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									                                         ARABIC CATALOGUE 2006
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CONTENTS                                                                           guide) suitable for all beginner students of languages. (In English)
A   VISUAL AIDS                                               1-2
B   TEACHERS REFERENCE                                                                Bingo and other teaching games and activities designed
B1      General Teachers Reference                            2                  to develop the four language abilities
B2      Specific Arabic                                       2                  •    Each flash card and playing card has a bright picture on one
B3      Photocopy Masters                                     2
C   COURSES                                                                           side and the corresponding
C1      Secondary / Adult Courses                             2-3                     vocabulary word
C2      Self-study                                            3                       spelled out on the other side.
D1      Grammar                                               3-4
                                                                                 •    Plastic coating allows for writing and wiping words and
D2      Reading                                               4                       illustrations.
E   DICTIONARIES                                                                 •    The teacher’s guide contains suggestions for learning games and
E1      Arabic-English Dictionaries                           4
E2      English ArabicDictionaries                            4
E3      English-Arabic/Arabic-English Dictionaries            4-5                •    Topics available are: Animals, House, Food, Clothes, Verbs,
E4      Specialised Dictionaries                              5                       Adjectives and Prepositions/Adverbs
E5      Arabic Only Dictionaries                              5
E6      Miscellaneous Dictionaries                            5
F   CULTURE                                                   5-6                                          PICTURE CARDS
G  TRAVEL                                                     6                  These colourful and fun laminated teaching cards contain a picture
G  SOFTWARE                                                   6
                                                                                 relevant to the theme of the pack. As they are laminated the Arabic
                                                                                 word for the picture can be written on in whiteboard marker.
                                                                                 Available in 2 sizes... The following packs are available:
A      VISUAL AIDS                                                                                                                  Small   Large
                                                                                      •    Actions (20 cards)                       $49.00 $72.00
Flip Posters                                                                          •    Animals (18 cards)                       $44.10 $64.80
A series of 20 bright and colourful laminated posters in a very large                 •    Animal Sounds (16 cards)                 $39.20 $57.60
format, easel framed book. This is a practical and versatile spiral                   •    Appearance (20 cards)                    $49.00 $72.00
bound resource. Some of the topics are: colours; the house; clothes;                  •    At School (32 cards)                     $78.40 $115.20
the seasons; farm animals; the human body and adjectives. A special                   •    The Body (21 cards)                      $51.45 $75.60
pen allows the teacher to write and erase words on the posters. The                   •    The City (22 cards)                      $53.90 $79.20
teacher's guide in English suggests activities to go with each theme.                 •    Clothes (22 cards)                       $53.90 $79.20
Perfectly packaged for teachers to carry from class to class. Suitable                •    Colours (11 cards)                       $26.95 $39.60
for all primary levels.                                       $89.95                  •    Directions (12 cards )                   $29.40 $43.20
                                                                                      •    Drinks (12 cards)                        $29.40 $43.20
Flip Posters Plus                                                                     •    The Face (16 cards)                      $39.20 $57.60
Flip posters are now available for secondary students or adult learners.              •    The Family (13 cards)                    $26.95 $39.60
The 2 topics include the city, the gym, in the cafeteria, on the phone, in            •    Food (19 cards)                          $46.55 $68.40
the theatre, at the post office, etc. The scenes are more detailed than
                                                                                      •    Food 2 (20 cards)                        $49.00 $72.00
the lower level and depict older characters while the topics are more
suited to older learners. The posters can be written on with the special              •    Fruit (17 cards)                         $41.65 $61.20
marker provided and the teacher’s guide (in English) suggests different               •    How I feel (12 cards)                    $39.20 $57.60
activities to accompany each picture. Ideal for picture talks.                        •    In the classroom (24 cards)              $58.80 $86.40
                                                              $119.95                 •    My Day (12 cards)                        $29.40 $43.20
             ELIKITS!                                                                 •    Nationalities (17 cards0                 $46.55 $68.40
                                                                                      •    Numbers (21 cards)                       $51.45 $75.60
                                                                                      •    Occupations (27 cards)                   $56.30 $82.80
    Series of 7 containing 18
                                                                                      •    Opposites (22 cards)                     $53.90 $79.20
 flashcards (21 x 29.7cm), 24
  Bingo cards (plus 1 marker                                                          •    Opposites 2 (24 cards)                   $56.30 $82.80
 pen, 1 eraser and 1 teacher’s                                                        •    Outdoors (20 cards)                      $49.00 $72.00
                                                                                      •    Pets (20 cards)                          $49.00 $72.00
                                     $58.30                                           •    Positions – on/under etc (16 cards)      $39.20 $57.60

     •    The Restaurant (48 cards)               $68.60    $100.80            A collection of games and activities for elementary, intermediate and
     •    Rooms of the House (17 cards)           $41.65    $61.20             advanced students of English. (Designed for ESL Students but easily
     •    The Seasons (4 cards)                   $9.80     $14.40             adapted to any other languages).
     •    Shapes (8cards)                         $19.60    $28.80             Picture Bank Series A                                         $80.50
     •    Shops (23 cards)                        $56.35    $82.80             A collection of photocopiable topic-based language games designed
     •    Special Occasions (12 cards)            $29.40    $43.20             for all languages. Suitable for all junior secondary and intermediate
                                                                               levels. Topics include: Food & drink; leisure; travel; weather and
     •    Sport (26 cards)                        $44.10    $64.80
                                                                               calendar; people and jobs.
     •    Star Signs (12 cards)                   $29.40    $43.20
                                                                               Picture Bank Series B                                         $80.50
     •    The Teacher Says…                       $34.30    $50.40             The second book in the above series. Topics include: Body & health;
     •    Time (18 cards)                         $44.10    $64.80             clothes; adjectives; all about me; at home; at school.
     •    Toys (16 cards)                         $39.20    $57.60             Practical Vocabulary Builder                                  $52.95
     •    Transport (21 cards)                    $44.10    $64.80             A follow-on from Basic Vocabulary Builder this book features 32
     •    Underwater Animals (15 cards)           $36.75    $54.00             more easy to grasp reproducible illustrations that reflect everyday
     •    Vegetables (17 cards)                   $41.65    $61.20             situations. Includes ideas for vocabulary enhancement, drills and
     •    Weather (11 cards)                      $29.40    $43.20             language games.
     •    What I Like to Do (20 cards)            $49.00    $72.00
     •    What’s he/she like?(16 cards)           $39.20    $57.60
     •    What’s the matter? (21 cards)           $51.45    $75.60
                                                                               C         COURSES
                                                                               C1        Secondary/Adult Material
B         TEACHER REFERENCE                                                    Ahlan Wa Sahlan Functional Modern Standard Arabic for
B1        General Reference                                                    Beginners                                                    $72.50
                                                                               Ahlan Wa Sahlan hardcover book introduces learners of Arabic to the
                                                                               sound and writing systems of this language and provides them with
Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers                                      basic structural and lexical knowledge to enable them to say things in
This exciting series of language teachers’ reference books is enjoyed          Arabic, such as greeting others, thanking someone, introducing
by teachers of all languages. All books in the series are written by           oneself, describing one’s background, seeking and providing
teachers with extensive classroom experience, and provide professional         information, and so forth.
support in the form of practical ideas and guidelines. Each book               This ability to perform these language functions in real-life or lifelike
adopts a certain theme, and provides a large number of immediately             situations is developed by engaging the learner in structured functional
usable classroom activities, many of which are accompanied by                  activities and grammatical exercises. In every lesson, a variety of such
photocopiable texts pictures and other materials.                              activates are designed to build up overall proficiency gradually. In this
Titles include:                                                                fashion, learners can take part in communication with classmates and
Discussions that Work                                         $44.55           instructor in Arabic keeping in mind that communication is not only
Drama Techniques in Language Learning                         $51.50           oral. Lessons have similar formats. They start with a listing of learning
Five Minute Activities                                        $43.95           objectives (both functional and structural) to familiarize the user with
Games for Language Learning                                   $51.50           the content. Topics and grammatical points discussed.
Grammar Practice Activities                                   $54.95           Listening exercises provide practice in pronunciation, word
Keep Talking                                                  $51.50           recognition, and dictation. They also try to develop the ability to
The Internet and the Language Classroom                       $51.50           communicate orally by guiding learners step by step through
Lessons from Nothing                                          $43.95           exchanges which together constitute dialogues.
Once upon a time                                              $43.95           Audio CD 10 Audio CDs pack                                   $252.50
Personalising Language Learning                               $43.95           Ahlan Wa Sahlan Functional Modern Standard Arabic for
Pictures for Language Learning                                $51.50           intermediate learners                                        $110.00
Planning Lessons and Courses                                  $54.95           Is a designed for students at the intermediate level who are continuing
The Standby Book                                              $54.95           to develop overall proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. The book
                                                                               follows in the footsteps of Professor Alosh’s popular beginning text,
B2        Specific Arabic                                                      Ahlan wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginner.
                                                                               The narrative follows two young characters whose personal journals
                                                                               provide not only reading passages for students, but glimpses into Arab
Arabic Language Handbook                                     $TBA
                                                                               cultures throughout the world as the characters travel to Cairo, Jordan
A streamlined reference on the structure of the Arabic language and
                                                                               and Syria.
issues in Arabic linguistics, from dialectics to literature.
                                                                               Features of the program include:
The Syntax of Spoken Arabic                                  $66.00
The first comparative study of the syntax of Arabic dialects, based on                    An innovative approach that combines theory and practice,
                                                                                          emphasizing the development of skills such as listening,
natural language data recorded in Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Kuwait. .
                                                                                          speaking and writing.
An appendix includes sample texts from the data.
                                                                                          A 33- page grammar review that provides a smooth
                                                                                          transition from beginning to intermediate level study and
B3       Photocopy Masters                                                                allows students to review what they have already learned.
1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy.                          $67.95                       A variety of new drills and exercises for classroom use, and
For the teacher who finds drawing difficult, this book contains many                      audio program that contains listening comprehension
pictures which can be used on worksheets or blackboards.                                  passages by native speakers, and authentic reading passages
Basic Vocabulary Builder                                     $52.95                       offering insight into the target cultures.
This popular book features 32 blackline masters of simple illustrations        It is a hardcover and contains 3 audio CDs
that can be used for all kinds of activities in any language. Includes a       Focus on Contemporary Arabic                                 $55.00
32 page Teacher’s Guide with helpful suggestions, activities and a             Focus on Contemporary Arabic is the fourth volume in the
complete vocabulary list in multiple languages.                                Conversations with Native speaker series, which to offer pioneering
Communication Games                                                            multimedia language materials to students at the intermediate and
Elementary, Intermediate and Advance levels                  $69.95ea          advanced levels. This program consists if a user-friendly student
                                                                               textbook and an accompanying DVD showing unrehearsed interviews
                                                                               with a variety of native speakers filmed in Arabic. The speakers

represent diverse areas of the cultural spectrum, and the interviews on          This manual consists of two parts. Part one includes a suggested
the DVD broach and assortment of socially and culturally relevant                methodology to guide students and teachers while using the material
topics and present students of the language with a glimpse into the              and to reinforce correct pronunciation and sound. Part two contains
complexity and reality of the modern-day language and culture.                   basic communicative practice based on lists of useful commonly used
Alif Baa with DVDs Intro to Arabic Letters & Sounds with 2 DVDs                  vocabulary and expressions. Presented in both transcript and Arabic
$72.00                                                                           script for reference outside of class
The Al-Kitaab Arabic language program is among the English-                      A Basic Course in Iraqi Arabic                   coming soon
speaking world’s most widely used Arabic language learning texts.                A comprehensive introduction to Iraqi Arabic for beginners (with
Alif Baa with DVDs: introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds is the             Iraqi-English/English –Iraqi glossaries) that covers – in transcribed
first art of the AL- Kitaab program. This revised, second edition                Arabic – phonology, grammar and vocabulary. A bound in CD with
contains updated readings, new and revised exercises, and completely             audio MP3 files accompanies the text.
new audio/video materials on two DVDs bound into each volume.                    Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic                  coming soon
Answer key                                                     $8.95             For beginners unfamiliar with the Arabic language or alphabet, this
Al-Kitaab fii Ta`alum al-Arabiyya with 3 DVDs                 $99.00             text and its accompanying CDs are carefully designed to present
This revised and updated second edition of Al-Kitaab fii Ta`alum al-             vocabulary and grammatical points in a useful and cumulative manner
`Arabiyya contains new video and audio material on three DVDs,                   Fomal Spoken Arabic FAST Course with MP3 Files coming soon
along with revised and updated texts and exercises. Following naturally          Designed to provide beginners in Arabic with maximum linguistic and
on the introductory text, Alif Baa for the Al-Kitaab Arabic language             cultural exposure in a short period (about 100 hours of contact time),
program, this initial part one text further develops skills in standard          this book consists of sixteen lessons with dialogues and exercises
Arabic while providing additional material in colloquial as well as              dealing with day-to-day scenarios. Includes grammatical explanations,
classical Arabic. The audio vocabulary portion of the DVDs allows                English-Arabic/Arabic-English glossaries, appendices listing common
students to hear a new word followed by a sentence using it in context           idioms, courtesy expressions and other useful terms, instructors notes,
along with previously acquired vocabulary and grammatical structures,            and drill aided and accompanied by the audio MP3 files on CD.
enabling students to build new vocabulary skills while reviewing                 Your First 100 words in Arabic                             $28.95
previously exercises material. Answer key                     $8.95
Arabic Reading Made Easy                                      $39.95
The objective if this guide is to make Arabic reading easy. The book
consists of 15 units that deal with the various aspects of the Arabic
Language that help develop reading skills in a logical, gradual, and
straightforward way. The exercises in units 3 though 7 inclusive, which
serve as the foundation of this book. Have been adapted from “Al-
qaa’idah Al-Baghdaadiyah.” Developed centuries ago. This classical
text has been widely adopted in both the Arab and non-Arab world as
the stepping- stone towards Qur’anic reading.
Elementary Arabic - An integrated approach, student’s book,
hardcover.                                          $99.00                       The beginners quick and easy guide is specifically designed to help
Elementary Arabic is an illustrated textbook for first-year Arabic that          learners overcome one of the major obstacles to Arabic learning:
departs from the traditional method of separating writing, formal                Reading the Arabic script. A great start to learning Arabic.
Arabic from the teaching of its informal spoken dialects. Instead it             An Introduction to Modern Arabic                             $37.29
integrates the two in a way that reflects the use of the language by             Students receive all the necessary tools for learning a complex
native speakers. Using illustrations, games, and humorous dialogues              language in this well-organized introductory manual. Specially
and anecdotes, and following a communicative approach to language                designed for those without prior experience in studying foreign
instruction, the Workbook helps students develop proficiency in                  languages.
listening, speaking, reading and writing. Tapes available separately
Intermediate Arabic - An Integrated Approach, H/C $76.10                         C2       Self Study
In this book for second-year students of Arabic, Munther A. Younes               Arabic at a Glance                                          $42.95
builds on his successful introductory textbook, Elementary Arabic, an            This Travel Pack combines the phrase book Arabic at a Glance with a
Integrated Approach. Using the same innovative approach he                       90-minute cassette featuring dialogues and travel phrases. Also
established in Elementary Arabic, Younes offers lessons that integrate           includes a phrase packed audoscript booklet which lets you read what
in colloquial Levantine dialect with Modern Standard Arabic. Thereby             you hear. Also features bilingual phrase book, dictionary words,
reflecting the actual use of the language by native speakers. This               phrases, maps, and travel advice.
volume also continues to deepen the student’s understanding and                  Arabic Reading Made Easy:A Step-by-step Guide to Mastering
appreciation of Arab society, culture, and history. Tapes available              Arabic and Qur’anic Reading                                 $33.00
separately                                                                       A guide to make reading Arabic easy. It consists of 15 units which
Formal Spoken Arabic, basic course with MP3 files- 2nd Ed $75.00                 deal with the various aspects of the language that help develop reading
With a non grammar-based approach, Formal Spoken Arabic Basic                    skills in a logical, gradual way. Each word in each exercise is on the
Course with Mp3 Files fosters communicative competence in Arabic                 accompanying CD to ensure accurate pronunciation.
on all levels and develops speaking proficiency without abandoning               Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy                        $32.95
Arabic script. It has proven to be clear, effective, and relevant to the         This incredibly clear and easy to understand book is ideal for adults
needs of Americans living and working in the Arab east. Updated and              and young adults alike as it teaches reading and writing of the Arabic
with additional exercises, task-based lessons feature basic dialogues            script in easy and logical steps.
between Americans and Arabs, explanations of new structures, and                 Colloquial Arabic Book, Cassette & CD Packs                 $68.00ea
vocabulary expansion; and provide gradual access to the sounds and               Availaible in Egyptian Arabic, Gulf and Saudi Arabic or Levantine
script of Arabic by emphasizing listening and reading comprehension              Arabic.
first, then slowly adding oral exercises and activities until the students       The course offers a step-by-step approach to written and spoken
has achieved basic proficiency.                                                  Arabic. The pack contains a course book and 120 minutes of audio
This new edition includes a CD of MP3 audio exercises that are keyed             material, provided on both cassettes and CDs. These are recorded by
to the text and drill students on listening and speaking.                        native speakers and will help perfect pronunciation, listening and
Arabic Writing for Beginners parts 1 & 2                       $13.20ea          speaking skills.
A series of two very handy, clear workbooks for practicing Arabic                In Flight Arabic                                            $31.95
script from the most basic formations to quite complex script.                   Wondering how to make use of all that spare time on the plane while
Arabic Sounds and Letters                                     $33.00             you’re flying to Cairo, Riyadh or Beirut? Between your in-flight meal
                                                                                 and your in-flight movie, try some In-Flight Arabic! This 60 minute
programme is the simplest way to learn just enough Arabic to get                Uses an analytical approach that is functional and descriptive,
through anything you’ll run into.                                               combining insights from discourse analysis, language typology and
Language 30 Arabic Based on the widely acclaimed learning method                pragmatics.
developed for US Government personnel, this revised and updated
course features two audio cassettes/cds and verbatim phrase book. It is
recommended for beginners, business travellers or as a refresher                D2        Reading
course. No grammar or writing – just spoken Arabic.                             .Hansel And Gretel                                           $39.95
Cassettes            $41.95                        CDS       $49.95             An illustrated children’s storybook of the popular story Hansel and
Lonely Planet Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook                     $11.00             Gretel which contains both English and Arabic Writing. Comes with
Confidently converse in Egyptian Arabic and ensure you don’t miss               an audiocassette.
out on the friendliness and humour for which Egyptians are famous.              The Patient Stone                                            $35.14
Lonely Planet Moroccan Arabic Phrasebook                     $8.75              A beautifully illustrated bilingual book, The Patient Stone is a blend of
Bargain in the bazaar in Marrakesh, buy a ticket to Casablanca or               classic fairy tale similar to Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella, combined
simply order a drink in your hotel bar. You can do all this and much,           with the ancient quest for spiritual development and the dawning of
much more with this comprehensive phrasebook from the most                      the Light of Truth. A timeless, ageless book the whole family can
renowned travel guide company in the world.                                     enjoy.
Modern Iraqi Arabic                                          $TBA               BILINGUAL CHILDREN’S BOOKS
Introductory textbook for those with no previous knowledge of Arabic            (Prices are varied and available on request)
or Arabic speakers who want to learn the Iraqi dialect. Accompanied             My Daddy is a Giant
by 6 CDs.                                                                       Dear Zoo
Say it in Arabic: Phrasebook for Travellers                  $10.95             Floppy’s Friends
Contains over 1,400 up to date, practical entries; easy pronunciation           Floppy in the Dark
transcription; main entries numbered and indexed; quick word                    Floppy
substitution for every need; extensive food list and menu guide.                Handa’s Hen
Teach Yourself Arabic:Rules of Reading & Writing             $25.00             Handa’s Surprise
This beautifully simple and straightforward book will give you all the          The Swirling Hijaab
basics of pronunciation, sentence structure, the script and even some           All Kinds of Beliefs
practice readings.                                                              Alfie’s Angels
Teach Yourself Arabic                                                           Mei Ling’s Hiccups
Book & Cassette pack or Book & CD pack                       $99.00ea           Lima’s Red Hot Chilli
This excellent program contains a coursebook and two cassettes or               That’s My Mum
CDs. The coursebook is well laid out and easy to follow, and the audio          The Wibbly Wobbly Tooth
is recorded by native speakers so that your pronunciation is just right.        Jill and the Beanstalk
By the end of this you’ll be reading, writing and speaking Arabic.              The Giant Turnip
                                                                                Goldilocks and the Three Bears
                                                                                Not Again, Red Riding Hood
D         SUPPLEMENTARY                                                         Three Billy Goats Gruff
                                                                                Don’t Cry Sly
                                                                                Ali Baba and t he Forty Thieves
D1        Grammar                                                               The Buskers of Bremen
Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar                         $35.95             Pandora’s Box: A Greek Myth
In one compact volume offers an integrated guide to both Arabic verbs           Dragon’s Tears Boo Hoo
and the basics of Arabic grammar. It will prove to be indispensable to          Buri and the Marrow
anyone who needs a comprehensive, yet accessible, reference to Arabic           The Pied Piper
verbs and grammar.                                                              A Box Full of Monsters
The Connectors in Modern Standard Arabic                     $44.00             Line and Circle
This unique textbook concentrates on the practical ability to write             Splash!
connected prose. This book contains twenty-seven lessons, including             Walking Through the Jungle
five review lessons, and a sample test at the end.                              We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Modern Arabic:Stucture, Function and Varieties               $TBA               Flash, Bang, Whee!
Shows how Arabic has been shaped over the centuries by migration,               Sam’s First Day
urbanization and education. It explains the structural characteristics –        Samira’s Eid
phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and lexical and stylistic              Baby? What Shall We Do With The…
developments – that the majority of the dialects share, as distinguished        Head, Shoulders Knees & Toes
from modern Standard Arabic. All Arabic is transcribed except for an            The Very Hungry Caterpillar
appendix of the Arabic script and alphabet.                                     Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
A Short Reference Grammar of Iraqi Arabic                    $TBA               Journey Through Islamic Arts
Transcribed in Arabic this volume covers phonology, morphology and              Little Red Hen and the Grains of Wheat
syntax of Iraqi Arabic and teaches the reade4r how to make sounds,              All Kinds of FeelingsWelcome to the World Baby
form words and construct sentences.                                             Don’t Bully Me: A Personal Diary
A Short Reference Grammar of Moroccan Arabic                 $TBA               Beowulf: An Anglo Saxon Epic
A practical reference grammar that teaches the phonology, morphology            Isis and Osiris: An Egyptian Myth
and syntax of the dialect spoken by the urban speakers of the                   The Children of Lir: A Celtic Legend
northwestern part of Morocco. Accompanying CD is keyed to the text,
demonstrating the pronunciation of the Arabic transcribed in the book.          ILLUSTRATED CHILDRENS BOOKS IN ARABIC:
Simplified Grammar of Arabic Persian and Hindustani $19.69                      One Dark Night/ Filayla Mothlimah                            $14.95
With just a few hours of diligent study this book will enable students to       Fifi/Fifi                                                    $12.95
analyse sentences in Arabic, Persian and Hindustani. Its clear and              The Ghoul/Al Ghoul                                           $12.95
comprehensive view of the structure of these languages provides and             I am Amazing/ Ana Modhisha                                   $14.95
introduction that’s both concise and practical                                  Ka’Ak/Ka’Ak                                                  $14.95
The Syntax of Spoken Arabic                                  $TBA               Not Yet/Laysa Ba’Ad                                          $14.95
                                                                                Ashab/Ashab                                                  $12.95
                                                                                 Omar is Lost/ O d’Aa’                                       $12.95
The Watermelon/Al Bateekha                                   $12.95             For the spoken Arabic of Jordan Lebanon, Palestine/Israel and Syria
I Can/Inani Astati                                           $14.95             This book provides the traveller to the Eastern Mediterranean with a
Karma’s Bunny/Arnab Karma                                    $12.95             practical aid for communicating in Arabic. It is based on the spoken
My Brother Zaid/Akhi Zaid                                    $14.95             language widely understood in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine/Israel and
                                                                                Syria. Features:
                                                                                     -     A brief description of Arabic grammar.
E         DICTIONARIES                                                               -     A pronunciation guide
AL - Mawrid AL – Waseet Concise           English–Arabic,         Arabic-            -     Over 2,000 entries of useful and up-to-date phrases and basic
English                                              $93.00                                key vocabulary
By Dr Rohi Baalbaki and Munir Balalbaki,                                             -     Easy-to-use commonsense pronunciation
These 1485 pages contain the most useful vocabulary used in Arabic                   -     Phrases covering topics a traveller needs to know, including
and English countries. It also contains basic instructions of how to use                   numbers, transportation, shopping, eating out, and more.
the bilingual dictionary, abbreviations and gives basic rules of how to         English-Arabic /Arabic-English Romanized                       $39.95
pronounce the English sounds. It is particularly useful for Arabic                   -     For the spoken Arabic of Egypt and Syria
speakers learning English because of the pronunciation assistance.                   -     Designed for travellers and language students, this concise
AL-Mawrid English –Arabic, Arabic- English Dictionary $189.00                              pocket guide of conversational Arabic contains over 8,000
By DR. Rohi Baalbaki and Munir Baalbaki                                                    entries. This transliteration of words and expressions in
This bilingual dictionary is useful for both English and Arabic adult                      Romanized Arabic is most helpful for users not familiar with
learners. It includes the most common and some new vocabulary. It has                      the Arabic alphabet. The dictionary features both the Syrian
instructions on how to use the dictionary and how to read the verbs.                       and Egyptian dialect, thus doubling its value for the user.
Also contains some abbreviations that have been used in the dictionary          Hippocrene Standard dictionary                      $66.00
and contains coloured pictures to explain some of the words. Has 2,373          English-Arabic / Arabic-English by John Wortabet and Harvey Porter
pages and shows most meanings for each entry.                                        -     This bilingual dictionary includes over 30,00 entries, a
Al-Quareeb Al mawrid Pocket Dictionary               $48.95                                valuable resource for students of Arabic, it is features an
English – Arabic… Arabic – English by Dr Rohi Baalbaki and Munir                           excellent selection of modern words and expressions, the
Ballbaki                                                                                   ideal tool for translating basic documents and conducting
Contains the many common words used in Arabic and English alike.                           everyday conversations, clear and comprehensive, designed
Includes more than 1,000 entries in 933 pages                                              to enable students to read the average Arabic newspaper or
Arabic Practical Dictionary                          $59.95                                book
Arabic- English / English – Arabic by N. Awde and K. Smith                           -     These 878 pages include the most common words in both
An essential resource for students of Arabic and English alike. Covers                     languages..
their needs with the most up-to-date entries handy reference form.              Milet Picture Dictionary                                       $29.95
Especially useful in navigating the growing vocabulary of politics,             This vibrant and original picture dictionary features beautiful artwork
telecommunications, technology, the Internet, tourism, business and             so the reader’s creativity will be stimulated while they learn words.
travel.                                                                         Key subjects are covered, including: home, school, food, colours,
     -     compact and concise                                                  shapes, plants, animals, clothing, sport, music and others.
     -     clear language, pronunciation, and grammar for both sides            My Talking Dictionary and interactive CD rom $84.95
     -     easy-to-read format and practical arrangements of Arabic and         This unique bilingual picture dictionary arranges over 750 widely used
           English entries                                                      words into 30 themes with stunning illustrations. My talking dictionary
     -     more than 18,000 total entries in 439 pages                          has transliterations, a pictorial index and is remarkable clear. A further
     -     Arabic provided with romanized transliterations                      creative feature is the accompanying CDRom. Find out how to
     -     English provided with phonetic transliterations                      pronounce the words, listen as often as you like and have fun with
     -     Ideal for students, scholars, businesspersons, tourists,             Drag & Drop, Roll & Reveal and find & play activities. It is a lovely
           journalists, aid workers, and the military in both English           way to teach children.
           speaking and Arabic- speaking countries.                             Oxford Arabic- English Picture Dictionary                      $49.95
Children’s Illustrated Arabic Dictionary             $27.95                     This Picture Dictionary is the complete reference to essential everyday
English-Arabic…Arabic-English                                                   vocabulary.
This new series of dictionaries makes learning vocabulary in a foreign               -     Illustrates over 3,700 words in full colour, each defined in
language at an early age easier and more enjoyable than ever!                              context.
     -     Designed to be a child’s very first foreign languages                     -     Offers 140 key topics to meet the vocabulary needs of adults
           dictionary for ages 5-10.                                                       and young adults.
     -     500 entries, each accompanied by a large illustration.                    -     Features topics grouped into 12 thematic areas, several with
     -     The book design allows a child to focus on each word and                        a vocational strand.
           picture and make the connection between them.                             -     Includes a variety of exercises on most pages.
     -     Each entry features the word in English and its foreign                   -     Provides an index with an easy-to-follow pronunciation
           language equivalent, along with commonsense phonetic                            guide to increase students’ accuracy and fluency in using the
           pronunciation.                                                                  new vocabulary
     -     Entries include people, animals, colours, numbers and
           objects that children encounter and use every day                         -    Many ancillary products such as workbooks, photocopy
Concise Oxford English - Arabic Dictionary                    $79.95                      masters etc available.
Designed to meet the needs of both Arabic speakers learning English                 -     Includes a variety of exercises on most pages.
and English speakers learning Arabic. Records the different levels of           Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary                           $26.00
usage met with in newspapers, radio, television and films. Where                Pocket Dictionary of the Spoken Arabic of Cairo             $28.60
familiar, colloquial and slang levels re indicated, the major Arabic            English – Arabic by Virginia Stevens and Maurice Salib
dialectal equivalents are given                                                     -     Fully revised and expanded
Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic Eng-Arabic…Arabic-Eng $62.70                          -     6,500 words most commonly needed by foreigners speaking
This dictionary gives the vocabulary that is used in Morocco so it is                     Arabic in Egypt
helpful for people who are travelling to Morocco or prefer Moroccan                 -     Clear, consistent, reliable transcription system
Arabic. Also it has the explanation of each word transliterated so the              -     Plurals of nouns and adjectives
learner can learn Moroccan Arabic clearly by seeing the spelling and                -     Past and imperfect forms of verbs
pronouncing the word. Contains 228 pages                                            -     Stress rules
Eastern Arabic Dictionary and Phrasebook                      $28.60
Eastern Arabic-English…English-Eastern Arabic
     -    Basic charts of verb endings, negation of verbs, form and use          This bilingual presentation is laid out page by page alongside a parallel
          of numbers, pronominal suffixes, and comparatives and                  Arabic text prepared in the traditional calligraphic style.            A
          superlatives                                                           comprehensive index has also been added.
                                                                                 The Koran                                                    55.00
E1        Specialised Dictionaries                                               This wonderful hardcover edition is the first translation of The Koran
Prices are approximate and subject to change                                     by and Englishman who is also a Muslim. It includes and introduction
Agricultural Dictionary                                $22.40                    and a biography of Mohammed.
Al-Kilani Computer Dictionary English-Arabic           $104.00                   Love, Death and Exile                                        $TBA
Al Waseet Science Dictionary                           $27.20                    “In these elegant, passionate and metaphorically inventive poems,
Building Dictionary Arabic-English/English-Arabic      $60.80                    history intersects with contemporary life in ways that will surprise
Computer Terminology English-Arabic                    $56.00                    anyone interested in either literature or the Middle East. At turns
Diplomatic Dictionary English-Arabic                   $38.40                    haunting and inspiring, they give us a deeper present and a more
Economic and Business Pocket Dictionary English-Arabic                           informed future than we had before.” (Cary Nelson editor of the
                                                       $16.00                    Anthology of Modern American Poetry)
Economic and Business Pocket Dictionary Arabic-English                           World Food Morocco                                           $16.50
Economic and Business Pocket Dictionary Two-way        $40.00                    G         TRAVEL
Economic and Monetary Dictionary English-Arabic        $51.20                    The Arabian Peninsula                                        $42.90
Economics, Monetary and Business Management Dictionary                           The only guidebook to cover all the Gulf states, comprehensive and
                                      English-Arabic $83.20                      easy to use maps for each country. Special attention is given to
Education Dictionary English-Arabic                    $67.20                    history, culture and outdoor activities and as three of the four authors
Geography and Environmental Dictionary English-Arabic                            are women, there is a strong female perspective of the Arab world.
                                                       $12.80                    Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar                                    $27.50
Geological Picture Dictionary English-Arabic-English $44.80                      Cairo                                                        $27.50
Glossary of Gulf Arabic: Gulf Arabic-English-Gulf Arabic                         Cairo City Map                                               $7.90
                                                       $76.80                    Dubai                                                        $30.90
Hitti’s Medical Dictionary                             $96.00                    Written by local, this guide gives and insider’s view of the city. A
Information Technology and Computer Dictionary English-Arabic                    popular and safe destination, Dubai has up to 5 million visitors a year,
Law Dictionary English-Arabic                          $83.20                    by 2007 it hopes to have 10 million a year. Contains 14 maps and
Law Dictionary Arabic-English                          $67.20                    comprehensively updated accommodation and restaurant listings.
Management Dictionary English-Arabic                   $20.80                    Egypt                                                        $37.95
Modern Computer and Information Technology Dictionary                            Israel and the Palestinian Territories                       $27.42
                                      English-Arabic $46.40                      From Jericho’s ruins and the domes of Jerusalem to Tel Aviv’s hip
New Illustrated Science Dictionary English-Arabic      $104.00                   cafes and Eilat’s beaches, this fully updated guide is the essential
Nutritional Dictionary English-Arabic-English          $27.20                    companion for traveling around this fascinating land.
Petroleum Dictionary English-Arabic                    $104.00                   Istanbul to Cairo on a Shoestring                            $25.22
Science Picture Dictionary English-Arabic-English      $44.80                    Istanbul to Cairo is a classic overland route offering an extraordinary
Scientific, Arts and Engineering Dictionary English-Arabic                       range of travel experiences in six of the Middle East’s most fascinating
                                                       $112.00                   countries. With over 75 maps, this brand new budget travellers’ guide
Technological Dictionary English-Arabic-English        $28.80                    covers all the essentials and more.
                                                                                 Jerusalem                                                    $21.95
                                                                                 From sites sacred to the three great monotheistic faiths to the hippest
E2        miscellaneous dictionaries                                             cinemas and nightclubs, this book will guide you through Jerusalem,
prices are approximate and subject to change                                     the most complex and entrancing of cities.
Arabic Declension and Grammar Dictionary Two-way             $56.00              Jordan                                                       $33.00
Arabic English Dictionary for Advanced Learners              $40.00              Middle East                                                  $39.60
Arabic Grammar Dictionary Arabic-English                     $99.20              Covers Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian
Farsi Arabic Dictionary                                      $67.20              Territories, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Urdu English Dictionary                                      $16.00              Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
                                                                                 Oman and the United Arab Emirates                            $27.50
F         CULTURE                                                                Saudi Arabia                                                 $35.90
Al-Qur’an:                                                    $55.00             THE guide to Saudi Arabia contains vital information for expatriate
This bilingual edition of the Qur’an presents this elegant and poetic            workers, including a special “Saudi Arabia for Expats” section. Gives
translation in a contemporary and living voice, encouraging the reader           an in depth look at Saudi Arabian culture, history and politics and also
to draw from both texts. Also includes notes where necessary,                    information for pilgrims on the Haj. Great coverage of desert, Red Sea
providing the full meaning of each word and phrase                               and ancient sites.
The Arabic Language and national Identity                     $TBA               Syria and Lebanon                                            $37.00
The first book to link the role of language to the articulation of               Gives comprehensive coverage of Baalbek and Palmyra and the low-
nationalist ideology in the Arab Middle East.                                    down on the souqs of Syria and Lebanon. Almost 2 million travelers
The Art of Reciting the Qur’an                                $55.00             visit this surprisingly popular region every year and this guide gives
For the Muslims, Faithful, the familiar sound of the Qur’an recitation is        authoritative information on the history and culture of both Syria and
the predominate and most immediate means of contact with the word                Lebanon.
of God. .It is the core of religious devotion, the sanctioning spirit of         Yemen                                                        $25.25
much cultural and social life, and valued as a art form in it’s own right.       Yemen is a medieval time capsule only recently opened to travelers.
This new edition of a landmark study with new post scripts, will be              Explore this beguiling land of mud-brick skyscrapers and labyrinthine
welcomed by all and students of the modern Middle East, as well as by            medinas with this fully updated guide.
ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, linguists, folklorists, and religious
scholars.                                                                        H         SOFTWARE
The Koran                                                     $32.79             Arabic Vocabulary Builder                                    $54.95
Universally accepted by Muslims to be the infallible Word of God as              Combines pictures, text, and sound to help make an interactive
revealed to Mohammed nearly fourteen hundred years ago, the Koran                flashcard system which teachers can use to help in basic language
still provides the rules of conduct fundamental to the Arab way of life.         teaching. Students can use this CD-ROM to learn words, play games
and record their own words and sentences. Suitable for middle primary
to junior secondary levels.

Rosetta Stone Level I                                          $558.88
92 chapters for learners from 7 to adult. This package is fun to use and
it really works! Note: This is a total immersion style of learning;
instruction is all in the target language – no English is used – so it is
not for the faint hearted. **Site Licences available – please contact The
Language Centre for details. Req: Windows - 486 or better, Win 3.1,
Win 95, Win NT 4.0, 8 MB RAM, 4 MB free hard disc space, 2X CD
Rom drive, 256 colour display, Windows compatible sound card.
Macintosh - 68040 CPU or better, Mac OS 7.0 or later, 8 MB RAM, 3
MB hard disc space, 2X CD Rom Drive, 256 colour display.

Rosetta Stone Level II                                       $558.88
Designed for the intermediate learner and proceeds to advanced
instruction. 11 units featuring 118 chapters, including review chapters.
Illustrated users guide, language book with curriculum test. **Site
Licences available – please contact The Language Centre for details.
Req: As above.

Talk Now! Learn Arabic                                      $45.95
This package is designed for people who want to learn a language
quickly. Ideal for beginners, it has comprehensive topics which include
first words, phrases, food, shopping, number and time. You can
compare yourself with native speakers using the record facility. System
req: Windows minimum - Windows 3.1 / 95, 486 processor or higher,
8MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, VGA with 256 Colours, Microphone

World Talk Arabic                                           $79.95
It’s addictive, fun and makes learning easy. Compete in a TV Quiz
against the computer or even a friend. Practice your language skills in
ten different language games including; the lottery game, what did you
say, sentence building, out to dinner, games about people, animals,
directions and general conversation. World Talk also includes a
recording studio where you can take the part of an actor and gain
confidence in speaking the language. It also features six story type
activities for you to practice dictation and comprehension at your own


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