Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring

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					Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring The Vision
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Live vehicle central monitoring Pricing based on carbon credits Electronic central boundary setting Every vehicle transmits electronic ID Regulation by real-time road usage charging Alerts and alarms set centrally for traffic events Able to reduce vehicle carbon emissions & prove it Customer has value in carbon trading global market Safer streets, cleaner air, improved lifestyle

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring What is proposed
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Improve on current fixed point systems Vehicle device tracking by satellite positioning Ability to monitor/calculate carbon emissions Personal carbon credits used to pay charges Cap and trade scheme Ability to change boundaries at will Ability to predict traffic problems and send alerts Migration from existing technology Ability to transmit real-time traffic information Safer and more secure centrally monitored roads

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring

What is the technology?
Satellites send co-ordinates Corporate customers and drivers access data through portal

Antenna receives signal. Receiver obtains NMEA strings

Device transposes data & transmits message over available wireless networks

Data services Journey replays Billing services

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring How does road pricing apply?
Auto-routes, and cities for a start. Other zones to follow.  Configured and managed from central services – boundaries can be changed dynamically  Anywhere there is a road - wireless network coverage  Once operational, technology can be applied in any designated bounded area in any city or country  Technology services developed wherever cost-effective  Able to use distributed technology, data centres, telco, wireless networks for efficiency

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring

Why is this a good idea?
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Provide incentive to reduce emissions based on real data Manufacturers get buyers for low carbon cars & fuel Existing technology cannot track carbon Individuals can carbon trade - rewards for reducing mileage Provide traffic flow analysis and statistics Improved inner city real-time traffic monitoring Able to provide real-time information to drivers

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring Where are we headed?
Phased implementation of vehicle tracking from 2009 -2015  Flexible carbon credit options including pre-paid and post-paid options  Journey replays and carbon emissions on-line on demand  Ability to discount for vehicles with reduced or (eventually) no carbon emissions  Real time statistics, including road usage, traffic patterns, personal and aggregated carbon emission calculations on a daily basis

Road Pricing and Carbon Business Outlook Total # vehicles for Road Pricing Emissions Monitoring Phase 5
2 million Phase 4 Phase 1 – Early public implementations Phase 3 1 million Phase 2 – City implementations Phase 3 – further expansion Phase 2 Phase 4 – further expansion Phase 5 – further expansion Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Phase 1

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring Architecture
Vehicle Owner/Drivers Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle Vehicle Corporate Customers Customer . Service Providers Telco network Technology Services Technology Configuration Transaction Processing Performance Monitoring Auxiliary Service Providers LB Services Mapping, Points of interest Database Device Providers Mobile phone, PDA, Trackers Content Providers Diverse content subscriptions



LBS services

Device function

Data services

Web tracking

Client Application Services Provision Device Provisioning and Delivery Application Test Maintenance

Hosting, & Network Infrastructure

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring Business Model
GPS/Galileo satellites Bearer services

Data Centre
End-Users Trac-Car Corporate Customers

Business Partners

Road Pricing and Carbon Emissions Monitoring Next steps?

We are organising a proof-of-concept in London for a trial group of drivers to commence October 2008  We are seeking participation from technology partners and sponsors  If you would like to be involved please contact us! Nya Murray, Trac-Car Email: Telephone: UK: +44 20813 39249
Australia: +61 41111 6421

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