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									             Nippon Paper Group, Inc. (3893) - Financial and Strategic Analysis

       Reference Code: GDPP31782FSA                                                                                      Publication Date: AUG 2010

       Shin Yurakucho Building, 1-12-1            Phone                                               Revenue
                                                                     +81 3 32188000                                      1,095,233 (million JPY)
       Tokyo, TKY                                 Fax                +81 3 32164753                   Net Profit         -23,329 (million JPY)
       100-0006                                   Website                       Employees          14,458
       Japan                                      Exchange           3893 [Tokyo Stock Exchange] Industry                Paper and Packaging

      Company Overview
       Nippon Paper Group, Inc. (Nippon Paper) is principally engaged in the manufacture of paper and paper related products. The
       company is also engaged in the production of housing and construction materials and provides services related to transportation,
       beverages and leisure activities. The product portfolio of the company includes converted paper products, household tissue,
       newsprint and printing paper, wood pulp, paperboard, household paper goods, liquid packaging, lumber and other construction
       materials, and chemicals. Nippon Paper operates its business through 145 subsidiaries and 49 affiliates.

      Key Executives                                                                   SWOT Analysis
                     Name                                    Title                     Nippon Paper Group, Inc., SWOT Analysis
       Masatomo Namamura                     Chairman                                  Strengths                  Weaknesses

       Masayuki Hayashi                      Representative Director
                                                                                       Wide Product Offerings             Declining Market Share in
       Masaru Motomura                       Director                                                                     Sector
       Shuhei Marukawa                       Director                                  Strong Performance of Pulp
                                                                                       and Paper Division                 Limited Liquidity Position
       Kazuhiro Sakai                        Director
       Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
                                                                                       Opportunities                      Threats
      Share Data
       Nippon Paper Group, Inc.                                                        Strategic Alliances and            Price Fluctuations of Raw
       Share Price (JPY) as on 25-Aug-2010                                2,234.0      Acquisitions                       Materials

       EPS (JPY)                                                          264.03
                                                                                       Expansion into A
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