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					                               CURRICULUM VITAE

                                  Updated May 2004

A. Biographical Data

     Name: Roy Jeffrey Redson Hauya
     Birth: 6th July, 1957, Mchinji District, Malawi
     Nationality: Malawian
     Qualifications: BEd (Mlw); MEd (London); PG Cert. Ed (Golda Meir, Israel)
     Current Address: National AIDS Commission
                      P.O. Box 30622
                      Lilongwe 3, MALAWI
                      Tel: 01 776252; Cell: 08 842 536

B. Career Objective
    To utilize my background studies, skills and experience in policy analysis, strategic
    planning, educational-curriculum design and institutional development to
    contribute towards improved professional training, organizational development,
    and program planning and management in Malawi and the African region.

C. Career Summary
    Roy JR Hauya is an educationist specialized in policy analysis and curriculum
    planning as applied to education in developing countries. For nine years, he was
    curriculum specialist at the Malawi Institute of Education while in this position he
    trained in objectives-oriented project planning and strategic planning. Roy Hauya
    undertook consulting assignments in program planning, program reviews and
    evaluation, training of trainers and curriculum development for government
    institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector.

     From April 1998 - March 2000 Roy Hauya was principal strategist in the
     formulation of the Malawi National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework for 2000-
     2004. This role gave him an opportunity to understand the dynamics of the
     epidemic and the work of bilateral and multilateral donors, government, non-
     governmental and faith-based agencies in HIV/AIDS. Roy Hauya further
     consolidated his experience in working with donors, non-governmental and
     community based organizations as Institutional Development Specialist at Save the
     Children [USA], where he provided technical and institutional development support
     to HIV/AIDS sub-grantees of the project. Umoyo Network, a special USAID-
     funded sub-grants management project managed by

     For nearly two years as Head of Behavioral Change Interventions Unit at the
     Malawi National AIDS Commission, Roy Hauya has developed critical
    understanding of behavior change communication, determinants of sexual behavior,
    and programmatic issues in HIV/AIDS and reproductive health. He came to grips
    with the challenges of achieving sustainable sexual behavior change among
    Malawians and what options are available to make a difference, particularly among
    young people.

    Roy Hauya is currently Director of Policy and Programs in the National AIDS

D. Work Experience

    September 2002 – Present
    Director of Policy and Programs: National AIDS Commission, Lilongwe,

    Key responsibilities:
      Planning and coordination of activities for the programs departments of the
         Commission: behavior change, policy support and development, partnership
         and liaison and monitoring and evaluation;
      Liaison with donors, partners, stakeholders and implementers on policy and
         programme matters;
      Review of program proposals submitted for funding and providing feedback
         to applicants;
      Providing technical guidance and support to organizations designing new
         programs and interventions;
      Disseminating national policy and monitoring quality of implementation in all
         the sectors engaged in the national response;
      Facilitating coordination and program monitoring meetings and forums of
         donors and stakeholders;
      Providing technical, management and advisory support to the Executive

    January 2002 – September, 2002
    Acting Director of Programs Head of Behavior Change Interventions: National
    AIDS Commission, Lilongwe, Malawi, with responsibilities as above.

    January 2001 – September, 2002
    Head of Department Behavior Change Interventions Unit: National
    AIDS Commission, Lilongwe, Malawi.

    Key responsibilities:
        Facilitation of the development of a national strategy for behavior change
        Designing and monitoring implementation of a dissemination plan for the
           national behavior change communications strategy;
        Facilitating the design and implementation of a training curriculum for
           organizations engaged in behavior change activities nationwide;

      On-going capacity development support for stakeholders in behavior change
       communication, social mobilization and advocacy;
      Programs coordination, and review and recommendation of grant
       applications for funding

April 2000 – December 2000
Institutional Development Specialist: Umoyo Network Project, Save the Children
(USA) Blantyre, Malawi.

Key Responsibilities:
  Institutional and organizational development support to all sub-grantees of the
  Human resources capacity development support for programs personnel in all
     the sub-grantees;
  Monitoring institutional and program performance and preparing progress
     reports based on support provided;
  Strategic planning support and advisory services for sub-grantee
  Review of proposals submitted for funding, collating feedback to applicants
     and consulting.

April 1998 – March 2000
Deputy National Coordinator HIV/AIDS Strategic Planning Unit: National AIDS
Control Program, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Key responsibilities:
  Development of methodology for the conduct of social mobilization, capacity
     building and formulation of the national HIV/AIDS strategy;
  Designing the conduct of ‘community conversations’ as method of social
     mobilization and collation of critical ideas for national planning;
  Supervision, monitoring and support of field conduct of community
     conversations sub-contracted to consultants and facilitators;
  Leading the review and articulation of recommendations drawn from
     consultants’ reports and preparation of planning issues report[s];
  Design and facilitation of strategy planning workshops and seminars based on
     planning issues;
  Design and facilitation of multisector consensus building seminars on the
     national HIV/AIDS strategic framework for Malawi;

September 1989 – April 1998
Lecturer to Senior Lecturer in Educational Foundations and Head of Education
Department, Malawi Institute of Education, Domasi, Malawi. Responsible for:
development of teacher education training and curriculum materials; training of
tutors, classroom teachers and schools supervisors; education policy planning;
development of programs and innovations; monitoring and research

     September 1988 – August 1989
     Tutor and teacher-supervisor, Malawi College of Distance Education, Blantyre,
     Malawi. Responsible for: program planning, materials development, teacher in-
     service training, and monitoring institutional performance

      September 1982 – August 1987
     Teacher, Head of Humanities Department and Examiner, HHI Secondary School,
     Ministry of Education, Blantyre, Malawi. Responsible for the teaching of History
     and English and assessment of ‘O’ Level and Junior Secondary examinations with
     the Malawi National Examinations Board.

E. Professional Experience: 1990 to the Present

   E I. Selected Memberships and Affiliations
    Board Member, Regional AIDS Initiative for Southern Africa [RAISA] Advisory
       Board, Voluntary Services Overseas, 2001 – 2002.
    National HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group formed to provide technical
       advisory and coordination support to the AIDS Commission in program design
       and implementation, 2000- onwards
    HIV/AIDS/Sexual Reproductive Health Behavior Change Interventions Technical
       Working Sub-Committee created to provide technical support to the AIDS
       Commission in formulating a National BCI Strategy, 2000-2003
    Chairperson, Technical Advisory Committee for the Southern Africa AIDS
       Training Program (SAT), Lilongwe, Malawi, 2001-2003
    Board Member, Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations [MANASO],
       Blantyre, 2002 on-wards
    Board Member, Salama Shield Foundation, Lilongwe, Malawi, 2002 on-wards
    Chairperson, Educational Foundations Committee/Academic and Awards
       Committee/Welfare Committee, Malawi Institute of Education, Domasi
    Chairperson, Research and Publications Committee, Malawi Institute of
       Education, Domasi, Malawi
    The Canadian Society for the Study of Education [Courtesy of Brandon
       University] Brandon, Canada
    Regional Advisory Committee for UNESCO/UNDP Case-Africa Project on Basic
       Education, UNESCO-Malawi
    Curriculum Development Committee for Eastern and Southern African Center for
       Guidance and Counseling for Youth, Malawi Commission for UNESCO,
    Government of Malawi/UNDP 5th Country Program Planning and Management
       Team and Coordinator of Education Component of the Program, Lilongwe,
    Technical Advisory Committee for Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa,
       Regional Office, Johannesburg, South Africa

   E2. Selected Project Planning and Development Activities
       E2.1 National AIDS Control Program/Ministry of Health
  Co-moderator and Chief Rapporteur, Government-Faith Community
   Consultative Meeting on HIV/AIDS Implementation [design of meeting,
   logistics, co-moderation, development of report] February, 2001
  Principal Strategist and Facilitator: Development of the Malawi National
   HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework and Agenda for Action for the National
   AIDS Control Program [community mobilization, data analysis and reporting,
   design and facilitation of planning workshops, design and facilitation of
   consensus building workshops, workshop reporting, definition of strategies for
   action, development of strategic plan document] April, 1998-March, 2000
 Principal Facilitator: Workshops of Experts for the Formulation of a Draft
   National HIV/AIDS Policy to support the implementation of the Malawi
   National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework [workshop design, facilitation,
   review of consolidated policy issues report] April-October, 2000
 Co-facilitator and Chief Rapporteur: HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming Training
   Workshop for the Public Sector and Development of Recommendations for
   future Action [workshop design, co-facilitation, report development with
   recommendations for follow up] June, 2000
 Key Partner and Co-facilitator: Development of a Two-year Strategic Plan for
   the Family Welfare Council of Malawi:                1996-1998 [stakeholder
   consultations, literature review, design and conduct of stakeholder briefing
   workshop, strategic plan development, stakeholder debriefing and review of
   plan] with Dr. Amousa Inambao, Nairobi, Kenya, September, 1996.

E2.2 Malawi/Germany GTZ- Advised Programs
 Preparation of Project Planning Matrices and Plans of Operations for a Family
   Planning Project in Liwonde; Integrated Nutritional Security Project for
   Mulanje; Beekeepers Association of Malawi in Mzuzu, Malawi [design of
   workshops, moderation of planning workshops, development of project plans
   and documents]
 Participatory development of project concept for the promotion of horticulture
   in Malawi based on feasibility research material, and subsequent participatory
   development of a two-year project plan for horticulture in Malawi
 Participatory evaluation and re-planning of a community-based project for the
   promotion of women in rural areas, managed by the Ministry of Gender and
   Community Services
 Development of project planning matrices and plans of operation for three
   Fisheries Development Projects in Zomba, Mangochi and Lilongwe, managed
   by the Department of Fisheries [design of workshops; moderation of planning
   workshops; development of project plans/documents
 Co-facilitation of a planning workshop for establishment of national HIV
   testing referral laboratory in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre, for the National
   AIDS Control Program.

E2.3 Government/UN-Supported Projects
 Team Member/NAC representative: review of research study report on ‘The
   Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Public Sector’ and development of 5-year work
   plan and annual work plan for UNDP/NAC Project Support Document [2002-
   2006] Pretoria, South Africa, January, 2002
     Planning support to the National HIV/AIDS Resource Mobilization
      Conference for the Government of Mozambique, Maputo, Mozambique,
      UNAIDS, November, 2000
     Team Member: formulation of the education component of the GOM/UNDP
      5th Country Program for Malawi, managed by the Ministry of Education and
      the Malawi Institute of Education, 1995-1997
     Principal Facilitator: formulation of a national textbook policy for Malawi
      schools and colleges, Malawi Commission for UNESCO, Lilongwe, Malawi,
     Principal Facilitator: formulation of a national youth policy framework and
      plan of operation for the National Youth Council [1994-1998] Malawi
      Commission for UNESCO
     Coordinator: development of an inventory of innovations in basic education in
      Malawi for the Case-Africa Project managed by UNESCO-Harare, and
      conducted by the Malawi Institute of Education, 1995-1997
     Curriculum advisor and materials editor: capacity development and training
      program for Members of Parliament, Malawi Commission for UNESCO,
      Lilongwe, 1997-2000.

E2.4 Church and Non-Governmental Organizations
   Principal Facilitator: development of HIV/AIDS strategic plan CARD/Council
     for Non-governmental Organizations in Malawi [CONGOMA] in
     collaboration with Global Strategies for HIV Prevention, Lilongwe, Malawi,
     August, 2001
   Principal Facilitator: development of a 2-year strategic plan for Ekwendeni
     Mission Hospital, Department of Primary Health Care, for the period 2001-
     2003, on behalf of Umoyo Network, Save the Children, USA, February, 2001
   Principal Facilitator: development of 2-year plan of action for the Light House
     Project on the Care and Support of HIV positive people and AIDS patients for
     the period 2000-2002, Lilongwe Central Hospital, Lilongwe, November, 2000
   Co-facilitator: development of 2-year strategic plan for the National
     Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi [NAPHAM] for the
     period 2000-2002, Lilongwe, Malawi [with Ken Sklaw, NGO Networks,
     USA], November, 2000
   Principal Researcher and Facilitator: formulation of a strategic plan for the
     education Department of the Synod of Livingstonia for the period 1996-1998,
     Mzuzu, Malawi, [with E.S. Kaphesi, Malawi Institute of Education]
   Principal Facilitator: preparation of a 2-year development plan for the Malawi
     Union of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (MUSCO) for the period 1996-
     1998, Lilongwe, Malawi, February, 1996

E3. Major HIV/AIDS Conferences/Seminars
   Private Sector HIV/AIDS Mobilization Forum, Ryalls Hotel, Blantyre,
     Malawi, June 14-18 2004 [Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDS,
     World Bank and Malawi National AIDS Commission]
   Private Sector HIV/AIDS Mobilization Forum, Livingstone Hotel, Zambia,
     July 14-19 2003 [World Bank]

      Private Sector HIV/AIDS Mobilization Forum, Safari Hotel, Windhoek,
       Namibia, November 2003 [World Bank]
      The 13th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted
       Infections in Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, September 19-26, 2003 [National AIDS
      Joint Review of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework and Operations
       of National AIDS Commission, Capital Hotel, Lilongwe, 24 – 25 March,
      Knowledge and Commitment to Action, 14th World Conference on
       HIV/AIDS, Barcelona, Spain, July 7 – 12, 2002. (Family Health
      The 12th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted
       Diseases in Africa, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, December, 2001 [Family
       Health International]
      UNAIDS Workshop on Communication for Effective HIV/AIDS
       Programming, Harare, Zimbabwe, October, 2001 [UNIADS-Pretoria]
      Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation of National AIDS Programs in the
       Context of the Expanded Response, Entebbe, Uganda, April, 2001 [Measure
      Government-Faith Community Consultation to Strengthen Collaboration in
       HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Lilongwe, Malawi, February, 2001[Malawi
       National AIDS Control Program]
      National HIV/AIDS Resource Mobilization Round Table Conference,
       Maputo, Mozambique, November, 2000 [UNAIDS-Malawi]
      A Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Nairobi, Kenya,
       October, 2000 [UNESCO/UNDP/UNAIDS/African Itinerant College]
      Breaking the Silence: World Conference on HIV/AIDS, Durban, Natal,
       Republic of South Africa, July, 2000 [USAID-Malawi]
      National HIV/AIDS Resource Mobilization Round Table Conference, Capital
       Hotel, Lilongwe, Malawi, March, 2000 Malawi National AIDS Control
      The 11th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted
       Diseases in Africa, Lusaka, Zambia, September, 1999 (UNDP)
      A Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Madzvikadei,
       Zimbabwe, June 1999, UNESCO/UNDP/UNAIDS and The African Itinerant

 E4. Major Technical Services
 Facilitator, Private Sector HIV/AIDS Mobilization Forum, Ryalls Hotel, Blantyre,
   Malawi, 14-18 June 2004 [Malawi Business Coalition Against AIDS, World
   Bank, Malawi National AIDS Commission]

   Facilitator, Private Sector HIV/AIDS Mobilization Forum, Livingstone Hotel,
    Zambia [World Bank]
   Facilitator, Private Sector HIV/AIDS Mobilization Forum, Safari Hotel,
    Windhoek, Namibia, November 2003 [World Bank]
   Co-facilitator, design of process facilitation, implementation and summary
    reporting for the Joint National AIDS Commission-Stakeholder Review of the
    Malawi National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework and operations of the National
    AIDS Commission, January – March, 2003 (with Dr. Erasmus Morah, UNAIDS
    CPA – Malawi).
   Chairperson, Health Research Dissemination Conference Planing Committee,
    Natural Resource College, January 27 – 29, 2002 (Ministry of Health and
   Member (and Commission Representative) HIV/AIDS Programmes Best
    Practices Conference Planning Committee, Malawi Institute of Management,
    April, 2002.
   Development of curriculum materials for Eastern and Southern African Center for
    Guidance and Counseling for Youth, Malawi Commission for UNESCO [with
    Professor Joseph Kuthemba-Mwale, Chairperson]
   Preparation of a training manual and training of teachers for the Chinsapo Child
    Survival and Development Project, UNICEF, Lilongwe [with PS Mzumara, DV
    Mwalwenje and Dr. SSD Safuli]
   Development of a curriculum for Family Life Education Program, Department of
    Youth and Malawi Young Pioneers, Lilongwe [with Dr. DD Chimwenje, MN
    Chilambo and Kate Kainja]
   Trial-testing HIV/AIDS education materials for schools and colleges in Malawi,
    for the National AIDS Control Program [with DMC Nyirenda, Team Leader]
   Review of national courses of study for preschool educators, Center for Preschool
    Education, Blantyre, Malawi [with J.J Bisika, Project Coordinator]
   Training of curriculum writers for special education programs, Ministry of
    Education and Culture [with Dr. S. Hau and D.R. Jere, Project Coordinators]
   Training of Fisheries Instructors in curriculum design and instructional methods,
    Mpwepwe Fisheries Institute, Mangochi [with Dr. SDD Safuli and JJ Bisika]
   Training of core instruction team for the induction of untrained primary school
    teachers, Ministry of Education and Culture, Blantyre Teachers College [with PS
    Mzumara, Course Coordinator].

E5. Selected Presentations/Briefings/Papers
 The Promise of Youth and the Reality of HIV/AIDS, National Youth Symposium,
   Domasi, August 2002.
 Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in the Public Ssector, Ministry of Commerce and
   Industry awareness creation meeting, Malawi Institute of Management and
   Natural Resources College, March, 2001; October, 2001 [with Dr Andrew

   Monitoring and evaluation of behavior change interventions, a concept paper
    prepared for Malawi National AIDS Commission/Measure Evaluation, October,
   Action for behavior change: strategies and lessons, VSO in-service
    training/briefing Lilongwe, Malawi, December, 2001
   Planning for HIV/AIDS in Malawi: towards a cultural approach, Regional
    Conference on Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Nairobi,
    Kenya, 2000
   Planning for HIV/AIDS in Malawi: towards a cultural approach, Regional
    Conference on Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care,
    Madzvikadei, Zimbabwe, 1999
   The HIV/AIDS situation in Malawi and the global level, Primary Teachers’
    Upgrading Program, Lilongwe Girls Secondary School, Lilongwe, Malawi,
    August, 2001
   The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi and the role of church organizations in the
    national response, Global Strategies for HIV Prevention Strategic Planning
    Workshop, Lilongwe, Malawi, August, 2001
   Some basic considerations in the development of training modules, Guidance and
    Counseling Curriculum Development Workshop, Lilongwe [with Dr Kuthemba
    Mwale, Team Leader]
   Principles of adult learning: a survey of methods, practices and approaches,
    Training Workshop for Basic Education, Malawi Institute of Education, Domasi
   Learning at a distance: linking theory with practice, Malawi Special Teacher
    Education Program (MASTEP), Domasi Teachers College, Domasi
   Teaching adults: theoretical and practical considerations, Training of Malawi
    Institute of Education Associate Tutors, Malawi Institute of Education, Domasi
   Guidelines for developing pre-school curriculum, Curriculum Review
    Workshop, Center for Literacy and Adult Education, Lilongwe
   Educational Radio: advantages, limitations and utilization, Primary School
    Broadcasting Program Orientation Course, Malawi Institute of Education,
   Excellence in education: an outline of issues in primary education in Malawi,
    Educational Foundations Training Workshop, Malawi Institute of Education,
   Strategies for implementing a Community Oriented Primary School Education
    Program [COPE], Training Course, Capital City Motel, Lilongwe.

E6. Publications: Books
 Hauya, RJR and Makuwira, JJ (1996) Basic Education in Malawi Objectives,
   Problems and Perspectives, Dzuka Publishing Company
 Hauya, RJR (1997) The Question of Curriculum: Education in Malawi, Dzuka
   Publishing Company
 Hauya, RJR et al (Ed) (1997) Making and Using Teaching and Learning
   Materials, Dzuka Publishing Company

E7. Publications: Workshop/Conference Reports
 HIV/AIDS mainstreaming training workshop for the public sector: collective
   action through partnership, Sun ‘n’ Sand Holiday Resort, Mangochi, Malawi
 Government-faith community consultation to strengthen collaboration in
   HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, Lilongwe, Malawi (pp40)
 Curriculum development, implementation and evaluation, Sub-regional
   Workshop, Malawi Institute of Education, with ES Kaphesi (pp112)
 An inventory of innovations in basic education in Malawi, UNDP/UNESCO
   Case-Africa Project, Harare, Zimbabwe (pp49)
 National workshop on the formulation of policies in support of girls education in
   Malawi, USAID/Malawi Institute of Education (pp54)
 Workshop to prepare teachers, inspectors and administrators for testing and
   evaluating proto-type radio instructional materials,
   Malawi Institute of Education (pp59)
 Orientation of tutors to the revised primary and primary teacher education
   curriculum, Malawi Institute of Education (pp77)
 National seminar on basic education: meeting basic learning needs, Malawi
   Institute of Education [pp44]


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