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					                         INDIAN SOCIETY OF AGRONOMY
                                 Division of Agronomy
                         Indian Agricultural Research Institute
                                  New Delhi-110 012
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                 ISA BEST Ph.D. THESIS AWARD (2007 and 2008)
        This award was instituted in 1991 to motivate high quality fundamental and applied
research amongst Ph.D. scholars in India in the field of Agronomy. This is an annual award open
to all Indian students in the field of Agronomy. The award carries a citation and cash prize of
Rs.5,000/-. Only those theses are considered for this Award for which final viva-voce is
completed by 31st December of the year for which the award is applied. Applicants for 2007 and
2008 should have completed their final viva-voce examination by 31st December, 2007 and 31st
December, 2008 respectively.

      Research workers in the field of Agronomy interested to apply for this Award are required
to send their applications through proper channel along with a copy of thesis submitted by them
for their Ph.D. degree in Agronomy, together with 7 copies of synopsis, highlighting the
significance of research. The nomination should be accompanied by a certificate from the
concerned Head of the Department that the research work of the candidate has been a significant
factor in obtaining the data presented in the thesis leading to the conferment of Ph.D. degree in

     All the nominations together with appropriate certificates should be sent to Secretary,
Indian Society of Agronomy through the concerned Head of Department by the notified date to
be announced while inviting nominations.

     All the theses submitted would be judged by a panel of judges appointed by Executive
committee. The Executive Committee, whose decision is final, shall approve the report of the

     The candidate whose work is judged to be the best will be awarded a citation and
Rs.5,000/- as cash at the General Body Meeting of the Society. The recipient of the award is
expected to deliver an illustrated talk based on his significant research work submitted for the

     TA/DA as admissible shall be paid to recipient of the award for his journey from his place
of work to the place where biennial meeting is being held, in the case the recipient fails to get the
same from his organization.

Applications should be sent to: Secretary, Indian Society of Agronomy, Division of
Agronomy, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110 012. The last date for
receipt of applications in the Society office is 30th June, 2010.
                       PROFORMA FOR BEST Ph.D. THESIS AWARD

1. Name of the Applicant
2. Date of birth
3. Postal address (with Phone/Fax/Email etc.)
4. Educational qualifications (Give in Tabular form in chronological order name of examination passed,
   board/university, year of passing, subject studies, percentage of marks / OGPA, rank / position if any)
5. Employment record (Give in Tabular form in chronological order – post held, name of employer
   period, pay scale etc.)
6. Professional recognition, awards, fellowships received etc.
7. Name and complete address of the University / Institution from which Ph.D. degree was earned.
8. Indicate the subject / discipline in which the degree was obtained
9. Did you submit thesis in partial or full requirement of the doctoral degree?
10. Date of joining and completion of Ph.D. Programme (Enclose a copy of the degree certificate)
11. Title of the Thesis (Enclose one copy of thesis)
12. Name of other research workers, if any associated with the study
13. Has the thesis submitted for the award been published or accepted for publication ?
14. Chairman/Advisor under whose guidance the research work was carried out
15. Publications from the study, if any (Enclose one set)
16. Synopsis of the thesis (not exceeding 5 pages) (Enclose 5 copies)
17. A brief statement on how the research submitted for the award constitutes significant contribution to
    the field of Agronomy
18. Any other information in support of the application

      I certify that the above information is correct.

                                                                                   (Signature of applicant)
    Date :

Certificate from the Chairman/Advisor regarding research contributions of the candidate


                                                                                  Head of the Department/
 Application form for the Award of Indian Society of Agronomy Best Ph.D. Thesis Award

1.     Name (In capital letters)                 :   _____________________________________

2.     Date of birth                             :   _____________________________________

3.     Designation                               :   _____________________________________

4.     Postal address                            :   _____________________________________

5.     Date of appointment in the Institute/     :   _____________________________________

6.     Title of the Thesis submitted for award :     _____________________________________

7.     Name of the research workers if           :   _____________________________________
       Associated with the study                 :   _____________________________________

8.     Has the thesis submitted for the award    :   _____________________________________
       Been published or accepted of             :   _____________________________________
       publication                               :   _____________________________________
       (Name the journal and the volume)         :   _____________________________________

9.     Project leader/Guide under whose          :   _____________________________________
       guidance the present work was             :   _____________________________________
       carried out                               :   _____________________________________

10.    Synopsis of the paper (not exceeding      :   _____________________________________
       5 pages)

11.    A brief statement on how the work         :   _____________________________________
       proposed for the award constitutes        :   _____________________________________
       significant contribution to research in   :   _____________________________________
       the field of Agronomy                     :   _____________________________________

                                                                       (Signature of applicant)
      Dated :