BEWARE OF DEADLINES There are application deadlines depending on

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BEWARE OF DEADLINES There are application deadlines depending on Powered By Docstoc
There are application deadlines,
depending on your college and where you          SUNY Cobleskill
live. State and school deadlines are often
earlier than federal deadlines.               For more information contact:
                                                                              Applying for
At SUNY Cobleskill all students who have
                                                                              Financial Aid
been accepted and have a processed FAFSA
on file here at Cobleskill will receive a
financial aid award letter from us. Mailing
                                                           Or                 Fact Sheet
of letters begins in mid-March. This letter
will contain estimates for such awards, as
Pell, Stafford Loans, and TAP (for NY                 Financial Aid
Residents only) Priority for aid from the           1-800-295-8988
college, such as Perkin Loans, and Work                    Or
Study will be given to students whose                 518-255-5623
FAFSA is successfully processed on or
before February 15th.

Incoming student scholarships are
awarded each spring to Freshman entering
the College during the fall
semester. Applicants who are considered
for scholarships typically have an 85 or
higher cumulative high school GPA and
have performed well on the SAT and/or

Scholarships will be awarded on a rolling
and continuing basis throughout the spring
months. Students who have been selected
by the committee to receive a scholarship
will be notified in writing.

You can apply for scholarships online at
                                         INFORMATION THAT YOU WILL NEED                  YOU ARE NOW READY TO APPLY
                                         TO FILL OUT THE FAFSA:                          FOR FINANCIAL AID:

                                           Your Social Security number, along with       Complete FAFSA starting
                                           your parent’s Social Security number: if
                                           you will be providing your parents
                                                                                         January 2nd
                                           information.                                  The quickest way to apply is online using
                                           Your Date of Birth
                                                                                         FAFSA on the Web at

                                                                                         *please note-estimates of income should
                                           Your Parent(s) Date(s) of Birth
                                                                                         be used on the FAFSA in order to meet the
                                           Your driver’s license number if you have      processing due date of February 15th
                                                                                         The Financial Aid Office uses information
                                           Your Alien Registration Number if you         from the FAFSA to determine if you are
                                           are not a U.S. citizen.                       eligible to receive federal student aid from
                                                                                         grants, loans and work-study programs.
Financial Aid                              Federal tax information or tax returns,
                                           including W-2 information, for yourself,
                                                                                         So be sure to fill out a FAFSA even if you
                                                                                         (think) you will not qualify. You must have
                                           for your spouse (if you are married), and
Where to start?                            for your parents if you are providing
                                                                                         a completed FAFSA to be eligible to take                             parent information, using income records
                                                                                         out any Federal loans.
                                           for the year prior to the academic year for   List the college codes for all colleges you
Get your Pin:                              which you are applying.                       are applying to.
Before you fill out the FAFSA, you
                                           Records of untaxed income, such as            Cobleskill’s code is 002856
should apply for a U.S. Department of
                                           Social Security benefits, Temporary
Education personal identification                                                        Once you have submitted your
                                           Assistance for needy Families (TANF),
number (PIN). You can apply for a                                                        application: print and retain your
                                           and veterans benefits, for yourself (and
PIN at any time. The PIN will allow                                                      confirmation number for your records.
                                           for your parents if you are providing
you to sign your FAFSA electronically
                                           parent information) and information on        Follow up on your FAFSA: Once your
and to correct your processed FAFSA        savings, investments, and business and        application is submitted and processed
information online. After you receive      farm assets for yourself (and for your        you will receive an email with a link to
the PIN assigned to you, we                parents if your are providing parent          your Student Aid Report (SAR). If you did
recommend you change it to                 information.)                                 not provide an email address, your SAR
something that will be easy for you to
                                                                                         will be sent to you by mail. You should
remember. It is important to note
                                                                                         then review your SAR for any necessary
that you will need this PIN to renew
                                                                                         corrections or updates. If you do not hear
the FAFSA each January. DO NOT
                                                                                         anything within three weeks:
If you are providing parent                                                              Check the status of your submitted FAFSA
information on the FAFSA, it is                                                          online at or by phone at
important to know that your parents                                                      800-433-3243 or the Financial Aid Office
must ALSO apply for his or her PIN.                                                      at your School.

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