Luz Del Sur S.A.A (LUSURC1) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData


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									       Luz Del Sur S.A.A (LUSURC1) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDGE31075FSA                                                                                     Publication Date: AUG 2010

       Av Canaval y Moreyra, 380,            Phone                                                        Revenue
                                                              +51 1 4214962                                                  1,667 (million PEN)
       Piso 17
       Lima                                  Fax              +51 1 4229847                               Net Profit         280.60 (million PEN)
                                             Website                        Employees          708
       Peru                                  Exchange         LUSURC1 [Lima Stock Exchange]               Industry           Energy and Utilities

      Company Overview
       Luz Del Sur S.A.A (Luz del Sur) is a private power distribution company. The company is engaged in power distribution activities
       in Peru. Luz del Sur serves a range of customer base over 741,424 thousand clients in the southeast area in Lima, Peru. The
       company constructed 9 electrical ground plants and installed over 60 thousand area lights or luminaires. Furthermore, the
       company carries out business operations through its three affiliates, namely, Edecanete, Inmobiliaria Luz del Sur, Luz del Sur
       International AVV. Luz del Sur provides power distribution services to more than 30 districts of the Eastern, Central and
       Southern areas of Metropolitan Lima, Peru.

      Key Executives                                                                 SWOT Analysis
                    Name                                   Title                     Luz Del Sur S.A.A, SWOT Analysis
      Eduardo Pawluszek                     Chairman                                 Strengths                 Weaknesses

      Mile Cacic                            Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                     Expanding Operating Margin         Limited Investor Confidence
      Luis Fernando de las Casas            Treasurer
      Jose Luis Erausquin                   Vice President, Engineering              Efficient Use of Resources         Inability raise public money
                                            and Planning
      Eric Diaz Huaman                      Vice President, Operation
      Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research         Opportunities                      Threats

      Share Data                                                                     Expansion through Inorganic        Single Geographical Market
      Luz Del Sur S.A.A
                                                                                                                        Government and
       Share Price (PEN) as on 22-Apr-2010                                 5.10      Fiscal Incentives for              Environmental Regulations
                                                                           0.58      Renewable Gener
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