Formosa Plastics Group (1301) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData

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									              Formosa Plastics Group (1301) - Financial and Strategic Analysis

       Reference Code: GDCH23707FSA                                                                                  Publication Date: AUG 2010

       39, Zhongsan 3 Road                     Phone            +886 7 3331101                      Revenue           180,075 (million TWD)
       Kaohsiung                               Fax              +886 2 27175287                     Net Profit        27,533.43 (million TWD)
                                               Website                      Employees         5,507
       Taiwan                                  Exchange         1301 [Taiwan Stock Exchange]        Industry          Chemicals

      Company Overview
       Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) is a Taiwan based conglomerate. The group comprises more than ten other companies. FPG
       deals with several business operations such as oil refining, petrochemicals, plastic raw materials, secondary processing of
       plastics, fiber and textile, electronic materials, machinery, and transportation. In addition, it operates several large educational
       and medical organizations. FPG also operates its owns oil refinery and naphtha cracking plant for producing gasoline and diesel.

      Key Executives                                                              SWOT Analysis
                    Name                                   Title                  Formosa Plastics Group, SWOT Analysis
      Zhicun Li                             Chairman                              Strengths                 Weaknesses

      Ruiyu Wang                            Assistant General Manager-
                                                                                  Efficient Use of Resources         Incidents of Violating
                                            Corporate General
                                                                                                                     Environmental Laws
      Qinren Wu                             General Manager Nan Ya                Vertical Integration
                                                                                                                     Declining Market Share in
                                            Plastics Corporation                                                     Sector
      Zhaolin Yang                          Deputy General Manager-
                                            General Management                    Opportunities                      Threats
      Jiannan Lin                           Director
      Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
                                                                                  Eco-friendly Materials Offer       Challenge of Environmental
                                                                                  Opportunities                      Regulations
      Share Data
                                                                                  Expansion of Operations in         Risk of Overcapacity in the
       Formosa Plastics Group                                                     the Middle East                    Asia-Pacific Region
       Share Price (TWD) 
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