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					                   About Us
Indy Foreign Language Academy is a division of
Indy Translations, LLC that has been serving the
Indianapolis area since 1997. Indy Foreign Language
Academy focuses on language learning and providing
students the best educational experience possible.
                                                                                                                 Your Bridge to the World
Our goal is to provide first-class language instruction
services to the general public at an affordable price.
Learning another language is a key to unlocking the
                                                                                                  ARABIC COURSES
door to opportunities, as well as uniting cultures
and communities.

Our conversational approach to teaching offers an
invaluable language experience. Students learn the
language by interacting with native and near native
instructors. Even grammar is reinforced through
continuous conversation. Classes teach all aspects
of the language, including culture, but because of
their conversational nature, more emphasis is placed
on the development of speaking and listening skills.

Our individualized curricula allow students to learn
exactly what they need to learn when studying a new
language. By working with your goals and interests,        Learning another language
your instructor will develop a program which will
meet your own specific language goals and needs.
                                                           unlocks new opportunities!

                                                                    Two Locations:                Public and Private Group Classes
                                                           1800 N. Meridian Street, Suite 506      Intensive Language Instruction
                                                                Indianapolis, IN 46202             Executive & Corporate Training
                                                                                                        Children's Programs
                                                          11495 N. Pennsylvania St., Suite 270
                                                                     Carmel, IN 46032                      Private Lessons
                                                         Register at or 317.566.8200            Online Courses
             Conversational Arabic I                                   Intermediate Arabic II                             Culture in Focus: The Arab World
Our beginning level Arabic course introduces             Designed for students with significant knowledge of        Make the most of your next vacation or business
students to the basic concepts and writing system        Arabic structure and vocabulary, this class prepares      trip abroad. For students who plan to travel for
of the language while focusing on using modern           students to use Arabic as a sole means of communi-        business or who will not need to speak a foreign
Arabic as a part of everyday life. Course topics         cation. Students reinforce and expand their knowl-        language during their trip, we offer “Culture in
include common greetings, asking for and giving          edge of the target language through discussion with       Focus” classes that examine the cultural differ-
personal information (name, address, etc.), basic        their instructor and peers as well as reading and         ences between the United States and the destina-
vocabulary for travelers, colors and numbers, and        writing practice. The use of multimedia teaching          tion country. In “Culture in Focus: The Arab
the fundamentals of pronunciation. The Arabic            components brings in vocabulary and accents from a        World,” students prepare themselves for English-
writing system is introduced during the course.          variety of speakers of the language, preparing            language interaction with native Arabic speakers
This class meets once per week for 90 minutes;           students to rely only on Arabic for the tasks of day to   when visiting many countries in the Middle East.
each session is eight weeks long. Cost: $180 + text      day life. Cost: $180 + text                               Cost: $75
            Conversational Arabic II                              Advanced Arabic Conversation                              Intensive Immersion Classes
This course is a continuation of Conversational          Just looking to keep your Arabic skills sharp? If you     Learn quickly by surrounding yourself in the Arabic
Arabic I or an entry level class for students who        have studied Arabic for some time and already have        language with native instructors! Our approach is
have previously studied basic Arabic. In this course,    a good grasp of grammar and a strong vocabulary,          conversational in nature, with grammar being
the basics of Arabic grammar are introduced, but         this class is for you. Students in our Advanced Con-      reinforced through continuous conversation and
most emphasis is placed on listening comprehen-          versation class improve their speaking and listening      application. Various multimedia sources are used
sion and vocabulary building. Students gain greater      skills through an entirely conversation-based             to enhance the retention of vocabulary and gram-
confidence in using Arabic in everyday situations.        program with a native instructor, while discussing        mar. Our immersion programs are available for
Basic reading and pronunciation are also practiced       culture and current events in the Arabic-speaking         students of all levels and are customized to the
so students become more comfortable with the             world. Cost: $180                                         individual student’s specific needs and goals. Join
Arabic alphabet. This class meets once per week for                                                                us for as little as one day or for up to six weeks.
90 minutes. Cost: $180 + text                                                                                      Prices start at $410
              Intermediate Arabic I                                                                                           Other Programs Available
Students move beyond the basics as they further                                                                    We can tailor a language program to any specific
their conversational abilities and knowledge of the                                                                need or industry. Our private and semi-private
Arabic language. This course focuses on building                                                                   classes offer flexible scheduling and can be held at
students’ vocabulary in the target language as well                                                                your home or office.
as more proficient use of grammar and structure.
Students practice writing in Arabic while still focus-                                                                      Week-long Intensive Training
ing on using the new language for everyday conver-                                                                               Virtual Instruction
sation and travel. Current events and culture are
discussed throughout the course. Cost: $180 + text
                                                                                                                          Private and Semi-Private Classes
                                                                                                                                 Corporate Training

            Register at                            317.566.8200 • 800.695.8772                            Classes in Downtown Indy & Carmel