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					                                     Individual Membership
                                     Individuals concerned with laboratory animal science who are engaged in the management, care,
                                     production or study of laboratory animals.

                                               All voting privileges
                                                                                                                                                      American Association for
                                                                                                                                                      Laboratory Animal Science
                                               $50 discount for National Meeting registration
                                               Free participation in the AALAS Technician Certification Registry
                                               Tech Talk newsletter
                                               AALAS in Action newsletter
                                               Reduced fees for technician certification exams                    Dues         Gold Silver Bronze
                                               Discounts on other educational materials                         United States $180  $85    $35
                                               National Meeting Preliminary Program
                                                                                                             Canada/Mexico $195     $95    $40
                                               Access to members-only pages on the AALAS site
                                               Reduced registration fee for the AALAS Learning Library          International $220 $115    $45
                                               Subscription to JAALAS, our association journal
                                               Reference Directory, which includes membership listings,
                                               association information, technical references, and more
                                               Subscription to Comparative Medicine, our award-winning journal

  The American Association for                 Leadership and Committee Resource Directory, which includes listings for AALAS leadership,
                                               branch officers, and affiliates.

                                     Institutional Membership                                                                       Dues: $450
   Laboratory Animal Science         Educational or research facilities/institutions, government or civilian, whose interests can be promoted
                                     or aided by the interaction within the AALAS scientific/educational organization.

(AALAS) is the premier forum for     • Complimentary individual memberships:
                                     • A handsome wall display plaque heralding the membership; renewing institutional members get a
                                       year tab to add to the plaque.
                                     • Access to AALAS’ closed mailing list, IACUC-FORUM.

the exchange of information and      • Discounts for group accounts on the AALAS Learning Library.

                                     Commercial Membership                                                                           Dues: $600

expertise in the production, care,   Entities concerned with laboratory animal science that are engaged in the promotion of animal-related
                                     research activities or the selling, production, and/or providing of services to the laboratory animal sci-
                                     ence profession.

 and use of laboratory animals.      • Complimentary individual memberships:
                                     • A handsome wall display plaque heralding the membership; renewing commercial members get a
                                       year tab to add to the plaque.
                                     • $300 discount on National Meeting booth rental fees.
                                     • Rental of the AALAS mailing list.

                                     Affiliate Membership                                                                           Dues: $250
                                     Not-for-profit organizations and groups with a purpose consistent with the AALAS’ mission.

                                     • Complimentary individual membership:
                                     • Eligibility for free booth space at the AALAS National Meeting.
                                     • An invitation to attend/observe the BOT Annual Session at the National Meeting, and to submit a
                                       written report for all BOT Business Sessions.
                                     • Assistance by AALAS staff to exhibit, educate and meet at the AALAS National Meeting.
                                     • An invitation to attend the Affiliate Round Table Conference held annually at the AALAS National             Advancin responsibl
                                                                                                                                                   Advancing responsible
                                                                                                                                                   Advancing respons ble
                                     • Availability of for-fee support services through the AALAS national office.
                                                                                                                                                   animal care and use
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                                                                                                                                                    nim    are n
                                     • Rental of AALAS’ mailing list.                                                                              to benefit people
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                                                                                                                                                    o benefi people
                                     • Web site link listed on the Affiliate and Related Organizations page on the AALAS site.
                                                                                                                                                   and animals.
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                                                                                                                                                   and animals.

                                                      9190 Crestwyn Hills Drive, Memphis, TN 38125
                                                  901-754-8620 • fax: 901-753-0046 •
Education & Career Development                                                         Web Resources
The AALAS National Meeting, with more than 4,000 attendees and 300 exhibi-    offers online resources in lab animal science, including AALAS publica-
tors, is the largest gathering of professionals concerned with the production, care,   tion articles, products, programs and services.
and responsible use of laboratory animals.                                    offers comprehensive information for members of institutional animal
AALAS Learning Library (, featuring quality cours-        care and use committees and research staff.
es in career development, lab animal science and biomedical research, is an online is an informative site for students, teachers, and parents on re-
learning forum offering unique flexibility and an economical tuition package.          sponsible laboratory animal care and use in research, testing, and education.
The GLAS program provides research grants in the lab animal science field and, featuring quality courses in career development and lab
promotes collaborative efforts between AALAS members and the broader scien-            animal science, is an online learning forum offering unique flexibility and an economical
tific community.                                                                       tuition package.
AALAS offers a variety of educational resources, including training manuals,           AALAS maintains various listservs on issues relating to comparative medicine and bio-
workbooks, posters, reference booklets, resource kits, videos, CD-ROMs, and            medical research, including CompMed, TechLink, and the IACUC Forum.
AALAS Technician Certification recognizes three levels of technical knowledge
in laboratory animal science—Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT),            Community Outreach
Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT), and Laboratory Animal Technologist
                                                                                       The AALAS Foundation ( supports educational outreach
                                                                                       on the essential role of responsible laboratory animal care and use in science to advance
The Certified Manager Animal Resources (CMAR) program raises competen-                 human and animal health.
cy and professionalism in laboratory animal resources management.
                                                                                       AALAS makes an ongoing educational effort, with particular emphasis on schools, to
AALAS Certification Registry recognizes those who have achieved certification          inform the public about the knowledge gained through the use of animals in research.
and maintain a current, credible level of knowledge.
                                                                                       AALAS attracts talented students to the laboratory animal science field by distributing
Institute for Laboratory Animal Management (ILAM) is a two-year, weeklong              career brochures, posters, videos, and CDs to science classes.
educational program concentrating on the development of laboratory animal fa-
cility managers.
                                                                                       Member Benefits
                                                                                       Bronze Members                                Silver Members
Scientific Journals & Publications                                                      • Voting privileges                           All Bronze member benefits, plus:
Comparative Medicine is a leading English-language journal in the field of com-        • $50 off National Meeting registration       • JAALAS—print and online versions
parative and experimental medicine, is indexed by Medline, and is ranked in the        • Reduced fees for all certification exams    • AALAS Reference Directory
upper third of all scientific journals by the Science Citation Index.                  • AALAS Certification Registry
                                                                                       • Discounts on educational materials          Gold Members
Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science highlights
                                                                                       • Access to members-only sections of          All Silver member benefits, plus:
refereed articles on clinical, technical, management, and philosophical subjects
                                                                                         the AALAS website                           • Comparative Medicine—print and
and general association news.
                                                                                       • Tech Talk and AALAS in Action                 online versions
Tech Talk is a bimonthly newsletter focusing on current information and technology       newsletters—print and online versions       • AALAS Leadership & Committee
of interest to laboratory animal technicians and other lab animal professionals.       • National Meeting Preliminary Program          Resource Directory