siXty hours, siXty minutes on central african eland by ugu62488

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									                     D A L L A S                  S A F A R I             C L U B             N E W S

V O L U M E      2 2 ,    I S S U E      7                                                                      J U L Y      2 0 0 9

             siXty hours, siXty
            minutes on central
               african eland
                                             By   John        hoestenBach

                                                                       The concession is around 500,000 acres divided by the
                                                                    Faro River. PH Pierre Guerrini operates from a luxurious
                                                                    camp facility centrally located on the high side of the river.
                                                                    The signature feature of this scene was a bridge reminiscent
                                                                    of Frank Lloyd Wright, spanning the Faro for the sole pur-
                                                                    pose of accessing both the North and South segments of the
                                                                    vast hunting zones – a bridge to nowhere. With no cities, no
                                                                    villages, no fences, no feeding, no transplanted animals, this
                                                                    was wild Africa in its finest sense.
                                                                       Day One found us in search of a bull giant eland. We early
                                                                    on discovered tracks that were not as fresh as desired, but
                                                                    nevertheless a follow-up ensued resulting in a surprise taking
                                                                    of a harnessed bushbuck. No eland was taken due mainly to
                                                                    the lateness of the morning. That evening, however, we hap-
                                                                    pened on a large herd without them being aware of our pres-
                                                                    ence but did not find a shooter in the crowd.
                                                                       Day Two sadly turned into two days of anxiety that only a
                                                                    hunter understands. Fresh tracks are observed very quickly
                                                                    that morning and a one-hour stalk ensued bringing us upon

             hen does 60 minutes feel like 60 hours? When you       four eland bulls standing in the shade. Lining up the shot felt
             are tracking a herd of Central African elands, and     good, and the telltale whack sounded after the shot. The
             voila, there they are. Your prey is in sight but out   eland calmly walked away, seemingly untouched, with no
 of range, you are perched on the downwind side of a slight         sign of blood on his cape. Careful inspection proved the pro-
 depression and your prize is feeding peacefully on the             verbial clean miss. How do you miss something as big as an
 opposite edge with zero cover between you and that large           eland? No excuses, no idea as to why, it just happened. The
 black dewlap you so covet.                                         angst on my part was overwhelming but my PH simply said,
    The beginning is simple enough. I emailed Pierre Guerrini       “there are plenty… we will get one.”
 of Faro West in Cameroon, and he called me back, agreeing             Day Four begins with fresh tracks spied almost instantly. A
 to meet at the hunting convention. We met, our thoughts            15-minute stalk resulted in our position overlooking a herd of
 were one, and a hunt was born.                                     eland. For 45 minutes, we observe them feeding when, unex-
    The hunt began with my wife and I landing in Doala via          pectedly, a cow leads one half of her flock directly towards
 Air France. We were met by an English-speaking representa-         us. The PH said, “do not move.”
 tive of Faro West. After an overnight stay and early departure        Slowly, they worked their way to us, ultimately stopping
 for camp, we arrived in what seemed like just moments, even        and staring at us from a range of 30 yards, then slowly
 though several months were involved.                               turning left and easing into the brush. Now the second half of
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2   D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
                                                                                                               President –Albert Wolfe IV
                                                                                                           President Elect – George Chamblee
                                                                                                          Immediate Past President – Bob Scott
                                                                                                                 Treasurer – John Eads
                                                                                                                Secretary – Lucy Blachly

                                                                                                                   BOard Of directOrs

                dsc is a
                                                                                                                         Jerry Mumfrey
                                                                                                                          Marty Markl

             hunting family
                                                                                                                         Frank Sweeney

                                                                                                                       Richard Cheatham
                                                                                                                          Steve Davis
                                    By alBert wolfe                    iv                                                 Allen Moore
                                     dsc President

     n my role as President of Dallas Safari         numerous, and the annual convention is                               Steve Miller
                                                                                                                         John Patterson
     Club, I keep busy with the work of the club     jam-packed with activities, seminars and                              Dixie Yeatts

     – planning, committee meetings, budgeting,      meetings, both scheduled and impromptu.                            Vice Presidents
                                                                                                            Dianne Fletcher           Abe Nayfa
making decisions, meeting new members,               Quite simply, we love Dallas Safari Club as            Brooks Puckett         Rob Salmeron
                                                                                                            Chris Hudson              Karl Evans
attending events as a representative of the club,    much as we love hunting.
                                                                                                                    dsc-Pac chairman
committee meetings, more planning and did I            I am always mindful of the decisions and                          Lance Phillips
mention committee meetings? Through it all,          sacrifices that people make in order to be part of
                                                                                                              GOVernment affairs adVisOry
though, I am constantly reminded of the big          the club. Let’s be honest. DSC membership is                       Steve Weinberg

picture by the evidence of what we have built        not an essential expense. We are all working                         first LiGht
and the vision of where we are going. DSC has        hard – groceries, the mortgage, gas in the car                     2010 cOnVentiOn
                                                                                                          Richard Cheatham – Convention Chair
grown from its roots and has become a premier        are the top priorities. However, each and every      John Patterson – Convention Co-Chair

hunting organization that has not lost its           member must decide how important DSC’s                                dsc staff
                                                                                                             Ben F. Carter – Executive Director
hometown flavor. In fact, it is that flavor that     mission is to them, and act accordingly. Our             Terri Lewis – Exhibits Manager
                                                                                                               Debi Mills – Auction Manager
keeps our exhibitors, partners and members           continued commitment is to protect the freedom            Jaimey Bills – Membership &
coming back year after year, happy to be part of     to hunt, and we need each and every dollar,                   Registration Manager
                                                                                                             Ben Kimmel – Events Coordinator
the hunting family.                                  each hour of volunteer time, and all the positive         Roberta Owens – Convention &
                                                                                                                     Service Coordinator
  With this comfortable, familial atmosphere,        thoughts that our members can give to ensure         Blanca Munoz – Exec. Admin. Assistant
one might forget that we are a true international    that legacy for future generations.
organization. Only 40 percent of the                   Renew your membership, become a Life                            newsLetter staff
                                                                                                               Jaimey Bills – Editor in Chief
membership is from the Dallas area, and half of      Member, sponsor a friend, sign up this week for
                                                                                                                       GLOBaL GrOuP inc.
the new members are from national and                First Light (Jan. 7-10, 2010), buy banquet and               Art, Production & Printing
international locations. Through its partnerships,   luncheon tickets, join DSC 100’s band of merry
DSC operates in the international arena to           volunteers. Be proud of what you have helped
promote hunting, education the public and            to build, what you are now a part of – the best
conserve wildlife.                                   hunting organization and the biggest hunting
  Another aspect of our unique culture is that       family around.                                                    daLLas safari cLuB
                                                                                                               6390 LBJ Freeway, Suite 108
we are an active, definitely not passive,                                                                     Dallas, Texas 75240-6414 USA
organization. Members don’t just pay their dues                                                                    Phone 972-980-9800
                                                                                                                    Fax 972-980-9925
and then sit back. Monthly meetings are                                                                         Email:
well-attended, member events are lively and          Albert Wolfe, IV, DSC President                                      137096

                                                                                                              J    U    L Y       2    0    0   9   3
    siXty hours                                        CONTINUED FROM pAgE 1
                                                                                                    MONTHLY MEETINg
                                                                                     RSVP to DSC Office at 972-980-9800 or

                                                                                      AUgUST MONTHLY                            SEpTEMBER
                                                                                         MEETINg                              MONTHLY MEETINg
                                                                                    DATE & TIME           RAFFLE          DATE & TIME            COST
                                                                                   August 20, 2009          TBD           Sept. 17, 2009     $35 per person
                                                                                   6:30 pm Cocktails                     6:30 pm Cocktails      prior to
                                                                                    7:15 pm Dinner                        7:15 pm Dinner     Sept. 13, 2009
                                                                                                       $35 per person
                                                                                                                            pROgRAM          $40 per person
                                                                                      pROgRAM              prior to                              after
                                                                                                                         Monthly Meeting
                                                                                      Hunting in       August 16, 2009                       Sept. 13, 2009
    the herd decided to follow that exact path. The bull, naturally, is                Ethiopia        $40 per person                        $15 per child
                                                                                                                            Royal Oaks
    an integral member of this last group. At a range of 100 yards,                  Steve Miller           after                            under age 12
                                                                                                                           Country Club
    there is a swirl of wind and a satellite bull senses danger is near                                August 16, 2009
    but cannot pinpoint it. The herd bull and his toady angle left away                 pLACE                                ATTIRE
                                                                                                        $15 per child
    from us but ever so cautiously. At 125 yards, the trophy eland                    The Westin                         Business Casual
                                                                                                        under age 12
    presents a nice angling shot to his off left shoulder and, after a run           DFW Airport                             RAFFLE
    of some 75 yards, the angst of my missed shot is forgotten. The                                                           TBD
    60 hours of anxiety compressed into a 60-minute hunt,                              ATTIRE
    culminating with a magnificent beast to be honored in my trophy                Business Casual
    room. CT

4    D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B     N   E   W   S
J   U   L Y   2   0   0   9   5
                                       L     E       T       T    E      R             F    R     O     M         T     H     E

    convention chairs
                       haze grey and underway
           irst, John and I offer a sincere round of thanks to the folks                   there is a committee that is perfect for you. Our DSC staff has a
           at Sewell Hummer of Dallas for hosting our DSC 100                              complete list of Convention committee chairs and co-chairs, and
           kickoff event. We really appreciate the opportunity to work                     can put you in touch with those individuals. Feel free to contact
    with the Sewell Hummer of Dallas crew. A special shout out goes                        me, and I will pass along the contact information as well. Check
    to Tucker Pressly and Chip Besio. Thanks to all of the volunteers                      the website for a link in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we
    who showed up and signed up for Convention committee duties,                           will take this opportunity to introduce you to four of the larger
    and thanks to our outstanding DSC staff for another great event.                       committees, and we will feature other committees in future Camp
       For those of you who could not attend the DSC 100 kickoff                           Talk articles.
    event at Sewell Hummer of Dallas, here is some more informa-                              One of the largest committees is the Move-In/Move-Out
    tion that can help you chose committees that are right for you. We                     Committee, headed by Karl Evans and Scott Tobermann. This
    have approximately 50 committees that help with the various                            committee consists of approximately 135 volunteers who work
    aspects of the Convention. Some require only a few volunteers,                         three-hour shifts beginning at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010, and
    and others – such as move-in/move-out, security, DSC store, and                        continuing through 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010, helping
    Ladies’ Luncheon – require many volunteers. No matter what                             our exhibitors move into the Convention Center. These volunteers
    your skill set, time constraints, or personal preferences may be,                      also assist the move-out process beginning at 4 p.m. on Sunday,

                                   2009 -2010 DSC MEMBER ACTIVITIES
                                             Go to for updates and new activities!

                           2009                                                                                                   2010
                          July 17                                              September 24                                    January 7-10
                       TBS Roundup                                            Regional Meeting                               DSC Convention &
                                                                              Natchitoches LA                      Sporting Expo Dallas Convention Center
                        August 13                                               Shawn Daily                              and Hyatt Regency Reunion
                  Muzzle Loading Seminar
                      Frank Sweeney                                           October 15                                       February 20
                       DSC Pavillion                                       Monthly Meeting                                    Monthly Meeting
                                                                         Doubletree Hotel Dallas                                Venue TBD
                        August 20                                           Campbell Centre
                      Monthly Meeting                                                                                            March 18
                    Hunting in Ethiopia                                       November 12                                      Annual Meeting
                       Steve Miller                                    East Texas Regional Meeting                               Venue TBD
                  The Westin DFW Airport                                Jack Brittingham's Ranch
                    September 4-5                                             November 19
               Hailey Ranch Dove Hunt                                       Monthly Meeting
             Hailey Ranch – Abilene, Texas                             Sheraton Dallas North Hotel
                                                                             (near Galleria)
                       September 17
                     Monthly Meeting                                           December 10
                  Royal Oaks Country Club                                      Holiday Party
                                                                       Hotel Intercontinental Dallas
                    September 19
                   S.A.F.E.T.Y Event
             Greystone Castle Sporting Club

6    D   A    L    L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I       C   L   U B      N    E   W   S
Jan. 10, and usually wrap up around 8:30 p.m. on the final day.
This is a job that anyone can do. We have volunteers from age 15
to 75, both male and female. This committee provides one of the
first opportunities to greet our returning exhibitors, and it is a
great way to meet those exhibitors, and welcome them back as
ambassadors of the Club.
   Security is another large and very important committee, headed
by John Eads. This committee will need approximately 75 volun-
teers, and will work closely with our off-duty Dallas police offi-
cers during move-in/move-out and during all hours of the
Convention. Security volunteers also work three-hour shifts and
work from noon on Tuesday, Jan. 5, through lockdown at approx-
imately 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 10.
   The Floor Managers, led by Rob Salmeron, are the go-to men
and women of the Convention. They also work in three-hour
shifts during Convention hours, and roam the floor talking to
exhibitors, answering questions from exhibitors and/or attendees,
and making sure there are no issues on the floor. The Floor
Managers, along with Security, are the primary eyes and ears of
the Club and make sure that any issues that arise during
Convention hours are handled promptly and properly.
   The Ladies’ Luncheon Committee is in the capable hands of
Karen Wolfe and Christine Bond. Karen and Christine need vol-
unteers for approximately six sub-committees, and will invite you
to periodic Ladies’ Luncheon Committee meetings if you provide
your contact information. I can tell you from personal experience
no one has more fun working on with their committees than our
Ladies’ Luncheon crew.
   If you have not signed up for a committee already, we urge you
to do. If you volunteered last year, there is a good chance you will
be contacted by the chair of the committee you helped. Please
continue to support the Convention, the Dallas Safari Club, and
its mission, by the generous donation of your time as a DSC 100
   Finally, we hope you are reading this article on your way to
southern Africa or some other fun hunting destination, or while
enjoying a cold beverage after honing your shotgun skills in prep-
aration for the upcoming dove season. John and I thank each and
every one of you for your support of the Dallas Safari Club’s
annual Convention, your volunteer efforts, and all that you will
do for First Light in the coming months. We look forward to
working with each of you.
   First Light is coming – please join us!

  Richard T. Cheatham Chairman

  John Patterson Vice-Chairman

                                                                       J   U   L Y   2   0   0   9   7
                       Texas Hunter
                     Education Course
         Every hunter (including out-of-state hunters) that is
        born on or after September 2, 1971, must successfully
           complete a Hunter Education Training Course.
           Minimum age of certification is 9 years of age.

                  All dates will be held at
                 Bass Pro Shop in Garland.

                             August 22-23,2009
                         October 24-25 2009
                 Student must complete both days.

            All classes are listed in the events website
                    for Bass Pro Shop Garland.
        For more information and/or to register,
                    please contact
         Charles Preslar at 972-270-8688.

8   D   A    L   L   A   S     S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
                                                   B y      l o n       k r i e g e r

                               Practical oPtics
   With a noticeable German accent, he announced to all present             $8,000 elk hunt or even a $3,000 management buck hunt in South
“Zees ist the Ultimate Disappointing Rifle!” Pretty bold state-             Texas, don’t bet the hunt on a $100 scope. Good scopes usually
ment. “Well, what is the problem with it?” he was asked. “Eet               start around $300 (the good ole Leupold 3X9) and go up from
shoots terrible groups.”                                                    there. If you’re going on the $40,000 safari, you may want to start
   The rifle was a beautiful CZ bolt action with an equally pretty          higher than $300. The more you spend, the more you’ll get, not
German scope sitting on top. The gentleman had come to Safari               only in dependability, but also in image quality and features like
Shooting School for a tune-up before a safari, and the CZ was to            reticles, materials, and lens coatings.
be his plains game rifle – but it wasn’t performing. He was in a               Ask around. Talk with experienced shooters that have used sev-
quandary. We cleaned the bore, checked the screws for tightness,            eral brands of scopes. There are many members of DSC that fit
and tried different loads, all with no improvement. “Let’s swap             this category, and even if they have only used a few brands, they
out your scope.” Guess what? Beautiful groups.                              probably have years of experience with those brands and can give
   He had a very popular make and model of a well known                     you a good opinion. Guides and PH’s are another good source –
German scope on that rifle and if you show up at Safari Shooting            they have seen what works and what doesn’t. Whatever you do,
School with one like it on your rifle, we will recommend you                be very wary of the counter man at the local sporting goods store
change it out before your safari – we have seen that many of them           or the big box stores. How many safaris, or guided hunts for that
fail. I’m sure their failure rate is in the single digits, but it’s still   matter, has he been on? They’re pushing what they’ve been told
the highest we’ve seen. Now, this is a fluke. Virtually all the             to push or has an extra commission built in. We’re looking for
European glass is top quality, but this one model has presented             good sources of information here.
more problems than any scope we’ve seen (bear in mind we                       While you’re at it, you also have to make some decisions about
haven’t seen one Bushnell Banner, BSA or similarly priced scope             magnification, field of view, objective lens and reticles. We’re
come through the gates). Please don’t misunderstand me, without             looking for the right tool for the job. Is this a specialty rifle for
a doubt, most of the German optics are the safest bet for a failsafe        prairie dogs or buffalo? Is the scope going on your general pur-
riflescope – even from this manufacturer, but not this model.               pose gun such as a .270 or .300 Magnum? This is the time to
   Any scope can fail, but by far, the vast majority do just fine.          keep my First Law of Optics in mind – There Is No Free Lunch.
This brings up what should be the prime consideration in select-            Too much magnification costs you field of view, brightness and
ing a riflescope – dependability. The brightest, clearest scope with        versatility. Too large of an objective lens costs you in gun fit and
the latest in bullet drop compensation and an illuminated reticle is        weight. Not enough magnification and your reticle will totally
useless if it doesn’t place the bullet where indicated – every time.        cover up a prairie dog at 400 yards. When asking around about
So how do you get “dependable”? Here’s a three-step plan that is            scopes, be sure to also ask about these items, too. Who better than
the best guarantee I know to ensure a dependable scope.                     a sheep hunter to tell you about a scope for sheep hunting? Avoid
   Spend the money. Remember the Second Law of Optics – You                 extremes. Do you really need 16X for deer hunting (maybe you
Get What You Pay For? If you’re going on a $40,000 safari,                  need a spotting scope instead)? “Well, my deer lease has a
                                                                                                                                CONTINUED ON pAgE 10

                                                                                        HUNT AFRICA
                                                                             Four animals, 7 full days hunting, $2300 1x1. Six animals, 7 full
                                                                             days hunting, $3995. Over 500,000 acres of which 70,000 is bow
                                                                             only. Strictly fairchase. All natural production. All hunts including
                                                                             bow are spot and stalk. Caracal hunt with hounds – $ 800.
                                                                             Dangerous game available as well with bow and rifle. Free DVD
                                                                             on request.
                                                                                    EAI Outdoors                  888-710-9453

                                                                                                                      J   U   L Y     2   0   0   9    9
     oPtics                                                                                                                       CONTINUED FROM pAgE 9

     10-point minimum.” You do need a spotting scope, and perhaps a               at 100 yards at a predetermined scope magnification setting. From
     good 3-9X or 4-12X scope once you have determined that a buck                there, you can estimate range if there is something of a known
     is worth taking.                                                             size at that range. Now the calculator comes out, and … just get a
        Prove it. You made the purchase and have your new gem                     laser rangefinder and use the BDC reticle. You’ll be happier.
     mounted on your rifle. Step 3 is to sight it in, then put 200 rounds            What I believe is the slickest solution to long range shooting is
     through your rifle. This accomplishes several things. If it’s still          that some scope companies are starting to offer custom turrets for
     putting bullets through the same group after 200 rounds, you got             their scopes. You provide the exact load information you will be
     a winner. You have also field-proven your gun, gotten some good              using, the gun, cartridge, bullet weight, barrel length, expected
     practice and proven that you mounted your scope properly. With               temperature, etc, etc, and they will provide you with turrets that
     that said, let me expand on this 200 round drill a little bit. First,        when set to zero at 100 yards, you simply dial in the range and
     either mount the scope using the directions that came with the               wind drift with the turrets and your scope should be dead on! I
     rings and bases (degrease the screws, use loc-tite, etc) or have a           believe Leupold is offering this now, and one company whose
     gunsmith do it – he’s a craftsman. Don’t let the guy at the sport-           scopes I carry, Vortex Optics, plans to have it available soon. If
     ing goods store do it. Once this guy gets your scope on, he’s got            you’re going to shoot way out there, this may be the best option
     to close out the cash register, fill the Coke machine, sweep up –            for hunters. But if you are going to take long shots, know what
     he ain’t thinking about your scope. Once you’re sighted in, get off          you are doing and practice – you owe it to the animal you’re
     the bench and get some real practice. Shoot offhand, shoot with              shooting at! You be as dependable as your gun and scope.
     shooting sticks, put your butt on the ground and shoot off your                 Ultimately, a scope has but one critical job – to tell you where
     knees. Fill the magazine and run them through while making                   your bullet will hit, plus or minus a minute of angle or so, at a
     good shots. Use different loads to find what your gun likes. When            predetermined distance. After that, it’s your job to hold the gun
     you’re through, not only are you a better shooter, but if your gun           steady on that point while you work the trigger. If you can’t do it,
     or scope has a potential problem, you’ll know by then. That’s                don’t blame your scope!
     dependable.                                                                     Call me with your questions or comments, or book a weekend
        If things aren’t working out, maybe you need to swap out the              at Safari Shooting School, 512-618-8880. CT
     scope…and re-do the drill.
        Now that we have a dependable scope with the right features
     for the task at hand, what are some of the in’s and out’s of it’s
     use? Understand that while a scope will help you see the target
     better, it will not improve accuracy. A gun is only as accurate as
     the load, shooter and gun itself can be. The biggest, baddest scope
     around won’t make that old .30-30 lever gun a tack driver.
        Whenever you travel, always check zero on your scope. Even a
     dependable scope can get knocked around in baggage, on a horse
     or in the truck. If you take a spill and the gun hits the ground,
     check it out before it costs you a trophy. A $1 or $2 cartridge is a
     cheap insurance policy.
        Sight your scope in for the game and terrain you will be hunt-
     ing. For a general purpose big game rifle, it’s hard to beat sighting
     in for two inches high at 100 yards. Figuring an eight-to-10 inch
     kill zone on most animals, this sighting allows you to hold dead-
     on out to about 250 yards and on the top of the back out to 300
        Beyond that, get closer, or the bullet drop compensating reticle
     has become popular in recent years and if you will do your home-
     work, they can be very useful. Your homework is to actually
     check at what distances those extra crosshairs are accurate for
     your gun/load. If you’re shooting a 7x57 with 175 grain bullets,
     that 300 yard crosshair may actually be accurate for 250 yards
     and you may need to use the 400 yard line for shooting a 320
     yard target. Just the opposite may be true for the Ultra Mags and
     such. Do your homework, then you’ll know. That’s dependable.
        A true Mil-Dot reticle can be very accurate, but they are
     damned hard to understand and literally require you to take a cal-
     culator with you. Their strongest feature is their range finding
     ability. A milliradian, or mil is 3.41 minutes of angle or 3.6 inches

10    D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
                       B y     B e n       c a r t e r ,         e X e c u t i v e          d i r e c t o r

                                            cic rePort
                                                                         There are 32 nation states as member groups with delegates
                                                                      from over 80 nations around the world. The Dallas Safari Club is
                                                                      a member of the North American Delegation and hosted the
                                                                      North American Delegations’ meeting at our DSC 2009
                                                                      “Drumbeats” convention earlier this year. Dallas Safari Club has
                                                                      a position on the Sustainable Use Committee which is chaired by
                                                                      John Jackson of Conservation Force and includes Shane
                                                                      Mahoney. Sustainable Use, much like the North American Model
                                                                      for Conservation is taking on a universal appeal and definition
                                                                      that basically views wildlife and conservation as renewable
                                                                      resources in which the hunting community and related activities
                                                                      are the driving force for the resource.
                                                                         It is important for Dallas Safari Club to continue to be involved
                                                                      with CIC. Not only is it the cooperation in the same conservation
                                                                      objectives from a world platform, but there is considerable
                                                                      influence from CIC and its members on policy in IUCN and
                                                                      CITES. These organizations determine much of the status of

                                                                      species around the globe. The partnerships we develop with
          allas Safari Club (DSC) is a member of CIC — the            members of CIC as well as the united voice we have in promotion
          International Council for Game and Wildlife                 of conservation give us a stronger presence both internationally
          Conservation. We have been a member for four years          and here at home. At this year’s General Assembly, the Boone
and have attended their annual General Assembly each year. I          and Crocket Club attended as well as the Congressional
attended the General Assembly each of the past four years; two        Sportsman’s Foundation. Several of our partner organizations are
years as a volunteer and the last two years as the DSC Executive      members as well such as PHASA and NAPHA. This creates
Director.                                                             stronger ties with these groups both abroad and at home. As you
   CIC was established in 1928, making it the oldest hunting          all know, the President of CIC was a featured speaker on Saturday
organization in Europe. The founding fathers of CIC were Count        night at Drumbeats. This was the first ever official public
Louis Karolyi of what is now Hungary, and Maxime Ducrocq of           representation to a conservation organization and audience in the
France. These men and a group of their friends and peers formed                                                         CONTINUED ON pAgE 12
the CIC with the recognition that the future of hunting depended
on rational management of game and an effective conservation of
habitat and also the international exchange of information that
was essential for all conservation efforts. This recognition
signified that the founders of CIC realized the importance of
sustainable use and conservation of wildlife far before the launch
of most environmental movements. The first headquarters was
located in Paris, France.
   Our current DSC President Albert Wolfe and I, as Executive
Director, attended this years’ General Assembly which was held
in Paris. This year celebrated their 80th anniversary of the found-
ing of CIC.

                                                                                                              J   U   L Y     2   0   0   9    11
     cic                                                CONTINUED FROM pAgE 11

     United States for CIC. In the opening ceremonies of the
     Assembly in Paris, President Schramm noted the invitation and
     speaking opportunity he had at our convention and applauded
     Dallas Safari Club for inviting him and CIC. At this years’
     Assembly I was invited to present an update on the success we
     have had in Washington on USAID and its impact on sustainable
     use projects in Africa such as Light Plus and Campfires,
     furthering our mission and position with CIC and here as well.
        In conclusion, just as there are several things Dallas Safari Club
     accomplishes, the direct benefits are hard to measure; however
     the visibility and profile both internationally and locally are
     strengthened by this association. There are some opportunities
     financially as well. We are discussing the possibility of obtaining
     donations of trips and/or hunts that would not be possible to
     obtain without our partnership. I believe with our overall goal of
     brand recognition and growth this is a great opportunity and affili-
     ation with which we should continue our participation. CT

12    D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B     N   E   W    S
      guns and
      ammo for
      your neXt
       or those of you headed out this summer to hunt, there are
       many things to consider. First of all is choosing a rifle.
       There are plenty of opinions on rifles and ammo, and that
subject has already been badly beaten to death by every expert in
the world. Just bring a rifle you can shoot very accurately and get
on target quickly and get used to shooting it with a bi-pod and/or
shooting sticks, leaning against a tree, or over a rock.
   My personal rifles of choice are the 300 Winchester Magnum,
7mm Remington Magnum, or .30-’06 for plains game or black              causing the shell to be hard to eject after firing, hindering any
bear, and a .375 H&H or .416 Remington Magnum for buffalo.             rapid follow-up shots. Using one or two grains less powder will
The .338 Winchester Magnum is another great choice for plains          certainly make no difference to the animals you are shooting, but
game, and will work very well on lion and brown bear as well.          one or two grains of powder will make a big difference in cham-
   Bullet placement is everything. Once you’re sure the rifle and      ber pressure and reliability of extraction.
load are zeroed in, forget the bench rest! Shoot free hand, sitting,      The next headache will be ammo that will not go into the gun.
kneeling, or from improvised rests. One minute of angle accuracy       If this happens on a charging buffalo or brown bear, hope your
is meaningless in the bush. Reloading your ammo for an African         PH is a good shot.
hunt is no different than reloading for any other hunt. You MUST           Be sure to cycle every round through your gun before you go,
follow all the proper procedures. What game you are going to           and this goes for factory ammo as well as for reloads. If any
hunt will certainly be the deciding factor on what gun and ammo        round gives you any hint of being “sticky”, set it aside and use it
to shoot.                                                              for zeroing or practice.
   One very important thing about reloading for Africa. If there is       If you ask the sporting goods employees what bullet to use on
fairly warm weather, do not load them too hot or to the max.           what animal, they often don’t know a duiker from a kudu. For
Most PHs have no problem with clients using reloaded ammo, but         plains game or black bear, in a .300 Mag or .30-‘06, I would use a
their number one complaint is that the ammo is “overloaded,”           minimum of a 180-grain bullet. Most of the time, I would also
                                                                       use a premium bullet like a Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Nosler
                                                                       AccuBond, Swift A-Frame, or the new Barnes TTSX and MRX
                                                                       bullets. These are extremely effective and are also available from
                                                                       Federal in some factory loadings.
                                                                          Rather than debate on what is and isn’t a premium bullet, there
                                                                       are many on the market that will kill deer-sized game just fine,
                                                                       but don’t depend on them for deep penetration, and retaining their
                                                                       weight on large game.
                                                                          Don’t skimp on bullet cost. Ammo is the least expensive part of
                                                                       your trip so an extra few dollars will mean very little in the
                                                                       scheme of things if poor bullet performance costs you in a lost
                                                                          An eland is over 1,000 pounds and is the only one that really is
                                                                       like a moose, so you really do need the penetration. A big Alaskan

                                                                                                                       CONTINUED ON pAgE 14

                                                                                                              J   U   L Y     2   0   0   9   13
     Brown Bear in a formidable opponent, and a .338 Winchester or                becoming increasingly acceptable to use an expanding bullet for
     .375 Magnum is certainly in order using Bear Claws or TSX                    the first shot on a buffalo followed by solids for pure penetration.
     bullets.                                                                     The Trophy Bonded Sledge Hammers or Barnes new Banded
        Zebra are by no means a small animal and can really take a                Solids are just great.
     pounding before going down, so use enough gun and a tough bul-                  Lion is in the same class as the buffalo, although .338 Win Mag
     let on them too.                                                             on up is good medicine for them, and especially with a premium
        Black bear and all the rest of African Plains Game like kudu,             bullet. And leopard – same class as plains game. You do not need
     black wildebeest, impala, blesbok, and all the other “Bok-Boks”,             (or want) a big .338 Win Mag or .375 H&H Mag for them. The
     as we call them, are 200 to 600 pounds, and very thin-skinned.               bullets are too tough, and do not do enough damage internally. A
     Just put your first shot where it belongs, and any of the available          leopard usually is less than 200 pounds, light-boned and thin-
     bullets will do the job.                                                     skinned. Why would you shoot a leopard with the same gun as a
        If you are after Cape buffalo, things take on an entirely differ-         buffalo? Using the same bullets as you would an eland or buffalo,
     ent perspective. A Cape buffalo is very big and very tough. This is          all you will do is punch a hole through him. Surely he will die,
     why most countries in Africa give the .375 H&H as their mini-                but not nearly as fast as if you hit him with your .30-‘06, .270
     mum caliber allowed for hunting them. If you are going to use the            Winchester, 7mm Magnum or .300 Magnum. In these calibers, I
     .458 Winchester, use only factory ammo. You read it right: use               recommend using expanding bullets like any Hornady Interlocks,
     no reloads in the .458 Winchester for hunting. It’s not user-friend-         Nosler AccuBonds, Remington Core Lokts or Winchester Power
     ly, so use your reloads for practice and then be sure and zero and           Points. The Nosler Partition would also be good, as they do
     hunt using factory ammo.                                                     expand very quickly and still hold the rear portion for penetration.
        Despite the cost, Federal Safari Premium and Hornady Factory                 The facts are that most all leopards are shot from a blind at less
     458 Winchester ammo is by far better than anything you can                   than 75 yards. People shooting smaller rifles usually shoot them
     reload. Case capacity is always a problem with the. 458 Win so               better than flinching with a big caliber. I would much sooner have
     let the factory guys figure out what powder to use to get the prop-          a bullet from a 270 Winchester in the lungs of a cat than a gut
     er velocity.                                                                 shot with a 375 H&H.
        Hornady now has a heavy magnum load for the .458 Win with                    Federal and Hornady produce the finest ammo out there. Federal
     their own 500-grain Solid bullet at an amazing 2,260 fps. That               has loads available with about every premium bullet you could ask
     ought to really get any buffalo’s attention.                                 for and Hornady uses their own bullets and are first rate too.
        Dangerous game is the perfect place for the Barnes TSX,                      Contact Terry at or call him
     Trophy Bonded Bear Claws, Fail Safes, or Swift A-Frames. It is               days at 616-896-6500 for more info.

14    D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
J   U   L Y   2   0   0   9   15
16   D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
                 DALLAS SAFARI
                 ON TELEVISION
     Dallas Safari Club sponsors
  the following television programs.
        Watch for DSC ads and
          features each week!

   Tracks Across Africa — Outdoor Channel
Craig Boddington’s Africa — Sportsman Channel
 Leupold Big Game Profiles — Outdoor Channel
          Dangerous Game — Versus
 Larry Weishuhn’s World of Whitetails — Versus
              (Top Rated Show)

                                     J   U   L Y   2   0   0   9   17
                                                                                 articles to dsc
                                                                                         he publications of Dallas Safari Club – Camp Talk and
                                                                                         Game Trails – are an important tool for communication
                                                                                         among members, but also for promoting the legacy and
                                                                                 passion of hunting.
                                                                                   Writing an article for the publications is easy. There are more
                                                                                 technical guidelines on the website (link below) but here is the
                                                                                 quick rundown for submission.
                                                                                     1. Notice the deadlines. These are published in Camp Talk
                                                                                    every month.
                                                                                     2. Save your article in Word or .doc format. We cannot
                                                                                    accept Word Perfect files at this time. There are some con-
                                                                                    verters out there, but they are not reliable.
                                                                                     3. Send great photos, if you have them, in high-resolution.
                                                                                    Attach them to an email, or if that is too much to send, put
                                                                                    them on a disc and mail it in. Be sure to name the people in
                                                                                    your photos properly so we can get their names right.
                                                                                     4. Digital formats ONLY. If you have old images in print, it
                                                                                    is best to scan these in and send us the digital file.
                                                                                     5. Wait for an acknowledgement that we received your work.
                                                                                    If you don’t get this, then resend or give us a call.
                                                                                     6. If your work is accepted, you will receive notification
                                                                                    within four to six weeks, depending on the publication cycle
                                                                                    we’re under.
                                                                                     7. Any questions? Just call 469-432-2895, or write to
                                                                           Or visit, News &
                                                                                    Publications, Game Trails, click on the Submission
                                                                                              Deadline for Upcoming DSC Publications

                                                                                                            Game Trails
                                                                                   Fall issue, deadline Aug. 1, 2009, mailing date Sept. 15.
                                                                                   Convention issue, deadline Oct. 1, 2009, mailing date Dec. 1.
                                                                                   Spring issue, deadline Feb. 15, 2010 mailing date March 31.

                                                                                                             Camp Talk
                                                                                   Articles are due the 10th of the month prior to issue date
                                                                                 (subject to change). CT

18   D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S

Deer Stands and Feeders
We offer the finest deer stands and feeders in the DFW
Metro-Plex. We are an authorized factory dealer for All
Seasons Feeders. Fish and road feeders also available.
Owner: Lifetime member Shane D Howell
   1607 Ft. Worth Ave., Dallas, Texas 75208
                                                          J   U   L Y   2   0   0   9   19
20   D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
                             T       O           D     A      L    L      A     S          S      A     F     A      R      I           C      L     U       B

NEW MEMBER                               SPONSOR                  NEW MEMBER                          SPONSOR                   NEW MEMBER                         SPONSOR
            ASSOICATE MEMBERS                                            LIFE SpONSOR MEMBERS                                       SpONSOR MEMBERS CONT'D
Alfred Canino  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        DSC   Staff       Melanie Barstad  .  .  .  .  .  . Paul Barstad                Michael Rubin .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff
Dick Caruthers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .          DSC   Staff       Amber Knowlton  .  .  .  . Corey Knowlton                     Geoffrey Seaman  .  .  . Roberta Owens
Gary Ford  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   DSC   Staff                                                                     Mike Wilbur .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff
Rob Haught  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        DSC   Staff             pROFESSIONAL MEMBERS                                    Richard Wilbur  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff
Hartley Kittle, III  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        DSC   Staff       Keith Alan Davis  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff               Heather Wilson .  .  .  .  .  .  . Dave Fulson
Greg West  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .      DSC   Staff       Bryan Martin  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Chris Hudson             Eric Steven Williams .  .  .  . DSC Staff

         LIFE SpONSOR MEMBERS                                                 SpONSOR MEMBERS                                               YOUTH MEMBERS
Guadalupe Ayala  .  .  .  . Alfredo Duarte                        Alan Aday  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .Gary Weaver         David Ayala .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Alfredo Duarte
Mike Rogers  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff               Terry Bare .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff
Corey Lynn Shafer  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff                        Ralph Wayne DeNatale  . . Monty Kalogaris
Jody Austin  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .Ed Fletcher           John Edwards Dillingham  . DSC Staff
Richard Jenkins  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff                    Michael Formica  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff
Kyle Poulson  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff                 Ann Hendrick  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . DSC Staff
Aaron Austin  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Eric Fletcher             Jeff Higgs  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Robert Peters
                                                                  Larry Ross  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Steve Frank

        Why spend another night With the
     remote? When you should be enjoying an
     evening of camaraderie and conservation

                          23rd Big Game Banquet
                                 Hosted by the
                         Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
                           Saturday, August 8, 2009
                                     At the
                             Embassy Suites Hotel
                             at Bass Pro Grapevine
      Doors to the banquet will open at 5:30pm
 This event will feature a Silent Auction, Raffle, Live
  Auction and Guns including a Hill Country Rifle.
     The evening has something for everyone.
                 Ladies and Kids too.

                Single Tickets are $75.00
               Couple Tickets are $115.00
         Both prices include a 1 year membership

                     For Tickets and info call
                 972-257-0001or 972-534-1292
                Or just visit us at

                                                                                                                                                    J    U   L Y       2   0   0   9    21
22   D   A   L   L   A   S   S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B   N   E   W   S
                       2009 DSC Dove Hunt Hailey Ranch
                             REgISTRATION FORM
                      Cost: $210 per person adult, $110 per youth hunter ages 12-17
                                  Open to Members and Non-Members
                                    $100 per person for non-hunters
                                              (Limit 100 hunters)

Name(s)       _______________________________________________________________________
Guest(s)      _______________________________________________________________________

DSC Member?                   Yes_________         No___________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________ State: __________ Zipcode: ______________________

Phone: _______________________               Email: __________________________________________

# of Adult Hunters:     ___________ @ $210.00      = ________________
# of Youth Hunters:     ___________ @ $110.00 = ________________
# of Non-Hunters:       ___________ @ $100.00      = ________________
Grand Total All Above:        $____________________

Method of Payment: (circle one)
Check________       Visa____           Mastercard _____        American Express_______

Credit Card #: ________________________________________________ Exp. Date: ____________

Authorizing Name on Card: ______________________________________________

                                                                                    J    U   L Y   2   0   0   9   23
                                                 DALLAS SAFARI CLUB
                                                  LADIES LUNCHEON
                                            OUTFITTER OF THE YEAR AWARD
       Purpose: To recognize outfitters who have continuously given exceptional support to the Dallas Safari Club.

       Criteria: Consideration of candidates will be based on the following criteria:

                  1.   Membership in Dallas Safari Club
                  2.   Exhibitor of Dallas Safari Club
                  3.   Promotion of women and youth in the outdoors
                  4.   Contributes and donates to the Ladies Luncheon and/or Dallas Safari Club

        Who may nominate: Any Dallas Safari Club member in good standing may nominate an outfitter by sending the nomination form to
     the Dallas Safari Club Headquarters by September 30th of any given year. The nominator must have firsthand knowledge and experi-
     ence with the nominee. Nomination forms may be obtained from the Dallas Safari Club office or download the form from our website

       Committee: The current Ladies Luncheon Chair and Co-Chair, Immediate Past Ladies Luncheon Chair, DSC President, Executive
     Director, Convention Chair and Co Chair. The Ladies Luncheon Chair shall serve as chair person of the award committee.

       Presentation: The award shall be presented to the recipient by the Ladies Luncheon Chair and Co-Chair at the Exhibitor Welcome
     Party at the Dallas Safari Club’s Annual Convention each year in which a recipient is selected.

       Award: The recipient shall receive an award to retain and the recipient’s name shall be added to a permanent plaque to the located in
     the Dallas Safari Club office. The inscription on the award shall ready similar to:

                                                                  Dallas Safari Club Ladies Luncheon
                                                                      Outfitter of the Year Award
                                                                              Awarded To
                                                                          “Outfitter Name”
                                                                   “Outfitter Company If Needed”
       Miscellaneous: There can be only one or no winner in any given year. The award will be given only when a qualified recipient has
     been selected.

       Awards have been presented to the following persons:

       1993                     Coenraad Vermaak              South Africa               2003     Mike & Julie Hodder       New Zealand
       1994                     Fernando Saiz                 Spain                      2004     Butch & Kathy King        Alaska, USA
       1995                     Raoul Ramoni                  Tanzania                   2005     Mike & Dixie Hammett British Columbia
       1996                     Don Holt                      Texas, USA                 2006     Fejes Guide Service, Ltd. Alaska, USA
       1997                     Mike Murray                   South Africa               2007     Shane & Vanessa Johnston New Zealand
       1998                     Joe Klutsch                   Alaska, USA                2008     Jaco Oosthuizen           South Africa
       1999                     Kaan Karakaya                 Turkey                     2009     B. Joe Coy                Wyoming, USA
       2000                     Lance Ayliffe                 South Africa
       2001                     Stukel’s Birds and Bucks      South Dakota, USA
       2002                     Rough Creek Lodge             Texas, USA
                                Greystone Castle              Texas, USA

24    D   A   L    L    A   S       S   A   F A   R   I   C   L   U B    N   E   W   S
          Dallas safari Club
     Outfitter Of the Year awarD
 NOMiNatiON DeaDliNe: september 30, 2009
                                                    - NOMINEE -

Name and Title of Nominee:__________________________________________________________________

Company/Outfitter Name:____________________________________________________________________

Street Address:__________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: ________________________________________________________________________

                                     - NOMINATOR -
Recommended By:__________________________________________________________________________

Street Address:____________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:____________________________________________________________________

Phone Number. (____) ___________________________

E-Mail Address:_________________________________

Preparation Instructions

On separate sheet(s) of paper please tell us about the outfitter you are nominating and your experience with
them and why you feel they are qualified to be the Dallas Safari Club’s Outfitter of the Year.

                  To nominate, send this form and all attachments by September 30th 2009 to:
       DSC Outfitter of the Year Awards Committee, 6390 LBJ Freeway, Suite 108, Dallas, TX 75240-6414

                   Dallas Safari Club’s 2010 Call For Nominations
 Nominations are being solicited for the Dallas Safari Club’s 2010 Outfitter of the Year Award. This award is given
annually to promote and recognize significant efforts of outfitters that provide exemplary services to enhance the hunter
or angler’s ability to equitably enjoy nature’s resources. The Award will be presented at the Wednesday night “Exhibitors
Welcome Party” at the Dallas Safari Club’s Annual Convention in Dallas on January 6, 2010. Any Dallas Safari Club
member in good standing may nominate an outfitter by sending in a nomination form to the Dallas Safari Club
Headquarters by September 30, 2009. The nominator must have firsthand knowledge and experience with the nominee.
Nomination forms may be obtained from the Dallas Safari Club office.

                                                                                                 J   U   L Y   2   0   0   9   25
     m e m B e r                                                    B u l l e t i n                                                           B o a r d
                  firearms                       Sako AV .375 H&H with rings, sights                            leases                        Bronze for Sale: Number 8 of 10
                                                 and oil finish, 98%, $1000.00 Colt SAA                                                       bronzes Abakuna Gumundi by Rob
     For sale or trade: Weatherby Mark V         Gen III Nickle .45 with 7 ½ inch barrel,         Deer, Hogs, Turkey, Dove Lease. 40          Glenn. Abakuna was for over twenty
     Synth in .300 Wby $650 or will trade        Janis –tuned action and real ivory grips,        miles southwest of Ft. Worth (Bluff         years first tracker and gun bearer for
     for .22-250 or .223 WSSM of equal           near min $1500. Turnbull USFA 4 ¾                Dale) 450 acres $1500/per gun. Prefer       Tony Archer. This is Rob Glenn’s memo-
     value. Chris 214-727-5538                   .45 with 4 ./4 barrel, unfired $1100.            3-4 experienced hunters. Tom Richey         rial to the Waliangula elephant bow
                                                 Winchester Model 12 12 ga. Heavy                 254-728-3282                                hunters. See The Elephant People by
     For Sale 458 Winchester Magnum
     ammo…5 boxes loaded by Superior             Duck with 3-inch chamber and 32-inch                 ProPerty for sale                       Dennis Holman. A large bronze extreme
     Ammunition. 3 boxes 450 Swift A             barrel, good condition, $700. Model 12                                                       measurements approximately 33” X 28”
                                                 20 ga. 2 ¾ very early production with            property for Sale: 323 Ac. of Finest        X 20”/ A piece of history of a now lost
     Frame (2250 fps) and 2 boxes 600
                                                 25-inch barrel, $600. Photos by email            Hunting Country in South Texas,             time. Rob Glenn also did “The Mus-
     Barnes Originals (2050); 2 boxes Fed-
                                                 upon request – Kodiak_454@hotmail.               Approximately 223 acres of excellent        tangs” at Las Colinas. $15,000. Contact
     eral Premium 500 grain solids and 1
                                                 com                                              brush and 100 acres on three fields         C. York 901-853-0238
     box 450 buffalo Bore loaded to 2250
                                                                                                  designed for food plots. There is a
     fps. $450.00 or $65 per box. Ken            Rare .333 Bullets: Attention owners                                                          Bronze for Sale: Old Bull Elephant, a
                                                                                                  20’X40X air conditioned camp house.
     Deligans or          and shooters of classic calibers. Barnes                                                     smaller bronze of a bull at rest. Approx-
                                                                                                  the ranch is low fenced adjoining a
     903-819-9899                                and Speer soft and hard nose for .333                                                        imately 12” X 38” X 17”. $5000.00.
                                                                                                  2000+ac. Ranch that is not hunted.
     Winchester Model 94 in .32 Special.         Jeffrey, .333 and .334 O.K.H. calibers.          Excellent deer, turkey, javelina, hogs,     Contact C. York 901-853-0238
     Was told it was made in 1928; S/N           Assorted weights including: 200 grain,           dove and quail. Located in Frio Co.
                                                 250 grain and 275 grain. Total of 1402                                                       Bronze for Sale: Break for Cover by
     1044348 so you can check. Good                                                               near Pearsall. Price: $2,800 ac. Call       Dennis Jones. Two Whitetail bucks run-
     condition. Has not been fired in at least   for $700.00. Contact James Glasser at            David at 254-747-0019
                                                 972-733-0990                   (Dallas,                                                      ning. I think nicest whitetail bronze I
     10 years (when I bought it); I do not                                                                                                    have seen. Approximately 28” X 38” X
                                                 TX)                             45 Acres between Tyler and Kilgore, 2
     know history before that. Plus one box                                                                                                   17”. $10,000 Contact C York. 901-853-
                                                                                                  miles north of I20. Large Flowing
     of shells. Want $999.00. Call Curt          Benelli M2 field 12 ga. IN Max 4                                                             0238.
                                                                                                  springs, awesome home sites and
     Frisbie at 214.999.4757.                    camo. Used last pheasant season only.            Transient game. $4800 per acre.             For Sale: Original Terry Lee oil painting
     Custom 375 H&H. As new. Browning            Comes with all chokes, shims, case and           Hyman White 214-213-9914
                                                 oil. Not a scratch on it. Going to try a                                                     of moose, mint condition. Framed pic-
     Medallion action w/ long extractor.                                                                                                      ture is 65” x 35” inches. Asking $9,900.
                                                 Vinci this year and need to sell this one.       property For Sale: 30 ac, 5800 sq ft
     Exhibition grade French Walnut. 4X                                                                                                       Can email pictures upon request. Con-
                                                 $1000           Kelly    214-232-5675            Victorian hm built in 1999. 1100 sq ft
     Zeiss scope in G&H detachable side-                                                                                                      tact Carol Carr at 417/887-8313, or via
                                                                        Guest house(rough) 2 wells,2 tack
     mount. $5495. Contact Mark Fogley c/o                                                                                                    email at
                                                                                                  rms,8 stalls all pipe.1 pond,birds,deer 1
     Dawson’s Doubles 830-438-4340. See          For Sale: Jarrett .416 Remington Mag             hr from DFW Metro-Plex 650k Call            Ladies getaway!!!! 7-day/6-night stay
     photo’s at           Safari Rifle with Swarovski 1.25x4x24            Thornton Goetting 214-808-2224              in private “2nd home” Condo in San
     Item no. 2211                               Scope, illuminated High grid Circle
                                                 Retical, Talley quick detach mounts and          1300 ac 45 min from DFW Metro. 200          Destin, Florida, located in Grand Dunes
     Berretta 471EL side by side “Berretta                                                                                                    Resort. Package is for four ladies or two
                                                 rings, plus 60 rounds tuned 400 gr.              plus genetics,7000 sq ft Custom log
     GALLERY GUN Exclusive”– 28” 12GA                                                                                                         couples only - no children or pets. This
                                                 Solids, super accurate, like new, $9700          hm sleeps 20,2 master br,high fenced 2
     – Retail $4275 selling for $3400. Win-                                                                                                   is not a rental property. No smoking is
                                                 Call 715-425-5194                                ponds,1           marsh            for
     chester M70 375 H&H Stainless -                                                                                                          allowed. 4-bedroom, 4-bath condo on
                                                                                                  ducks,blinds,equipment $4,950,000
     $1250. Browning 10GA Pump - $400.           Beretta Silver pigeon III 12 Ga. Brand                                                       beautiful San Destin Beach - all the ame-
                                                                                                  Call Thornton Goetting 214-808-2224
     – Scott Henkel (972) 523-2936 or            New never fired. Complete with Beretta                                                       nities of home. Dates to be mutually                    Case, all chokes, warranty. Very Nice            Investment property. Coppell 3/2/2          agreed on with Shelah Zmigrosky. Pack-
                                                 wood. Won in raffle, got too many 12             1387 sq ft Great starter hm or invest-      age includes golf for four at Burnt Pine
     Blaser S2 Luxus Grade 470 N.E. Double
                                                 ga. Lists at 2795.00 yours for 2250.00.          ment property. Going on Market 2nd          Country Club in San Destin. Call Diane
     Rifle 30 rounds of 470 + brass. $7500
                                                 Bob Harper 972-235-9619                          wk in July. Call Thornton Goetting 214-     Dunaway at 214 514-3937 to purchase
     OBO. Contact Charles Daley at 205-
                                                                                                  808-2224                                    this trip sold at the 2009 Ladies Lun-
     454-7602                                    Ammo for Sale: Norma 400 gr. Swift
                                                                                                  Mexico: FSBO: Cabo San Lucas, 2 BR,         cheon.
     458 Win Mag Mauser Action – No Iron         A-Frame 1 Box . Norma 400 gr Barnes
                                                 Solid 1 Box . Hornady 400 gr Round               2 bath condo with breath taking view        4-night/5-day fishing trip for two
     sights. Rings and Bases. $800.00
                                                 Nose IB 2 Boxes. Federal Cape Shock              from large palapa-shaded patio of bay       anglers in Alaska with Alaskan
     OBO. Contact Charles Daley at 205-
                                                 410 gr Woodleigh Solid 1 Box . 11 in.            and ocean. Ground floor in Spanish          Northwest               Adventures.
                                                 Plastic Holders. 18 Boxes of RWS                 adobe complex. . Two swimming      Bought at
     Winchester Model 70 XTR in 264 Win          brass for 8x68 s rifle. Call David Hem-          pools w/ whirlpools, tennis court, beau-    convention and must sell. Contact Chris
     Mag. This is the top of the line in the     sell at 214-773-3480 for pricing or              tiful landscaped grounds; walk to           Lasator at 214-549-3668 for pricing
     Model 70, and is the same caliber and                                beach. 6 km from downtown Cabo.             information.
     action that Craig Boddington recently                                                        Under market at $160,000 USD. Phone
     had custom built. Excellent condition,              hunts for sale                           (830)            755             9191.      Need two shooters to join us for driven
     sub-minute accuracy. Includes Leupold                                                        Email:          pheasant shoot in Slovakia on Nov. 4
                                                 Fish Alaska: Fish world famous
     scope bases. $650. Ruger M-77 in                                                                                                         (travel day), 5-7 (shoot days) and 8
                                                 McDougall Lodge $2000 for a trip nor-                   miscellaneous
     7mm Short Action Ultra Mag, new, in                                                                                                      (travel day). Stay in 250-year old
                                                 mally going for $3,500 or more. You
     box, with scope rings $525. I have                                                           For Sale: Complete National Wild Tur-       Palarikova Castle. Cost is approx.
                                                 can add additional people. I cannot
     reloading dies and brass for both. John                                                      key Stamp Print Series, all matted and      $6900/shooter for shooting at 400 birds
                                                 go...MUST SELL. Call Charlie 210-355-
     Lovell 214-240-3522                                                                          framed by Russell Fink Gallery in Lor-      per day if we have 8 shooters, or $6300
                                                                                                  ton, Virginia, 1976 thru 2009, 34 signed    if we have 10 shooters. Non-shooting
     Remington 673 for Sale. .308 cal.           Need to sell soon! For August 2009 -             and numbered prints, all #446. Current      guests are $1085. See www.shooting-
     New in box with all paperwork. $750,        10-day Kamchatka brown bear hunt for             value is $10,790.00, Will sell for I need $2000 deposit.
     plus actual shipping to your FFL, but       one hunter and one non-hunter in Rus-            $8,000.00. Please contact Davis Wal-        Call Curt Frisbie for details
     must sell and invite offers. Wade.          sia. Valued at $13,000, selling for              ton at 228-809-5057 or 228-623-             (214.999.4757). 602-774-0038                $7,000. Contact Tom Brumitt at 573-              6810.
                                                 576-6896 or 573-332-7879.

           As a service to DSC members, we are happy to offer the Member Bulletin Board. This section will contain personal property or
               announcements only. No commercial ads will be included in this section. Please keep your information brief (four lines
                         maximum on 8.5" x 11" paper). All ads will be posted for a maximum of three months in this section.
                                       If your item sells, please notify the DSC office for removal. Thanks!

26    D   A   L   L   A    S      S   A   F A    R   I      C   L   U B         N    E   W    S
Bengal Tiger Hunt? Never Again! The             Wanted: Older Zeiss B/GA full sized        1994 F150, 300 CID, 4WD, automatic           EZ go Custom golf Cart, custom green
next best thing is available – a magnifi-       inoculars, also would be interested in     transmission, dual fuel tanks and            paint, high lift kit, fold down windshield,
cent oil painting by Craig Bone. Craig’s        the special Design (night owl) 7x45 or     122.6K miles with current license and        aluminum diamond plate rear cargo
work has sold in the $100,000 range at          10 power. Might consider older Leitz or    registration, and clear title. Comes with    box with flip over rear bench seat,
other hunting conventions. E-mail               Leica (expecially 9x25’s Leitz made for    toolbox, high lift jack, high quality mod-   camo pattern with two new turf tires on
photo available to serious enquiries.           Leupold!) Call Steve at 214-478-8050.      ular floor mounted gun rack and BF           front and mud tires on rear. Excellent
(Serious starts at $60,000). Mareen-                                                       Goodrich all terrain tires and spare.        condition and very clean. $3500 Mike                               Books Wanted Zimbabwe and Tanza-           Willing to barter for firearms or outdoor    at 214-878-9717
                                                nia; country series limited editions by    toys. Contact Doug Moore at
Vacation Rental: House, Red River,              Safari Press, edited by Tony Sanchez                  ’99 Honda Fourtrax 300 ATV, front
New Mexico sleeps 14! Two night                 Arino. Top Dollar paid Bob Harper 972-                                                  cargo rack, front grill guard, dual han-
minimum stay. Call for more informa-            235-9619                                   The “Swamp Monkey” Must see pix.             dlebar gun rack, rear gun case sleeve,
tion! If no answer leave a message.                                                        Built on blzr chassis, 350 4 barrel v8.      trailer hitch. Used very little but all
903-784-8302                                    Ruger 375 H&H Mag – 3 leaf express         Tire size: 35x12. 50R15. Reason for          maintenance performed. Like a new
                                                sights, heavy barrel, nice wood. Less      selling? No swamps only droughts in          one. $3250 Mike at 214-878-9717
Lots of turkeys and BIG axis bucks.             than 100 rounds fired. Very accurate.      our quail country. 214-207-8871.
Beautiful Hill Country setting. Great           Includes Leupold 1-4 power VX-II           $6,500.
food and accommodations. Contact                scope. $1500 Contact Greg Gifford at
Richard Allen 830-370-6138             or          1993 Avion 5th Wheel, 35ft. Two
                                                800-456-8123 days or 817-713-1169          doors, Corian counter tops, oak cabin-
DEER FEEDERS FOR SALE - 10 used                 nights.                                    etry, automatic satellite with 2 RCA
Lehman 1000-lb. timed feeders,                                                             TVs, roof air and basement air, awning,
equipped with solar chargers, Texas                         vehicles                       new 16” Michelin tires on Dexter 6500
Hunter digital timers, 12-volt Interstate                                                  lb axles, new H.D. Landing gear, stereo,
                                                Awesome SUV. 1995 Chevy Tahoe.
Batteries, lid lifter upgrade, leg stabiliza-                                              new never used DVD player. Queen
                                                Powerful V8 engine. 4WD, tow pack-
tion plates, large feed tray. Cost new                                                     bed, new roof, onan generator (only
                                                age, 4 Dueler A/T Tires in new condi-
$1,500.00, will sell all 10 for $10,000.00.                                                168 hrs), recon refrigerator, new batter-
                                                tion, running boards, grill guard w/ fog
Pattie Westbrook 713-975-1975.                                                             ies. Pictures via internet located in El
                                                lights, floor mounded 2X gun rack, CD,
Cabela’s 10X28 compact binoculars               upgraded sound, leather, Husky interior    Paso, Texas. $15,000 or best offer.
for sale. Cost $219 plus tax--like new,         liners, new transmission. (AC In-OP)       With 2001 GMC diesel pickup $25,000.
will sell for $190 obo. These are water-        Great Hunting Vehicle. Single Owner,       Jim Peticolas 915-525-6477 or 1-800-
proof and of surprising quality for the         120,000 miles. Priced at $6,300. Call      748-2712
dollar! Call Steve White at 214)478-            John at 214-632-2439 or wainbull@
8050 I live in the Dallas area if you want
to look through them.
                                                For Sale: 2003 Mercedes SLK320, low
                                                mileage. Call Marilyn Wessel @


   For details, check with Charlie Snider at 214.393.7200

                                                                                                                                               J   U   L Y         2    0   0   9     27
                  DALLAS SAFARI CLUB                                                    STD
                                                                                 U .S . POSTAGE
                  6390 LBJ Freeway, Suite 108                                           PAID
                  Dallas, Texas 75240-6414                                      FORT WORTH, TX .
                                                                                PERMIT NO . 4327

Return Services Requested

                             550 yards    FOR THE HUNT OF A “LIFE TIME”
                                                WE CAN GET YOU READY
                                                                   1- Day Long
                                                                   Range Rifle
                                                                  Shoot Accurately
            T.D. Kelsey — 550 yds.,                                up to 600 Yards
            “One Shot”, “One Kill”
                                         Training DVD Available

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