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					Version date : 08/04/2009

                                           Computer Assessment Sheet
             Workstation # and Hall

             Name of User(s)

             Date of assessment

                 Gather information using a combination of observation, measurement, and
                  discussion with the council. Be sure to involve the council. Do it with them, not
                  for them.
                 If information is not known, mark it “N/K” and make a comment. Do not guess
                  or speculate. If a question is not applicable, enter “N/A” in the Yes box.
                 Be objective, and don’t avoid recommending change just to keep the peace.

             Timing and Speed (Record in minutes and seconds. Start with the
             computer off.)
                                   Time from pressing ON button to Log In Screen.
                 Time from Log In Entered until Ready for use? (Try opening a file when
                                the screen comes up and stop timing when it is opened.)
                           Time from Desktop Screen until E-mail is loaded completely
                                                         Is there a delay in typing for Word?
                            How long does it take for a test page to print from the computer?
                                                    How long does it take Log Off to occur?

             Desk (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for Imporvement.‟)                 Yes   No
                                    Is there enough space on the desktop for the flow of work?                   a

                         Is there adequate leg room under the desk (height, width and depth)?                    b

                       Is the desk deep enough that the monitor is at least 20” from the eyes?                   c

               If the user has positioned the monitor at one end of the desk, is there legroom                   d

                         to roll the chair to that end of the desk, so he/she can sit square to it?
                          Are there computer cords in odd places that disrupt the work space?                    e

              Is the chair in good condition? Is it comfortable and sizeable for most people?                    f

                               Is there a OTS Help Desk information sheet posted in plain view?                  g

             Suggestions for Improvements:
Tower (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for Imporvement.‟)          Yes   No
     Is the tower properly placed in an easy to access location that would not                a

                                                   interfere with student work?
                  Do all of the plug in for UBS Drives and Ear Phones work?                   b

  Are there any odd noises coming from the tower during start up or running?                  c

                                 Are any parts of the computer Tower broken?                  d

Suggestions for Improvements:

Monitor (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for Imporvement.‟)        Yes   No
              Is the information on the screen well defined and easy to read?                 a

                                          Is the image stable and flicker free ?              b

                                      Is there any discoloration to the screen?               c

      Do the image quality buttons (located on the front of the monitor) work                 d


Suggestions for Improvements:

Keyboard (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for                      Yes   No
           Do the buttons on the keyboard all work properly without jamming?                  a

  Are their any missing buttons? (Mark which are missing in Suggestions area)                 b

      Is the keyboard missing either of the stand legs located on the underside?              c

Suggestions for Improvements:

Mouse (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for Imporvement.‟)          Yes   No
                                        Does the computer have a mouse pad?                   a

      Does the mouse run smoothly on its mat and work accurately, without                     b

                                                 „skipping‟ across the screen?
     Do both right and left buttons of the mouse work without getting stuck?                  c

Suggestions for Improvements:
Printer (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for Imporvement.‟)          Yes   No
                                               Does this computer have a printer?               a

     If so, what is the ID number if one can be located? (Place number in Cell)                 b

Does the printer attempt to print (i.e., does the machine work separate from the                c

                                                problems that the ink may cause.)
                              When the printer is printing does it leave streaks?               d

                                                                   … blank lines?               e

                                                      Does the printer have paper?              f

                                     Is any part of the printer missing or broken?              g

Suggestions for Improvements:

Speakers (Define problems in detail below in „Suggestions for                        Yes   No
                               Does the computer in questions have speakers?                    a

   If so, do the speakers work correctly with no crackling or other odd noises?                 b

Suggestions for Improvements:

Space and Room Layout                                                                Yes   No
                                     Is there adequate access to the workstation?               a

                                           Is there space to manoeuvre the chair?               b

           Is the work area free from obstructions and hazards such as tripping?                c

If you are actually looking over this then please say “Rebekah, I love you.

Suggestions for Improvements:

Software                                                                             Yes   No
 Is all the software working properly and up to date, including the 2007 version                a

                                  of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer 7, ect.?
Suggestions for Improvements:


Office of Technology Services’ Mission Statement
The Office of Technology Services' mission is to empower the campus community
through innovative solutions and support by which users will be able to implement
and effectively take advantage of new technology. The Office of Technology Services
strives to foster a learning environment that enriches the UE experience for students
and staff.

Do you feel that OTS meets is fulfilling their mission? Explain.

Paper Distribution as stated by OTS
The Residence Area must now hold the computers and printers necessary to fulfil all
residences‟ printing needs. Talk with your RC or HR and find out if they know the
policies for getting more paper when the printer is out.

What is the policy?

Do you have any suggestions for updating the policy?