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    The Surveyor                                                                           in              CourT
       preparatioN, depositioNs & testimoNya
          With a Mock Trial & Important Info for Today’s Surveyor
                      Friday & Saturday, May 15-16, 2009
                   8 a.m.-4 p.m. (check-in Friday at 7:30 a.m.), Hillsborough County Superior Court South
                                          30 Spring Street, Nashua, New Hampshire
                       $350 (if registration is received by April 30; $400 after April 30), CRN 25754
                    Approved by NH Joint Board of Licensure for 4.0 CEUs for Surveyors
                  Also Approved for Surveyor and Engineering Continuing Education by the
                                New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying

                                           Led by Two Legal Experts in Surveying
                  Jerry Broadus, P.S., Esq., and Scott LaPointe, J.D.
                You never know when you’ll be faced with a           About the Experts
                legal issue that will require you to respond to
                a deposition or provide critical legal testimony     Jerry Broadus, PS, Esq., is a licensed surveyor in Washington and Idaho, with
in a court of law. Whether it involves land or water boundar-        a practice since 1989, and an attorney licensed to practice in Washington and
ies, rights of way, etc., or a situation that calls into question    before the federal courts. His company, Geometrix Surveying, Inc., provides
your own professional practice, you must be ready and able           expert consulting for attorneys working on difficult boundary dispute and
to present yourself and your information in the most effec-          liability cases. Geometrix has prepared material for surveyor negligence
tive manner—with clarity and persuasiveness, and in a com-           cases across the country, provided surveys of forest, urban, waterfront, har-
prehensive but                                                       bor, and airport boundaries in Washington, and has prepared unique mate-
concise way.                                                         rials including a report to Congress for the settlement of a Federal boundary
                                                                     dispute. He provides training on legal issues and pitfalls for surveying, land
What You’ll Gain—Topics Presented                                    use, and design professionals throughout the country through Cadastral
                                                                     Consulting, LLC, based in Pennsylvania. He offers continuing legal educa-
On the first day of the conference, Jerry Broadus, PS, Esq.,
                                                                     tion on surveying to attorneys, and has taught advanced surveying classes
and Scott LaPointe, J.D., two legal experts in
                                                                     for the Federal Bureau of Land Management. He is author of several bound-
surveying, will give you valuable insight, practical tips, and
                                                                     ary law articles for the Washington State Bar Assn., the American Bar Assn.,
key strategies for handling depositions, testifying in court,
                                                                     and other publications.
and presenting materials in legal matters. The second day of
the conference will include a mock trial, deliberations, the
verdict, and a chance to ask questions about the proceedings.        Scott W. LaPointe, J.D., is a practicing attorney in Epping, New Hamp-
                                                                     shire, under the firm name of Brown & LaPointe, P.A. He was admitted to
Take Part in a Mock Trial where                                      practice law in New Hampshire in 1982 and has concentrated in the area of
YOU are the Jury                                                     real property, title, and boundary issues. He has litigated boundary and title
On day two of the conference, the experts will lead a Mock           issues before the New Hampshire Superior Courts and the New Hampshire
Trial of a surveying case where you will be part of the jury.        Supreme Court. He received an honorary membership from the NHLSA in
This will be a fun, but highly educational activity that will        1996. He has presented seminars for the New Hampshire Land Surveyors
demonstrate the potential pitfalls you might face in court           Association, and has been an instructor of paralegal studies at New Hamp-
and how to handle even the most unexpected circumstances.            shire Technical College in Stratham. He is a member of the New Hampshire
                                                                     Bar Association Real Property Section and is a title agent for First American
                                                                     Title Insurance Company.

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                     Professional Development & Training                                            LaNd surveyors associatioN
            Professional Development & Training
            The Graduate School

6 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH 03824

     General Information and                   Refund Policy                                       Upcoming Surveying Workshops
         How to Register                       Refunds, less a $25 processing fee,                     Taught by Don Wilson
                                               will be given if written cancellation            Approved by the NH Joint Board of Licensure
                                               is received five business days prior
The conference will be held at the Hill-                                                           (For descriptions and to register go to:
                                               to the conference.                     
sborough County Court House South,
30 Spring Street, in Nashua, NH. Lunch
will be held in a Nashua restaurant.           For More Information                    New! Forensic Approaches to Discovering and
                                               About the Conference:                   Locating Boundary Evidence
                                                Call (603) 862-1739                    1.5 CEUs for Foresters and 2 CEUs for Surveyors
4 Ways to Register
                                               About Registration:
(refer to CRN 25754)                                                                   Portsmouth: CRN 25713, Friday, April 17,
                                                Call (603) 862-2015
Online :                                                   8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., .7 CEUs, $165, lunch included
                                               About UNH Professional
By Phone: (603) 862-2015
By Mail or Fax: Use the form below.
                                               Development & Training:                 Frences? Acceptance or Rejection
                                                Call (603) 862-4234 or visit           2.0 CEUs for Surveyors and 7 CEUs for Foresters
Cost and What it Includes                                                              Portsmouth: CRN 25539, Wednesday, May 6,
                                                                                       8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., .7 CEUs, $165, lunch included
Conference cost is $350 if registered by
April 30 ($400 after April 30). Cost in-                                               Locations of Above Seminars:
cludes lunches, breaks, and materials.                                                 Portsmouth: UNH at Pease Tradeport, 73 Corporate Dr.

         (Mail to: UNH Registration, Stoke Hall, 11 Garrison Ave., Durham, NH 03824; or call 603/862-2015; or fax to 603/862-0655;
    Spr09                            or register on the web at
                                                       Registration Form
                                             THE SURVEYOR IN COURT CONFERENCE
                         Friday-Saturday, May 15-16, Hillsborough County Superior Court South, Nashua, NH
                             $350 (if registration is received by April 30; $400 after April 30), CRN 25754
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