Arabic Minor Proposal by dov51579


									Arabic Minor
Department of Modern Languages

Program Coordinator: Lillian Farhat (
Office: Bliss 337

The Arabic minor consists of five courses, three of which must be taken at TCNJ. A
minimum grade of C is required in all courses in order to fulfill minor requirements.
Students may take 5 of the following courses, at least one of which must be at the 300

Required core courses:
      ARA103 (Arabic for Beginners III)
      ARA 201, 202 (Intermediate Arabic I, II)

Required 1 elective from the following courses:
      ARA 216, Media Arabic (To be developed)
      ARA 245, Modern Arabic Society and the Media (Arabic language option)
      ARA370 (Topics in Arabic)
      ARA371, Topics in Modern Arabic Literature (Arabic language option)

Required 1 elective from the following courses:
      ARA301 (Advanced Arabic I), ARA 302 (Advanced Arabic II)
      ARA391 (Independent Study in Arabic)

    Studying abroad is not required. However, students interested in the Arabic minor are
strongly encouraged to study in an Arabic speaking country such as Egypt, Jordan, or
Morocco for at least one semester. The study abroad programs provide the student with
classes of Modern Standard Arabic and an immersion experience in a spoken Arabic
dialect. Several of our students took the opportunity offered by Global Programs to study
in Cairo-Egypt, Amman-Jordan and Meknes-Morocco. Jordanian universities offer
programs in Amman, the capital, and in smaller cities. Taking two classes abroad,
assessed on an individual basis, may satisfy requirements for the minor.

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