The Preparation of Acetanilide Lab Z Report Sheet Name by carmeloanthony


									The Preparation of Acetanilide                                            Lab Z Report Sheet-1

Name: _______________________ Date: ___________ Course: ________ Section: ______

The evaluation will be based upon both the quantity and quality of product submitted.


1. Amount of reactants:

moles aniline

moles acetic anhydride

Show your calculations.

2. What is the limiting reagent? _______________________

3. Calculate the theoretical yield of acetanilide (show your work).

4. Consult a reference book and find the melting point (range) of pure acetanilide.

   m. p. __________________________

   reference: ________________________________________________________

5. Yield and purity of acetanilide product.

mass of product obtained

% yield product

melting range product
Lab Z Report Sheet-2                                               The Preparation of Acetanilide

6. Identify possible sources (at least 2 or 3) of loss in yield.

7. Identify three techniques that were used in the preparation of acetanilide to improve the
   purity of the product.

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