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									         Evergreen Solar, Inc. (ESLR) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDAE10225FSA                                                                                   Publication Date: AUG 2010

       138 Bartlett Street                  Phone            +1 508 3572221                             Revenue           271.9 (million USD)
       Marlboro, MA                         Fax              +1 508 3572279                             Net Profit        -265.21 (million USD)
       01752                                Website          www.evergreensolar.com                     Employees         729
       United States                        Exchange         ESLR [NASDAQ]                              Industry          Alternative Energy

      Company Overview
       Evergreen Solar, Inc. (Evergreen) is an integrated solar company. It principally engages in the development, manufacturing and
       marketing of multi-crystalline silicon wafers, and solar power products. The company’s product portfolio comprises solar cells,
       panels and systems using its proprietary String Ribbon technology. Its products are used for both on-grid and off-grid power
       generation. Evergreen sells its products to the European and US markets. The company's manufacturing facilities are located in
       Devens, Massachusetts, in the US and Thalheim in Germany. Its products are sold through distributors, systems integrators and
       other value-added resellers.

      Key Executives                                                              SWOT Analysis
                     Name                                  Title                  Evergreen Solar, Inc., SWOT Analysis
       Richard M. Feldt                     Chairman                              Strengths                   Weaknesses

       Tom L. Cadwell                       Director
                                                                                                               Dependency on Few
                                                                                  Recognized Leader in Quality
       Allan H. Cohen                       Director                                                           Distribution Partners
                                                                                  and Performance
       Dr. Peter W. Cowden                  Director
                                                                                                                      Dependency on Few
       Edward C. Grady                      Director                              Strong Liquidity Position
       Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

      Share Data                                                                  Opportunities                       Threats
       Evergreen Solar, Inc.
       Share Price (USD) as on 25-Aug-2010                                 0.60   New Development Projects            Reliance on Government
                                                                                                                      Support and Incentives
       EPS (USD)                                                          -1.41
                                                                                  Stimulus for Renewable
       Market Cap (million USD)                                            132    Energy                              Environmental Regulations
       Enterprise Value (million USD)                                      437

       Shares Outstanding (million)                                        210
       Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Second
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