Music Scholarship by gvy99938


									                                     MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM

Scholarship Applying For:           Musically Gifted            Excellence in a Specific Instrument               Sr Majella Power

Candidate's Surname:                                                                 Given name:

Date of birth:                                                                       Religion:

Candidate's present school:                                                          Current Year:

Parent Surname:                                                                      Given name:

Parent Telephone:                                                                    Email:

Postal Address:

                              Suburb:                                                State:                     Postcode:

For Santa Maria College:      Is the candidate currently attending Santa Maria?                           Yes               No

                              Is the candidate enrolled at Santa Maria?                                   Yes               No

                              Is the candidate on a Santa Maria waiting list?                             Yes               No

Name of Music Tutor:                                                                 Tutor Tel:

Instrument(s) played:
(including years studied)

A.M.E.B Grade:

Other Qualifications

Other Achievements:

Musical Ambitions:

Signature of applicant:                                                              Date:

Signature of parent:                                                                 Date:

All candicates to provide the following with application:                       In addition candidates not currently attending or enrolled
                                                                                to attend Santa Maria College to provide the following:

Documentation supporting A.M.E.B grade                                          Photograph of student

A written reference from music tutor                                            Copy of Baptism Certificate

Copy of most recent academic report                                             Parish Priest Reference

Parental letter re: remission of fees (Sr Majella Power)                        **Please ensure all documentation is attached

Please note that scholarships will not automatically be awarded, selection will be made dependent on suitability. The decision by the Director of Music
                          and the College Principal is final and no feedback will be available after the interview and audition.

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