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WILDCAT WATCH by ady21020


									                                           Wildcat Watch Cat
                          February/March 2008             Wildwood Park PTA Newsletter website-

                                                                        President’s Message
20         Early Release Noon, AM-K                      Mission Statement of Wildwood Park PTA: We all come together
26         PAWS Assembly 2:15 pm                         for the same purpose, children, families, school and community.
27         Early Release noon, PM-K                      The Wildwood PTA consists of staff, volunteers, parents,
29         POPCORN Friday                                grandparents, community members and students that work together
29         Movie Night “The Game Plan” PG                with common goals.     We bring growth, renewal and fun to our
                            March                        community by planning and organizing events and projects that will
4,5        Science Fair                                  benefit all of the Wildcat community. We also lend financial and
5          Early Release Noon, AM-K                      volunteer support to classrooms and school activities. We try to
6          Class Picture Day                             reach the majority by offering a variety of activities and creating
7          Coffee with Mr. Malone                        opportunity for anyone to get involved. Our PTA board relies on
10         Skate Night 6:30-8:30 @ Tiffany’s             your help and membership support in keeping Wildwood Park
12         Early Release Noon,                           Elementary a great place.        We are proud to announce our
            NO AM or PM-Kindergarten                    membership goal has been reached, but we won’t stop there, you can
13         PTA General Membership Meeting 6:30 PM        still join through April. Show your child that education is important
           Golden Acorn Award, PTA Board Nominations     by supporting PTA, the largest child advocate organization in the
18         Kindergarten Evening Registration, 6:30 pm    nation.
19         Early Release Noon
                                                         Our next general membership meeting is Thursday, March 13, 6:30
           NO AM or PM Kindergarten
                                                         in the library. Free child care provided during the meeting. We will
21         POPCORN Friday
                                                         announce the nominations for next years PTA board and the
           PTA Movie Night TBA
                                                         Golden Acorn Award will be this night. Please join us.
26         Early Release Noon
           NO AM or PM Kindergarten                     "The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can
                                                         alter his life by altering his attitude." - William James
29- April 6         Spring Break
                                                          Rosie Schatz  2007-2008 Wildwood PTA President

9          Early release noon, PM-K                           Comments or concerns please contact me at
13         Wildwood Family Day with the Mariners                 
14         - MAY 2 WASL TESTING
23         Early Release Noon, AM-K
25         Popcorn Friday & Movie Night
26         Scrap Book Day 10-6
4/28-5/3             Spring Book Fair

                                                                    Breakfast at Wildwood
     FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT                                  Well, not quite yet. Wildwood is in the process of
               Now with a professional sound
               system.                                   qualifying for a breakfast program for students.
                                                         Your help is needed – please complete a
               The Game Plan                             household application form for free and reduced
               Friday, February 29                       priced meals. Pink forms were attached to the
               Doors open at 6:45,                       February lunch menu and also available in the
               Rated PG
                                                         office or from your teacher. All information is
                                                         kept confidential.
      General Membership PTA Meeting                     By turning in an application we hope to bring the
            Golden Acorn Award                           breakfast program to Wildwood. If you have
                                                         already turned a form for this year – Thanks, you
              All Members & non-Members
                                                         do not need to send in another.
                                                         Once Wildwood qualifies for the breakfast
              Thursday Evening, March 13                 program it will be available to all students.
                           6:30 pm                       Your help with this in needed now. By
                                                         completing a form you can help all students.
     FREE childcare during the meeting                  Any questions or concerns please contact
                                                         Wildwood Park Elementary office 841-8746.
                                                       STUDENT ADVOCACY CORNER
        To help with this event:                                    Focus Day Feb. 13, 2008
                                                                    Olympia, WA
         Contact Laura or Dave Beste                                Lorrie Tryon, Wildwood PTA legislative chair
                                                                            This year's Focus Day was a very "focused"
                                                                    event. The message members of Washington State PTA
                                                                    delivered to the governor, our senators and
    Sweetheart Family Night                                         representatives was that "PTA loves Basic Education
                                                                    Funding". Washington State bases its portion of
          was so much fun!                                          education funding on a formula that hasn't changed in
                                                                    30 years. How can we educate todays' students, for
THANKS SO MUCH TO:                                                  tomorrows' jobs with funding based on yesterdays'
Ceri Bowen, Isabella Herburger, Shirley Beauchamp, Lorrie Tryon,    needs?
Tealla Martin, Julie Anderson, Trever Waltos, Heidi Waltos, Chris           Currently Washington State is ranked 46th
Haase, Karen Johnston, Tim Johnston, Liz Cuddie, Monica Grenon,     nationally in class size and 42nd in per student
Therese Pasquier, Glenn Malone, Shelley Walker, Rosie Schatz,
                                                                    spending! As a parent and concerned citizen, do you
Madison Haase, Shannon Lozensky, Larry Lozensky, Relay for Life
Photo Team                                                          find this acceptable? If not, contact your
                                                                    representatives and tell them.
                                                                            Senator Rodney Tom, who is on the WA Learns
 Wildwood PTA thanks the following individuals                      Task Force requested that PTA members, parents and
            for joining this year.                                  teachers contact their legislators in large numbers to
                                                                    encourage them to focus on this fundamental issue. At
   Karri & Darren Wicka, Carolyn &                                  this time there is a bill before the legislature, #SB6879,
     Mike Lozensky, Leslie Porter                                   which would require the Task Force to complete its
                                                                    study by December 1, 2008 so that our law makers can
      202 Members! Thanks                                           start acting on its recommendations.
           Wildcats                                                         Please take five minutes of your time today
                                                                    to play a vital role in improving your child's
      GOAL Reached! Let’s not stop                                  education tomorrow.
            there, join now                                      Rep. Joyce McDonald             (360) 786-7948
                                                                    Rep. Dawn Morrell               (360) 786-7968
                   Morning Arrivals                                 Sen. Jim Kastama                (360) 786-7648
                        What time is “on time?”                     You can also send them messages thru the State PTA
           Please arrive at school between 8:18 and 8:24            website click on legislation
              First bell is 8:25  tardy bell is 8:30

            Mark your calendars:
                                                                               CONGRATULATIONS Musicians
April 28-May 3 Spring book fair – Buy one, get
                                                                    The following Wildcats have been selected
one free                                                            to represent Wildwood in the District Honor
May 6-9 Island Lake ~ 6th Grade Camp                                Band, Orchestra and Chorus. Musicians from
                                                                    all 23 elementary schools are selected to
          Daffodil Parade                                           participate. Honor Concert is May 19 at 7
            Date Change                                             PM Rogers High School
        Saturday, April 12                                               Band: Jakob Bean, Keigan Dravis, Ana
                                                                         Groves, Jordanne Laky, Hayley Mascaro,
                                                                         Kyndra Nelson, Nicole Noll, Hannah
                   HELP WANTED                                           Schatz
WAMU Banking- every Tuesday 8:35-9:30 am                                 Chorus: Valerie Armas, Hannah Schatz,
Contact: Lauri Lindberg 845-5281
                                                                         Ethan Wiederspan
Science Fair Judges needed MARCH 4th                                     Orchestra: Morgan Beste, Kaitlin
8:30-2:30                                                                Dooley, Makenzie Forte, Vivian
Contact: Dave or Laura Beste 845-8512                                    Hoerler, Jose Valadez
                                                                        Take me out to the ball
              EZ fundraising for Wildcats
              Send in your collection of
         Box Tops for education, Tyson Labels,                                 Wildwood Family Day
                     Foster Farms                                          Seattle Mariners VS Angels
            Campbell’s Labels 4 Education                                Sunday, April 13, 2008 1:10 pm
               Recycled Ink Cartridges                              PTA discount tickets $11 (normally $20)
THANK YOU for sending in your labels and box tops. Every            Order deadline April 10, 2008, email required + $1 to print
month we will reward any class that turn in 150 or more             at home
Campbell Labels and Box Top combination. We accept all              1. Send a blank email to
types of ink cartridges for recycling.
         Within 2 business days you will receive
an email reply.
2. Click on the link in the email and select the
number of seats that you need.
If you are wanting to sit with another family,
please place one order for the entire group.
3. Purchase and print your tickets from your
Questions? Call 206-346-4001

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