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Carbon Trust Enterprises Creating valuable low carbon businesses


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									Carbon Trust Enterprises
Creating valuable low carbon businesses

Renewable Opportunities Lane & Partners LLP
Andrew Wordsworth Director, Business Development 21st November 2007

The Carbon Trust is the UK’s leading authority on the business implications of climate change
The Carbon Trust Group has five complementary business areas



Thought leadership on opportunities surrounding climate change

A leading creator of valuable low carbon businesses

First quartile early-stage venture capital investment returns

Delivering Leading the practical development of solutions saved the low carbon customers over technology base £300m last year

Who: Carbon Trust Enterprises is a wholly owned commercial subsidiary of the Carbon Trust…
… a unique position means we are often better placed to unlock previously unrealised opportunities in the low carbon sector
“To become a leading creator of valuable low carbon businesses in the UK and beyond”

Business Vision

Business Vision

“To accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy by helping organisations reduce their carbon emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies”

Unlocking opportunities
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Facilitate and advise Non-profit making

Create, develop & implement Profit-making

What: We create valuable carbon reducing businesses
These ventures represent co-investment opportunities to partners who can bring the necessary skills and capital investment to complement those of the Carbon Trust Group

Revenue £m Connective Energy Brokers best of breed partners and suppliers to utilise waste heat Insource Energy Integrated carbon and waste management solution

Partnerships Low Carbon Emission for Culture Accreditation Renewables Company Scheme UK’s leading Captures Helping emission public sector organisations management renewable engage their accreditation asset employees scheme with development on climate over 200 opportunity change customers

Carbon Label Company Assisting companies to communicate with their customers on climate change

Carbon Mt

Insource Energy Developers of waste to energy projects
Market Opportunity: Combination of waste, energy and carbon developments “tipping” project economics Solution: Onsite Waste to Energy Unit

– EU Waste Framework Directive – EU Landfill Directive – UK Animal By-Products Regulation
Waste Electricity + Heat

– Hedge against energy price volatility – Security of Supply – Renewable Obligation

Imported Biomass

Example of Insource unit

– Global Warming (Kyoto etc.) – EU Emissions Trading Scheme – Climate Change Levy

Pre-treatment line

Conversion plant
Digested biomass

Engine/generator unit Oil/gas boiler

– Corporate Social Responsibility – Public Affairs – Low Carbon Branding

Decanting device

Evaporator Liquid line

Fertiliser concentrate


Insource Energy Drawing on shareholders, people and partners to create value
Carbon Trust Enterprises Limited 40% Scottish Southern Energy Venture Capital Limited 40% 3rd Investor (Financial) TBC 20%


InSource Energy Limited
Legal partner
Simmons & Simmons

Executive Chairman

Paul Ashworth John Scott

Financial partner
Grant Thornton

Managing Director

Jaeson deBarros
Technical partners
Black & Veatch

Finance Director

Operations Director

Justin Strutt

Bus. Development Director

Michael Gifford

Carbon Trust Enterprises Team
Andrew Wordsworth Ian Cooke

Director, Business Development

Associate Director, Commercial Development

Steve Bonsey

Associate Director, Commercial Delivery

Anna Payton

Commercial Manager

Susannah McClintock
Commercial Manager

Ewan Briggs

Commercial Analyst
Tel: 020 7170 7000

Carbon Trust Enterprises Limited

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