Graduation Project Approval Sheet

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					                                       Graduation Project Approval Sheet

Student Name ____________________ Junior English Teacher _______________________

Research Topic __________________________________

Product Idea _____________________________________

Your Graduation Project proposal has been:

_____ Approved

Assigned Teacher Advisor ________________________________

_____ Approved Pending


_____ Declined


_____ There is no apparent “learning stretch” for you in this project
_____ Topic is too broad
_____ Closely resembles one that is already part of the high school curriculum and /or is a project that
      has already been completed by too many students
_____ The proposal has elements which violate school district policies
_____ The project has potentially dangerous elements
_____ The project involves too much expense


Advisory Committee Chairperson ________________________ Date _________________

        Rejected proposals have been reviewed by the advisory board. All decisions are final.

Adapted from Eastern Randolph High School, NC