Geometry Review Sheet by callmemelo


									Geometry Review Sheet
Word Choices Parallel lines Acute angle Obtuse angle Right angle Line of symmetry vertex quadrilateral hexagon triangle pentagon polygon rectangle square octagon

Directions: Use the words above to fill in the blanks below. 1. ________________________________ is a three-sided polygon. 2. _________________________________ a closed figure with straight lines 3._______________________________ opposite lines or sides that never cross 4. ___________________________________ a line that divides a figure into 2 matching parts when it is folded. 5. ________________________________ a five –sided polygon 6. ___________________________________ another name for a corner. 7. _________________________________ an angle that is less than a right angle. 8. ____________________________________ a four-sided polygon with 4 equal sides and 4 right angles. 9. ____________________________________ an eight-sided polygon 10. ______________________________________ an angle that is greater than a right angle. 11. __________________________________ another name for any four-sided polygon 12. ____________________________________ a 90 degree angle or the perfect corner of a sheet of notebook paper 13. _______________________________________ a quadrilateral with 4 right angles and 2 sets of sides (opposite sides) equal in length to each other. 14. _____________________ a six-sided polygon.

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