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					U.S. Department of Justice
Office of Justice Programs
Office for Victims of Crime

                                                                                                                          JUNE 2008

Children’s Justice Act Partnerships for
Indian Communities

Background                                       review and award consideration. During
                                                 a noncompetitive cycle, continuation
                                                                                                by the adult members of the Indian
                                                                                                community to be served by such organi­
   ince 1989, the Federal Assistance             funding is made available to award recip­      zation, and that includes the maximum
S  Division of the Office for Victims of
Crime (OVC) has used the Children’s
                                                 ients for program implementation. All
                                                 funding for the CJA program is based on
                                                                                                participation of Indians in all phases of
                                                                                                its activities.
Justice Act Partnerships for Indian              an applicant’s submission and perfor­
Communities (CJA) grant program to               mance and is contingent on the avail­
provide funding to American Indian/              ability of funding for the fiscal year. Each   Training and
Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities to             grant award includes a requirement that        Technical Assistance
improve their ability to manage serious          the grantee match the award by either a
                                                                                                    o ensure that all tribal programs
child abuse cases.

The CJA grant program’s goals are
                                                 cash or in-kind contribution.
                                                                                                T   receive the training and technical
                                                                                                assistance (TTA) necessary to imple­
twofold: To help AI/AN communities               Eligibility                                    ment successful programs, OVC pro­
develop strategies to handle cases of child                                                     vides funding for a TTA component.
                                                     ligible applicants are federally recog­
sexual abuse from initial disclosure
through investigation to prosecution and         E   nized Indian tribes and nonprofit
                                                 tribal organizations. The recipients will
                                                                                                The recipient of the TTA award pro­
                                                                                                vides comprehensive, culturally appro­
case resolution, and to assist in the cre­                                                      priate training designed to aid CJA
ation of specialized services and child-         be limited to tribal organizations as
                                                                                                grantees with program development and
friendly procedures to reduce further            defined in the Indian Self-Determina­
                                                                                                foster skill building. These skills
trauma to AI/AN child victims.                   tion and Education Assistance Act,
                                                                                                enhance the grantee’s ability to develop,
                                                 Public Law 93-638, 25 U.S.C., § 450(b).
                                                                                                establish, and operate grant programs
                                                 Under this provision, the definition of
                                                                                                specifically designed to improve the
Funding                                          “tribal organization” is the recognized
                                                                                                investigation, prosecution, and overall
                                                 governing body of any Indian tribe, to
    VC provides ongoing funding to                                                              handling of severe physical and sexual
O   support CJA initiatives. During a
competitive award cycle, potential
                                                 include any legally established organiza­
                                                 tion of Indians that is controlled, sanc­
                                                                                                child abuse cases. The TTA provider
                                                                                                will conduct a needs assessment to iden­
                                                 tioned, or chartered by such governing
grantees submit applications for peer                                                           tify, categorize, and prioritize training
                                                 body, or that is democratically elected
                                                                                                delivery for all CJA grantees. Indepth

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expert advice and training will be pro­        ■	   Development of procedures for        For more information on training and
vided to all CJA grantees through onsite            establishing and managing child-     technical assistance available from OVC,
program reviews and/or regional training            centered interview rooms.            please contact:
sessions. In addition, the TTA provider
and the OVC program manager will                                                         OVC Training and Technical
provide ongoing technical assistance,          For More Information                        Assistance Center
resource materials, and specialized clus­                                                10530 Rosehaven Street, Suite 400
                                                    or more information on this topic,
ter meetings as needed.                        F    contact:
                                                                                         Fairfax, VA 22030
                                                                                         1–866–OVC–TTAC (1–866–682–8822)
                                               Office for Victims of Crime               or 703–385–3200
Activities Funded                              U.S. Department of Justice                (TTY 1–866–682–8880)
                                                                                         Fax: 703–279–4673
Through CJA                                    810 Seventh Street NW., Eighth Floor
                                                                                         E-mail: TTAC@ovcttac.org
                                               Washington, DC 20531
■	   Establishment or expansion of mul­        202–307–5983                              Web site: www.ovcttac.gov
     tidisciplinary teams and training for     Fax: 202–514–6383
     team members.                             Web site: www.ovc.gov
                                                                                           The Office for Victims of Crime is a
■	   Revision of tribal codes to address       For copies of this fact sheet and other     component of the Office of Justice Pro­
     child sexual abuse.                       OVC publications or information on          grams, which also includes the Bureau of
                                                                                           Justice Assistance, the Bureau of Justice
                                               additional victim-related resources,
■	   Provision of child advocacy services                                                  Statistics, the National Institute of Justice,
                                               please contact:
     for children involved in court                                                        and the Office of Juvenile Justice and
     proceedings.                              OVC Resource Center                         Delinquency Prevention.
                                               P.O. Box 6000                               John W. Gillis
■	   Development of protocols and proce­
                                               Rockville, MD 20849–6000                    Director
     dures for reporting, investigating, and
                                               1–800–851–3420 or 301–519–5500              Office for Victims of Crime
     prosecuting child sexual abuse cases.
                                               (TTY 1–877–712–9279)                        Jeffrey L. Sedgwick
■	   Improved coordination that mini­          Ask OVC: http://ovc.ncjrs.gov/askovc        Assistant Attorney General
     mizes the number of child interviews.     Web site: www.ovc.gov/ovcres/               Office of Justice Programs
■	   Enhanced case management and                                                          Michael B. Mukasey
     treatment services.                       Or order OVC publications online at         Attorney General
                                               www.ncjrs.gov/App/Publications/             Office of Justice Programs
■	   Specialized training for prosecutors,
     judges, investigators, and other pro­
     fessionals who handle child sexual                                                                                      FS 000314

     abuse cases.