The Center for Arabic Literature for Children by dov51579


									                   The Center for Arabic Literature for Children

The new Center for Arabic Literature for Children is situated in a new and inviting
building in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab city. It seeks to promote and cultivate
Arabic literature for children in Israel and is involved in encouraging original Arabic
literature and illustration, and translating a selection of Hebrew books. It offers
extension courses, carries out the “A Book in Every Home,” project, and runs a
dynamic library for children, teachers, students and educators.

Book Translation
Special emphasis is placed on translating children’s books from Hebrew into Arabic,
and publishing original Arabic literature. We regard our activities as vital for building
a bridge between Israeli and Arab culture in Israel. The basic characteristics and
traits formed in early childhood have a strong impact on the behavior of children,
often extending into adulthood. If barriers can be removed at a young age and
mutual understanding, recognition and tolerance enhanced through literature, a new
and more involved generation will come into being.

The Middle East is the cradle of human culture; despite the fact that Jews and Arabs
speak two different languages, a medley of Hebrew and Arabic can often be heard in
children’s vernacular language in Israel.

We hope that this translation project will help pave the way and bring the two
populations, who live side-by-side in one country, into a closer encounter, and that a
new milieu of mutual tolerance and understanding will evo lve.

Below is a list of books that have been translated under the center’s auspices:

      Book                        Author               Illustrator       Translator
1     Where is Pluto              Lea Goldberg         Ari Ron           Mofeed Sidawi
2     Kishta                      Hanna Goldberg       Ora Eyal          Mofeed Sidawi
3     Hot Corn                    Miriam Roth          Ora Eyal          Rozland Deem
4     Uzzo and Muzzo              Efraim Sidon         Yossi Abulafia    Salman
5    Marutti                   Yona Tepper       Elisheva         Salma Elmadi
6    What Happened to          Nira Harel        Nurit Zarfati    Fathiyeh
     Tolerance                                                    Tabari
7    Miriam and the Sea        Mirik Snir        Gil-Li Alon      Fathiyeh
                                                 Kuriel           Tabari
8    Liat is Drawing a Story   Edna Kremer       Avril Siboni     Rozland Deem
9    The Most Kishkashta in    Tamar Adar        Nurit Zarfati    Naeem Araidi
     the Whole Wide World
10   Caspion                   Paul Kor          Paul Kor         Antwan
11   Wheels                    Mirik Snir        Danny Kerman     Fathiyeh
12   The Boy who didn’t        Mira Meir         Alona Frankel    Fathiyeh
     Like Going to Sleep                                          Tabari
13   You Can Leave a           Nira Harel        Ora Eitan        Mahmud
     Message                                                      Abbasi
14   Watermelons      Out   of Dorit Orgad       Margalit Shili   Mahmud
     Season                                                       Abbasi
15   Five Balloons             Miriam Roth       Ora Eitan        Rozland Deem
16   Where have the Shoes Edna Kremer            Lena Rabenko     Mahmud
     Gone                                                         Abbasi
17   The Very Hungry           Eric Carl         Eric Carl        Edna Kremer
     Caterpillar                                                  Fathiyeh
18   Mr. Zuta and the Apple    Orit Raz          Ora Eitan        Mahmud
     Tree                                                         Abbasi
19   The Big Battle            Ora Eyal          Ora Eyal         Najah Nijim
20   Itamar Walks on Walls     David Grossman    Ora Eyal         Mahmud
21   Chicken or Rooster        Datia Ben-Dor     Avner Katz       Marjiyeh Bsara
22   Noam and the Kite         Marcella London   Hila Havkin      Marjiyeh Bsara

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