The Connecticut Sheep Breeders Sheep Dog Trial, Tolland, CT by frh15870


									                The Connecticut Sheep Breeders Sheep Dog Trial
                    Tolland Agricultural Center, Vernon, CT
                               April 24-25, 2010
               Saturday, April 24: Novice-Novice, Pro-Novice, Ranch/Nursery, Open
               Sunday, April 25: Novice-Novice, Pro-Novice, Ranch/Nursery, Open
                                     Judge: Doug McDonough
               Trial Managers: Ellen Rusconi-Black & Carolyn West & Sylvia Murray
                        NEBCA/USBCHA Sanctioned for Open & Nursery

Rules/Additional Info
 Due to the anticipated high turnout for the trial this year we have set initial limits
   on the number of dogs per handler, the number of classes each dog can run, and
   the total runs per day. Ranch and Nursery will run as one class. Handlers are
   limited to 2 dog per class and 3 dogs per day total. Dogs may not run in more than
   1 class per day, i.e. you can’t run Ranch and Open or Nursery and another class.
   Once we know how many entries we have we may revise this rule and let Nursery
   and/or Ranch dogs run in more than one class. If you have a dog that you might
   want to run in more than one class or if you have additional dogs you’d like to
   enter, please add a note to your entry so that we can contact you if we will allow
   additional runs. Due to the number of sheep available, we are limited to
   approximately 60 runs per day. The Trial Managers reserve the right to run the
   classes to standard if we deem it necessary.
  Entries open Feb. 16, 2010, and close April 9, 2010. Entries must be postmarked on or after
    Feb. 16, 2010. Receipt of completed entry blanks and fee constitutes entry. No emailed entries
    will be accepted. Entry fees from cancelled entries will be returned provided notification of
    cancellation is made on or before April 9, 2010. Any cancellations after April 9th will not be
    refunded unless we have a waitlist.
  The running order will be posted in Sheepdog-L and NEBCA’s website prior to the trial.
  This trial is held in conjunction with the CT Sheep Breeders Association's Sheep, Wool, & Fiber
    Festival and there will be a significant number of spectators in attendance.
    Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and anyone exhibiting such conduct will be
    immediately disqualified and any damage done to the sheep by the dog, on or off the course,
    will be the responsibility of the handler.
  Camping/RV parking available with no hook-ups
  Food will be sold by the CT Sheep Breeders on Saturday but there is no food vendor for
    Sunday. Various fast food places are nearby.
  There will be a limited payout to the Top 3 placements in Open.
  No puppies may be sold at the trial.
  In order for the trial to run smoothly, we will need the help of the handlers. Please volunteer
    for one of the following work areas: set-up of fencing, take down of fencing, set out pen, setting
    out sheep, exhausting sheep, announcing to the public, scribing for the judge, and secretarial
    duties. We will especially appreciate any help with set up on Friday and take down on Sunday.

Directions to Tolland Agricultural Center:
Take Exit 67 off of I-84 (on the east or Boston side of Hartford) at the bottom of the
ramp turn left if you were Eastbound on 84 and right if you were Westbound, onto
Rt. 31. Turn right onto Rte 30 East and go about 1/8 mile. The Tolland Agricultural
Center is on your right, directly after the Rockville Bank.
Connecticut Sheep Breeders Sheep Dog Trial Entry Form

Handler’s name____________________________________________________
Phone ____________________Email:__________________________________

All Handlers will be expected to volunteer in some manner. Please indicate what job(s) you are
willing to do (see jobs listed above): ____________________________________

Entry fees (US funds only): N/N $25, PN/Ranch $27; Open $37; Nursery $20.

Dog Nam e                   Class & Day                  Total

Total Enclosed: ___________

Payment must accompany entry form in order for the entry to be valid.

Please specify if dog is owned by a person other than the handler.

“I agree not to hold the organizers of this trial, the Connecticut Sheep and Woolcraft Fair, the
Connecticut Sheep Breeders or NEBCA responsible for any injury or damage to myself, my
property or my dog. I also agree to be responsible for the actions of myself and of my dog, on or off
the trial field or property.”


Send completed entries by April 9th to:

Carolyn West
10227 N New Jersey St
Indianapolis, IN 46280

**Make checks payable to: Ellen Rusconi-Black (not CT Sheep Breeders)**

Any questions, etc? Please contact Carolyn West at or 860-729-0550.

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