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					Longwood Central School District
35 Yaphank Middle Island Road, Middle Island, New York 11953
 PPS (Pupil Personnel Services) Directory
 A strong community is one that fosters the emotional well being of its young people. To that end,
 Longwood CSD recognizes the shared responsibility in the prevention and treatment of drugs, alco-
 hol and tobacco use among our students. We recognize further that this responsibility is one that we
 share with parents and guardians, as well as the community at large. This directory has been devel-
 oped to serve as a guide to the support personnel available within each of our buildings who can
 offer assistance should you identify a need for your child.

Charles E. Walters Elementary School                                  Ridge Elementary School
Principal                                                             Principal
Linda Cornigans             345-2758    Janine Rozycki           345-2765
Assistant Principals                                                  Assistant Principals
Elizabeth Fink              345-2180         Jamal Colson             345-2765
Jennifer Mella-Mollo        345-2175   Yvette Tilley            345-2797
                                                                      School Psychologists
Psychologist                                                          George O’Donnell, Psy.D. 345-2814
Mary Ellen Mullen           345– 2180       Katherine Meehan, Psy.D. 345-2316
Social Worker                                                         Social Worker
Darlene Dorcinvil, LMSW     345-2175    Stephanie Columbia, LCSW 345-2316
School Counselor                                                      School Counselor
Nikki Lee                   345-2191          Tracy Abramowitz         345-2765
Nurses                                                                Nurses
Karen Kershis, RN           345-2760      Sharon Carey, RN         345-6978
Christine Beechel, RN       345-2840      Christy Golden, RN       345–5241

Coram Elementary School                                               West Middle Island Elementary School
Principal                                                             Principal
Roni Robbins                698-0077      Wynstelle Nicholson        345-2160
Assistant Principals                                                  Assistant Principals
Laura Hopkins               698-0077      Gretchen Schaentzler       345-2160
Toni Komorowski             345-0341   Tracy Sutherland           345-2755
School Psychologist                                                   School Psychologist
Kelly Dobran                698-0077       Kenneth J. Nosek           345-2755
Social Worker                                                         Social Worker
Lisa Hernandez, LMSW        698-0341    Neil Klatsky, LCSW         345–2755
School Counselor                                                      School Counselor
Gail Wesley                 698-0077    gwesley@      Amy Garbacz                345–2160
Nurses                                                                Nurse
Donna Auer, RN              698-0276         Annette Brasor, RN         345-2756
Doreen Arntsen, RN          698-0275      Sue Silhan, RN             345-2161

Longwood Central School District
PPS (Pupil Personnel Services) Directory
Longwood Middle School                                                Longwood Senior High School
Principal                                                             Principal
Lisa Mato                 345-2735         Donald Murphy              345-9201
Assistant Principal                                                   Assistant Principals
Raegan Hololob            345-2736      Maria Castro, Ed.D.        345-9207
Vaughn Denton             345-2196       Melissa Conlon             345-2917
School Psychologist                                                   James Crenshaw             345-9205
Brett Palmer              345-2174      Barbara Merkle             345-2920
Gayle Petigrow, Psy.D.    345-2735     Scott Reese                345-2915
Social Worker                                                         Adam DeWitt                345-3770
Debi Edwards, LMSW        345-2932      School Psychologists
School Counselor                                                      Gary Joseph                345-9227
Ann Hewson                345-2752      ahewson@longwoodcsd,com       Richard Lofaso             345-9227
Linda Indelicato          345-2752   Danielle Dobson            345-9227   ddobson@longwoodcsd,com
Nurses                                                                Social Workers
Robin Prentiss            345-2740     Dawn DeStefano, LCSW       345-9234
                                                                      Kenneth Rosenblatt, LCSW   345-9227
                                                                      Nurses                     345-9250
                                                                      Colleen LaGuerra, RN        
Longwood Junior High School                                           Peggy Dalton, RN            
                                                                      Virginia Golden, RN         
Levi McIntyre, Ed.D.      345-2700
Assistant Principals
                                                                      Counseling Center North    345-9227   Counseling Center South 345-9237
Christian Losee           345-2700
                                                                      School Counselors                     Chairperson, School Counselor
Kenneth O’Neill           345-2829
                                                                      Laura Aliperti                        Maris Paolini
School Psychologist
                                                                      Keisha Francois                       School Counselors
Ann Arndt, Psy.D.         345-2706
                                                                      Rick O'Connor                         Patricia Valot
Lisa Bergey               345-2706
                                                                      Kristin McPartlan                     Jessica Hawkins
Social Worker
                                                                      Fran Montanino                        Marianne Cruz
Judy Alexander, LCSW      345-2706
                                                                      James Gordon                          Joel Gonzalez
School Counselors         345-2706
                                                                                                            David Delfranco
Claire Mis, Chairperson       
Patricia Atkinson                  Districtwide PPS Staff
Gerard Myler                          CSE Chairpersons
George Thomas                        Saul Kirschenbaum, Ph.D. 345-2177
Nurses                                                                Barbara Dark             345-2173
Margaret Brady, RN        345-2720        Homeless Liaison
Marilyn Teague, RN        345-2720       Maureen Beatrice, LMSW 345-2823

                                                     Community Unity