Joseph Lieberman (left), with
     Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta. In the Photograph on the Right,
               Ambassador Castellaneta Welcoming the Guests

                                                                   America’s Polo Cup

                                                                    9– 10 May, 2008

     The Land Rover America’s Polo Cup took
     place last weekend at Morven Park in Lees-
     burg, VA featuring, this year, a polo match be-
     tween Eli Lilly Italia and Cartier Usa Polo Team.
     The event kicked off on Friday, May 9, with a
     United States vs. Italy Culinary Competition.
     Leading chefs from both countries including
     Chef Enzo Febbraro of the Washington, D.C.
     restaurant D’Acqua and Fortunato Nicotra of
     the Felidia Restaurant competed in the culinary
     challenge.                                             In the photograph below, from the left,
     In the evening, during the International Fashion      Roberto, the Italian Ambassador’s Chef,
     Show titled “Rockin' the Runway”, models              Cultural Counselor, Silvia Limoncini, and
     wore fashions from top American and Italian              two of the Food Competition Judges
     designers, such as Balestra.
     Live music by Gypsy Kings closed the event.
     The Land Rover America’s Polo Cup benefits
     the non-profit Charitable Foundation “Journey
     for the Cure”, with the funds raised during the
     evening in a silent auction.
     On Saturday, May 10, the polo match began
     following a show by the U.S. Coast Guard heli-
     copters. Directly following the polo match,
     Vittorio Grigolo performed Italian Lyric areas
     and “Huey Lewis and the News” rocked the
     stage during a live concert. The show ended
     with live music by Virginia’s well-known band
     No Speed Limit.

                                         Ambassador Castel-
                                       laneta chatting with the
                                       Right: a few polo players

                                             America’s Polo Cup
                                             The Fashions Show
                                               and the Party

             Above: a music group
     Below: Some shots of the Fashion Show
             To the right: the Cup

              Georgetown University 1973 Class Reunion
                                         May 31, 2008

     The Embassy of Italy hosted the 1973 Georgetown University Class Reunion on May 31st,
     About 200 people attended the dinner that took place in the spacious and airy atrium of
     the Embassy known as “Piazza Italia”. Professor Luigi De Sanctis welcomed the guests and
     then, during the dinner, a slide show of the graduates of 1973 was projected on a wide
     screen while songs of the same period were being played, creating a sweet nostalgic atmos-
     An evening for getting together again after many years and remembering the good old

                                    Italy’s National Day
                                        June 2, 2008
     The Embassy of Italy in Washington DC commemorated Italy’s National Day (June 2nd), the anniver-
     sary of the founding of the Italian Republic. The Embassy opened its doors, on June 4th, to welcome
     its guests with a sumptuous reception in “Piazza Italia”, its main hall. This year, the recurrence
     marked the 60th anniversary of our Constitution, which became effective on January 1st, 1948, and
     determined the course of Italian history in the last sixty years.
     The event was attended by 1500 persons, many notables of the political, economic, scientific and
     cultural life of the United States and many representatives of both the Italian and Italian-American
     communities; among them, Samuel Alito, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and
     Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff .
     Guests    were      wel-                                                      comed by Ambassa-
     dor Giovanni Castel-                                                          laneta and his wife
     Lila, as well as by the                                                       Deputy Chief of Mis-
     sion, Minister Sebas-                                                         tiano Cardi and his
     wife, and by General                                                          Mirko     Zuliani   and
     Mrs. Zuliani.
     During the evening a                                                          video was shown de-
     scribing the many ac-                                                         tivities of the Em-
     bassy, the privileged                                                         and friendly relations
     with the United States,                                                       and     the   important
     g a i n s                                                                               achieved by
     the Italian-    Piazza Italia Celebrates Italy’s National Day                           American
     Commu-                                                                                  nity.     Am-
     bassador Castellaneta delivered a welcoming address, during which he read a few lines from Presi-
     dent Bush’s proclamation on Italian Independence Day 2008, underlining the strong alliance and pro-
     found partnership, made of cultural, tourist and commercial exchange, between the United States
     and Italy. The Ambassador moreover remade reference to the fundamental contribution of Italian
     troops, engaged side by side with the Americans, in defending our shared values and ideals all
     around the world.
     A parade of spectacular Italian Renaissance Court-Costumes followed – a small preview of the exhi-
     bition: “Splendor of the Renaissance. Princely Attire in Italy”, which will be inaugurated at the Em-
     bassy at the end of June.
     The guests were served a wonderful Italian buffet dinner cooked for the occasion by the Ambassa-
     dor’s personal chef accompanied by Italian wines and followed by gelato.
      The Receiving Line: from the left,
      Ambassador Castellaneta, Mrs. Lila              Ambassador Castellaneta
     Castellaneta, Deputy Chief of Mission,        speaking during the Celebration
     Minister Sebastiano Cardi, Mrs. Cardi,
       General Zuliani, and Mrs. Zuliani
                                                To the Left, a Proclamation by the
                                              President of the United States on Italian
                                                     Independence Day, 2008

                                                             Views of the
                                                         Magnificent Costumes

                  Second Reunion of the Young Com-
                   mission of CGIE - 28th June 2008

                                                        The Embassy of Italy in Wash-
                                                        ington hosted Saturday, June
                                                        28th, the second reunion of the
                                                        ad hoc Commission for Youth
                                                        Issues, which is part of the CGIE
                                                        (General Council for Italians
                                                        There were 30 young people in
                                                        attendance, coming from the
                                                        eleven consular wards where a
                                                        Consular Office or a Committee
                                                        for Italians Abroad (Comites) is
                                                        The event was organized by
                                                        First Counselor Marco Mancini,
                                                        head of the Consular Office, and
                                                        attended by Ambassador Gio-
                                    Left: First Coun-   vanni Castellaneta.
                                    selor Marco         The reunion was preparatory
                                    Mancini with        for the first World Young Fo-
                                    Doctor Augusto      rum, which will take place in
                                    Sorriso             Rome at the end of this year.

     Right: Ambassador Giovanni
     Castellaneta with a group of
     young people from CGIE

                                          Political Highlights

               General Peter Pace and Admiral Edmund Peter
               Giambastiani are awarded the title of Knights of
                  the Grand Cross by Ambassador Giovanni
                                April 7, 2008

                                      Energy Secretary, Samuel Bodman

              On the occasion of the bestowal of the title of Knight of the Grand Cross on General Peter Pace,
     former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and on Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, former Vice Chair-
     man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Embassy of Italy hosted a ceremony attended by over one hundred
     leading U.S. administration officials and notables, including Secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman, Deputy
     Secretary of Defense, Gordon England, the Secretaries of the U.S. Army, Pete Geren, of the U.S. Navy,
     Donald Winter, and of the U.S. Air Force, Michael Wynne, as well as Representative Jeff Miller, member of
     the Armed Services Committee and of the Veterans Affairs Committee.
              As Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta pointed out during his welcoming remarks, the ceremony
     was also an occasion for reaffirming at the highest level the excellet bilateral relations between Italy and the
     U.S. and for highlighting the Italian origins of so many important figures of the American political world,
     from the Mayor of Washington, Adrian Fenty, to former Republican presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani,
     from the four Italian-American Governors of Maine, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Arizona to the
     Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, as well as six senators and twenty-four representa-
              After the official ceremony, during an informal dinner, the diplomatic staff of our mission had a
     chance to discuss some of the major issues of bilateral interest as well as the upcoming general elections in
     both Italy and the United States.

                                             Ambassador Castellaneta presents
                                               General Peter Pace, Former
                                            Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
                                                     with the Award

        Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani,
        Former Vice Chairman of the Joint
         Chiefs of Staff and Ambassador
             Giovanni Castellaneta

                                                   General Peter Pace with H.E.
                                                 Ambassador Giovanni Castelllaneta

     Counselor Massimiliano Mazzanti with
      Energy Secretary, Samuel Bodman

                            ELECTORAL CAPUCCINO

                                          April 14, 2008

                                                 Ambassador Castellaneta introducing the
                                                             Round Table

                                                      On the day of Italian general elections, the Em-
                                                      bassy of Italy in Washington, DC hosted an
                                                      ‘election day cappuccino’.
                                                      Attended by renowned Italian and American
                                                      experts and scholars, this round-table sympo-
                                                      sium was the occasion for a discussion of Italy’s
                                                      electoral process while monitoring real-time exit
                                                      polls and analyzing the preliminary results.
                                                      Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta opened this
                                                      morning’s special event and introduced the pan-
                                                      elists’ discussion.
                                                      Among those who intervened, Michael Barone
                                                      of the American Enterprise Institute, E.J.
                                                      Dionne and Federiga Bindi of the Brookings
                                                      Institution, Italian journalists Giulio Borrelli and
          Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister           Paolo Valentino, and Edward Luttwak of the
          Sebastiano Cardi (right), Michael           Center for Strategic and International Studies.
         Calingaert (left), and Federiga Bindi        The symposium, organized by the Press, Culture
                                                      and Congressional Affairs office of the Embassy
                                                      and moderated by the Embassy Spokesman,
                                                      Minister Luca Ferrari, was followed by a break-
                                                      fast buffet where cappuccino, coffee and Italian
                                                      traditional sweets were served.

                                             Ambassador Castellaneta
                                               (right) and Professor
                                             Edward Luttwak during a
                                            Live Interview Italian Public
          From the Left: Michael                   Television, RAI
     Barone, Minister Luca Ferrari, and
               Michael Lind

          Brookings Institution Inaugural Dinner
     for the Annual Conference of the Center for the
                United States and Europe
                      May 19, 2008

                                   The Embassy’s Deputy Chief of
                                 Mission, Minister Sebastiano Cardi,
                                  Entertaining Some of the Guests

                                     On May 19, 2008 the Embassy’s Deputy
                                     Chief of Mission, Minister Sebastiano
                                     Cardi hosted the inaugural dinner for the
                                     Annual Conference of the Center for the
                                     United States and Europe of the Brook-
                                     ings Institution, the European independ-
                                     ent research and policy institute headed
                                     by Daniel Benjamin, at the Embassy of
                                     The evening was attended by 50 guests
                                     and among them were some advisors for
                                     the three Presidential candidates, Ameri-
                                     can and Italian journalists, the former
                                     Foreign Minister of Norway, Jan Peter-
                                     sen, Carlos Pascual, Vice President of the
                                     Brookings Institution, Charles Kupchan
                                     of the Council on Foreign Relations, John
                                     Glenn of the German Marshall Fund, Sir
                                     Lawrence Freedman of Kings’ College, K.
                                     Bobinsky of the Polish think tank Unia
                                     Polska , Cesare Merlini of the Council
                                     for Relations Italy-USA.
                                     The dinner brought together leading
                                     scholars, officials, and policy makers from
                                     both sides of the Atlantic to examine
                                     issues shaping transatlantic relations and
                                     to assess the evolving roles of the United
                                     States and Europe in the global arena in
                                     view of the Unites States elections.

            Debate at Villa Firenze on Nuclear Non-Proliferation with
          Actor and Producer Michael Douglas and Senator Chuck Hagel

     On May 20th, Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta                     May 20, 2008
     and his wife, Lila, hosted a debate on peace, security
     and nuclear non-proliferation, at their residence,
     Villa Firenze.
     Ploughshares Fund organized the event, which saw
     the participation of actor and producer Michael
     Douglas and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel.
     The occasion for the gathering was the opening of a
     new Ploughshares Fund office in Washington DC
     and the appointment of the new President, the Ital-
     ian-American Joe Cirincione.
     Ambassador Castellaneta opened the discussion
     with a welcoming address to all the guests and per-
     President Cirincione, after a brief introduction,
     moderated the debate and posed questions to the
     two special guests.                                       Actor Michael Douglas with Nebraska
     Mr. Douglas is a long term member of the organiza-               Senator Chuck Hagel
     tion and a member of the board since 2005.
     He recounted how his commitment to the cause
     started: “I was acting in the film “The China Syn-
     drome”, with Jack Lemmon and Jane Fonda, which
     realistically described, for the first time, the danger
     of a nuclear plant accident. Because of the topic,
     there was lot of doubt about whether the movie
     would be a success. Only a few days after the
     movie came out, however, the “Three Miles Island”
     accident took place, and it was very similar to the
     film’s screenplay. From that time I started believing
     in the existence of a show business god!”
     Douglas further remembered that his family comes
     from a small village of Belarus, not far from the
     Ukraine and Chernobyl.
     Republican Senator Chuck Hagel in his remarks,
     pointed out that real change in US nuclear policies,
     with massive reductions of the nuclear arsenal, will
     be possible only through the commitment of the
     White House. He observed also that both presiden-
     tial candidates, Senator McCain and his democratic
     rival, Senator Obama, if elected, seem inclined to be
     active in this area.
     President Cirincione closed the discussion listing the
     various groups involved in the non-proliferation
     cause, which received funds from the organization.
     He added that the moment of a change in the Presi-
     dency is a favorable for furthering the cause of a
     world free of nuclear weapons. The evening con-            Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel (left),
     cluded with a reception with Italian wines and gas-       with Ambassador and Mrs. Castellaneta
     tronomic specialities.

                             Business and Finance Highlights

           Lehman Brothers Inaugural Gala for the “Capital Market
             Prime Services Alternative Investment Symposium”

                                                  May 1, 2008

     On May 1, 2008, the Embassy of Italy hosted a
     reception and dinner organized by Lehman
     Brothers for three hundred guests, employees
     and top Hedge Fund clients, in conjunction
     with the , which took place in Washington,
     D.C. The famous journalist Tom Brokaw was
     the keynote speaker for the event.
     The Lehman Brother Group is an innovator in
     global finance, which serves the financial
     needs of corporations, governments and mu-
     nicipalities, institutional clients, and high net
     worth individuals worldwide. Founded in
     1850, it maintains leadership positions in eq-
     uity and fixed income sales, trading and re-
     search, investment banking, private invest-
     ment management, asset management and
     private equity.

                   Round Table: “The Impact of Globalization
                       on the Italian Business Sector”
                                               May 12, 2008

     The Italian Embassy hosted a Seminar of the                      The Round Table
     Confederation of Italian Entrepreneurs World-
     wide (CIIM) on May 12th at 6pm. The event,
     organized by the Commercial Office of the
     Embassy, was opened by the Deputy Chief of
     Mission, Minister Sebastiano Cardi, with a wel-
     coming address. The topics covered by the
     seminar, which was open to the public, con-
     cerned “The Impact of Globalization on the
     Italian Business Sector”. The round table was
     attended by an audience of about 60 people
     gathered in the Embassy’s auditorium. The
     guests included many important representa-
     tives of the institutional and business worlds,
     among them, the Executive Director for Italy
     at the IMF, Mr. Arrigo Sadun.
     A brief presentation, delivered by F. De Leo,
     President of CIIM Washington, outlined the
     structure and objectives of CIIM, followed Min-      The Embassy’s
     ister Cardi’s speech. First Counselor and           Deputy Chief of
     Head of the Embassy’s Commercial Office,           Mission, Minister
     Stefano Beltrame, took part in the Round Ta-       Sebastiano Cardi,
     ble.                                                Introducing the
     Tommaso Veneroso, President of CIIM North             Symposium
     America, was the last speaker of the evening.
     During the question time which followed the
     round table, the acquisition by the Italian Fin-
     meccanica Group of the American Company,             Counselor Stefano Beltrame
     DRS Technologies was announced.                     (Center Left), with some of the
     Founded in June 2004 as a non-profit organiza-         round Table Organizers
     tion, CIIM aims to build a network of Italian
     companies cooperating with foreign markets
     and to facilitate the exchange of information,
     ideas, and know how. Today, CIIM members
     occupy prestigious positions in the business
     community and share common Italian origins.
     While the headquarters in Rome finances CIIM
     operations, the various local subsidiaries are
     independent and manage their own budget.
     A buffet reception followed the seminar.

                              Presentation of the
                        Powder Metallurgy World Congress
                             (Florence, Italy 2010)

                                       June 10, 2008

         First Counselor Stefano Beltrame
               Welcoming the Guests

                                                    On June 10 the Embassy of Italy hosted the
                                                    presentation of the next Powder Metallurgy
                                                    World Congress, to be held in Florence in
                                                    2010. The event was introduced by First
                                                    Counselor Stefano Beltrame.

                                                    Speakers included Prof. Alberto Molinari
                                                    (Director, Department of Materials Engi-
                                                    neering, University of Trento, and Chair-
                                                    man of the 2010 Congress), and Mr.
                                                    Kramer (President of the European Powder
                                                    Metallurgy Association, EPMA).

                                                    About 120 people attended this presenta-
                                                    tion in the Embassy Audotorium. Among
                                                    the guests were many important represen-
                                                    tatives of the international industrial and
                                                    scientific community of the “powder metal-
                                                    lurgy” technology.
        From the Left, First Counselor Stefano
     Beltrame with Prof. Alberto Molinari and Mr.

                         Visit to Washington of the Apulian
                                             June 24, 2008

     An institutional commission from
     Apulia (and more precisely from the
     Ionico - Salento area of that beautiful
     Region) on a foreign mission in the
     United States, was received at the Em-
     bassy of Italy on Tuesday, June 24th, by
     the Italian Ambassador, Giovanni Cas-
     The visit is part of a project for the
     promotion of the internationalization
     of the high quality production of oil and
     wine from the food farming Ionico and
     Salentino districts of Apulia.

     A technical summit on the issue of the
     import into the US market of wine and
     food products, took place after the
     meeting with the Ambassador.
     The discussion also saw the participa-
     tion of William Earle, President of the      Ambassador Giovanni Castellaneta with the
     National Association of Beverage Import-                entire Delegation
     ers-NABI, and Harvey Fox, former ex-
     ecutive of US Customs for olive oil.

                                                                        The Gift Exchange.
                                                                     From the left: Ambassa-
                                                                       dor Giovanni Castel-
                                                                     laneta, Giuseppe Laddo-
                                                                      mada Mayor of Crispi-
                                                                      ano and Counselor for
                                                                     the Province of Taranto,
                                                                     Claudio Pezzuto, Mayor
                                                                       of Cellino San Marco,
                                                                       and Lorenzo Cirasino
                                                                        Councilman for the
                                                                        Province of Brindisi.

          American Pharmacists Association Foundation

                                           June 24, 2008

       Professor Vittorio Daniore, Embassy         The Annual Awards Dinner & Presentation
     Scientific Attaché, Speaking at the Award

                                                   On June 24th 2008, the Institute for Safe Medi-
                                                   cation Practices held at the Embassy of Italy its
                                                   Annual Awards Dinner & Presentation, spon-
                                                   sored by the APhA Foundation and supported
                                                   by a grant from Wyeth.
                                                   The Pinnacle Awards were established in 1998
                                                   by the American Pharmacist Association Foun-
                                                   dation’s Quality Center. These awards recog-
                                                   nize an individual, a group of individuals, and a
                                                   health care organization for a significant scien-
                                                   tific contribution and exemplary leadership in
                                                   the improvement of quality in the medication
                                                   use process. This year’s recipients were Daniel
                                                   E. Buffington, President and CEO, Clinical
                                                   Pharmacology Services (CPS), Inc.; Ukrop’s
                                                   Pharmacy Immunization Program, and the Na-
                                                   tional Diabetes Education Program. The event
                                                   was attended by 200 guests who enjoyed a
                                                   magnificent dinner in Piazza Italia.