Virtual Stock Exchange – Tips and Rules by qxi11847


									          Virtual Stock Exchange – Tips and Rules
Getting Started
   1. 1. Click on the Virtual Stock Exchange link at the left of the Economics
   2. Click on the button “New to VSE? Please Register” and follow the prompts.
       Use your full name for “User Name”. Click on the two boxes at the
       bottom of the dialogue box (I agree . . . and I accept…) and then click on
   3. The next screen will ask if you are invited to join a game – in this field,
       type the game ID provided by your teacher – for España, it is RHSEcon2E
       (Period2) and RHSEcon5E (Period 5). Click on the right arrow to proceed.
       You will be prompted to enter the game password – it is rhsthunder.

Making Trades
  1. Click on the Make Trades link at left, directly under VSE. You will either
      Buy or Sell (ignore all other options). Enter the name or the ticker symbol
      of the company you are buying, and proceed to the next screen. There
      you are asked to select the transaction type (Buy or Sell), the number of
      shares, and on the Preview Screen you will see the total cost, including
      the 9.95 commission you will be charged for EVERY trade you make.
  2. Use the Research link to find out about companies. Two quick resources
      are: the chart that displays show the history of the stock’s value over time
      (the default is for today – always take a moment to change the time
      frame to 6 months or longer to see how it has performed over time), and
      the Analysis tab at the top of that screen – it will give you information
      about how the experts view this stock.

   1. You should be 90% vested within two weeks of starting the game.
   2. Make a minimum of one buy and one sell every two weeks.
   3. No investing in penny stocks – buy only stocks with a minimum value of
   4. No DAY trading! You must hold all buys for a minimum of 48 hours
      before selling them.
   5. All transactions will be delayed for 20 minutes after the transaction is
      entered, so don’t panic if you don’t immediately see your buy in your
   6. The game will run through the end of May.
   7. Assignment score: You will earn points for this assignment based upon
      how well you follow the rules above.
   8. EXTRA CREDIT will be awarded to the top three investors, based upon
      their profit (see instructor for the amount).

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