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     Minutes for Inland Empire Classic Mustang Club Board of
        Directors and Member meeting of March 29, 2007:

1. Welcome & Introductions
2. Appointing a Minutes Recorder for the day
3. A Brief History of the Club
4. Open Discussion: ‘What do we need to do to get more organized?’
5. Upcoming Events
6. Door prizes

Corporate Officers:
Tom Dye, President
Cliff Gatewood, Vice-President
Daniel Firth, Treasurer

Present at Meeting
Joel and Cheryl Harris                       Jack and Ashley Meyer
Dusty and Kathy Pinkerton                    Jim Kelly
Bruce and June Turner                        Robert Libentritt
Carlos and Jennifer Lopez                    Jay Berridge
Jerome Mandrell
Jim Williamson
Tim Weller
Roger Gonzales

The meeting was held at The Pizza Factory, 591 McKinley St., Corona, CA.
Vice-President Cliff Gatewood opened the meeting at 7:09 PM.

1. Welcome & Introductions:
Cliff welcomed the members and introduced himself, Tom, and Daniel to the new
members. He then asked each member to stand and introduce themselves to the
group, and state their Mustang’s year and model.

2. Appointing a Minutes Recorder for the day:
Cliff asked for a volunteer to record notes for the minutes of the meeting. Daniel
Firth offered, and a quick vote of the members agreed.

3. A Brief History of the Club:
Cliff & Tom then presented a brief history of the club for the benefit of the newer
members, from its inception in the parking lot of Larry’s Mustang & T-Bird Parts,
to our successful show in conjunction with the Corona Airport last month. Tom
announced that the club is now 44 members strong. Regular club meetings will
now be held at the same Pizza Factory location on the third Tuesday of every
month at 6:30 PM.

4. Open Discussion:
Cliff opened the floor to the main focus of the meeting, a discussion on how club
members felt we could become more organized. He mentioned that although
email was the main means of communication among members, it was not always
effective, due to many individuals not checking their email on a regular basis. He
reminded members about our new website, informed them of several new
features there, and that communication was possible through that medium as
He felt it was also necessary to start delegating some responsibilities to
members, and to get members more involved with activities and such, period.
The club members were then invited to offer suggestions about the club, its
activities, any improvements needed, etc.
The following are the members’ ideas and comments:
    - That these evening meetings were a great idea.
    - That they’d like more cruises.
    - Possibly scheduling shows/meetings/cruises at different locations.
    - Adding an “Activity Director/Event Coordinator to list of officers for
        organizing activities and to liaison with other clubs, etc., so as not to
        create conflicting show schedules.
    -      (*Cliff added that having joined the So Cal Car Club Association will
    -        help scheduling different activities, etc., amongst the many local
    -        clubs as well.)
    - Carlos Lopez volunteered for the position of Activity Director/Event
        Coordinator (actual title to be decided at a later date), and a unanimous
        vote of the members quickly agreed.
    - A financial statement was requested to be presented at the next meeting.
    - Jim Williamson asked if a satellite or branch of the club could be started in
        the high desert (where he lives). He already has 5 other local Mustang
        owners interested in joining up. Tom stated that would be a definite
        possibility, and Cliff thought it was a great idea. Several members felt it
        would be a great cruise up there as well.

6. Upcoming Events:
Cliff confirmed that there will be another Inland Empire Classic Mustang Club car
show at the Corona Airport again next March.
The Corona Airport management has also asked the club to be a highlight of
their big air show again in October, and will be opening the field to all makes for a
bigger show.
Vista del Lago High School has asked our club, and a local Oldsmobile club to be
featured at a charity car show as a fund-raiser they’re putting on May 12th. Pre-
registration is only $10.00.
Topics for next meeting were planned. The main discussion will be how many car
shows a month the club should put on, and what day (Saturday vs. Sunday); the
second being other events and activities.
It was agreed to add the night’s discussions to the website and sending it out in
emails for members not in attendance.
Also agreed was sending an email out a week in advance of the next meeting
asking members about any other topics they’d like to cover/discuss at said

Door prizes were then raffled off, and the meeting was adjourned by Cliff at 8:14