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									                                    duro-design.biz              resume                                                               Carol Bevilacqua
                                                                                                                                     1937 Cedar Street
                                                  C o m m i S S i o n S
                                                                                                                                   Berkeley CA 94709
                          2006      Painted wall mural :: Designed and painted large interior floral mural for Jon Alff,               510/204-9665
                                    architect. 3.6 ft. x 11 ft. Berkeley, CA (Mural for Secret Gardens of the East Bay Tour)           510/642-3723
                           2006     Fireplace surround mosaic :: In progress art–tile mosaic. Residential fireplace              cabevil@berkeley.edu
                                    Installation. 7' x 5'. Oakland, CA.
                          2005      Brentwood mosaic bench finalist :: Finalist for Public art construction of 5 mosaic
                                    benches for the City of Brentwood, Pulte Homes, Rose Garden Benches.
                           2003     Gothic crown mosaic :: Designed and executed art–tile wall mosaic. Collection of
                                    Kiss My Ring, jewelry and gift store. 9" x 12". Berkeley, CA.
                          2002      Lazy Susan mosaic :: Designed and executed art–tile mosaic “40's bow tie” lazy
                                    Susan. Collection of Adrian and Dan Blumberg. 18" x 18". Walnut Creek, CA.
                          2002      Architectural mosaic :: Designed and executed over 300 handmade tiles for a large
                                    exterior tile facade mosaic for Jon Alff, architect, “Boomerang”. Approximately 10
                                    ft. x 14 ft. Berkeley, CA.
                           2001     Aesthetic birdbath mosaic :: Designed and executed mosaic birdbath for gallery
                                    owner, Barbara Anderson Galleries. Berkeley, CA.

        e x h i B i t i o n S
                           2005     The Ellipse Gallery :: SAMA Mosaic Exhibition, A More Perfect Union: Mosaic Aspirations.
                                    Three cement sculpted, art tile mosaic dress forms exhibited. "Prom Night, Drapes Well,
                                    and No Sunburn. Arlington, VA.
                          2004      Artworks Downtown :: Black, White & Grey Exhibition. Three cement sculpted, art tile mosaic
                                    dress forms exhibited. "Prom Night, Drapes Well, and No Sunburn. San Rafael, CA.
                           2003     CCA, California College of the Arts :: Invited speaker for summer tile class. Slide show
                                    presentation with examples of art tiles and mosaic. Oakland, CA.

                        2003-4      Oakland Museum :: Platters that Matter, auctions to benefit Girls, Inc. Art-tile mosaic “Betty
                                    Crocker Queen for a Day” lazy Susan and ceramic sculpture "Cake Mate" cake pedestal displayed.
             2002–current           ACCI Gallery :: On going shows, co-op member since 2002. Board member. Berkeley, CA.

                    1999–2003       Pro Arts :: Participated in East Bay Open Studios. Art-tile mosaic “Herstory of Dots” entered for
                                    annual box art auction. Oakland, CA

          e x p e r i e n C e
             2003-current           Duro-Design :: owner of art tile/mosaic and graphic design business. Design and execute all
                 duro-design.biz    phases of tile/mosaic and graphic design/illustration work. Clients: Berkeley Public Library
                                    Foundation, Berkeley Symphony, Bistro Liaison Cafe and 500 Jackson Cafe. Berkeley, CA.
             1986–current           Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley :: Senior Artist for Publications,
        lawrencehallofscience.org   Exhibits & Design. Design, illustrate, manage, and coordinate a variety of science education and
                                    art-related graphic design projects for in-house clients, and a hands-on public science museum
                                    for children. Responsible for design proposals for: graphic design, publication design, web design,
                                    exhibit graphics, signage, painting and illustration. Manage entire projects—conceptual phase
                                    through production, execution for print and web. Berkeley, CA.

                          2005      Mosaic Art and Style, Designs for Living Environments. JoAnn Locktov.
                          2002      Contra Costa Times, A & E Section.

    p r o f e S S i o n A l
           S o C i e t i e S
                         SAMA       Society of American Mosaic Artists.
                            THF     Tile Heritage Foundation.

            e d u C A t i o n
                      1979   BFA Graphic Design.
                                    Washington State University, Pullman, WA.

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