Pupil Accounting for District Coordinators by ibt10752


									Pupil Accounting for
District Coordinators

  Genesee Intermediate School District
           Debra Hartman
        September 21, 2009

 PAM Revisions
 Students in Transition (Homeless)
 Seat Time Waivers
 Racial / Ethnicity Items/Reminders
 MSDS Reporting and Timelines
 GAD Auditing
 Pupil Accounting Timelines

                  Genesee ISD          2
MDE Pupil Accounting
Manual Revisions
Section 1 Required Documentation
     Page 1-1 District or Building/Program Calendar – new - scheduling
      winter breaks and spring breaks coinciding with common calendar.

     Page 1-3 Class-by-class is not required for Middle School is pupils
      move as a group from class-to-class.

     Page 1-5(m) Independent study, virtual learning, and Seat-Time
      Waiver students: In school on count day or verified by online
      instructor. GISD waiver: Teacher mentor contact
     Page 1-5 Pupils must enroll with legal name

     Page 1-5 &7 Exceptions for children of military personnel

     Page 1-7 Class Schedules – A district that operates on trimesters
      with an absent student on the supplemental count day.

          Page 1-9 Q & A 6 is new
                                  Genesee ISD                               4
Section 2 – Hours of Pupil Instruction

   Page 2-1 new – See Section 5K

   Page 2-1 new - FTE for DK and kindergarten remains the

   Page 2-2 new – ISD, LEA, PSA common calendar

   Page 2-3 For bona fide program v full-time membership: Bona
    fide = 360 hrs AND 144 days; Full FTE = scheduled for 450

   Page 2-4 May count time if: counting breakfast period if
    delivered during instructional time.
                              Genesee ISD                      5
Section 2 (Con‟t)

    Page 2-6 new – NOTE using PD hours to
     cover MME time

    Page 2-8 75% Attendance Requirements –
     seat-time waiver pupils exempt.

  Page 2-9 Q & A #1 answer expanded.
  Page 2-11 Q & A #6 new

  Page 2-13 Q & A #12 new

                    Genesee ISD               6
Section 3 – Pupil Membership Count

   Page 3-1 Alternate Count Day

   Page 3-1 Children of active duty military personnel

   Page 3-2 NOTE: requesting and complying with a
    request of student records (14 days to request records /
    30 days to send Records).

   Page 3-3 NOTE: MUST have a class schedule for
    alternative education seat-time waiver program pupils

   Page 3-7 Q & A #11

                            Genesee ISD                        7
Section 4 – Pupil Residency

   Page 4-3 NOTE: - a special education
    pupil enrolled in a public school academy
    who resides outside the intermediate
    district where the public school academy is
    located. Co-op agreement needed for SE
    students outside ISD County.

   Page 4-3 5% State Aid penalty for not
    complying with Section 105 & 105c
                      Genesee ISD             8
Section 4 Con‟t

   Page 4-6 revised “k” – a general education pupil
    educated by an intermediate school district under a
    court order or a state agency placement counted by

   Page 4-6 Pupils Enrolled in a Middle College
    programs do not need a release from the resident
    district if within the same ISD

   Page 4-9 new Q & A #5 inserted and all other
    questions renumbered.

   Page 4-10/13 Answers to Q & A‟s 7, 15-16 revised
                         Genesee ISD                      9
Section 5A – Alternative
Education Program
   Page 5A-2 Seat-Time Waiver requirements.

   Page 5A-4 Instructional Hours for Pupils Under Mandatory
    Expulsions 2b eliminated (Under a seat time waiver, do not need to
    meet hrs hours of instruction per week).

   Page 5A-6 Seat-Time Waivers eligibility requirements for counting
    pupil for membership purposes.

   Page 5A-7 Q & A #4 Calculating FTE for suspended or expelled

   Page 5A-8 Q & A #7 Calculating FTE for nonresident seat-time
    waiver pupil.

   Page 5A-9 Q & A #8 Enrolling nonresident pupil in seat-time waiver

                                Genesee ISD                             10
Section 5B- Cooperative
Agreement Programs
 Page 5B-3 Do not need a Coop. Agree.
  between resident LEA and enrolling LEA
  for nonpublic pupils.
 Page 5B-3 new Early College/Middle
  College programs operating under a
  cooperative agreement among area
 Page 5B-8 Q & A #6 and #7 are new.

                  Genesee ISD              11
Section 5C- Home Based

  Page   5C-3 Q & A #2 revised

  Page   5C-3 Q & A #3 amended

  Page   5C-4 Q & A #6 new

                   Genesee ISD    12
Section 5D-Homebound/Hospitalized

   Page 5D-1 School district’s
    responsibilities amended. Self study

   Page 5D-2 Additional requirements added.
          SCI need 46 weeks of service available.

   Page 5D-2 Homebound students cannot
    be considered part-time & homebound

                            Genesee ISD              13
Section 5E-Nonpublic Part Time &
Home Schooled Pupils

   Page 5E-1 Nonpublic pupil educated at the public
    school during regular school hours
   Page 5E-1 Nonpublic pupil educated at the nonpublic
    school site.
   Page 5E-2 PSA ineligible to provide instruction at the
    nonpublic site.
   Page 5E-2 Must provide homebound / hospitalized to
    nonpublic or home schooled pupils.

   Page 5E-5 Q & A #6

                           Genesee ISD                       14
5GA –Dual Enrollment
& CT Prep
   Page 5GA-1 NOTE regarding any pupil may be supported for
    postsecondary education.

   Page 5GA-2 new - Legislative Eligibility Requirement for fifth year

   Page 5GA-8 new Q & A #4

                                 Genesee ISD                              15
5GA –Dual Enrollment
& CT Prep (cont.)
   FTE calculation on Dual Enrollment
       FTE now based on combination of courses
        taken at the HS + HS course equivalency
        taken at the PS institution

     A full time course load = 12 (& >) credits
     A two (2) credit PS course = 1 HS course for
      a 6 period day (2/12 = 1/6).
     Use course credits (PS) to determine HS
      class equivalency for DE courses.

                        Genesee ISD                  16
FTE Calculation on DE

    Two four (4) credit (PS) classes = 8/12 =
     2/3 of HS courses or .66 FTE therefore:

        you only need to schedule two (2) HS courses
         to claim a full FTE.

        More examples in PAM

        Consult auditors if assistance needed in
         calculating FTE
                          Genesee ISD               17
Section 5GB – Early/Middle College


                 Genesee ISD         18
Section 5I – Schools of Choice

   Page 5I-1 Legislation expanded the application
    window for limited spaces and specifies enrollment
       Limit of minimum days = 15 Calendar Days; Max = 30
 Page 5I-2 Legislated enrollment date – Enroll by
  end of first week of school
 Page 5I-3 Clarification on susp/exp. Pupils
 Page 5I-3 Clarification of coop. agree. for spec.
  ed pupil under 105c

                            Genesee ISD                      19
Section 5K – Special Education Early
Childhood Programs and Services
   Page 5K-1 revised opening paragraph to
    include new hours. 450 hours for a full
     Number of Hours / week
     Multiplied by Number of weeks

     Divide by 450 hours (Full FTE)

     If students miss ANY of their scheduled days
      during count week (BASED ON AND
      DEFINED BY IEP); student is considered

                       Genesee ISD                   20
Rule 1754 – Classroom Programs

    If excused, look at the student‟s
     attendance for the next 30 cal. Days
        Maximum number of hours in any one week
         determines FTE (formula on previous slide)

    If unexcused, look at next 10 school days
        Maximum number of hours in any one week
         determines FTE (formula on previous slide)

                          Genesee ISD                 21
Rule 1755 – Non Class Programs

  Bona Fide Program = Student (individual)
   scheduled & provided min. of 2 hrs /week
   AND 72 hrs within 180 days.
  Absence means “Non Service Delivery”

    FTE Calculation:
      Number of Hours / week
      Multiplied by Number of weeks
      Divide by 180 hours

                        Genesee ISD           22
1755 Non Class Programs

    If Non Service Delivery is excused, look at the
     student‟s attendance for the next 30 cal. Days
        Maximum number of hours in any one week
         determines FTE (formula on previous slide)

    FTE = 0 if there are 0 weeks with at least 2 hrs
     of service

    If Non Service Delivery is unexcused, Pupil
     MUST receive a minimum of 2 hrs each week
     during the following 10 school days.
        If no, FTE = 0

                             Genesee ISD                23
Students in Transition
   Ms. Elaina Conklin

Seat time Waivers
Full Time Seat Time Waiver Student

        A pupil is considered a full-time student if the
         combined number of classes that the pupil is
         enrolled in equals the number of classes
         scheduled for a full-time pupil at the local
         district high school.
        This could be a combination of traditional,
         virtual, non-CTE work experience, or dual-
         enrolled classes.

 Michigan Department of Education   Genesee ISD             26
Students to be served
but not limited to…

    Expelled/suspended
    Attendance issues
    Social/emotional issues
    High interest/low enrollment
    Accelerated learning
    Medical situations
    Pregnant/parenting
    Students on the
    Working students
    Home schooled students

                          Genesee ISD   27
Approval Conditions
    Approval for:
         2009-10 school year
         Up to 25% of enrolled high school students/district
         Not to exceed 10% enrolled High School students in the
         Approved by school principal or designee
         Participating student list submitted to ISD per normal
          auditing processes
         Student participants sent to GISD Technology and
          Media Services Department

                                Genesee ISD                        28
Approval Conditions
    Instructor led courses delivered through the GenNET portal
    Students required to take approved secondary credit
     assessment at conclusion of each Michigan Merit Curriculum
     core course
    Students must be assigned a certified mentor
    Mentors must have documented contact during count week
     (1x/wk min email/f2f/phone) Preferably on count day
    Annual report must be submitted to MDE via GISD with input
     from students, teachers and parents
    District requires no additional funding for support of STW
    If student is on Free or Reduced Lunch and is enrolled for a full
     FTE, district must provide instructional tools

                                Genesee ISD                              29
The LEA Will:

    Enroll STW pupils - In their best interest

    Complete enrollment forms

    Complete the Pupil Accounting Forms (2)
        List of Enrolled Pupils
        Mentor Instructional Time Form (one per pupil)

    Send to TMS

    Send to the P.A. auditor with pupil count
                            Genesee ISD                   30
The ISD Auditor Will:

    Complete a Desk Audit of STW students
     every count

    Complete a Field Audit of STW students
     during your high school rotations

                     Genesee ISD              31
STW Information Site

            username: user.stw
            password: user.stw

                  Genesee ISD          32
         Thomas Svitkovich, Ed. D.
               (810) 591-4403

            Beverly Knox-Pipes
          Assistant Superintendent
              (810) 591-4436

              Debra Hartman
          Pupil Accounting Auditor

                  Genesee ISD        33
New Standards for Collecting and
Reporting Racial & Ethnic Data
Effective 2010-2011

 Mandatory two-part question:
   1.   Ethnicity (choose one):
           Hispanic or Latino
           Not Hispanic or Latino
   2. Race (choose one or more, regardless of
           American Indian or Alaskan Native
           Asian
           Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
           Black or African American
           White

                            Genesee ISD                 35

  Re-identification of returning staff and
   students encouraged.
  Race must be identified regardless of
   ethnicity selection. Hispanic or Latino is
   NOT an answer to race.
  If respondent leaves either question
   blank or refuses to self-identify, observer
   identification should be used.

                     Genesee ISD                 36

    Student data systems do not need to
     match the 2 question format but must be
     able to capture and reproduce answers.

    Reporting format to CEPI will not change

                     Genesee ISD                37
How are data reported to State
   and Federal Agencies?
   Reported in MSDS – same 6 position field
   1 must be listed as primary
   At least 1 position must contain “1”
   „2‟ – „6‟ may be used to show other racial
   Multiple „1‟ need not be used to indicate multi-
       Any combinations will be considered multi-racial
   „111111‟ or „123456‟ not allowed

                           Genesee ISD                     38
How are data reported to State
   and Federal Agencies?
   100000   American Indian or Alaska Native (1)
   010000   Asian American (2)
   001000   Black or African American (3)
   000100   Native Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander (4)
   000010   White (5)
   000001   Hispanic or Latino (6)

                       Genesee ISD                   39
How are data reported to State
   and Federal Agencies?
   Hispanics/Latinos of any race will report
    only as Hispanic/Latino for all reporting

   Multiple race selections in any race
    categories (excluding Hispanic/Latino)
    will report as multiracial.

                     Genesee ISD                40
How are data reported to State
   and Federal Agencies?
   000001   Hispanic/Latino
   001000   Black or African American
   010010   Multiracial (White & Asian Am)
   020010   Multiracial (Asian Am & White)
   010023   Hispanic / Latino
   000012   Hispanic / Latino

                 Genesee ISD                  41
Records Retention:

  Original responses to two-part question
   format must be retained for three years
   for “civil rights enforcement.”
  Race disregarded for Hispanic/Latino
  BUT
         both questions must be answered by either
         the respondent / observer (school

                         Genesee ISD                  42
Implementation considerations:

    Contact your software vendor to make sure they
     are aware of mandated reporting changes.

    Revise forms to comply with two-part question

    GISD will develop process

    Determine staffing requirements, particularly if
     district decides to re-identify students and staff.

                           Genesee ISD                     43
Implementation considerations:

    Staff training on new question format

    Communication with staff and parents

    Remember, enrollment for 2010-2011
     school year begins in spring of 2010
     during kindergarten enrollment.

                      Genesee ISD            44
MSDS Reporting and

MSDS Collections

  Early Roster
  Direct Certification
  General (FTE +) Collections
  Student Data Maintenance
  Supplemental Nutrition Collection
  Early Childhood
  Request for UIC

                   Genesee ISD         46
 Timeline – All MSDS Submissions

URL: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/cepi/2009-10_MSDS_Timeline_281493_7.pdf
                                                     Genesee ISD                 47
                   2009-10 MSDS Timeline

           DATE                                 ACTIVITY
September 18, 2009        MSDS 2.0 goes live
                          Staging Area Opens
                          Request for UIC begins (24/7)
                          SRSD – R.I.P.
September 18 – 25, 2009   Early Roster Upload
September 30, 2009        Pupil Membership Count Day

October 2, 2009           Direct Certification Report Refresh
October 14, 2009          End of Summer Snapshot
                          Submit summer grads for 2009 cohort
October 31, 2009          Supplemental Nutrition count date
November 4, 2009          General Collection Deadline
November 12, 2009         Supplemental Nutrition Data Certified
November 18, 2009         General Collection Data Certified
                          Resolution of duplicate FTE claims
November 30, 2009         Direct Certification Report Refresh
November 30, 2009         Early Childhood Data Snapshot
December 2, 2009          ISD Resolution of duplicate FTE claims
December 9, 2009          Early Childhood Data Certified
February 10, 2010         Supplemental Count Date
February 10, 2010         Early Childhood Data Snapshot
February 24, 2009         Early Childhood Data Certified
March 17, 2010            General Collection Deadline
March 31, 2010            General Collection Data Certified
                              Genesee ISD
                          Resolution of duplicate FTE claims       48
April 14, 2010            ISD Resolution of duplicate FTE claims
Direct Certification

                Genesee ISD   49
General Collection
 09-10 General Collection
  September 30: Count date
  November 4: Submission Deadline
     All PA Audit Materials due at 5 weeks to ISD
  November 18: Data Certified
  November 4 - 18: district resolution of duplicate FTE claims

  February 10: Count date
  March 17: Submission Deadline
        All Audit Materials due at 5 weeks to ISD
    March 31: Data Certified
    March 17 – 31: district resolution of duplicate FTE claims

    June 30 snapshot
       July 14: Data Certified

                                     Genesee ISD                  50
Student Data Maintenance

2009-10 Data Maintenance

   End of summer / final disposition deadline
       Primarily for of the summer graduates
       Also updates cohort‟s exit code if there is a change
        from a previous collection
       Updates CTE students
       Indicates optional, but if you have over the summer
        graduates, you MUST report
       Updates demographic information

       October 14, 2009 deadline

                             Genesee ISD                       51
Supplemental Nutrition
 09-10 Supplemental Nutrition Collection

    Opens mid-September 2009

    Count as of October 31, 2009
        For all students eligible for F/R Lunch/Milk as of count

    Eligibility reported where the student is enrolled, not
     where they receive the meal/milk
        Reported whether they receive the meal/milk on the
         count date or not.

    November 12: data certified

                               Genesee ISD                          52
Early Childhood Collections

09-10 Early Childhood Collections
 November 30: Snapshot (Concurrent)
       December 9: Data Certified

   February 10: Snapshot (Concurrent)
       February 24: Data Certified

   June 30: Snapshot (Concurrent)
       July 14: Data Certified

   August 31: Snapshot & Certification

                             Genesee ISD   53

Exit Status Audits

 Still 3 “Audit Types”

    Exit   Status – Active Cohorts

    Outlier

    GAD     – Exit Change Requests

                      Genesee ISD     55
Exit Status Audits cont.

 Exit Status – Active Cohorts
 1. Once per year
 2. Performed after EOS/Data Maintenance
    submission of the final disposition
 3. Buildings to select for audit are those
    high schools scheduled for a field audit
    on either the September or February
    membership count for the current
    school year

                    Genesee ISD            56
Exit Status Audits cont.

 Timeline        2009-2010 school year

 By Mid-October 2009      Final dispositions reported in MSDS via
                          student maintenance collection

 Mid-November 2009      Final dispositions available in GAD for
                        for auditors for cohorts: 2009, 2010, 2011,
 Mid-Nov – Mid-Dec 2009 ISD audit 2008-09 exit codes reported for
                         2009,10,11,12 cohorts
 Mid-Nov – Mid Dec. 2009 Auditors enter findings in GAD. Findings
                         may be removed if appropriate doc.
 Late Dec 2009           CEPI applies audit findings.

                              Genesee ISD                             57
Exit Status Audits cont.

 4.   Graduates and Completers – start with
      2% sample size and expand if error rate
      > 5%.

 5.   Exempt Codes – start with 5% sample
      size and expand if error rate > 5%.

          Risk assessments not required.

                      Genesee ISD           58
Outlier Buildings

 1.   If high school is not scheduled for a
      membership field audit but is
      determined to be an outlier building,
      must perform audit of exit code found to
      be in excess of established thresholds.

 2.   Timeline matches that of exit code
      audits for the 4 active cohorts.

                      Genesee ISD                59
Outlier Buildings cont.

 Select samples from exit code category
   identified as exceeding thresholds.

 Sample size =   10% exempt code
               2 % graduates/completers
       No risk assessment required
     Expand sample if error rate > 5%

                   Genesee ISD            60
Outlier Buildings cont.

 Although outlier reports are designed to
    point to high risk data, if the auditor
    determines that there is a legitimate
    reason for the anomaly, the auditor may
    request in writing an exception from the
    Director of the Office of Audits. An
    example of this would be if a high school
    experiences a significant increase in
    enrollment, it logically would experience
    an increase in completers.

                     Genesee ISD                61
Outlier Buildings cont.

 Outlier reports are designed to identify
   higher than expected exempt and
   completer exits. In addition, outlier
   reports will now include lower than
   expected completers. In those
   cases, the auditor does not need to
   perform the audit steps but should
   discuss the accuracy of the
   completer exit codes with district

                   Genesee ISD              62
Outlier Buildings cont.

 This may result in additional audit
   findings for impacted exit code
   statuses or in the district submitting
   exit status changes via the GAD or
   MSDS Student Record Maintenance

                   Genesee ISD              63
GAD Exit Change Requests

 1.   GAD application permits district to
      request change to individual student
      exit code/status.

 2.   Districts submit documentation to
      the auditor, auditor enters findings in
      GAD as before.

                     Genesee ISD             64
GAD Exit Change Requests cont.

 3.   Districts’ responsibility for pulling
      reports to view data.

 4.   District appeal window will last 4

 5.   Auditor window will extend an
      additional 4 weeks after the district

                      Genesee ISD             65
GAD Exit Change Requests cont.

 Timeline     2009-2010 school year

 January 2010 (4 weeks)     Districts submit request
                            changes/ final appeals for the
                            2009 cohort

 January – February 2010 Auditors review requests for
                         2009 cohort. Submit findings.

                          Genesee ISD                        66
Exit Status Audits

 Complete and final audit procedures
   are available as part of Pupil
   Auditing Manual on the MDE

                 Genesee ISD           67
Pupil Accounting Timeline

Pupil Accounting Timeline

    November 4            Error free records certified to
                           CEPI in MSDS

    November 6            Pupil Accounting
                           Documentation due to Auditor

    Until November 18     District can decertify
                           submission if changes are
                           needed. This includes plus or
                           minus FTE or FTE movement.
                           Submit form.

                         Genesee ISD                         69

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