Steward School 2008 by vlp33928



Volume XLIII, Number 2   APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2008

Steward School 2008
Pipeliners Union 798
4823 S. 83rd E. Ave.
P.O. Box 470798         Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Tulsa, OK 74147-0798

PH: 918/622-1900        Once again, Steward 2008 is finished, and the week was a complete success.
FAX: 918/627-9327
                        Although the annual charity golf tournament rained out on Tuesday morning, the
                        event still raised over $11,775.00 due to the generosity of our hole sponsors and
Please visit the        the players participation. Anyone who paid to play will be rescheduled to play a
Local 798 Web Site at        round for free, if they choose to, on Thursday the 11th of September. The barbeque
for updated pre-job     on Tuesday hosted by Lincoln Electric and cooked by the Mathis family was
                        another great hit, thanks to all who helped.
                        Wednesday morning opened up the session with a total of 669 signed in and
Daniel C. Hendrix       ready to immerse themselves into the National Pipeline Agreement. Director of
                        Pipeline & Gas Distribution, Phil Stephenson gave a short opening statement, applauding the strides that our
                        Local has made and congratulated us on gaining our autonomy back. International Representative Jim Moss
David L. Barnett        was recognized and was bestowed with honorary membership into Local 798. Jim also spoke on all the hard work
                        that the officers, agents, and the membership had performed and congratulated everyone on the end results. He also
PRESIDENT               added that he was proud of the fact that 798 was now out of trusteeship and the friendships and relations that he had
Preston Richard
                        built here will forever remain, even though his role as trustee is over.
VICE PRESIDENT          Thursday we were honored to have United Association Assistant General President, Stephen Kelly as our
Wade Pilgreen
                        guest speaker. Mr. Kelly was years ago a 798 member and a pipeliner. Therefore, he understands our craft, and can
RECORDING SECRETARY     relate to the lifestyles and daily struggles of being a pipeliner. The retiree dinner on Thursday night was an evening
Guy Williams            filled with great entertainment and attended by over 700 guests. Retirees with membership of 50 years or more were
                        honored. These men are our forefathers, and we stand on their shoulders as we proceed in our mission. It was a
Bob Fatherree           great honor to have them in our presence, and I thank them for attending.

                        On Friday, the session covered the Pension, Health, and 401k plans, and was well attended and very informative.
Paul Davis              At noon on Friday, Miller Electric hosted the annual crawfish boil at the Local 798 Training Center. I’m not sure
Larry Edwards           how many attended, but we had 1500 lbs. of crawfish and all the trimmings, and not a single tail was left over. A
Charlie Garrett         big thank-you to all who helped cook and serve, it all went very smooth. The most reverent and emotional event
Mitch Leihr             of the week was when the Memorial Wall was dedicated to the Local in memory of our fallen brothers and sisters.
FINANCE COMMITTEE       I can’t begin to describe the feeling as the color guard presented the American flag and the wall was unveiled.
Buster Chapman          This beautiful monument will live on for generations to come. What an awesome task and undertaking. Thank-you,
Billy W. Hawkins        Ladies of 798!
Ronnie Hill
                        The meeting on Friday night was attended by 365 members and the state of your union and work outlook was pre-
EXAMINING BOARD         sented. The new Dispatch policies also were unveiled and discussed along with the substance abuse policy per the
Mike Miller             agreement.
Mitch Pendergraft
                        I believe everyone who attended the Steward School came away with a renewed sense of optimism and family.
BUSINESS AGENTS         Retired members and new members alike praised the direction that our local is headed. We are on solid ground and
Chad Gilbert
                        we intend to remain there. David and I have been working for months to prepare for this meeting, but it would not
Chris Lancaster
Black Schroeder
                        have been possible without the diligent work of our inner office staff. I publicly would like to acknowledge two of
Rick Taylor             our office professionals, Renee’ Taylor and Shelia Ledbetter for another outstanding performance and Steward
Darrell Turner          School. Also, I would like to thank the many volunteers that served their brothers and sisters in many capacities
Phillip Wallace         during this nearly week long event. I also want to thank President Preston Richard, and Inside Guard Bob Fatherree
798 ORGANIZERS          for all the members that they assembled to carry out all the duties that go on behind the scenes that we sometimes
Jerry Ryan              take for granted. Our vendors, Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, Mathey Dearman, and PFERD also did
                        another outstanding job supporting the membership generously with their financial aid to the scholarship fund, but
                        most of all by giving of their time to assure that this event was the best it could be.
Kevin Leeper
                        As you can see from my report there are many things that happen around your Local Union. If you joined this union
Dispatch Voicemail:
918/663-3200            only to have a service provided to you, you are missing the big picture. This is a family, not a temp service. We
Dispatch FAX:           want you to know this is your Local, and the more you participate the more you will benefit from it. Much like
918/610-2740            anything you join, such as a church, lodge, or hunting club, if you don’t get involved you really don’t know how
                        much you are missing. I want to take this opportunity to personally invite you to your next Steward School,

                                            B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 2
April 8,9,10, 2009. Put this on your calendar now and share it                     way we can present a united front against our real problem: the
with your contractor so they can share it with their clients. David                non-union and anti-union element. So if you are a new member,
and I plan to make as many job visits as our time will permit; we                  Welcome Aboard. We are proud you made a leap of faith to join
look forward to visiting with each of you very soon.                               us and improve your standard of living for you and your family.
The work outlook has not changed since my last report. 2008                        If you have been around awhile, stick out your hand as a brother
is shaping up to be larger than 2007. In January 2008, we                          or sister should, and make them feel welcome. As always I
recorded 500,000 man hours and for February, we recorded over                      am proud to say “I work for you, the finest pipeliners
600,000 man hours; exceeding all previous records for those                        in the world”
months since we started reporting hours through PIBF.
One last thing, the first lesson everyone in the union learns
comes from how they are treated by union brothers and sisters.
Each member we gain makes us stronger. As we advance our
membership and present our contractors with new manpower
opportunities, we grow our family. We must all do our part to                      Daniel C. Hendrix
welcome them into the ways of the 798 family. This is the only                     Business Manager

Brothers and Sisters,

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to once again address you through our Blue Light Reports. It
is especially pleasing this month because the Blue Light is back to the more traditional printing and
appearance as it was for many years. Danny and I have decided to do the Blue Light on a bi-monthly
basis at this time, with a full format similar to this issue. If the need arises, we can look at going back
to a monthly publication; however, at this time we feel the bi- monthly printing is the way to go. Local
Union 798 is well on its way to achieving the financial goals that were set only one year ago. We are
growing stronger by the week, and with the membership’s continued commitment we can achieve these
goals in the very near future. While I am on the subject, I have been asked by some members if our
Business Agents, Organizers, Dispatcher, and Danny and I pay working assessments. The answer is
a resounding yes... we pay the same 6% working assessment and $.50 organizing assessment on our
gross wages that the members pay while working on a job. Also, your elected officers have working and organizing assessments with-
held from the amounts paid to them by the Local for their services during membership meetings. Our Local also just received a very
positive audit report that was conducted by Salter & Company for the year of 2007. I am including in this article a copy of the auditor’s
notes to our accounting practices.
The 2008 Steward School was a large success this year, and had a larger turn out than it has experienced in many years. The atmo-
sphere was positive and the fellowship was unmatched by any that I can remember. If you were unable to attend, you missed out on
some very informative and open question & answer sessions. That’s all the more reason to make your plans now to attend next year.
At this time, I would like to congratulate all of the Voluntary Fund Scholarship recipients for the hard work they displayed in their
applications. The selection of the winning applicants is not made in this office. The applications are sent to a professor to rate the
applicants from highest to lowest, and his selections are the ones we use. The top selection receives the $5000.00 scholarship, and the
next ten each receive a $2000.00 scholarship award. By the time you receive this report there will have been three additional $2000.00
scholarships awarded in the name of Brother Bill Mathis. Bill passed away January 30, 2008 while working in Mississippi for H.C.
Price. During the Steward School, the Mathis family, along with help from others, raised $9944.00 through raffles and donations
received in Bill’s name. The Mathis family requested three $2000.00 scholarships be given this year to the next three applicants in line
on the professor’s list, and the remaining amount be carried over until next year. We will have the names, and hope to have letters from
the recipients in the next Blue Light Reports.
As of this mailing, you should have received your new Local Union 798 Constitution and By-Laws, and the new Dispatch Policies of
Local Union 798. They were mailed the week of April 30th to the address on file for each member. If you have not yet received this
mailing, please contact my office to see if the address and telephone number you have on file is correct. The process is now set in
motion to go forward with filing internal union charges on any outstanding initiation fees that are due in full as of May 15, 2008. The

                                        B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 3
new Constitution and By-Laws of Local Union 798 (Article 3,                         ready to improve their wages and benefits through a collective
Section 21) charges me with the task of collecting these outstand-                  bargaining agreement.
ing initiation fees. I have exhausted every other means possible                    Danny and I plan to start visiting jobs very soon and bringing
to collect the remaining delinquencies. These individuals will                      information to the members in the field as we did last year. We
have until June 15, 2008 to pay their initiations in full or I will                 feel this is an excellent opportunity for us to discuss everyday
personally file charges on them.                                                    issues that affect each of us on a personal level on the Right of
The number of workers belonging to unions rose in 2007 by                           Way. After all, we do realize that our membership and the work
311,000 to 15.7 million, as reported by the U.S. Department of                      performed on the right of way are the two main ingredients that
Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, union membership                   this whole organization revolves around. So until then WORK
as a share of the total work force rose last year for the first time in             SAFE, WORK PROUD, WORK UNION.
25 years. This figure puts the total at 12.1 percent of American                    Fraternally,
workers who work under a unionized agreement. Private sector
industries with high unionization rates include transportation and
utilities (22.1 percent), telecommunications (19.7 percent), and
construction at (13.9 percent). Hopefully this is a good indica-                    David L. Barnett
tor that our country is set for another boom in unionization, and                   Financial Secretary-Treasurer

                                          B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 4

     B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 5
                                                                                                 DARRELL TURNER
                                                                                                 AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, SC
                                                                                                 256/463-7953 918/663-6520 Ext. 308
                                                                                                    New pipeline construction mileage has reached
                                                                                                 peaks we have never experienced before. 2007
                                                                                                 was a banner year for LU 798 with our members
                                                                                                 working some 7,000,000 man hours. 2008 prom-
                                                                                                 ises to exceed 2007’s record with the continued
                                                                                                 laying of many large projects.
                                                                                                    In my jurisdiction, a number of projects are
                                                                                                 awarded and awaiting start. Gulf South Pipeline
                                                                                                 will lay some 200 miles of 42” in north Louisiana.
                                                                                                 The successful bidders are Price and Sheehan.
                                                                                                 Associated Pipeline and HC Price have success-
798 Business Agents                                                                              fully contracted to lay approximately 100 miles of 36” in Mississippi for Texas Gas.
24-hour answering service                                                                        Latex is under way on 96 miles of 42” mainline lay for Kinder Morgan. The pipe
918-663-6520 • 918-663-6521                                                                      gang should get started immediately after the Steward School (second week of April).
                                                                                                 Latex and Sheehan have also contracted with Kinder Morgan to lay extensive miles
Business Agents’ Reports                                                                         of 36” in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama later this year. Sheehan will begin
                                                                                                 construction on 34 miles of 30” near West Palm Beach, Florida immediately after our
                                                                                                 steward school.
                                                                                                    A huge barometer for pipeline construction is our double jointing operations
                                                                                                 throughout the United States. Midwestern Pipeline’s operation out of Panama City,
PHILLIP W. WALLACE                                                                               Florida, has contracted work that includes over 400 miles of large diameter pipe to
AR, IA, KS, MN, MT, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD                                                           be double-jointed currently at that facility. Midwestern’s facility near New Iberia,
501/724-5018 918/663-6520 Ext. 313                                                               Louisiana has contracted to double joint over 28,000 welds immediately. These
                                                                                                 two facilities will employ UA 798 members all year and well into 2009. US Pipeline
   I am writing this report after attending the 2008                                             will bring its New York operations to Baker, Louisiana for a double joint project this
Steward School. This was the best and most                                                       summer. HC Price will double joint 111 miles of 42” at a temporary rack to be built
informative school ever. Thanks go out to all the                                                near Augusta, Georgia. This rack will commence in early July.
members and guests that took time to come to                                                        I want to also commend our contractors that continue to provide our members
Tulsa during such busy times.                                                                    with very good bread and butter jobs in the little inch market. We will have ample
   I want to congratulate every elected officer on                                               work in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida this summer on pipe diameters 4” through
taking part in this past election. We have a team                                                16”. Jobs include 12 miles of 10” near Milledgeville, Georgia; 22 miles of 10” near
of officers that have this Local in their heart and                                              Mt. Vernon, Alabama; 5 miles of 4” at Griffin, Georgia; and about 5 miles of 12” in
mind, to take 798 into the future.                                                               west Atlanta that will last well into the fall. Big Warrior is doing the lion’s share of
   Danny Hendrix and David Barnett have the                                                      this work. I have just recently signed Wilco Pipeline of Lafayette, Louisiana, and
leadership qualities to regain the respect that 798                                              they are vigorously pursuing work throughout the southeast. CBC, out of Goldonna,
Pipeliners deserve. They can’t do it alone. They need every officer, welder, journey-            Louisiana, is also successfully winning small inch jobs across Louisiana in a very
man, and helper to step up to the plate for their Local.                                         competitive market.
   We have the Director of Pipeline and Distribution Phil Stephenson as a friend                    Work in the bidding stages includes a 36” project in southwest Alabama, some
and brother in the U.A. Phil has Tom Gross from LU 597 working in the Pipeline                   80 miles of 16” in south Florida, and some 42” in southwest Mississippi.
Department with him now. Phil and Tom are true friends and brothers of Pipeliners                   In closing I am proud to report that we have some 17 jobs underway in my
Local Union 798.                                                                                 jurisdiction and the pipeline year has just barely begun.
   I also want to thank General President Bill Hite for sending James P. Moss to our
Local as Trustee. It took two years of his life to come to Tulsa and face the problems           CHRIS LANCASTER
that needed to be fixed. I can’t say enough for Jim Moss. He had the toughest
assignment of his life to come up with a plan to save this Local. Most of the                    IN, KY, MI, NC, OH, TN
membership didn’t realize the trouble we were in, and how close we were to losing                731/549-3300 918/663-6520 Ext. 303
our Local.                                                                                           I would like to start by stating what an honor
   I want to thank Jim and Jenee Moss for the sacrifice for the last two years, while            it is to serve the membership of this great local
Jim steered this local back on course. I also want to congratulate Jim for this                  union. I would also like to congratulate the newly
appointment to the U.A. as International Representative for the states of Alaska,                elected officers and extend my sincere apprecia-
Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Pipeliners Local Union 798 has a friend                   tion to those that ran but were not elected. It is a
and honorary brother member that will always have 798 in his heart.                              pleasure and a privilege to serve in an organiza-
   I would like to thank Norma Kay Hendrix and Nicole Barnett and the Ladies of                  tion where every member has a right to express
798 for the hard work on the memorial wall. The dedication of the wall was very                  their views and ideas and run for office.
emotional and heartfelt. Anyone that wasn’t there to see this is encouraged to visit                 The work outlook is great in my area. The
the wall when you are in Tulsa.                                                                  Rockies Express will be coming through IL, IN and
   The work outlook in my area is starting to pick up. The big project is the Keystone           OH this year and there will also be several smaller
Pipeline. This is a three year project of 1450 miles of 30”. Pipe availability is the            projects as well. We will need a lot of welders, journeymen, and helpers this year.
problem. This year, only 230 miles will be laid. Michels and Henkels & McCoy have                If you know of someone working non-union and you think they would be a good
the contract in North Dakota. 2009 will be the big push with about 700 miles laid.               union member, I encourage you to have them contact me or the 798 office in Tulsa.
2010 will finish the project in Cushing, OK. Texas Gas has 157 miles of 36”                          I will be leaving soon for Steward School, and look forward to seeing you there.
in Arkansas. H.C. Price and Associated have contracts for this work. Start date                  If I can be of any help, please feel free to call me.
is undetermined.                                                                                 I have held the following pre-jobs:
New Pre-jobs:                                                                                    Dover Contracting
Midwest Pipeline Services                                                                            Various maintenance work for Columbia and Dominion Gas.
   Little Rock, AR. 81 miles of 36” double joint. Welder Foreman: Guy Gregory. Job               Apex Pipeline
   Steward: Mike Western.                                                                            80,000’ of 20”. Welder Foreman: Richard Swiger. Spreadman: Robert Keaton.

                                                     B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 6
Miller Pipeline                                                                                 BLACK SCHROEDER
  18 miles of 12” in Amelia, OH. Welder Foreman: Jim Tyson. Spreadman:                          TX
  Tim Dunn.                                                                                     409/753-2264 918/663-6520 Ext. 308
Patterson & Wilder
                                                                                                   I am writing this report in Crockett, Texas where
  25,000’ of 16” in Wadesboro, NC. Welder Foreman: Tim Parson. Spreadman:                       we have a picket on Willbros RPI. They have
  Mike Hyman.                                                                                   60 miles of 24” for Kinder Morgan going from
Contractor Rentals                                                                              Crockett to Livingston. Brothers and Sisters, if
  11 miles of 36” in Lockborne, OH. Welder Foreman: Bob Butterworth.                            you get caught working for a non-signatory con-
  Spreadman: Hubert Ross.                                                                       tractor you will have charges filed on you. Local
H.C. Price                                                                                      798 is back in business with an executive board
  9 miles of 30” in Byron Center, MI. Welder Foreman: Billy Parks. Spreadman:                   full of energy.
  Allen Collier.                                                                                   I would like to thank each and every one who
                                                                                                attended the 2008 steward school. The contract
                                                                                                was covered extensively, and there were a lot of
CHAD GILBERT                                                                                    good questions. Everyone who attended should have come away with a complete
AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT, WY                                                                          understanding of the NPLA.
970/565-8746 918/663-6520 Ext. 307                                                                 There are still around 16 jobs going in Texas. Rockford and Pipeline Constructors
   I would like to say “Congratulations” to all                                                 laid the pipe out just before the steward school. Michels, US Pipeline, and Henkels
newly elected officers. It is a great time for our                                              & McCoy are running procedures for several big projects at CRC-Evans and
Local now that we are coming out of trusteeship                                                 Serimax in Houston Texas. I also have four Double Joint Racks still going in the
and returning to self-governing.                                                                Houston area.
   As for the work out west, it is in full swing!                                                  We have several more large projects coming up that will start late May or early
But with this abundance of work, there comes                                                    June.
responsibilities for all of us. Recruiting and                                                     I am receiving a lot of phone calls. If you have not received a return call in a
organizing must be on top of our lists. We must                                                 timely fashion, please call back. Make sure you have a good signal, speak clearly,
continue to put pressure on nonunion contractors                                                and always leave a number.
by taking their qualified personnel and helping                                                    Hope to see everyone on the ROW this work season.
our fair contractors man their work. This will
enable us to grow and the nonunion to shrink in the market share. Brothers and
Sisters, please do not hesitate to call with opinions, questions, or for help at any
                                                                                                RICK TAYLOR
time. Leave a message, and I will get with you as soon as possible.                             CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, NY, PA, RI,
                                                                                                VT, VA, WV
New Pre jobs
US pipeline                                                                                     304/587-2191 918/663-6520 Ext. 314
   Fabrication, Installation and modifications to Stations.                                        Brothers and Sisters, I’m writing this report
   Rock Springs, Wyoming. Superintendent, Dana Bratcher. Welder Foreman, Andy                   while in Tulsa attending our annual Steward
   Clendenin. High Scale working 6-10s.                                                         School. This had to be one of the largest turnouts
Alaska Continental                                                                              in years. I was glad to have the opportunity to
   3 miles 12 inch new lay.                                                                     meet many of our new members. The fact these
   Albuquerque, New Mexico. Superintendent, Shorty Rhodes. Welder Foreman,                      new members made the trip to Tulsa proves they
   Keith Carr. High Scale working 6-10s.                                                        are interested in learning the UA Agreement and
                                                                                                joining together to become a vital part of our
Rockford Corp
                                                                                                Local Union.
   141 miles 36 inch.
                                                                                                   A Memorial Wall was erected and a Dedication
   Buckeye, Arizona. Superintendent, Mickey Langston. Welder Foreman, Mike                      Ceremony held this week to honor our members who have lost their lives while work-
   Cockrell. High Scale working 6-10s.                                                          ing on a pipeline job or traveling to or from a job. I would like to thank the Ladies of
Gregory & Cook                                                                                  798, our members and their families and the many others who have given their time,
   9 miles 36 inch and 15.8 miles 36 inch loop work.                                            money and prayers to see this Memorial built. It was a moving experience for all
   Farmington, New Mexico. Superintendent, Rex Green. Welder Foreman, Jeff                      who attended.
   Doyle. High Scale working 6-10s                                                                 If I can assist you in any way please contact me through the answering service.
Rockford Corp                                                                                      As Always: Be Safe! Be Proud! Be Union!
   8500ft Take up and relay 26 inch and 8500 ft of 36 inch.                                     New Pre-Jobs:
   Tucson, Arizona. Superintendent, Mickey Langston. Welder Foreman, Stan                       Foltz Welding Ltd. Spectra Energy.
   Campbell. High Scale working 6-10s.                                                             Take-up and Relay 24”- 30” and 36” pipe. Four (4) locations in Pennsylvania.
Gregory & Cook                                                                                     Superintendent: Ranger Dorris. Welder Foreman: Gary Sanders. Job to start
   95 miles 42 inch and 19.4 miles 36 inch.                                                        April 14, 2008
   Prescott Valley, Arizona. Superintendent, Doyle Maggard. Welder Foreman, Phil                U.S. Pipeline.
   Chapman. High Scale working 6-10s.                                                              Millennium Project, Liberty, New York. Double Joint. Approximately 100 miles
Abercrombie LLC                                                                                    of 30” pipe. Superintendent/Welder Foreman: Randle Laffoon. Job to start
   Gathering lines Various sizes.                                                                  April 2, 2008.
   Gillette, Wyoming. Superintendent, Joe Gayhart. Welder Foreman, Jim                          Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
   Bellinghausen. High Scale working 6-10s.                                                        NiSource. Pennsylvania & New York Anomaly work - 17 Cut-outs. 14” pipe.
Abercrombie LLC                                                                                    Superintendent, Richard Hill. Welder Foreman: Shannon Sowards. Job to start
   36 miles Various sizes new lay.                                                                 April 4, 2008.
   Meeker, Colorado. Superintendent, John Grife. Welder Foreman, Wayne Knight.                  L.A. Pipeline Construction. Columbia Gas.
   High Scale working 6-10s.                                                                       Logan, West Virginia. 7,689’ of 16” pipe. Superintendent: Clyde Wade. Welder
Michels Corp                                                                                       Foreman: Mac Ryan. Job to start April 14, 2008.
   10.5 miles 6 inch Take up and Relay.                                                         L.A. Pipeline Construction. Columbia Gas.
   Safford, Arizona. Superintendent, David Armatoski. Welder Foreman, Zack Jones.                  Terra Alta, West Virginia. 10” Launchers and Receivers. Superintendent: Buck
   High Scale working 6-10s.                                                                       Fitzwater. Welder Foreman: Rusty Lee. Job to start April 14,2008.

                                                      B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 7
                                                    Steward Sc

B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 8
chool 2008

       B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 9
       2007/2008                                        an emphasis in the area of worker’s rights.
                                                         Jenessa is the granddaughter of James S. and
                                                                                                                              Adam is the grandson of Kenneth Hedges, a
                                                                                                                             53-year retired member of Local 798.
                                                        Gay Carter of Haynesville, LA and the daughter of
Pipeliners Voluntary Fund                               Lisa Carter. She married her high school sweet-                      Bridgett Himel graduated from the Univer-
                                                        heart, Garron Hicks in 2006.                                         sity of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts Degree
Scholarships Awarded                                    James S. Carter is a retired 39-year member of                       in Latin American Studies in 2006, a Masters of
                                                        Local 798.                                                           Education in Social and
The Pipeliners Voluntary Fund Scholarship                                                                                    Comparative Analysis
Program is pleased to announce the following            Joel Crowden graduated from the Arkansas                             of Education in 2007.
winners. These students successfully completed          School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts                       She is currently work-
the scholarship program requirements and were           in Hot Springs, AR in 2005. As a student there,                      ing on her Doctorate
selected as the highest-ranking applicants. The         he won first place in                                                at the University of
recipients were chosen by an independent evalua-        Chemistry at the Arkan-                                              Pittsburgh.
tor that scored the applicants according to factors     sas State Science Fair                                                 She has received
such as their grade point average, the difficulty       in 2005 and received an                                              many awards through-
level of their academic program, the strength of        Outstanding Achieve-                                                 out her college career,
their recommendation letters, and the overall as-       ment Award from the                                                  including: Center for
sessment of their essay.                                American Chemical So-                                                Latin American Studies Fellow, South Africa
  Congratulations to this year’s scholarship            ciety. He was named to                                               Project, achieved Cum Laude Degree Honors,
recipients, and to all of our candidates who are        the Who’s Who Among                                                  recipient of Study Abroad Scholarship, recipient
expanding their opportunities through the pursuit       American High School                                                 of Scholars and Service Scholarship and was on
of higher education. Thanks also go to our con-         Students, is on the Na-                                              the National Dean’s List. Bridgett was President of
tributors to the Voluntary Fund who have made           tional Honor Roll and is a member of the National                    the Engineers Without Borders in 2007 and Vice-
this program possible.                                  Honor Society. Joel also volunteered for the local                   President of the Collegiate YMCA Student Leaders
                                                        youth sports organizations.                                          in 2005-06.
Jenessa Carter Hicks was Valedictorian                    Joel is a junior at Arkansas Tech University                         Bridgett would like to develop programs under
of her 2002 graduating class at Haynesville High        in Russellville, Arkansas. He has received the                       an internationally focused organization and pos-
School in Haynesville, Louisiana. She graduated         Presidential Scholarship by Arkansas Tech and                        sibly develop her own organization in the future.
with a Bachelor’s Degree                                the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship.                           Bridgett is the daughter of David Himel, a
in Political Science                                    Joel is currently working on his Bachelor’s De-                      33-year member of Local 798.
with a concentration in                                 gree in History and Political Science with a focus
Pre-Law and a minor                                     on Pre-Law. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA and                          Elizabeth May graduated from Morgan City
in English in 2006                                      been named to the Dean’s List each semester at                       High School with honors as the Valedictorian of
from Louisiana Tech                                     Arkansas Tech. Once Joel receives his Bachelor’s                     the Class of 2006 in Morgan City, Louisiana with
University.                                             Degree he plans to pursue a career in law or gov-                    a 4.0 GPA. As a student,
  While attending Loui-                                 ernment intelligence.                                                she was an active mem-
siana Tech University                                     Joel is the son of Alan Crowden, a 32-year mem-                    ber in the Beta Club,
she was a member of                                     ber of Local 798, and is the nephew of member                        member and Treasurer
the Phi Mu Fraternity                                   Richard Crowden, Jr.                                                 of the Historical Society,
where she served as a member of the Executive                                                                                captain of the JV cheer-
Council. She was also a member of the varsity           Adam Hedges graduated with honors from                               leaders and a varsity
dance team, Regal Blues. Jenessa was also ac-           Campbell County High School in 2007 with                             cheerleader.
tive in numerous honor societies including: Phi         a 3.85 GPA and was in the top 10% of his                               Elizabeth enjoys an
Kappa Phi, Gamma Beta Phi and the Golden Key            class in Alexandria,                                                 array of activities. She
International Honour Society. She also received         Kentucky. He earned 2                                                has modeled annu-
the Outstanding Student Award from the College          diplomas: the Common-                                                ally for benefits supported by the Bayou Junior
of Liberal Arts and the John K. Price and John          wealth diploma from the                                              Lafourche Women’s Club, volunteered at the
Caldwell Memorial Scholarships from the Depart-         State of Kentucky and                                                St. Mary Guest Home and with local organizations
ment of Social Sciences.                                the Work Ethic diploma.                                              distributing food for Katrina victims. She also
  Now, Jenessa is in Law School at the University       In high school, he was a                                             does kick-boxing and plays the piano.
of Mississippi. Since being at the University of        member of the National                                                 Currently, Elizabeth is a student at the University
Mississippi School of Law she has become a              Honor Society as a                                                   of Lafayette, Louisiana where she majors in Biol-
staff editor for the Mississippi Law Journal and        junior and senior and                                                ogy. She plans to attend medical school once she
was recently named Associate Mississippi Cases          was elected Secretary                                                obtains her Bachelor’s Degree. At ULL, she is a
Editor for the 2008-2009 school year. She has           of the Beta Club as a senior. Adam was on the                        member and Secretary of the Pre-Professional
received an invitation to compete in the Copeland,      track and field team and earned many awards as a                     Society, an active member of the Biological Soci-
Cook, Taylor, and Bush oral advocacy competi-           member. He also was on the Lego Robotics Team                        ety, the Blue Key Honor Society and Alpha Lamb-
tion. Jenessa is a member of the Delta Theta Phi        which won the Regional Lego Robotics competi-                        da Delta. While studying at ULL she volunteers
legal fraternity. She is also the recipient of the      tion for 3 consecutive years and served as a                         regularly at the Lafayette Community Health Care
University of Mississippi School of Law Scholar-        mentor to many elementary school teams.                              Clinic. She also participated in the production of
ship, the Winter-Bennett Memorial Scholarship             Adam is currently a student at the University                      Camp Cajun.
and the Law School Merit Scholarship and was            of Kentucky. Since Adam earned many college                            Elizabeth plans to specialize in obstetrics and
awarded the American Jurisprudence Award in             credits in high school, he started just a few credit                 gynecology and to move in to the field of fertility.
Gaming Law.                                             hours short of being a sophomore and plans to                          Elizabeth is the daughter of Robert W. May, Jr.,
  Upon graduating from Law school, she would            finish his 5 year Mechanical Engineering degree                      a 42-year member of Local 798, and Georgia
like to practice Labor and Employment Law with          program in 4 years.                                                  Landry.

                                              B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 1 0
Brandi Owens graduated as the Salutatorian of Science and arts of                                                            America, Sigma XI Scientific Research Society,
from Neches High School in Neches, Texas with           Oklahoma in Chickasha.                                               North American Benthological Society and the
a 3.9 GPA. She was in the Who’s Who Among               She has been listed                                                  Ecological Society of America.
High School Students                                    on the Honor Roll and                                                  Kevin’s honors and awards include: Biogeo-
and voted most likely to                                the Regent’s Honor                                                   chemistry Environmental Research Initiative
succeed. She was class                                  Roll each semester. She                                              Graduate Research Fellowship; George M.
president and the editor                                has a double major in                                                Lambert General Scholarship; Conservation &
of the school paper for                                 English and Drama and                                                Environmental Issues Research Award; Grants-
2 years.                                                is highly involved in the                                            in-Aid of Research; Graduate School Research
Brandi is currently                                     Drama department.                                                    Enhancement Award; Ecology, Evolutionary
pursuing a Bachelor’s                                     In the future, Kasey                                               Biology, & Behavior Summer Fellowship; Real/
of Science degree in                                    plans to work for a professional theatre as a                        Brown Student Section Travel Grant; John R.
Nursing at Trinity Valley                               Director or Stage Manager and be part of as many                     Shaver Research Fellowship; Department of Zool-
Community College in                                    productions as possible. She also enjoys creative                    ogy Research Fellowship; Hannah T. Croasdale
Palestine, TX. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA dur-        writing and would like to get involved in screen                     Fellowship; Best Oral Presentation in Ecol-
ing her time at Trinity. She looks forward to taking    or playwriting, hopefully becoming a member of                       ogy; Iowa Lakeside Laboratory Merit Scholarship;
care of and comforting those in need.                   a Writer’s Union.                                                    Matthew Levitan Scholarship; and the Charles
  Brandi is the granddaughter of the late Charles         Kasey is the daughter of Glenda Sams Roberts                       “Chuck” Levitan Scholarship.
Starr, Sr. and the daughter of Charles Starr, Jr.       and Baine Sams, the granddaughter of Joan and                          Kevin is the son of Howard & Ann Wyatt.
Charles Starr, Jr. is a retired 37-year member of       the late W.K. “Pete” Osborn and Ima Jean and the                     Howard is a retired 42-year journeyman welder of
Local 798.                                              late Byron Sams. She is also big sister to Kaylin.                   Local 798.
                                                        W.K. “Pete” Osborn was a 42-year member of
                                                                                                                                        Harry H. Faucett, Jr.
Kacee Nicole Pendergraft is a freshman                  Local 798.
                                                                                                                                        Memorial Scholarship
at the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville. She
                                                        Amy Sanders is a 2005 graduate of                                        The Harry H. Faucett, Jr. scholarship was
is working on a degree in Administrative Social
                                                        New Boston High School in New Boston, TX.                                established in 2000 to honor the memory of
Work and hopes to
                                                        Amy is currently a senior at Henderson State                             Brother Faucett, whose life was one of service,
secure a position in a
                                                        University in Arkadel-                                                   commitment, and generosity. This award,
public service agency.
                                                        phia, AR. She is work-                                                   made possible through generous contribu-
Kacee was named to
                                                        ing on her Bachelor’s of                                                 tions to the Voluntary Fund, is presented to
the Dean’s list with a
                                                        Business Administration                                                  the highest-ranking applicant meeting the
3.75 GPA.
                                                        in Accounting.                                                           qualifications for the Pipeliners Voluntary
  Kacee graduated from
                                                          Amy has received the                                                   Scholarship Program.
Gravette High School
                                                        HSU Presidential Aca-                                                      This year’s recipient of the Harry H.
in Gravette, Arkansas as
                                                        demic Scholarship for                                                    Faucett, Jr. scholarship is Ethan Shane
Salutatorian in 2007. As
a student she received                                  3 years and the Choctaw                                                  Pendergraft. Ethan is a freshman at the
                                                        Nation Academic Schol-                                                   University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville. He is
several awards including the Governor’s Active
                                                        arship for 2 years. She                                                  pursuing a degree
Scholar Award, the Daughter’s of the American
                                                        is an active member of the honor society, Gamma                          in Landscape Ar-
Revolution Award and was appointed Girls State
                                                        Beta Phi. She has also appeared on the Dean’s list                       chitecture. He was
Representative as well as receiving a National
                                                        regularly while attending HSU. Amy plans to con-                         appointed to the
Letter of Merit commendation, the Lady Lion
                                                        tinue her education so she can sit for the Certified                     chancellor’s list for
Award and Basketball All Conference Player 2007.
                                                        Public Accountant exam.                                                  earning a 4.0 GPA.
Kacee’s extracurricular activities include the As-
                                                          Amy is the granddaughter of Dain E. George, a                            Ethan was Valedic-
sociation of Baptist Students Ministry, Key Club,
                                                        53-year retired welder member of Local 798.                              torian of the 2007
FBLA, FCA, Basketball and Football Homecoming
                                                                                                                                 graduating      class
attendant. She was also involved in the Girls Vol-
                                                        Kevin Wyatt graduated from the University of                             at Gravette High
leyball and Basketball Teams and Co-Captain of
                                                        Southern Mississippi in 2003 with a Bachelor’s                           School in Gravette,
the Girls Varsity Basketball Team in 2006-07 and
                                                        of Science degree in Biology. He continued his                           Arkansas. While in high school, Ethan was
a member of the National Honor Society.
                                                        education and earned a Masters of Science in                             awarded a Governor’s Scholar Appointment,
  Kacee also enjoys volunteering at the Peace at
                                                        2005, all the while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.                               the Kiwanis’ Youth Excellence Award, the
Home Shelter for Battered Women and Children;
                                                          Currently he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Zoology at                         Daughter’s of the American Revolution Award,
the American Cancer Society; Benton County
                                                        Michigan State University. While at Michigan                             and was a National Merit Scholar letter of
Children’s Shelter; and the B and B Fund Drive.
                                                        State, Kevin is teaching Biology lab and will work                       commendation recipient. He was also active
  Kacee is the daughter of Harvey and Vicki Pend-
                                                        as a researcher in Alaska over the summer.                               in several organizations including the National
ergraft. Harvey is a retired 40-year helper member
                                                          Kevin is a member                                                      Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Ath-
of Local 798.
                                                        of many honor &                                                          letes, Skills USA, Key Club, Future Farmers of
                                                                                                                                 America, Gravette High School Golf Team and
Kasey Mechelle Sams was the Valedic-                    professional societies
                                                                                                                                 Gravette High Freshman Football.
torian of her 2006 graduating class at Wetumka          including Phi Kappa
                                                        Phi Honor Society, Beta                                                    Ethan has also spent time volunteering with
High School in Wetumka, OK. In school, Kasey
                                                        Beta Beta Biological                                                     organizations that include the American Can-
was an active member of Key Club, the Academic
                                                        Honor Society, Interna-                                                  cer Society, B and B Fund Drive, Gravette Ki-
Team, the Oklahoma Honor Society, the National
                                                        tional Society for Dia-                                                  wanis, and the Gravette Boys and Girls Club.
Honor Society, Who’s Who Among American High
                                                        tom Research, Gamma                                                        Ethan is the son of Harvey and Vicki
School Students. Through all of this, she was
                                                        Beta Phi Honor Society,                                                  Pendergraft. Harvey is a retired 40-year
able to maintain a 4.0 GPA.
                                                        Phycological Society of                                                  helper member of Local 798.
  Kasey is currently a junior at the University
                                                  B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 1 1
                                                     from the Voluntary Fund. It was very thought-                         member for many years. He goes for treatment
                                                     ful. He is doing well after his lung surgery,                         again tomorrow.
                                                     and is looking forward to being able to inspect
                                                                                                                           Earnest A. Thompson & Family appreciate the
Fred C. Vilello, Jr. writes that the Pipeliners      again.
                                                                                                                           donation they received. They want to thank all
Voluntary Fund is a wonderful program. He            Dwaine & Shelly Vickers write to thank                                of their Brothers and Sisters and the Voluntary
had to make a fast trip to PA from FL for his        Local 798 and all the members that support                            Fund.
mother’s passing, and the money was very help-       the Voluntary Fund. The help they received
ful. He says “Thank you for your thoughtful-                                                                               James M. Warner writes in regard to the
                                                     recently when Dwaine was hospitalized due to
ness, it was very much appreciated.”                 pneumonia and was unable to work for a few                            recently received Voluntary Fund contribution.
                                                     weeks came at a time when they really needed                          The donation was greatly appreciated, and he
Chad Salmon says thanks so much for the                                                                                    would like to thank all the contributing mem-
Voluntary Fund check he received. It will help       it, and appreciated it. A special thanks to Eddie
                                                     Nichols and Rick Taylor.                                              bers of Local 798. The money will certainly
him to keep caught up on his bills while he is                                                                             help with the spiraling funeral costs they now
off work. His ankle is healing, but he still has     Brian Gilley sends his appreciation. In early                         have encountered since his mother’s passing
4-6 weeks of therapy left. He can’t wait to get      February, he was traveling from Laramie, WY                           December 22.
back to work.                                        to Rawlins, WY to begin with Gregory & Cook,
                                                     and a gust of high wind caught him by surprise,                       The Poston Family would like to thank the
Jim and Becky Gandee express their sincere                                                                                 Brothers and Sisters of Local 798 for their
appreciation for the $1000.00 check from the         causing his truck to leave the interstate and his
                                                     fifth wheel travel trailer to come unhitched and                      thoughtful gift in a time of sorrow and need.
Voluntary Fund. Jim is in a personal care home                                                                             Linda will always remember the friends she
at this time, and is doing well. If he were able     roll. He was lucky that things did not turn out
                                                     any worse than they did. Although times have                          made along the way across the country from
to express himself, he would tell everyone how                                                                             pipeline to pipeline. It takes special people to
proud he has been all these years to be a mem-       been hard recently, it is comforting to know
                                                     that there are people out there who are will-                         hang in there with the ups and downs of pipe-
ber of 798.                                                                                                                lining. May there always be one more pipeline
                                                     ing to help. It is with much appreciation that
Kay Higman sends her thanks for the wonderful        he writes to all of the men and women who                             to lay!! “God Bless you all.”
Bible. It will be a great comfort to her. “God       have given voluntarily to this fund to aid their                      Paul and Mary Lou Pekinto write to everyone
Bless all of you.”                                   brothers and sisters in dire need. Your gracious                      that works so hard and gives so much to the
Arlene Duggan wants to thank everyone                contributions have made things easier for him                         Voluntary Fund. They never though they would
so much for the Holy Bible and the beauti-           during this difficult time.                                           be on the receiving end. They both thank you
ful wooden case. She really appreciates the          Bobby Dangott would sincerely like to thank                           from their hearts for your help in their time of
thoughtfulness and kindness. “May God Bless          everyone during his time of grief. It was very                        need. “It’s wonderful to have people like you
each person in Union 798, and thanks for your        much appreciated.                                                     on our side. We are so proud of 798, they are
loving memory of her husband, Brother Russell                                                                              good people that look out for each other.”
                                                     Joseph & Rowena James express their thanks
Duggan.”                                                                                                                   The Bill Mathis Family sends thanks to every-
                                                     for thinking of them. They write that you know
Paul McBrayer says thank you for the donation        how they feel about this Union. He has been a                         one for their calls, kind words, prayers, and all

                                                            M I L L E R C R AW F I S H B O I L

                                           B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 1 2
the beautiful flowers, and to everyone that trav-      Jack K. Nichols, 72 year-old Retired Welder of
eled to attend Bill’s funeral. Also, all the hands     Clendenin, WV, passed away March 30, 2008.
on the U.S. Pipeline spreads in WI & WY, and           Kenneth L. Kyle, 85 year-old Retired Welder of
the hands on the Sheehan spread in MS. It was          Aubrey, TX, passed away April 6, 2008.                               James Barker & Kara Dewar are proud to
such a blessing to see how much Bill was loved                                                                              announce the birth of their son, Deagan Joel
and to have such a great extended family.              Earl R. Sharkey, 76 year-old Retired Welder of                       Barker. Deagan arrived on April 13, 2008
Curtis and Cindy Wortham write to say thank            Amite, LA, passed away April 15, 2008.                               weighing 9 pounds, 3 ounces.
you so much for the check. The thoughtfulness          Dale G. Sweazea, 69 year-old Retired Welder of
is very much appreciated.                              Wetumka, OK, passed away April 18, 2008.
Glen Putman and Family received with love and
appreciation the help from the Voluntary Fund.
Alvina Lucas sends thanks to her fellow mem-
bers. Your help was appreciated very much.             Tommy J. Dunn
She is proud to be a member of 798.                    Searcy, AR
                                                       Initiated 6/25/1968
                                                       39 years of service at Retirement
                                                       Gene G. Housley
                                                       Pittsburg, OK
Bill R. Mathis, 47 year-old Welder of Comanche,
                                                       Initiated 10/03/1989
TX, passed away January 30, 2008.
                                                       18 years of service at Retirement                                    Journeyman Brother Glen Duffy, Jr. received
Kenneth H. Conklin, 79 year-old Retired Spacer         Melinda L. Standefer                                                 the 33rd degree in Scottish Rite in December
of Grayling, MI, passed away March 3, 2008.            Columbus, GA                                                         2007. He was one of the 25 Scottish Rite
Sterling Sager, Jr., 44 year-old Helper of Lost        Helper                                                               Masons in the state of Arkansas to be elected
                                                       Initiated 07/23/1999                                                 for this honor. Coronation was held at the
City, WV, passed away March 9, 2008.
                                                       8 years of service at Retirement                                     Albert Pike Scottish Rite Memorial Temple in
Simon W. Dingler, 81 year-old Retired Spacer of                                                                             Little Rock. Pictured with Brother Duffy at the
Carrollton, OH, passed away March 14, 2008.                                                                                 black-tie dinner following the ceremony are his
                                                                                                                            wife, Betty and daughter, Adela. Brother Duffy
Weldon D. Lyda, 73 year-old Retired Welder of
                                                                                                                            will be a 40-year 798 member in May.
Newaygo, MI, passed away March 27, 2008.
                                                       1998 Chevy ext. cab 4x4 with welding bed.                            Brothers and Sisters, due to limited spacing, SHORT &
Jerry D. Holigan, 75 year-old Retired Spacer of        Blue, 145,000 miles. Call Chuck Houston, 724-                        PERSONAL items are published as space permits. We try
                                                                                                                            to print some in each category, and will get to yours as
Puxico, MO, passed away March 29, 2008.                255-2249 (cell).                                                     soon as possible. All items must be submitted in writing.

                                                B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 1 3
                                              Memorial Wall

After a full year of hard work put into planning, researching, organizing, and fund-raising, the Ladies of 798 hosted
the unveiling of the Pipeliners Memorial Wall outside the Union Hall on Friday, April 11, 2008. The Memorial Wall lists
the names of members who were killed while on the job, or on their way to or from a job. It is a poignant reminder of
our brother and sister members who lost their lives in the pipeline industry.
 The ceremony was beautiful, and provided a moving experience for the families of those members listed on the wall.
Everyone in attendance was touched when the flags were raised, the walls unveiled, and the family members passed by
leaving flowers at the foot of each wall.
                                   B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 1 4
                                    Robert “Bob” Kime, Director

                             Message to the Membership:
                                               Notice to Members
The items below were discussed in detail at the 2008 Steward School. These PIBF plan changes were
implemented by the Board of Trustees in the years 2007/2008. A revised Summary Plan Description
booklet with all of these changes will be issued to the membership late this summer.
•   Cap Raised on Health Care Plan effective 1-1-2008
       – From $200,000 to $400,000 annual
       – From $500,000 to $750,000 lifetime
•   Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) effective 1-1-2008 for all eligible members including
    retirees. This benefit generally covers costs not paid under any other health plan.
         – $750.00 single     – $1,500.00 family
•   Dental Benefit Restoration for Active Members effective 8-1-2007 (Blue Cross dental network
    providing member discounts coming soon)
        – $500.00 per family member
        – $100.00 deductible
        – 50% Co-pay
        – Cleaning and exams remain at 100%
•   Vision Benefit Improvement for active members effective 1-1-2008 - $200/yr. from $300.00
    every two years
    (Dependents of active members coverage restored 8-1-2007 - $200/yr. for each family
•   Preventative Immunizations for all family members
        – Hepatitis A and B
        – Gardasil for Cervical Cancer - ages 9-25
        – Zostavax for shingles from - age 60 and over
        – Meningitis Vaccine - ages 2 and up
•   $200.00 Physical Every Year effective 1-1-2008 - from $300.00 every two years (members only)
•   Suspension Rule for Working Retirees
       – Retirees may work in union employment under Pipeline Agreement without a suspension
         of benefits from June 1, 2007 – December 31, 2008
•   Health Care Improvements for Medicare Retirees
       – The $500.00 deductible for Part B claims eliminated effective 1-1-2008
•   Medicare Crossover (coming soon) – partnership arrangement with CMS to obtain health claim
    information for retirees on Medicare with PIBF insurance. This will eliminate paperwork from
    medical providers and members.

It was announced that the Trustees approved the implementation of the Pipeline Industry 401-K/
Annuity Plan. Once all paperwork is complete, members’ accounts will be transferred from New
York Life to the Trust Company of Oklahoma. The Trustees believe this transition will reduce the time
involved in moving member’s money from the contractor to the member’s individual account.
Notice: Members transferring into Local Union #798 from sister locals should contact PIBF staff and
cancel reciprocal transfer of benefits to their prior local union’s funds.

                                                              Memorial Day Notice
                   Pipeliners Local 798, The Local 798 Training Center, and the Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund
                                 will be closed on May 26, 2008 in observance of Memorial Day.
                                                        Independence Day Notice
                   Pipeliners Local 798, The Local 798 Training Center, and the Pipeline Industry Benefit Fund
                                will be closed on July 4, 2008 in observance of Independence Day.
                          B L U E L I G H T R E P O R T S • A P R I L / M AY / J U N E 2 0 0 8 • PA G E 1 5
                                           FIRST CLASS
                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                            PA I D
                                          WICHITA, KS
4823 S. 83rd E. Ave.
P.O. Box 470798
Tulsa, OK 74147-0798
                       LINCOLN BARBEQUE

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