Robotic arms move, install third stowage platform by qxi11847


									August 16, 2007                                                                                                           Vol. 12, No. 60

       Robotic arms move, install                                              New gyroscope working
        third stowage platform                                                    on space station
      Mission Update: In a first for the      used in F-18 fighter planes and by the            The KSC Annual Indoor Triathlon
International Space Station, astronauts on    space shuttle's leading edge impact detec-   Runs Aug. 13 – Sept. 14. Do you want
Tuesday installed a 7,000-pound storage       tion system, as well as for electric power   to feel better about yourself? Do you like
platform using only the station and shut-     plant and water quality monitoring.          how you feel after accomplishing a goal?
tle’s robotic arms. The installation of                                                    Are you ready to take the ultimate sum-
                                                    Cleaning Up the Coast — As part
two previous storage platforms, one on                                                     mer challenge? This event is open to all
                                              of the International Coastal Cleanup
the Destiny laboratory and the other on                                                    individuals,* not just fitness fanatics.**
                                              Campaign, “Keep Brevard Beautiful”
the Quest airlock, required the help of                                                    The triathlon comprises biking, rowing
                                              hosts the FPL Coastal Cleanup in Brevard
spacewalking astronauts.                                                                   and walking or running. The KSC Fitness
                                              County. The cleanup is scheduled from
     Mission Specialists Tracy Caldwell                                                    Centers offer numerous categories of par-
                                              8 a.m. to noon on Sept. 15.
and Barbara Morgan were inside at En-                                                      ticipation within two separate series:
                                                   There are 15 check-in sites through-
deavour’s controls as the shuttle’s robotic   out Brevard County from the Sebastian        Masters Series: Non-stop competition
arm lifted the storage platform from the      River State Park to Haulover Canal in the    in either the sprint or distance triathlon
cargo bay to hand it over to the station’s    Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge      from event to event – even rest time
robotic arm. Pilot Charlie Hobaugh and        along the coast, and from Grant to Titus-    counts!
station Flight Engineer Clay Anderson         ville along the Indian River Lagoon          Novice Series: Complete each event for
then used the station arm to attach the 13-   (spoil-island cleanups that need boats to    either the sprint or distance triathlon on a
by-7-foot platform to the station’s Port 3    assist).                                     separate day and add all three of your
truss at 11:18 a.m.                                Brevard County sites that desperately   best times together at the end!
     This is the station’s third external     need your help (BN = boats needed):                * Within each series, you can either
stowage platform and it holds critical                                                     compete in the individual sprint or dis-
spare parts, including a control moment            Marina Park, Titusville (BN)
                                                                                           tance triathlon, or the team (co-ed, all
gyroscope, a nitrogen tank assembly and            Haulover Canal, MINWR
                                                                                           male, or all female) sprint or distance
a battery charge/discharge unit.                   Kelly Park, Merritt Island (BN)         triathlon.
                                                   Cherie Down Park, Cape Canaveral              ** You can participate at any inten-
      ISS Update: NASA has added a
                                                   Sheppard Park, Cocoa Beach              sity level as many times as you desire.
new computer program to help monitor
the four gyroscopes that keep the Interna-         Lori Wilson Park, Cocoa Beach           .    Safety First — If you have identi-
tional Space Station properly oriented             Ramp Road Park (BN)                     fied an unsafe condition or hazard on
without the use of rocket fuel. During a           Pier/Central, Patrick Air Force Base    center, report it to your supervisor and, if
spacewalk on Monday, two astronauts                Jon Jorgensen Landing, Grant (BN)       necessary, to the appropriate trouble-call
from the Space Shuttle Endeavour re-                                                       organization for corrective action: SGS
                                                   Pelican Beach Park, Satellite Beach
moved and replaced a gyroscope that                                                        Duty Office, 853-3231, or USA Trouble
failed in late 2006.                               Howard Futch Park, Paradise Beach       Call Desk, 861-6342.
     Computer scientists at NASA's                 Ocean Ave. Beach, Melbourne Beach
Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in           Coconut Point Beach, Melbourne          Countdown is published every Tuesday & Thurs-
California designed the new software for                                                   day for NASA KSC employees. Deadlines are
                                                                                           10 a.m. Mondays & Wednesdays. E-mail news to
the space station. The inductive monitor-          Sebastian River State Park     For questions or
ing system will be added to a group of                                                     information, e-mail or call 321-867-2815. You can
existing tools to identify and track prob-       For more information, go online to
                                                                                           also find Countdown on the Web at
lems related to the gyroscopes.           
     The software program also has been                                                    untdown-toc.html.

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