Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VIONQ) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData


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									         Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (VIONQ) - Financial and Strategic Analysis

       Reference Code: GDPH37977FSA                                                                                        Publication Date: SEP 2010

       4 Science Park                    Phone            +1 203 4984210                            Revenue           0.0 (million USD)
       New Haven, CT                     Fax              +1 203 4984211                            Net Profit        NA
       06511                             Website                         Employees         43
       United States                     Exchange         VIONQ [Over The Counter]                  Industry          Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

      Company Overview
       Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Vion) is a development-stage pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and
       commercialization of therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. The company has two small molecule anticancer agents in clinical
       development, which includes Onrigin (Laromustine) and Triapine. It also has two anticancer agents in the preclinical
       development-stage. The company is headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, the US. In February 2009, the company filed a
       New Drug Application (NDA) for Onrigin with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In December 2009, Vion
       Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

      Key Executives                                                                SWOT Analysis
                    Name                                  Title                     Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., SWOT Analysis
      Alan Kessman                         Chief Executive Officer                  Strengths                    Weaknesses

      William R. Miller                    Chairman
                                                                                    Clinical development                Bankruptcy
      George Bickerstaff                   Director                                 programs
      Kevin Rakin                          Director
                                                                                    Opportunities                       Threats
      Alan C. Sartorelli, Ph.D.            Director
      Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
      GlobalData                                                                    Changing Demographics               Tightening of FDA’s
                                                                                                                        Regulatory Oversight
      Share Data
                                                                                    Market Potential - Cancer
       Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                                                                                       Uncertainties from Ongoing
                                                                          0.10                                          R&D Activities
       Share Price (USD) as on 08-Apr-2010
       EPS (USD)                                                         -4.04

       Market Cap (million USD)                                                 1
                                                                                    Source: Annual Report, Compa
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