Language - Farsi (not Arabic)

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					Language – Farsi (not Arabic)

Religion – Islam (religion; people are Muslims); religious offering boxes on street

Government – became a theocracy (religious) following the 1979 Revolution, but also
elect a president

History – 1953 shah pro us; 1979 Islamic revolution; Ayatollah Khomeini anti- U.S.

Economy – cash only; western credit cards don’t work; no ATMs so you must count your
money carefully

Food – ice cream; dried fruit; different spices; no alcohol

Clothing - women cover heads; modest clothing for women seen as respectful; women
get nose jobs and wear more elaborate makeup

Misc. – different calendars (Persian for local stuff; Islamic for religious; Western for
outside world stuff)

Cemeteries – tombstones have pictures families eat picnics at gravesites