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					                                  St. John’s College
newsletter                                                                                 fall 2004

             Fond farewell from
             the Acting Principal
             Professor Shel Cherry
             With his term as St. John’s College Acting Principal at a close,
             Professor Shel Cherry looked back fondly on his time spent with
             students, staff and visitors over the past year. In his own words
             he relives the highlights…

             My term as Acting Principal             I attribute a great deal of this
             wrapped up at the end of June,          specialness to the wonderful mix
             with Professor Tim Brook,               of its resident fellows, of which
             Department of History, UBC,             one-half are international stu-
             taking on the responsibilities          dents. Taken together they form a
             of Principal, effective July 1, 2004.   community of graduate students
             As my final act as the College’s        who come from diverse cultural
             administrator, it was a great plea-     and academic backgrounds.
             sure to warmly welcome Tim              By living and interacting in the
             and to wish him a very successful       St. John’s College academic           Professor Shel Cherry, Acting Principal,
             and happy term. It was also             setting, they encourage discus-       August 2003 – June 2004
             incumbent upon me to provide            sion, understanding and debate,
             my last Principal’s Message             learn to communicate with and         Johanneans, no matter the year
             for the newsletter, in which I have     respect one another, and form         of their graduation from
             chosen to focus mainly on the           lifelong friendships. They have       St. John’s University, “were like
             St. John’s spirit.                      endowed this young College with       one big family, and its members
                                                     a special character and spirit        would aid and assist one another,
             I was a Senior Fellow at St. John’s
                                                     which bears witness to its global     without hesitation, in a time
             College before becoming the
                                                     demographics and to the mean-         of personal need. Further, their
             Acting Principal, and so I knew
                                                     ing of global citizenship.            St. John’s University education
             something about the College
                                                                                           imbues in them a confidence and
             and its activities when agreeing        I heard and read about
                                                                                           ability that permits them to
             to serve in this position. I must       the “Johannean spirit” of the
                                                                                           be comfortable and successful in
             tell you that I marvel at my            St. John’s University (Shanghai)
                                                                                           any culture and society.”
             good sense in making that deci-         alumni when I first took up
             sion. The past year has been a          my appointment and I wanted to        These are admirable qualities
             very enlightening and pleasurable       understand what it really meant.      and any University that can instill
             experience, and it has been a           In my first few weeks in office,      such attributes in its alumni
             lot of fun! It gave me the oppor-       I approached one of the distin-       is deserving of their respect, love
             tunity to witness closely the           guished senior statesmen of the       and loyalty. Although it no
             life of the College, and to recog-      original Johanneans — now             longer exists physically, St. John’s
             nize what a special place this is,      residing in Vancouver — to seek       University remains the deserving
             and to acknowledge the privileges       assistance and understanding.         recipient of this kind of adoration
             that its membership bestows.            After admitting that it was           from its Johannean Alumni.
                                                     difficult to describe, this gentle-   Continued on page 2
                                                     man explained that all
Fond farewell...         Continued from page 1                                     Community spirit
I pondered over my “mentor’s”
comments on numerous
                                     recognize that the College’s new
                                     generation of Johanneans cannot
                                                                                   in action
occasions, but it was not            duplicate the memories of                     Junior Fellows give time, effort, and even
until I recently participated in     the past. Nonetheless, I believe              their hair for a good cause!
the 6th World Reunion of the         the College has developed a
Johanneans, as a guest of its        tradition and has a recognizable
Taiwan hosts, that I experienced     spirit and character that, in
and appreciated the full meaning     its own way, resembles that past.
of his words. I now realize          We believe that its benefactors,
that the Johanneans’ relationship    the Johanneans of St. John’s
with the former St. John’s           University, can take pride in
University is at the core of the     this achievement.
Johannean spirit.
                                     I conclude by offering here
The original Johanneans of           a virtual version of a toast to
St. John’s University have           the indubitable spirit of the
succeeded in reviving and perpet-    Johanneans, those of the
uating the name and memory           St. John’s University generation
of their former alma mater           and those of the new generation
through the establishment of         from St. John’s College: may
St. John’s College at UBC. This      the links between them and the
has happened in a different era      College be expanded and
and exists in a different culture    strengthened in the future, for
than its namesake’s, and we          the mutual benefit of all.
                                                                                   If charity begins at home, it        SJC Junior Fellows get in the spirit of
                                                                                   thrives when you put Junior          giving to the Canadian Cancer Society
                                                                                   Fellows together in their home       during the “Ride for Research”.
                                                                                   away from home at St. John’s
                                                                                   College. During the first weekend    The weekend concluded with a

In memory of                                                                       in February, St. John’s College
                                                                                   Junior Fellows spent two days
                                                                                                                        final thoughtful gesture that saw
                                                                                                                        92 Junior Fellows skip dinner

Johannean Kitty Huang                                                              raising funds for cancer research,
                                                                                   with outstanding results: They
                                                                                                                        and donate to the cause the cost
                                                                                                                        of the food that would otherwise
                                                                                   raised a grand total of $3,862,      have been served.
By R. Grant Ingram, Founding Principal, St. John’s College
                                                                                   all of which they donated to the
                                                                                                                        Other charities that have benefit-
It is with sadness that we share the news that Kitty Huang, an active              Canadian Cancer Society.
                                                                                                                        ed from community service at the
member of the Johannean Alumni Association (SJUAA) in Singapore,
                                                                                   Major events over the course of      hands of Junior Fellows include
passed away in the fall of 2003. Kitty was a strong supporter of
                                                                                   the weekend included the “Ride       the Vancouver Food Bank, New
St. John’s College activities and served as a catalyst in arranging
                                                                                   for Research,” during which stu-     Beginnings (an organization
                                       many visits and contacts
                                                                                   dents cycled continuously from       that sends clothes and medical
                                       with potential supporters of the
                                                                                   sunrise to sunset on stationary      supplies around the world to
                                       College. She is most remem-
                                                                                   bikes; SJCURE, which included the    wherever there is a need for aid
                                       bered for her warmth and posi-
                                                                                   presentation, “A Look at Cancer”;    or natural disaster relief), and
                                       tive attitude. She made each
                                                                                   a performance by the College         the Red Cross.
                                       visit by the Principal and
                                                                                   choir; an international food fair;
                                       St. John’s College alumni to                                                     We thank all of our Junior Fellows
                                                                                   and the voluntary head shaving
                                       Singapore a significant and                                                      for their generosity and their
                                                                                   of two Junior Fellows — in return
                                       pleasant event. We will miss                                                     compassion for the communities
                                                                                   for donations, of course!
                                       her smile and hospitality.                                                       they serve.

                                      Kitty Huang (centre) with former St.
                                      John’s College Principal, Grant Ingram,
                                      and Faculty Fellow Helen Burt, during
                                      their visit to Singapore in February 2002.

 International insight                                                             Academic round-up
 Dr. Lloyd Axworthy enlightens students on                                         Highlights and upcoming events for 2004-05
 Global Citizenship                                                                Lecture Series
 Earlier this year, St. John’s College was honoured to host a lecture by           The College continued its collaboration with other academic units by
 Dr. Lloyd Axworthy. Speaking to a full house in the Fairmont Social Lounge,       co-sponsoring, along with the Centre for Australasian Studies, the
 Dr. Axworthy addressed the issue of “Global Citizenship,” a central               Interdisciplinary Law & Society Seminar Series, and the Interdisciplinary
 concept in UBC’s TREK 2010 Green Paper planning document, and an issue            Nineteenth Century Studies Program, this year’s Thematic Lecture Series
 near and dear to all Johanneans. The University’s draft vision includes,          entitled, “Challenging Nation”. The seven lectures in this series touched
 among other things, the goal of preparing students to become exceptional          on a variety of topics related to the notions of nation and citizenship.
 global citizens.
                                                                                   As well as the Thematic Lecture Series, the College hosted other invited
 Dr. Axworthy is the former Director and CEO of the Liu Institute for Global       speakers including Roy Christensen of the European Union Commission
 Issues at The University of British Columbia, and served as Canada’s              speaking on “Challenges Facing the European Union,” and Wolf-Dieter
 Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1995 to 2000. In this federal government         Narr, Visiting Professor from the Free University of Berlin, on “Human
 portfolio, Dr. Axworthy became internationally known for his advancement          Rights and Social Justice.” Both proved popular with students and staff.
 of the human security concept, in particular, the Ottawa Treaty, which is still
                                                                                   The College was also pleased to inaugurate a new lecture series
 hailed as a landmark global treaty banning anti-personnel landmines. For his
                                                                                   entitled, “Professorial Pursuits”. This noon-time series was open to the
 leadership on landmines, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. For
                                                                                   entire University community and the talks were designed to have
 his efforts in establishing the International Criminal Court and the Protocol
                                                                                   wide appeal across the campus. The inaugural lecture, on March 25,
 on child soldiers, he received the North-South Institute’s Peace Award.
                                                                                   was given by Dr. James Russell, Professor Emeritus of Classics,
 As of May 1, 2004, Dr. Axworthy became the President and Vice-Chancellor          UBC, and was entitled, “A Sliver of History: Reconstructing a Roman
 of The University of Winnipeg. We congratulate him on his appointment             Soldier’s Career.”
 and extend our appreciation for the insight and expertise he shared with
                                                                                   And now, with the new school year well underway, we look forward to
 St. John’s residents during his time at UBC.
                                                                                   the following upcoming lectures. All will take place at the College and fall
                                                                                   under the theme, “Living Out the Metropolis”. For more information,
                                                                                   please refer to
 Partnership yields new visual and                                                 Monday, October 4, 5:30 pm              Monday, January 24, 5:00 pm
 performing arts series                                                            Title: Conceiving and                   Title: TBA
 In keeping with the St. John’s College philosophy of collaboration, we are        Realizing the Ideal City:
                                                                                                                           Speaker: Christian Joppke,
 pleased to announce that a partnership between the UBC School of Music            Prospects for Meeting the 21st
                                                                                                                           International University, Bremen
 and the Departments of Art History, Visual Arts and Theory, and Theatre,          Century’s Urban Challenge.
 Film and Creative Writing, recently led to establishment of an on-going                                                   Monday, February 28, 5:00 pm
                                                                                   Speakers: Peter Boothroyd,
 Visual and Performing Arts Series at the College.                                                                         Title: THE END OF THE CITY?
                                                                                   UBC; Leonie Sandercock, UBC;
                                                                                                                           The Report of my Death was
 This past spring, the emphasis was on the performing arts, and we were            and Tony Dorcey, UBC
                                                                                                                           an Exaggeration
 fortunate to host a number of musical events, including a recital by the          Monday, October 25, 5:30 pm
 critically acclaimed Borealis String Quartet. Many of the artists were gradu-                                             Speaker: Sir Peter Hall,
                                                                                   Title: Ideal Cities
 ate students in the UBC School of Music preparing for graduation recitals,                                                Bartlett School of Architecture
                                                                                   and Environment
 but others had already embarked upon their professional careers. The line                                                 and Planning, University
 up of spring performances included:                                               Speaker: Ruth Eaton,                    College, London
                                                                                   Curator, National Museum of
  January 2004                           June 2004                                                                         Monday, March 14, 5:00 pm
                                                                                   Science, London
• Atlas Trio: Chris Lysack, piano;     • Mozart Opera Arias: Mia Harris;                                                   Title: Transforming Cities:
  Sarah Kapustin, violin; and Jonathan Camille Hesketh; Karen Lee-                 Monday, November 1, 5:00 pm             The Power of Imagination
  Ruck, cello                            Morlang; Heidi Margarethe Mundel;         Title: Unsettlement:
                                                                                                                           Speaker: Leonie Sandercock, UBC
                                         Linda Sovernigo; Michael Tatto;           Woodward’s, Property and the
  February 2004                                                                    Ideal City                              Monday, March 21, 5:00 pm
                                         Brian Wehrle; and Gene Wu
• Jonathan Klassen, piano                                                                                                  Title: ‘Life will be housed in
• Katherine Landry, mezzo-soprano;                                                 Speaker: Nicholas Blomley,
                                         All performers were invited to join                                               poetry’: Utopian Urbanism and
  Joel Klein, baritone; Anita Liebich,                                             Simon Fraser University
                                         our Junior Fellows for dinner in                                                  the Future City
  piano; and Donna Falconer, piano                                                 Monday, November 15, 5:00 pm
                                         the Dining Hall before the concerts,                                              Speaker: David Pinder, University
  April 2004                             which provided a wonderful                Title: A Different Utopia?
                                                                                                                           of London
• Vancouver Chamber Winds:               opportunity for interaction, to the       Changing Perspectives on
  Paolo Bortolussi, flute; Caroline      enjoyment of all. A very special          Urban Asia                              Tuesday, March 29, 5:30 pm
  Gauthier, clarinet; Marea Chernoff,    thank you to all the performers who                                               Title: TBA
                                                                                   Speaker: Abidin Kusno, Canada
  oboe; Ingrid Chiang, bassoon;          shared their talent with us in the        Research Chair in Asian                 Speaker: Edward Soja, University
  and Heather Walker, horn               spring and to those who we hope to        Urbanism and Culture, UBC               of California, Los Angeles
• Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano              meet in the coming year.
                                                                                   Monday, January 17, 5:00 pm             Monday, April 4, 5:00 pm
  May 2004                                If you would like to receive notices     Title: Here or Nowhere:                 Title: Building as Politics
• Mark Takeshi McGregor; flute and        of upcoming performances,                Urbanization, Globalization and
  Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, piano               please contact the College Event                                                 Speaker: Joseph Rykwert, and
                                                                                   Totality in Contemporary Theory
• Erika Crino, piano                      Coordinator at 604.822.8781,                                                     Paul Phillipe Cret, Professor of
• Borealis Quartet: Patricia Shih,        or                    Speaker: Phillip Wegner,                Architecture Emeritus at
  violin; Yuel Yawney, violin;                                                     University of Florida                   the University of Pennsylvania
  Nikita Pogrebnoy, viola; and
  Joel Stobbe, cello

College honours                                                              Don’t miss this!
top scholars                                                                 Upcoming Artists
                                                                             and Scholars-In-Residence
Academic excellence remains            awards after one year of graduate     Clearly, there’s been a lot going on
a cornerstone of College life          studies at UBC.                       at the College over the past year,     About
                                                                             but there’s even more to come!
and when select individuals truly                                            Mark your calendar now for these
                                                                                                                    St. John’s College
                                       The Johannean Educational
rise above, their efforts deserve                                            upcoming events to take place
                                       Foundation also bestowed hon-
recognition and financial support.                                           as part of the Artists and Scholars-   St. John’s College has roots that extend
                                       ours upon College residents           In-Residence Series:                   back to St. John’s University in Shanghai,
 In 2003-04, the following             in the past year. The Foundation      October 16–19, 2004                    China. Graduates of the University—
 eight Junior Fellows earned           provides scholarships for rela-       Presenter: Carma Hinton, a             known as Johanneans—are able, through a
 affiliated University Graduate        tives of Johanneans who are           documentary filmmaker who has
                                                                             produced the finest films on           blending of Chinese and Western
 Fellowships: Tara Barnett (Asian      studying at UBC and reside in
                                                                             China, will join us in mid-October.    approaches to teaching, to be at home
 Studies), Francesco Brardinoni        St. John’s College. Junior Fellows
                                                                             November 26 –December 1, 2004          anywhere in the world. Continuing in the
(Geography), Donna Dykeman             who have received these awards        Presenter: Immanuel Wallerstein,       tradition of excellence and internation-
(Metals and Materials Engineer-        include: Jingwei Xu (Commerce,        the founder of world-systems theory,   alism of its namesake, St. John’s College at
 ing), Eric Escobar (Chemistry),       January 2002 to December 2003),       will present at the end of November
                                                                             and be joined by his wife Beatrice     UBC aims to build links between different
 Amit Hagar (Philosophy),              Chao Wang (Asia Pacific Policy
                                                                             Wallerstein, a psychotherapist         parts of the world, and to serve as an
 Robert McMillan (History),            Studies and Law, September            who has worked in both the United      intellectually and culturally diverse centre
 Farzad Moien Afshari (Pharma-         2001 to present), Hongtao             States and France.
                                                                                                                    for its members.
 cology and Therapeutics),             Yuan (Commerce, July 2003 to          January 17–27, 2005
 and Dorothy Chua (Sociology).         present) and Jian Lu (Commerce,       Presenter: Sharon Butala, the          For more information about
                                                                             award-winning novelist, memoirist,     St. John’s College at UBC,
 Due to recent changes to the          August 2003 to October 2004).
                                                                             and environmental activist from
 Fellowship competition regula-                                                                                     please contact:
                                                                             Saskatchewan, will be with us for
                                       Congratulations to all the
 tions, residents of the College                                             a week to ten days in late January.
                                       award winners!                                                               St. John’s College
 are only eligible for these                                                 Her most recent book is Wild
                                                                             Stone Heart.                           University of British Columbia

                                                                             February 5–15, 2005                    2111 Lower Mall
                                                                             Presenter: The brilliant Canadian      Vancouver, BC
                                                                             jazz pianist D. D. Jackson will be
With sincere appreciation                                                    here in February. His most recent
                                                                                                                    Canada V6T 1Z4

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supported the College with dona-                                                                                    Website:
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tions over the past year,                                                    to the College at
                                       Masako Kawakami
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