Building a Better Brain

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					Building a Better Brain
     Dr. Loren Bassett
    What will we learn?
• Look at the habits of some of the
  healthiest families to discover their
• What science tells us about health &
  the developing brain
• A blend of common sense and the
  latest research
            Our Goals
• Key take home messages on the growth,
  and development of your child‘s nervous
• Understanding that the quality of the
  nervous system determines not only how
  smart your kids are, but also how athletic
  (coordination/strength), how happy
  (moods, emotional stability), and how
  healthy they are (super-immune function)
Since every experience you will have in this life
Is mediated through your brain and nervous system….

      “the quality of your nervous system determines
       the quality of your life”

                   This information, applied correctly, has the potential
                    to change the lives of every man, woman, and child
                   on this planet!
 How do we grow a brain?
• The age old question:        does size matter?

• How about the number of brain cells?
• Einstein‘s brain- it is the number of connections
  that has a direct influence on
• Synapses: the process of
  synaptogenesis, means growing new
  connections between adjoining nerve
  cells (like collateral circulation)
• Connecting the hard drives
• More really is better
    When Do We Start
    Making Connections
• Huge growth and development from
  conception to age three (when is the best
  time to learn Chinese?)
• Development does continue throughout
  life- use it or lose it
• The case for crossword puzzles, and
  feeding yourself
• Challenge the system and you get a
  response, like building a muscle
     Growth influences
Positive              Negative
• Movement            • Toxins
• Nutrition           • Stress
• ‗Clean‘ input       • ‗Dirty‘
• Positive Mental       input/subluxation
  Attitude/Optimist   • Negative mental
      Stimulate The Brain!
•   Restak, R.M. (1979) The Brain: The Last Frontier

•   ―sensory enrichment leads to changes in the branching of neurons
    and the complexity of their (connections). The immature brain is
    dependent on sensory stimulation for normal growth, development,
    and function. Sensory stimulation has, in fact, been compared to a
    ‗nutrient.‘ There is a dependence on sensory stimulation for normal
    brain development‖
•   What kind of sensory stimulation do you think they are talking
    about? Game Boy? TV? Computer? Visual, hearing?
• Movement is the stimulation of choice
• Cerebellum is part of the brain with more cells than the
  rest of the brain and cord combined
• Direct connections to emotional centers, pleasure centers,
  higher ‗cortical‘ thought and others

• Mechanoreceptors are nerve endings which detect
  movement, vibration and position: located in the skin,
  muscle, ligaments, and joints all feed sensory information
  into the cerebellum
• Greatest density found in the spine; therefore greatest
  potential for input to cerebellum




MR = mechanoreceptors
    in joints, ligs, muscles
    (think spine) and skin

                                                          Immune organs

                                                          Blood vessels
                                            system        viscera
What is the ―Broccoli‖ of
    all movement?
• Proprioception- and in english that means a
  combination of knowing where your body
  parts are, how they are oriented in space,
  and balance
• Therefore movements which challenge
  these systems and nerve pathways provide
  the strongest stimulation for the
  developing brain, giving the most bang for
  the buck
 Good Broccoli Gone Bad
• Subluxation; any distortion to incoming
  sensory information
• Caused by faulty alignment, tension, stress
• Produces a distortion in the system, how
  your body relates to gravity
• Your internal picture doesn‘t match the
  external reality
• Imagine a blind person feeling your face
      Garbage in equals
        garbage out
• Subluxation will have a negative effect on
  the growth and development of your brain!!
• Also consider the effects of stress: ramp
  up your SNS, shunting blood away from
  your brain, bathing cells in adrenaline,
  depressing the immune system
• Your Chiropractor is the only one trained
  to find it, and fix it!!
          Great Choices
• Infants: lots of cuddling!! Being ‗swaddled‘,
  massage, gentle play and ROM (huge volume of
  research showing positive benefits to emotional
  health, and detrimental effects of sensory
• Toddlers: let them crawl before they walk:
  programs the brain/enhances development
• Older kids: swiss balls, skateboards, trampolines,
  wobble boards, wobble chairs etc.
     Growth influences
Positive              Negative
• Movement            • Toxins
• Nutrition           • Stress
• ‗Clean‘ input       • ‗Dirty‘
• Positive Mental       input/subluxation
  Attitude/Optimist   • Negative mental
• Beware the hydrogenated oils!
• Hidden in pretty much everything that will
  sit on a shelf and not go bad, as well as
  fries, chips, frozen foods , cakes etc
• Why so bad? Essentially it comes down to
  screwing up your bodies ability for cell
  signaling, and a huge shift toward
  inflammation in your body (linked to pain
  and fatigue)
               Cell Signaling
•   Fats make up the cell membrane (wall)
•   Trans fats are very rigid/omega 3‘s are very fluid
•   Receptors are like locks embedded in the wall, which receive the
    ‗key‘- a molecule transmitting a signal from another cell (example
•   Too rigid a wall, will change the shape of the receptor, and
    suddenly the key doesn‘t fit anymore
•   The body will produce more ‗keys‘ to force the issue
•   Think of the fair-shooting buckets at a smaller imperfectly shaped
    hoop-it takes 50 shots to get one bucket
•   50 hits of insulin does a lot of damage…wt.gain, fatigue,
    depression, diabetes
•   Same model for serotonin, and dopamine (pleasure messengers in
    the brain) but thank god for ritalin/prozac
               Brain Foods
• Pharmacological Research 1999 Sep;40(3):211-225 Health
  Benefits of DHA
• Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 1998
• Journal of Affective Disorders: Volume 69, Issues 1-3, May
• Brain Lipids and Disorders in Biological Psychiatry; Elsevier
• The list is endless, yet all hardcore respected medical
  journals, linking this one substance to everything from
  Diabetes to Depression, to Arthritis, Heart Disease,
  aggression, violent behavior, ADD, atherosclerosis,
  inflammation, hostility etc, etc,
      EPA/DHA Fish Oils
• Used to build synapses(connections) between brain cells;
  promoted by DHA,suppressed by AA
• DHA is necessary for the neurological development of both
  fetus and infant
• Inadequate intake of omega-3‘s is associated with major
  depression and other affective disorders
• Prevalence of postpartum depression related to DHA/fish
• Supplementation during pregnancy is safe and beneficial
• Pregnant women should consume a minimum of 650mg/day of
  EPA with a min of 300 mg/day DHA
• Vegetarian sources of omega-3‘s like flax seed are
  insufficient as only 2%is converted
• Childs mental processing and mental development
  scores and intelligence at age 4 is significantly
  correlated with maternal intake of DHA and EPA
  during pregnancy
• Positive correlation to breast feeding
• Baby will take ‗all you‘ve got‘ in store, and it may
  take up to 26 months to restock your shelf.
  Higher incidence of pp depression and health
  problems after baby number two
• Pharmaceutical grade fish oil to
  prevent mercury poisoning—purity
• Eat fish 1x per week (wild Alaskan
• 2gm per day with EPA/DHA ratio of
     Growth influences
Positive              Negative
• Movement            • Toxins
• Nutrition           • Stress
• ‗Clean‘ input       • ‗Dirty‘
• Positive Mental       input/subluxation
  Attitude/Optimist   • Negative mental
Positive Mental Attitude
• Goal Setting
• Affirmations
  – ―I‘m getting stronger everyday in every
  – Beliefs create reality!
• Psychotropic Drug Use in Very Young Children
  JAMA, Vol.283 No.8,February 23, 2000
• Medical News & Perspectives PayAttention: Ritalin
  Acts Much Like Cocaine JAMA: Vol.286 No.8,
  August 22/29, 2001
• Reported Adverse Drug Events in Infants and
  Children Under 2 Years of Age Pediatrics,
  November 2002, Vol.110, No.5
• These articles represent just a small sampling of
  what is in the MEDICAL literature
    The Immune System
• And if the dangers of adverse drug events are not
  enough, we will take a short detour through the
  IMMUNE system to see where things get really
       The Latest ‗Immune‘
•   This information has the potential to change your child‘s life; PAY
•   First some basics; immune system defends the body against
    anything ‗foreign‘ such as virus‘, bacteria, protozoa, even dirt or
    embedded particles etc.
•   2 essential parts to immune system
•   Realize that if the ‗innate‘ immune system does not respond to an
    intruder, then the adaptive system will not respond
•   Recall also that the innate immune system is under direct control
    of the ‗sympathetic‘ nervous system
•   The nervous system and immune system will talk to each other to
    maintain health
•   Chemical messengers released by SNS activate the immune
                     Key Points
•   The Sympathetic Nerve An Integrative Interface between Two Super
    systems: The brain and the Immune System
•   Pharmacol Rev, Vol. 52 Issue 4 Dec.2000
•   1-the brain and immune system talk to each other
•   2-the SNS connects to all parts of the body; including lymph nodes, tonsils,
    bone marrow,
•   3-SNS releases chemical messengers which control immune function (CA‘S)
•   4-SNS control blood flow to immune organs; thus control WBC traffic and
    immune response
•   5-immune cells (WBC‘S) have receptor sites that respond to CA‘s, altering
    their function; turns them on/off
•   6-SNS directs where immune cells go, blood flow, and lymph flow
•   7-the SNS is also critical in the neonatal development of the immune
    system organs, and in shaping the immune responsiveness
                   Th2 Shift
•   Sympathetic CA‘s cause a suppression of Th1 responses and
    cellular immunity (innate) and a Th2 shift toward dominance of
    humoral immunity (adaptive)
•   Th1 protects against bacteria, virus, protozoa (think flu)
•   Th2 adaptive immunity provides protection against
    toxins/allergens …produces atopic disease/allergy symptoms
•   SNS driven shift associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS,
    Diabetes, autoimmune thyroid disease, Crohn‘s, Fibromyalgia, CFS,
    and tumor growth

•   Removing subluxation will reduce SNS activity, reduce CA release,
    enhance Th1 response which improves infection fighting; inhibit
    the Th2 response, which will reduce allergy/atopic disease signs
    and symptoms
• Proprioception is in; can you say ‗synapse‘
• Omega 3‘s (EPA/DHA fish oils)
• Toxins : drugs are overprescribed, have serious
  short and long term consequences
• Chiropractic adjustments keep the input ‗clean‘ –
  decrease need for drugs, enhance immunity,
  enhance brain development, minimize the
  deleterious effects of stress
• People with positive attitudes live happier,
  healthier lives!
         THANK YOU

• Thanks for all of your attention, it
  has been a pleasure to share this
  information with you!!

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