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                                         CHANNEL ISLANDS
1.    Early Iron Age Earthworks in Jersey, by Aylwin Cotton                     1994/0404

2.    Palaeoecology and age of peat at Fliquet Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands, by Coope, Jones and Keen

3.    Excavations in Alderney, by Marett and de Guerin                     1994/0406

4.    Preliminary Report on Recent Finds in St Brelade and their Significance, by B. Mezec     1994/0407

5.    Description of the Druid Temple, lately discovered on the top of the Hill near St Hillary in Jersey, Mr
      Molseworth                                                     1994/0408

6.    A matter of grave importance (J.E.P. review 3/1/1998 of Peter HUNT’s ‘Guide to the Dolmens of Jersey’

7.    Ile Agois 1974 - Interim report                                           1994/0410

8.    Account of the Examination of the Mummy of Pet-Maut-Ioh-Mes, brought from Egypt by the late John
      Gosset, Esq and deposited in the Museum in the Island of Jersey, by T.J. Pettigrew  1994/0411

9.    Curators report to the Executive Committee, by J Renouf                   1994/0412

10.   Promenade archeologique au Rozel pres Cherbourg, 1855, by M. de Pontaumont 1994/0413

11.   Cromlech near Mont Orgueil Castle, in Jersey                              1994/0414

12.   Description of a Druidical Monument in the Is land of Jersey, in a letter from Henry Seymour Conway to the
      Earl of Leicester                                                           1994/0415

13.   Jersey's Stone Age Past, by Nigel Utting                                  1994/0416

14.   Transportation and Lifting of Heavy Stones, by J.E. Watkins - similar techniques used in building Jersey
      dolmens                                                                  1994/0417

15.   Mont de la Ville, correspondance with Dean Falle                          1994/0418

16.   Jersey dolmen leaflet giving details about dolmens in Jersey, by Jersey Heritage Trust, 1986 1994/0419

17.   Sketches of Park Place, Henley-on-Thames dolmen                           1994/0420

18.   List of flint implements, etc discovered in the Island, 1912-1913 1994/0421

19.   Prehistoric remains in Jersey - the menhir Le Quesnel, La Pouquelaye cromlech, Mont St Ube, in Illustrated
      London News, Jan 15, 1870 - 2 copies                                    1994/0422

20.   Two drawings of a dolmen thought to be La Pouquelaye, St Martin, Jersey and possibly the work of Fredrick
      C. Lukis, owned by Col. de Guerin with accompanying letter of explanation     1994/0423
21.   Mortuary Houses of the Bronze Age - discoveries in the New Forest, from the Times, 12 May, 1942 -
      comparable with La Sergente in Jersey                                          1994/0424

22.   b) a description of the neighbourhood; its soil, physical features and prehistorical antiquities.
      c) a summary of other finds of Gaulish coins in Jersey                    1994/0425

23.   The Island of Jersey ... background to prehistory                                   1994/0426

24.   Antiquities found in the island of Jersey, 1748, photostat - original is in the British Library 1994/0427

25.   B.A.T. Bulletin, Vol XVI, March 1926 - Remarkable discovery of a Prehistoric Burial-Chamber, 3,000 BC
26.   Résultats des fouilles récentes (1951-1956) à la grotte de la Cotte de Saint-Brelade à Jersey, by Christian
      Burdo                                                                    1994/0429
27.   Excavations at the Pinnacle, Parish of St Ouen, Jersey, by Godfray and Burdo        1994/0430

28.   Iron Age Discovery at Longy, Alderney, June 1968, by Kenneth Wilson                 1994/0431

29.   La Chapelle de Notre Dame des Pas , (2 copies) par Jean Sullivan & Extract with illus (Archaeologia vol 27 pp
      437-438)                                                                           1994/0432

30.   Preliminary Report on Excavations at Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, Jersey - July 1972, by Kenneth Barton
31.   Reprint from Archaeologia re. The State of the Affaires Ecclesiasticall in the Iles of Garnsey and Jersey
      standeth thus                                                                        1994/0434

32.   Jersey’s Transplanted Dolmen JEP article Mont de la Ville.

33.   Cave at La Corbiere, Guernsey, with Animal Remains, by F.C. Lukis                   1994/0436

34.   Excavations at La Motte (Green Island), by Captain H.S. Lawson and F.W. Toms 1994/0437

35.   Extract from The Antiquary, 1911, re La Hougue Boete vol. 47                        1994/0438

36.   Extract from The Antiquary, 1883, re Jersey Society of Antiquaries                  1994/0439

37.   Extract from The Antiquary, 1912, re Jersey Society of Antiquaries                  1994/0440

38.   Extract from The Antiquary, 1912, re work at Mont Orgueil Castle                    1994/0441

39.   Extract from The Antiquary, 1914, re cromlech at Les Platons, Trinity      1994/0442

40.   Extract from The Illustrated London News, July 22, 1911, re La Cotte de St Brelade 1994/0443

41.   2 extracts from The Illustrated London News, Oct 4, 1924, re discoveries at La Hougue Bie 1994/0444

42.   Extract from the Illustrated London News, Aug 22, 1925, re discoveries at La Hougue Bie 1994/0445

43.   Extract from L'Illustration, 15 Aout, 1925, re discoveries at La Hougue Bie         1994/0446

44.   Iberian Emigrants in Prehistoric times, by Gonzalo Miguel Ojeda                     1994/0307

45.   J.E.P. cutting of La Cotte de St. Brelade                                           1994/0621

46.   A new subspecies of Red Deer from the Upper Pleistocene of Jersey, CI by F. Zeuner (2 copies) 1994/0624
47.   The Saalian industries of La Cotte de St. Brelade by P. Callow         1994/0625

48.   St. Brelade’s Church and the Fisherman’s Chapel: The first church archaeology in the Channel Islands
      by W. Rodwell                                                                   1990/0109

49.   St. Brelade Church, cutting from Mediaeval Archaeology                         1994/0626