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					                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

Chronologically arranged, including provenance (photographer or collector), title of record group, location of
materials and sources of information.
Amended 18, 30 June, 26 Jul 2006, 7 Aug 2007, 11 Mar, 21 Apr, 21 May, 8 Jul, 7, 12 Aug 2008, 8, 20 Jan 2009, 23 Feb
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Date       Provenance          Region             Record Group & Description        Location &/or Source
1848       J. W. Newland       Tahiti             Daguerreotypes of natives in      Location unknown. Possibly in
                                                  South America and the South       the Historic Photograph
                                                  Sea Islands, including Queen      Collection at the University of
                                                  Pomare and her subjects. Ref      Sydney. (Willis, 1988, p.33; and
                                                  SMH, 14 Mar.1848.                 Davies & Stanbury, 1985, p.11).
1857-      Matthew             New Guinea;        Macarthur family albums,          Original albums in the
1866,      Fortescue           Vanuatu;           collected by Sir William          possession of Mr Macarthur-
1879       Moresby             Solomon            Macarthur.                        Stanham. Microfilm copies,
                               Islands                                              Mitchell Library, PXA4358-1.
1858-      Paul Fonbonne       Vanuatu; New       334 glass negatives and some      Mitchell Library, Orig. Neg. Set
1933                           Caledonia,         prints.                           33.
                               Noumea, Isle
                               of Pines
c.1850s-   Presbyterian        Vanuatu            Photograph albums -               Mitchell Library, ML MSS.1893/
1890s      Church of                              missions. Includes some J.W.      Items 1-4, Box 1(16).
           Australia, Board                       Lindt photographs taken
           of Ecumenical                          during his trip to the New
           Mission                                Hebrides in 1889 & article on
                                                  Lindt, Age, 23 Sep. 1961.
c.1863-    Rev. Thomas         Fiji               Relics and family                 Mitchell Library, Methodist
1894       Baker                                  photographs.                      Church of Australasia, Dept. of
                                                                                    Overseas Missions, Original: LR
                                                                                    83; Microfilm: CY 4172
                                                                                    (photographs only).
1863?-     Charles William     Papua New          Abel Family Papers:               University of PNG Library, New
1967       Abel                Guinea             photographs.                      Guinea Collection, ALX-1.
                                                                                    (Lutton, 1980, p.53.)
1865-      Photographer        New Zealand,       „Views of Australian Colonies,    Victoria & Albert Museum,
1867       unknown             Fiji, Niue,        New Zealand and South Seas        London, X2A. (Davies 1986,
                               Tongatapu,         Islands.‟ One album, 181          p.65.)
                               Samoa, New         albumen prints, captioned.
                               Caledonia,         Collected and taken by a
                               Solomon Is,        soldier of the 14th Regiment.
                               Banks Is,          Initials in front of album
                               Vanuatu            „T.E.G‟.
1865-      Charles Webley      Fiji               Photographs, some taken by        Alexander Turnbull Library,
1869       Hope                                   J.B. Thurston, of Australia,      qMS-0999-1002.
                                                  Fiji, Rotuma and New Zealand
                                                  in vol. 4 of the Hope journals.
1865-      J.B. Thurston       Fiji.              Thurston Collection: c.100        National Library of Australia MS
1897                                              photographs, including prints     Acc 02/157 and PMB 1142; Cf.
                                                  of Thurston‟s own                 Thurston prints in Capt. C.W.
                                                  photographs and Dufty             Hope Journals, Turnbull Library.
                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

n.d.      Godeffroy &         Samoa;            Photographs supplied to the      Godeffroy Museum, Hamburg.
(1870s-   Sohn / Deutsche     Marshall Is.;     museum by German expatriate      (d‟Ozouville, Pacific Studies,
1880s?)   Handels-und-        Caroline Is.;     communities.                     1997, pp.71-2.)
          Plantagen           Kiribati;
          Gesellschaft        Tuvalu; New
1870-     F. Pierson          New Caledonia     39 Photographs taken on a        National Library of Australia.
1871                                            „mission of exploration‟.        (Bolton, 1980, p.279.)
1870-                         Fiji; Tonga       „Photographic scenes &           Mitchell Library, Original: PXA
1875                                            portraits of Fijian natives,     951.
                                                Aborigines of Queensland,
                                                etc.‟ Includes 15 carte-de-
                                                visite portraits of Fijian and
                                                Tongan noble families.
1870-     Francis H. Dufty    Fiji; Tonga       „Panorama of Levuka, Fiji, and   National Library of Australia,
1879      (1846-1910)                           portraits‟: 1 panorama           PIC P665/1-14 LOC A127; images
                                                comprised of 5 albumen           individually catalogued and
                                                prints; 5 carte-de-visite        digitised at nla.pic-an10975065.
                                                portraits of Fijian and Tongan
                                                chiefs, including Enele Ma‟afu
                                                and Ratu Seru Apenisa
                                                Cakobau, and 7 portraits of
                                                other Fijians and Tongans.
1870-     F.H. Dufty (1846-   Fiji; Tonga;      Fiji and other Pacific Islands   National Archives of Fiji; Fiji
1892      1910); Dufty        Samoa             photographs.                     Museum; Godeffroy Museum;
          Bros;                                                                  Thurston Papers (NLA MS Acc
          F & A Dufty                                                            02/157); South Australian
          Photographers                                                          Museum (AA415/1861); Baker
                                                                                 Papers (PMB 1203).
c.1870-   William Busby       Fiji              William Busby family             Mitchell Library, Original: PXE
1882                                            photograph album                 893.
1870-     Macarthur-          Torres Strait;    21 photographs.                  South Australian Museum
1890      Onslow              S.W. Pacific                                       Archives: AA189/980.
1870-     Keystone View       South Sea         Keystone-Mast Collection:        California Museum of
1930      Company (and        Islands           350,000 stereoscopic             Photography, University of
          predecessor                           negatives (mostly glass) of      California - Riverside.
          companies)                            which roughly 20,000 are
                                                Pacific images.
1870-     Methodist           Fiji, Tonga,      Extensive collections albums,    Mitchell Library, Sydney,
1951      Church of           Papua New         prints, glass plate negs and     Methodist Overseas Mission
          Australasia,        Guinea, New       some sketches, sketchily         Archives. Restricted access.
          Department of       Britain, New      calendared. Includes: Lindt‟s
          Overseas            Ireland, Samoa,   Picturesque Fiji, R.H. Rickard
          Missions            and elsewhere     & A.E. Anderson negs, New
                              in the Islands    Britain; Fiji postcards; and
                                                Rev. T. Baker collection.
1870-     NSW                 PNG: Papua;       NSW Government Printing          Originals at the State Library of
1988      Government          and elsewhere     Office collection of copy        NSW. Some accessible on-line
          Printing Office     in the Pacific.   negatives (200,000+), includes   SLNSW and NLA catalogues.
                                                at least two island series: 1.
                                                „Island views & natives‟; 2.
                                                Photographs published in the
                                                Narrative of the Expedition of
                                                the Australian Squadron to
                                                the South-East Coast of New

                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1871+     London              PNG: Papua        „Papuan Pictures Series‟        School of Oriental and Asian
          Missionary                            earliest LMS series.            Studies, University of London,
          Society                               Photographers: W.H. Abbott,     World Mission Archives, Boxes
                                                B.T. Butcher, H.M. Dauncey,     1-10.
                                                E.A. Field, W.G. Lawes, C.F.
                                                Rich, W.J. Saville, H.P.
                                                Schlencker and others.
1871-     Rev. William G.     PNG: Papua;       In „Papuan Pictures Series‟.    SOAS, London, World Mission
1907      Lawes (1839-        Torres Strait     Includes Niuean and other       Archives;
          1907)               Islands           Islander pastors.
1871-     Rev. William G.     PNG: Papua;       About 100 surviving prints      Tyrrell Collection, Powerhouse
1907      Lawes (1839-        Torres Strait     have been identified. Pitt      Museum, Sydney; Peabody
          1907)               Islands           Rivers Museum has 30 prints     Museum, Harvard University;
                                                purchased from Henry King.      Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford;
                                                                                Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum
                                                                                Cologne. (Webb, 1997a, p.17.)
1871+     Rev. William G.     Papua New         „An album of Rev. Lawes‟        Mitchell Library. (Willis, 1988,
          Lawes (1839-        Guinea            New Guinea photographs          p.102.)
          1907)                                 printed by [Henry] King.‟
n.d.      Rev. William        PNG: Port         „Port Moresby, New Guinea.      Public Record Office, Kew,
          George Lawes        Moresby,          14 albumen prints               Copyright Office archives, Copy
          (1839-1907)         Seme, Skilleton   natives/huts/villages, Port     1/405. (Davies, 1986, p.94)
                              Island, New       Moresby and tree house at
                              Guinea            Seme and canoe at Skilleton
                                                Island.‟ Rec‟d by Copyright
                                                Office, London, c.1890.
1872-     Allan Ramsay        New               Negatives of views of New       Mitchell Library, Hughan
1885      Cunningham          Caledonia; Isle   Caledonia, the Isles of Pines   Collection, Orig Neg 1, PXE673
          Hughan              of Pines          and the Communards: 513         Vols.1-6, PIC/8057/1-20; National
                                                photonegatives and some         Library of Australia, LOC album
                                                prints in 6 albums (at ML).     474.
c.1872-   Allan Ramsay        New Caledonia     „Nouvelle-Calédonie:            Mitchell Library, Original: PXE
1878      Cunningham                            photographies.‟ 177 albumen     673 (v.3)
          Hughan                                photoprints.
1874      Rev. S.B. Fellows   PNG:              26 photographs.                 South Australian Museum
                              Trobriand Is.                                     Archives: AA89/650.
1874-     James Graham        Fiji; Vanuatu     „Views presumably of Fiji but   Mitchell Library, ML MSS 899,
1875      Goodenough                            some possibly of the New        Pts.8, 9.
                                                Hebrides…possibly taken by
                                                J.G. Goodenough.‟ 14
c. 1875   Unidentified        Fiji: Ovalau,     One album of portraits and      Alexander Turnbull Library,
          member of the       Levuka, Rewa      views taken in Fiji, New        PA1-q-330.
          Australian          R., Somosomo,     Caledonia and NZ. HMS
          Division of the     Waitovu R.,       Blanche and HMS Pearl are
          Royal Navy.         Taveuni, New      associated with the album.
          [John Gaul,         Caledonia; NZ     (The latter was Commodore
          photographer?]                        Goodenough‟s flag ship.)
1875-                         Samoa                                             Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum
1925                                                                            für Volkerkunde, Cologne.
                                                                                (Blanton, 1995)

                         Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1876-      Rev. George         Samoa; Tonga;     904 glass plates, with albums      Australian Museum, V5998-
1905       Brown (1835-        Fiji; Solomon     of contact prints, briefly         V6902. See also: Rev Brown‟s
           1917)               Is.; PNG: New     captioned. Photographs of          album and photoprints, 1890-
                               Britain, New      people, missions, houses and       1905, held at the Mitchell
                               Ireland, Duke     landscapes. Negatives              Library.
                               of York Is.,      purchased from J.K. Tyrell in
                               Trobriand Is.,    1930.
                               Dobu Is.,
1877-      Wilfred Powell      Papua New         Letters, sketches and              University of PNG Library, New
1880       (1853-1941)         Guinea            photographs, re exploration in     Guinea Collection, AL-32.
                                                 New Britain: 2 photographic
1879       Besse               Fiji              An Australian photographer.        (d‟Ozouville, Pacific Studies,
                                                                                    1997, p.73.)
1879-      HMS Bacchante       Fiji (?)          „The Cruise of HMS                 Royal Archives, Windsor Castle
1882                                             Bacchante, 1879-1882, IV           (Davies, 1986, p.110).
                                                 Australia, Fiji.‟
c.1880-    Charles Kerry &     PNG;              The Tyrrell Collection: 6,500      Originals at Powerhouse
1920s      Co. and Henry       Solomons;         glass-plate negatives of which     Museum, Sydney (Stephen,
           King Studio,        Vanuatu; Fiji;    a small proportion is South        1993). 2,000 selected b/w prints
           Sydney              Samoa; and        Seas photographs. Includes         at National Library of Australia,
                               Niue.             photographs by Revs. W.G.          Pictures Section, PIC P803 Loc
                                                 Lawes, G. Brown and J.F.           Row 64. Also at the Mitchell
                                                 Goldie.                            Library, PXA 433.
c.1880-    Charles Kerry       PNG; Samoa;       3,500 half-plate glass             Historic Photograph Collection,
1920s                          Solomons; Fiji;   negatives. Part Island material.   Macleay Museum, University of
                               Vanuatu; Niue.    No detailed description.           Sydney.
1880-      G.A.V. Stanley      PNG: Sepik,       Photographs: family photos,        New Guinea Collection,
1945                           Madang,           portraits, and views.              University of PNG Library, AL-1,
                               Rabaul                                               Series 6, (Box 19).
c.1880 +   Photographers,      Pacific Islands   „Australia and Related             Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford,
           include Kerry &                       Islands.‟ Box of loose             PEN.B49. (Davies, 1986, p.126.)
           Co, W.J Barnes,                       albumen and POP prints
           J.W. Lindt,                           mounted in groups on card.
           Solomon &                             Davies lists Australian
           Bardwell,                             photographs, but the
           M. Holmes,                            collection may also include
           Paul Foelsche,                        Island photos
           G.W. Wilson,
           F. Kruger, H.Y.L.
           Brown, J. Taylor,
           Stump & Co.
1883-      John Paine          Hoisting the      Several hundred albumen            Macleay Museum,
1908                           Union Jack in     photographic prints taken by
                               Papua 1884;       John Paine, which include          eay/
                               Samoa; Tonga;     some Pacific Islands
                               the Treasury      photographs.
                               Islands in the
                               West Caroline
1880-      CSR Limited         Fiji: Labasa,     CSR Limited archives:              Noel Butlin Archives Centre,
1970                           Nausori,          photograph and library series.     ANU, Dep 142 & Z303.
                               Lautoka,          More than 3,000 prints.
                               Sigatoka, Suva

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1882-    R.H. Rickard        New Guinea:       c.50 glass plate negatives,        Mitchell Library, MOM 263/Pic
1891                         New Britain,      labelled.                          Acc 7061, Box 5. Restricted
                             Duke of York                                         access.
1883-    Robert W. Lawry     Papua New         Album.                             Mitchell Library, PXA44.
1884                         Guinea
c.1884   W.A.D. Acland       Norfolk Island    Photographs of Norfolk Island      National Library of Australia:
                                               and Sydney N.S.W.: Views of        PIC/7597/1-80, Album 460
                                               Norfolk Island and on board        Access online:
                                               HMS Miranda, taken by    
                                               Captain Acland: 1 album (30        an10893230.
1884     Alfred Burton       Samoa, Fiji and   Photographs taken by Alfred        Turnbull Library, PA1-f-178.
         (1834-1914)         Tonga             Burton on a cruise of the ship
1884     Alfred Burton       Samoa             6 photographs in Burton            Turnbull Library, PA1-o-089.
         (1834-1914)                           Brothers Album XIII.
n.d.     Burton Brothers     Samoa             Samoan photographs.                Turnbull Library, PA7-A-Burton
                                                                                  Brothers: Box 41, Nos.2663-2666,
                                                                                  Box 42, Nos.2646, 2668, 1671;
                                                                                  Box 45, No.6378. Also 4 Burton
                                                                                  Bros prints of Samoan scenes in
                                                                                  W.H. Long Album II, Turnbull
                                                                                  Library, PA1-q-146.
1884     Augustine Dyer      Papua             Narrative of the expedition of     National Library of Australia:
                                               the Australian Squadron to         PIC Album 440a, 440b, 441.
                                               the south east coast of New        Access online at
                                               Guinea, October to December
                                               1884, Sydney, Govt Printer,        an6589395. Also held at La
                                               1885: 1 album (35 albumen          Trobe Library, State Library of
                                               silver photographs, 3              Victoria.
Nov      Augustine E.        PNG: Port         „Photographs of New Guinea         Royal Commonwealth Society
1884     Dyer and John       Moresby,          1884‟. An album containing 39      Library, London, Y3084A.
         Paine               Motu-Motu,        mounted prints all                 Catalogued in detail by John
                             Kerepunu,         uncaptioned. The                   Falconner. (Davies, 1986, pp.268-
                             South Cape,       photographs cover the              276.) Another copy at Foreign
                             Dinner Island,    declaration of the British         and Commonwealth Office
                             Teste Island      Protectorate along the South-      Library, Aust.10. (Davies, 1986,
                                               Eastern coast line of New          p.4.)
                                               Guinea, 5-26 Nov. 1884.
1884     HMS Espiegle        Samoa, NZ,        Album compiled by member of        Turnbull Library, PA1-q-073.
                             Papua             crew of HMS Espiegle on
                                               cruise in the Pacific, including
                                               witnessing the annexation of
                                               British New Guinea.
1884-    Rev. William        Vanuatu           Lantern slides and                 Mortlock Library, State Library
1895     Gray (1854-1937)                      photographs of missionary          of South Australia; and PMB
                                               life in the New Hebrides.          1123 (35mm microfilm).
1884-    J.T. Arundel        Kiribati:         Personal album beginning at        National Library of Australia,
1909                         Sydney Island     Sydney Island 1884, and            J.T. Arundel papers, MS 5410,
                             (Manra),          including photos attached to       Boxes 14 & 15.
                             Phoenix Group;    a report on Nauru by A.H.
                             Tuvalu;           Gaze, 1907, and recruiting trip
                             Banaba (Ocean     to Gilbert and Ellice Islands,
                             Is.); Nauru       1908.

                      Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1884-   Burns Philp &       PNG; Solomon      Burns Philp & Co. Ltd             Noel Butlin Archives Centre,
1990    Co.                 Is.; Vanuatu;     Archives: photographs.            ANU, Dep N115 & Z385. See
                            Marshall Is.;                                       also: Burns Philp & Co, 1905-
                            Fiji                                                1920, in this list.
1885    Walter W.           PNG:              Photograph of 10 members of       University of PNG Library, New
        Froggartt           Strickland        the New Guinea Exploring          Guinea Collection, AL-4, Series
                            River             Expedition led by Capt. H.C.      3. Also Kerry & Jones print at
                                              Everill for the Royal             the Mitchell Library, M PORT
                                              Geographical Society of           G/75.
1885    B. Harder           Papua New         „Views of British New Guinea,     Mitchell Library, Original:
                            Guinea            1885.‟ Ship Herald. 9 albumen     Pic.Acc.1191
                                              photoprints, on mount.
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   PNG: Milne        Picturesque New Guinea,           Publication held at National
        1926)               Bay, Central      London, Longmans, Green &         Library of Australia, Mitchell
                            Province.         Co, 1887: 50 bromide plates       Library, & La Trobe Library
                                              with text.                        (State Library of Victoria).
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   PNG: Milne        Picturesque New Guinea: 5         Foreign and Commonwealth
        1926)               Bay, Central      albums: 122 albumen prints,       Office Library, Aust.9. (Davies,
                            Province.         letterpress captions. Sir Peter   1986, p.4.)
                                              Scratchley‟s expedition.
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   Papua New         „Photographs taken at New         Public Record Office, Kew,
        1926)               Guinea            Guinea.‟ 31 albumen prints,       Copyright Office, London,
                                              captioned. (Titles listed in      archives, Copy 1/380 Part II.
                                              Davies, 1986, pp.88-89.)          (Davies, 1986, pp.88-89.)
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   Papua New         Volume of New Guinea              Mitchell Library, Q988.4/L.
        1926)               Guinea            Photographs.
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   Papua New         Untitled album assembled          Australian National Gallery,
        1926)               Guinea            c.1891.                           Canberra.
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   PNG: Koisari,     Photograph album, dated           University of NSW Library,
        1926)               Tupuseleri        1886, presented to Dr S.M.        Hallstrom Pacific Collection.
                            (village on       Marton, Melbourne: 25 prints,
                            water), Motu,     c.13 leaves.
                            Bertha Lagoon
1885    J.W. Lindt (1845-   PNG: Ka Kalo      „5 large framed bromide (?)       Museum of Mankind, London.
        1926)               Creek Kap         prints by J.W. Lindt of his N.
                            Kapa, Kalo,       Guinea series 1885‟. (Titles
                            Tupuselei         listed in Davies, 1986, p.79.)
1885,   J.W. Lindt (1845-   Papua New         14 b/w carbon print               National Museum of Victoria.
1889    1926)               Guinea;           enlargements, captioned.          (Bolton, 1980, p.184; Newton,
                            Vanuatu                                             1988, p.185.)
1887    George Bell &       Papua New         „New Guinea Natives‟. One         Mitchell Library, PXA272.
        Henry Langford      Guinea            album of 19 photographs.
1887    George Bell &       Papua New         „Expedition Photographs of        Public Record Office, Kew,
        Henry Claude        Guinea            British New Guinea.‟ 30           Copyright Office, London,
        Langford                              photographs. Rec‟d 12 Oct.        archives, Copy 1/382.
                                              1887. (Titles listed in Davies,
                                              1986, pp.89-90.)
1887    Reginald G.         Tahiti; Tonga;    „Reminiscences of Tahiti, Sep-    Mitchell Library, UNCAT MSS
        Gallop              Fiji; Cook Is.;   Nov 1887.‟ 1 vol.                 Set 488, Item 1(e).
                            Loyalty Is.;
                            Vanuatu; Port
1887    Unknown             PNG: Teste        Photographs taken on Teste        PNG Association of Australia
                            and Scrub Is.     and Scrub Islands, and of         Collection, Fryer Library,
                                              Papuans on board HMS Dart         University of Queensland.
                                              in Port Jackson, 11 Oct 1887.

                      Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1887-    British             Pacific Islands   Very large collection of black    National Archives of Australia,
1984     Phosphate           general. Nauru;   and white and colour              NSW and Victorian Offices, R32.
         Commission          Ocean Is.;        photograph albums, prints,
                             (Banaba);         negatives & slides of
                             Kiribati          phosphate mining operations.
                                               Alpha-numeric arrangement.
1888     Sir John            Tonga, Samoa,     34 prints in the Ferguson         National Library of Australia.
         Ferguson            New Caledonia     Collection.                       (Bolton, 1980,p.277.)
1888-    Stanley Spain       Papua New         Lantern slides by Rev. A.E.       Mitchell Library, with Capt.
1940                         Guinea            Hunt, R. Cameron & R.J.S.         Spain‟s papers, ML MSS 1156.
                                               collected by Capt. S. Spain: 42
1889     J. Davis            Samoa: Apia       5 photographs showing             Turnbull Library, PA7-A-
                             Harbour           German and American               Davis,J.
                                               warships wrecked in Apia
                                               Harbour after the hurricane.
1889     J.W. Lindt (1845-   Vanuatu:          Picturesque New Hebrides: 2       NLA, PIC P810/1-2 LOC Q48.
         1926)               Ambrym, Epi       prints, photogravure,
1889     J.W. Lindt (1845-   Vanuatu:          1 photograph, albumen,            NLA (Ferguson Collection) PIC
         1926)               Mallicolo         captioned.                        P814 LOC Q48; digital version
1889     J.W. Lindt (1845-   Vanuatu           Some photographs taken by         Presbyterian Church of
         1926)                                 J.W. Lindt during his trip to     Australia, Board of Ecumenical
                                               the New Hebrides in 1889 and      Mission, Miscellaneous records,
                                               newspaper article on Lindt        Mitchell Library, ML MSS. 1893/
                                               from The Age, 23 Sep 1961.        Items 1-4, Box 1(16).
1880s    Rev. Charles Bice   Vanuatu,          2 albums (380 albumen             National Library of Australia,
         (c.1846-1922)       Norfolk Island    photographs) collected by         Pictures section, PIC Albums
                                               Rev. Vice - views and             465, 465a, 466.
                                               portraits; another album also
                                               collected by Rev. Bice (40
                                               photographs) of scenes on
                                               Norfolk Is.
1880s    George Valentine    Samoa             An album, compiled by Kirk,       Turnbull Library, PA1-q-138.
                                               holds 3 photographs by
                                               Valentine, a member of a
                                               family of prominent Scottish
                                               of photographers.
1880s-   S. Percy Smith      Samoa             Albums II & III compiled by       Turnbull Library, PA1-q-223;
1890s                                          Percy Smith. Photographers        PA1-o-469
                                               include Burton Brothers,
                                               Thomas Andrew & J. Davis.
1880s-   Richard             Bismarck          Unknown extent of                 44 photographs, 1890-1899, of
1910s    Parkinson (1844-    Archipelago,      photographs. Not known to         indigenous people of the
         1909)               Bougainville,     be in institutional hands.        Bismarck Archipelago sold, 18
                             New Guinea.                                         May 2006 (Ref.
                                                                                 Also some prints are held by
                                                                                 Chris Diercke, Newcastle, NSW
                                                                                 (Ref. sighted 20 Feb 2009, EM).
1880s-   Rev. Shirley W.     Tonga; Fiji       23 b/w prints collected in the    Pacific Manuscripts Bureau,
1918     Baker                                 Baker Papers. Includes Tupou      PMB 1203 and PMB Photo8.
                                               I, and F.H. Dufty portraits of
                                               Cakobau, Ratu Epeli
                                               Nailatikau and Queen Salote
                                               at her Coronation (1918).
                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1880s-    Alfred John         Samoa             179 whole plate prints            Turnbull Library, PAColl-3062.
1930s     Tattersall                            selected for the Turnbull
                                                Library from the Tattersall
                                                Studio in Apia by J.D.
                                                Freeman in 1948.
1890      George Bell         Papua New         „Bell returned to New Guinea      Unknown.
                              Guinea            in 1890, hired by the NSW
                                                Government to take
                                                photographs on the Victory
                                                expedition.‟ (Newton, 1988,
1890      James Burns         Vanuatu           Photo album of James Burns.       Burns Philp Archive, Bridge St.,
                                                                                  Sydney. (Stephen, 1997.)
                                                                                  Possibly transferred to NBAC.
1890      R.E. Johns          Fiji; Pacific     Photographic Album.               Museum of Victoria, Indigenous
                              Islands           Includes photographs by           Studies Dept., XP2139. (Fox,
                                                Dufty dating from 1872.           1997, p.28.)
1890      J.W. Lindt (1845-   Fiji              Picturesque Fiji.                 Nos.2001-2118, ML Methodist
          1926)                                                                   Overseas Mission archives.
                                                                                  Restricted access.
1890      J.W. Lindt (1845-   Fiji              Picturesque Fiji                  Public Record Office, Kew;
          1926)                                 Characteristic Views,             Copyright Office archives, Copy
                                                Portraits and Fijian Studies:     1/411. (Davies, 1986, p.96.)
                                                46 albumen prints with a
                                                printed list of Nos.2001-2118.
1890      J.W. Lindt (1845-   Fiji              „Fiji Photographs taken during    Mitchell Library, Q988.8/7A1-4.
          1926)                                 Sir John Thurston‟s term as
                                                Governor (1888-1897)‟: 4 vols.,
1890-     Sir Thomas Berry    Samoa             Albums compiled by Cusack         Turnbull Library, PA1-o-543-549;
1898      Cusack Smith                          Smith, British Consul in          PA1-q-274.
                                                Samoa. Photographers include
                                                Tattersall, John Davis,
                                                Thomas Andrew and Cusack
1890-     Rev. George         Papua New         Album of Papua New Guinea         Mitchell Library, Original: PXA
1905      Brown (1835-        Guinea            Photographs: 94 albumen           925.
          1917)                                 photoprints, 46pp.
c.1890-   Rev. George         PNG; New          Collection of 1287 albumen        Mitchell Library, ML PXA 435/1-
1905      Brown (1835-        Britain; Fiji;    photoprints of Pacific Islands    1287; and on 4 reels of microfilm
          1917)               Solomon Is.;      and Islanders. See also:          CY 3391-3394. See also: Papers
                              Tonga; and        Brown‟s glass negatives,          of Rev. George Brown at ML
                              Samoa             1873-1904, held at the            MS.A1686; and his
                                                Australian Museum.                autobiography, ML MS.A4096-
1890-     E.R. Waite          PNG, Port         c.210 photographs and one         South Australian Museum
1918                          Moresby, New      album of NZ photographs.          Archives: AA356/91, /335, /344.
                              Britain, New      Waite was Director of the SA
                              Ireland;          museum 1914-28. He made an
                              Solomon           expedition to New Ireland in
                              Islands, Rossel   1918. (Bolton, 1980, p.293.)
                              Is; NZ

                      Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

c.1890-   Joaquim de Brum    Marshall          c.2,500 glass plate negatives    Originals with De Brum family,
1930      (1860-1937)        Islands and                                        Likiep(?), Marshall Islands.
                             Gilbert Islands                                    Digital copies made by the
                             (Kiribati).                                        Marshallese Cultural Society,
                                                                                Kwajalein, RMI, PO Box 1593,
                                                                                APO, AP 96555 USA. Ref.
1891      Henry Adams        Tahiti            Album 4: Tahiti, 1891.           Massachusetts Historical
          Collection                           50 photographs of tropical       Society Photo. Archives. Col.40;
                                               scenes in the South Pacific,     Vol. 4#40.48-97C.
                                               probably in and around 
                                               Papeete and other places in      aids/doc.cfm?fa=fap004.
                                               Tahiti during 1891. These
                                               were acquired during Henry
                                               Adams's visit with John La
                                               Farge during that time. The
                                               photographs depict Papeete;
                                               the Tahitian coastline;
                                               waterfalls; Diadem and Aori
                                               Mountains; and natives,
                                               including the Tevas, the
                                               Tahitian royal family. None of
                                               the photographs are
                                               identified, and the
                                               photographer is unknown.
1891      Rev. James Hay     Vanuatu:          9 photoprints - mounted on       Mitchell Library, Original:
          Lawrie             Aneityum          linen.                           SPF/Aneityum [New Hebrides],
                                                                                1891 (BM).
1891-     Rev. James Hay     Vanuatu           Photographs taken in the New     Mitchell Library, Q988.6/L. Ref.
1894      Lawrie                               Hebrides, 1891-1894.             Ron Adams, Framing the
                                                                                Native: Rev. James Hay
                                                                                Lawrie’s Vanuatu photographs,
                                                                                1891-1894. Port Vila, 1998.
1891?-    Methodist          PNG: Salamoa,     Records of the Mission,          University of PNG Library, New
1967      Overseas           Milne Bay         including photographs.           Guinea Collection, ALX-3 (see
          Mission, Papua                                                        Guide).
1892      H.H.               Norfolk Island    Views in Norfolk Island and      Mitchell Library, ML PXA445.
          Montgomery                           Bass Strait taken by Rev. Dr     Bishop Montgomery‟s book,
                                               Montgomery, Bishop of            The Light of Melanesia, 1896, is
                                               Tasmania, using apparatus        illustrated with these
                                               provided by J.W. Beattie and     photographs.
                                               developed by Beattie.
1896      Sir T.W.E. David   Tuvalu:           196 prints, including            University of Sydney Archives.
                             Funafuti          duplicates, mainly               (Bolton 1980, p.278.)
                                               unidentified. Many show
                                               landscape, rather than people.

                          Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1898      Cambridge            Torres Strait    Torres Strait Expedition          Torres Strait Collection,
          Torres Strait        Islands; Papua   Photographs: 600 images           Cambridge University Museum
          Expedition           New Guinea       taken by Anthony Wilkin           of Archaeology and Ethnology.
                                                under Alfred Haddon‟s             There is also a collection of 40
                                                direction: 300 images from        half-plate photographs in an
                                                Torres Strait, about 300 from     album held by the Metropolitan
                                                Papua (Central District), a few   Museum of Art in New York,
                                                from the Fly River Delta.         Department of Arts of Africa,
                                                (Edwards, 1997; p.15)             Oceania and the Americas,
                                                                                  Photograph Study Collection, A.
                                                                                  Wilkin Album 90.4a.1-40. (E.
                                                                                  Edwards, „Torres Strait
                                                                                  Expedition of 1898‟, Pacific
                                                                                  Studies, 20:4, Dec 1997; p.30.)
1898      Alfred C. Haddon     PNG: Central     55 b/w prints selected from       Australian Museum. (Bolton,
                               Province,        Museum of Archaeology and         1980, p.262.)
                               Mailu and        Ethnology, Cambridge,
                               Motu villages.   showing pottery-making.
c.1898-   Australian           Papua New        8 collections: 473 negatives.     Mitchell Library, Special
1945      School of Pacific    Guinea           Includes Perriman, Roebuck,       Collections, Pic.Acc. 2041, 2005,
          Administration                        Speedie & Von Hein                2079, 2115, 2157, 2175, 2216,
          (ASOPA)                               collections – used for Gash       2258. Microfilm copies.
                                                and Whittaker, Pictorial
                                                History of PNG.
1899      A.W. Dobbie          Solomon Is.;     42 photographs.                   South Australian Museum
                               PNG: Madang,                                       Archives: AA390/1671.
                               New Britain,
                               Milne Bay &
                               Central Prov.
1899-     Rev. Frederick L.    Papua New        85 lantern slides by A.W.         Mortlock Library, Papers of Rev
1900      Rooney (1877-        Guinea;          Dobbie on a missionary tour       Rooney, PRG 559.
          1941)                Solomon          of PNG and the Solomon
                               Islands          Islands.
1899-     Gladys               Fiji; Tonga      One album compiled by             Turnbull Library, Photographs
1910      Sommerville                           Gladys Sommerville showing        of the Sommerville Family,
                                                her childhood in Fiji (p/c).      PAColl-1699.
                                                Includes photograph of Ratu
                                                Cakabau‟s canoe, 1880s.
1890s                          Fiji             Photographic Views of Fiji.       Mitchell Library, Q988.9/P
1890s     C.S. Ashley          Melanesia,       2 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
                               Buka                                               Archives: AA478/1951.
1890s     Anthony              Papua: Samarai   „Photographs of Samarai,          ML Uncat MSS Set 461 Pt.2-4.
          Musgrave                              Cooktown and Cairns
                                                collected by Hon. Anthony
1890s     H.E. Maude           Kiribati         6 x 35mm negatives, 7 b/w         South Australian Museum
                                                prints.                           Archives: AA211/1731.
1890s     H. Swain             Fiji, Samoa      29 glass plate negatives,         Australian Museum. (Bolton,
                                                captioned.                        1980, p.270.)
1890s?    J. Philps            Solomon Is.,     52 b/w prints, captioned.         State Library of Tasmania.
          (1869- )             Santa Cruz;      Mainly Solomon Islands.           (Bolton, 1980, p.289.)
                               PNG: Milne
                               Bay Province,
1900      J.A. Johnson         Fiji             5 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
                                                                                  Archives: AA158/979

                         Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1900       Malcolm Ross       Cook Islands      Negatives made by Malcolm        National Library of NZ.
                                                Ross who accompanied Lord
                                                Ranfurly to the annexation of
                                                the Cooks in 1900.
c.1900     A. Cappell         Solomon Is.,      60 b/w prints with brief         Australian Museum,
                              Santa Cruz.       descriptions.                    Anthropology Dept. (Bolton,
                                                                                 1980, p.267.)
c.1900     Albert Charles     PNG: Papua        Collection of 136 prints of      National Library of Australia:
           English (1863-                       photographs lent to NLA for      PIC LOC PNG filing cabinet.
           1945)                                copying.
c.1900     Baron von Hügel    Fiji              Collection at Cambridge          Cambridge University. (J. Roth
                                                University. Also 58 prints at    and S. Hooper eds., The Fiji
                                                South Australian Museum.         Journals of Baron von Hügel,
                                                                                 Suva, 1990.) South Australian
                                                                                 Museum Archives: AA158/774.
c.1900     J.M. Martin        Fiji; Samoa       5 photographs.                   South Australian Museum
                                                                                 Archives: AA509/2006.
c.1900     A. Pulleine        Marshall Is.;     c.70 photographs.                South Australian Museum
                              Tuvalu:                                            Archives: AA259/1381; main
                              Funafuti;                                          collection in Stockholm, Sweden.
                              Solomon Is.
c.1900     W. Ramsay Smith    Solomon Is.;      2 albums, c.432 photographs.     South Australian Museum
                              Loyalty Is.;                                       Archives: AA263/311, 312, 702,
                              Vanuatu: Mele,                                     1802, 1822, 1938, AA264/715.
                              Efate, Ambym;
                              Fiji; New
c.1900     Rev. R.M.          Solomon Is.,      1 album of c.40 photographs.     South Australian Museum
           Turnbull           Santa Cruz                                         Archives: AA341/340.
c.1900-    London             Rarotonga;        London Missionary Society        Mitchell Library, Original:
1910       Missionary         PNG; and          lantern slides: 179 lantern      Pic.Acc.783.
           Society            Kiribati          slides divided into 4 groups.
c.1900 &   A.H. Symes         PNG: Port         Photos of Port Moresby           PNG Association of Australia
1925                          Moresby,          1900s, Woodlark Is. and then     Collection, Fryer Library,
                              Woodlark Is.      Port Moresby again 1925.         University of Queensland.
1900-      B.F. Gunnarsson    New Ireland,      54 photographs.                  South Australian Museum
1920       Hagman             New Britain;                                       Archives: AA119/772.
                              Solomon Is.
1900-      D. Mawson          Vanuatu; New      17 photographs.                  South Australian Museum
1940                          Caledonia;                                         Archives: AA214/766.
                              Norfolk Is.
1901-      William James      Papua New         Eric Saville and indigenous      National Library of Australia:
1940       Saville            Guinea            people in Papua: 1 album, c.83   PIC/8405/100-182, Album 1075/2;
                                                photographs.                     and access online.
c.1902-    Guy Manning        PNG: New          817 negs in 65 boxes, +131       Mitchell Library, Orig Neg 3 and
1914                          Guinea, New       prints from the negs,            NCY1:299-309.
                              Britain           annotated, indexed. Collected
                                                by Manning, private secretary
                                                to Lieut-Gov. G.R. Le Hunte.
1902-      J.E.               New Guinea;       c.400 photographs (many in       National Library of Australia:
1945       Nixonwestwood      New Zealand;      albums). Collection includes     PIC P820 LOC Q55.
           (1884-1968)        Pacific area; &   some negatives, postcards
                              elsewhere         and coins.
1903       M. Duncan          Samoa, Niue       Album includes many              Turnbull Library, PA1-q-666.
                              (and Cook         photographs taken on a tour
                              Islands?)         by members of the NZ
                                                Legislature. Some
                                                photographs by Tattersall.
                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1903-     Henry Newton       Papua New            Albums and loose                 University of PNG Library, New
1947                         Guinea               photographs, with papers         Guinea Collection, ALX-3B,
                                                  relating to the Anglican         Series 5-10, and another album at
                                                  mission in PNG.                  AH-173.
c.1903-   Maslyn Williams    PNG; Kiribati;       5 albums. „Pictorial record.‟    Mitchell Library, Original: PXB
1970                         Marshall Is.;        Includes patrol to south-        293 (v.1-5).
                             Ocean Is.;           western highlands of PNG.
c.1904?   Rev. P.J. Money    PNG: Nothern         118 b/w prints, with brief       Australian Museum. (Bolton,
                             Province             identifications, compiled by     1980, p.265.)
                                                  Rev. Money.
1904-     Kerry & Co         Tonga; Samoa         23 photographs                   South Australian Museum
1905                                                                               Archives: AA165/770.
1904-     T. Andrew          Samoa; Tonga         One photograph album and 8       South Australian Museum
1906                                              glass negatives: 108             Archives: AA6/1950, 1752, 1794,
                                                  photographs.                     1948, 1991, 763.
1904 +    Waterhouse         Solomon Is.;         201 b/w prints, some briefly     Australian Museum. (Bolton,
          family             PNG, Buka,           described, showing mission       1980, p.268.)
                             Bougainville,        and villages scenes, including
                             New Britain &        dances.
                             New Ireland
1904-     Lucien Gauthier    Tahiti               Illustrated publications and     Ref. Patrick O‟Reilly & Edouard
1937                                              albums.                          Reitman, Bibliographie de
                                                                                   Tahiti et de la Polynésie
                                                                                   Française, Paris, 1967.
1904-     Australia, Dept    Papua New            2,414 viewing prints pasted      National Archives of Australia,
1954      of External        Guinea               onto cards by the Dept of        CRS A6510.
          Territories,                            Territories, classified and
          Research Section                        indexed. Includes
                                                  photographs made by F.E.
1905-     HMS Cambrian       Society              Album of photographs taken       Mitchell Library PXB2.
1907                         Islands; Tahiti;     possibly by a member or
                             Papeete; Easter      members of the crew of HMS
                             Is.; Pitcairn Is.;   Cambrian while on a voyage
                             Thursday Is.         in the Pacific 1905-07.
1905-     Burns Philp & Co   Solomon Is.;         Burns Philp & Co.                University of Sydney, Macleay
1920                         Papua New            Photographs in the Historic      Museum, Historic Photograph
                             Guinea;              Photographs Collection at the    Collection. Ref.
                             Vanuatu;             Macleay Museum. 1,500 glass
                             Kiribati             plate negatives and silver       eay/
                                                  gelatin/albumen prints.
1906      John Watt          Solomon Is.;         3 albums, c1200 photographs,     NLA PIC Album 461-463; ML
          Beattie (1859-     Vanuatu;             titled, The Scenery and          F988/B; Hallstrom Pacific
          1930)              Norfolk Is.          Peoples of the Islands in the    Collection at the University of
                                                  South and Western Pacific: 1.    NSW Library. See also: J.W.
                                                  Malaita, Florida, Savo,          Beattie, Catalogue of a series of
                                                  Guadalcanal, Ysabel, Vella       Photographs illustrating the
                                                  Lavella, Choiseul; 2. Torres,    Scenery and Peoples of the
                                                  Santa Cruz, Reef Islands,        Islands in the South and
                                                  Malaita; 3. Norfolk Island,      Western Pacific, Hobart, n.d.
                                                  New Hebrides and Banks           (NLA, Np779/BEA; and ML,
                                                  Groups. These albums are a       Pam file 988B & FM3/18).
                                                  record of a cruise with Dr       Beattie‟s negatives were
                                                  Wilson, Bishop of Melanesia,     destroyed by fire in his studio in
                                                  in the Southern Cross.           Hobart.

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1906     J.W. Beattie        Solomon          101 prints with brief captions.   Queensland Museum. (Bolton,
                             Islands and                                        1980, p.257.)
                             Santa Cruz
1906?    J.W. Beattie        Norfolk Is.      75 glass slides, captioned.       Queen Victoria Museum and Art
                                                                                Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania.
                                                                                (Bolton, 1980, p.288.)
c.1906   John Evan           Vanuatu; Santa   44 photographs in one album       Tasmanian Museum and Art
         Willams             Cruz             labelled, „Pacific Islands -      Gallery, Hobart. (Bolton, 1980,
                                              Santa Cruz (S. Solomon), New      p.290.)
                                              Hebrides, etc‟.
1906-    Richard             Solomon Is.:     Photographs and glass plate       Museum für Völkerkunde,
1916,    Thurnwald (1869-    Shortland Is.,   negatives from ethnographic       Berlin; Berlin Institute of
1933-    1954)               New Georgia;     fieldwork.                        Ethnology (which Thurnwald
1934                         PNG: Sepik                                         founded in 1948); and Marion
                             Bougainville,                                      Melk-Koch at Leipzig Museum
                             New Britain                                        für Vülkerkunde.
1906-    A.P. Lyons          PNG: Samarai,    Photographs of Papua New          Fryer Library, MC 270.
1940                         Eastern          Guinea, including funeral of
                             Division, Port   Sir Hubert Murray, and
                             Moresby          Lakekamu goldfield.
1908-    Stanley, Evan       Papua New        A collection of 34 b/w            National Library of Australia:
1925     Richard (d.1925)    Guinea           photographs showing               PIC/7804/1-34; part on-line
                                              traditional and colonial family   access nla.pic-an24497526.
                                              life.                             Some originals in private hands.
1908-    J. Northcote        Solomon Is.:     Slides and prints made in         National Library of Australia,
1927     Deck (1875-1957)    Malaita,         association with the South        Manuscripts Section.
                             Guadalcanal      Sea Evangelical Mission.
1908     Arthur Maurice      Solomon          At least 2 prints.                P.55988.ACH2 & P.69259
         Hocart (1884-       Islands: Simbo                                     (N.595551) in the W.H. Rivers
         1939)                                                                  collection in the Cambridge
                                                                                University Museum of
                                                                                Archaeology and Anthropology
                                                                                (from Richards and Roga, Not
                                                                                Quite Extinct, 2005; p.93).
1909-    Arthur Maurice      Solomon Is.      354 prints.                       National Library of NZ.
1913     Hocart (1884-       Rotuma; Fiji.
1909-    A.B. Lewis          PNG: New         Joseph N. Field South Pacific     Field Museum, Chicago. See List
1913                         Britain, North   Expedition.                       of photographs made by Lewis
                             Coast, Papua;                                      in Melanesia, 1909-1913, in
                             West Papua;                                        Robert Welsch, An American
                             Solomon Is.;                                       Anthropologist in Melanesia:
                             Vanuatu; New                                       A.B. Lewis and the Joseph N.
                             Caledonia                                          Field South Pacific Expedition,
                                                                                1909-1913, Appendix 5, Vol.2,
                                                                                Honolulu, University of Hawaii
                                                                                Press, 1998.
1909-    J.E. Nixon          PNG; Buka,       Three albums of photographs.      Mitchell Library, ML MSS 686,
1915     Westwood            Bougainville,                                      Pt.2-4.
                             Mortlock Is.;
                             Solomon Is.
1909 +   Gustav Sabine       PNG; Papua/      70 prints in an album entitled,   La Trobe Library, State Library
                             German N.G.      Views taken in New Guinea         of Victoria. (Bolton, 1980, p.283.)
                             Border           (Papua) by Gustav Sabine.
1909-    Sydney Douglas      Papua New        Papers, diaries and photos:       University of PNG Library, New
1928     Burrows (1882-      Guinea           photo albums, loose photos        Guinea Collection, AL-99, Series
         1931)                                and glass slides.                 11-14.

                         Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1909-     Captain Reginald    PNG: Bismark      One album, Nos 194-567,            University of Queensland, Fryer
1930      A. Beazley (1896-   Archipelago,      annotated photographs,             Library, MS 271.
                              Sepik R.,         including a gold mining
                              Hermit Is.,       expeditions on Juat and Jimmi
                              Omildah Oil       Rivers, 1928, and Akmana.
                              Central Mts.,
                              Yuat R.,
                              Maramumi R.,
                              Aua Is., Hui
                              Is., Maron.
1909-     Frank Miller        Banaba (Ocean     Collection of photographs,         PMB 1157, 1 reel, 35mm
1939      (1920- )            Island)           theatre, dance and sports          microfilm. Originals held by Mr
                                                programmes.                        Frank Miller, Bribie Island, Qld.
n.d.      Unknown             PNG: Northern     91 prints, captioned. Bolton       Queensland Museum. (Bolton,
          photographer        Province,         notes that „these prints           1980, p.258.)
                              Collingwood       appear to be similar to those
                              Bay.              taken by Rev. P.J. Money held
                                                at the S.A. Museum‟.
c.1910    E. Nixon            New Guinea;       Unspecified number of              National Library of Australia,
          Westwood            Tonga.            photographs.                       (Bolton, 1980, p.279.)
1910      Sir Henry           Papua:            „Three Photographs of Papua        Royal Commonwealth Society
          Wickham (1846-      Collingwood       1910‟: „Typical Jungle -           Library, London, Y3084B.
          1928)               Bay (Baiaua,      Collingwood Bay‟ x 2; „Native      Detailed catalogue by John
                              possibly          Festival - Baiaua‟. Wickham        Falconner available. (Davies,
                              Bariana)          was an explorer and pioneer        1986, p.277.)
                                                rubber planter.
1910-     Gunnar              Papua             500 glass plate negatives of       National Museum of Finland.
1912      Landtman (1878-                       the Kiwai people in the Fly        (Info from David Lawrence, Jan
          1940)                                 River.                             2009.)
1910-     Rev. P.J. Money     PNG:              71 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
1913                          Collingwood                                          Archives: AA222/679, 761, 775,
                              Bay                                                  776.
c.1910-   Harry Dexter        PNG: Samarai;     Harry Dexter collection of         PMB PHOTO 2, digital copies.
1915                          Kwato; Abau       photographs from Papua,            Originals held by Mr Stuart
                              Is., Port         including trade stores: 42         Inder, Sydney.
                              Moresby           prints.
c.1910-   Sam Hood (1872-     PNG; Torres       Hood Collection, part II: 91       Mitchell Library, Original: PXE
1950      1953)               Strait Islands,   photoprints, including village     789 (v.28).
                              Melanesia and     and cultural life, missionaries,
                              Polynesia         landscapes and sculpture.
1910-     Stephen R.M. Gill   PNG               Letters, diaries and               University of PNG Library, New
1954                                            photographs.                       Guinea Collection, ALX-4.
c.1910-   Walter Alfred       PNG: Rabaul,      „Brock Collection of               National Library of Australia:
1956      Bock                Port Moresby      Photographs of PNG, its            PIC/8126/1-58; access on-line
                                                people and industries‟; 58         nla.pic-an24381251
1910s     G.R. Whiting        PNG:              „Photographs of New Guinea.        National Library of Australia:
                              Admiralty Is.,    Portraits of natives & dwell-      PIC Album 448
                              Rabaul            ings‟: 1 album (20 prints).
1911      G.F. Dodwell        Tonga, Vavau;     Photo album by G.F. Dodwell        Motlock Library, State Library of
                              Fiji; Samoa       of Adelaide Observatory            South Australia, PRG 22/24
                                                containing photos of the           Vol.3. (Jenny Scott, Collection
                                                Australian Eclipse Expedition      Specialist, SLSA.)
                                                to Tonga on the occasion of
                                                the total eclipse 28/04/1911.
                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1911-   Harry Hurry          PNG: Duke of      28 glass plate negatives. (For     Not located. Described by
1912                         York Islands      listing see.                       Gordon Thomas in a letter to
                                               H:\PAMBU\Projects\Digital          Max Hayes, 27 Sep 1964.
                                               documents\Hurry, Harry             Possibly in the Museum at
                                               Photographs Duke of Yorks.)        Kokopo.
1911-   Diamond Jenness      PNG: d‟           500 glass plate negatives,         Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
1912                         Entrecasteaux     captioned contact prints, one      University. (Edwards, 1994)
                             Is.               album of prints differently
                                               arranged and captioned.
1911-   Fritz Sarasin        New Caledonia     Exhibition, Portraits Kanak,       Ref. d‟Ozouville, Pacific Studies,
1912                                           Paroles Kanak , photographs        1997, p.72.
                                               by Fritz Sarasin, 1911-1912,
                                               Tjibaou Cultural Centre,
                                               Noumea, 1995.
1911-   Edward Searle        Easter Is.;       „Tasmanian views‟, Edward          National Library of Australia:
1915                         Norfolk Is.;      Searle's album of photographs      PIC/7485/1-226, Album 947.
                             Pacific Islands   of Australia, Antarctica and
                                               the Pacific, includes images of
                                               Easter Island, Norfolk Island
                                               and Pacific Islanders. Many of
                                               the photographs were
                                               produced as postcards for J.
                                               W. Beattie's studio in Hobart.
1911-   Sr. Lida Tonkin      PNG: New          Collection of Photographs          PMB Photo1, digital copies.
1943                         Britain and       from Papua New Guinea,             Originals held by Mrs G. Fardon,
                             New Ireland       mainly New Britain and New         Queanbeyan, NSW.
                                               Ireland: 72 prints.
1912    Madeline E. King     Papua             „The Papuan as Craftsman‟: 27      University of PNG Library, New
        (Mrs L. Hay                            line drawings of Papuan            Guinea Collection, AL-36.
        Sharp)                                 artefacts and scenes; 6 water
                                               colour paintings of scenes; 3
1912    Lewis Hey Sharp      Papua             „Photographs of NSW and            Mitchell Library, PX*D119
                                               Papua‟: 210 b/w prints.
                                               Includes photographs by
                                               Madeline E. King and Arthur
                                               Kent Chignell.
1912-   E.W.P Chinnery       Papua New         1,823 negatives, duplicate         National Library of Australia,
1937    (1887-1972)          Guinea            negatives and prints showing       Pictures section, PIC P783,
                                               New Guinea weapons, dress          Albums 869A-G. Selected items
                                               and decoration, religious          are also available on-line.
                                               practices, artefacts, canoes
                                               and rafts, dances and
                                               ceremonies, & copper mining.
1912-   Fr. Franz J.         PNG: Sepik        Glass lantern slides from          Most complete group at
1939    Kirschbaum                             prints.                            Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum,
        (1881-1939)                                                               Collogne. (Webb, 1997a, p.18.)
1913    New Zealand          Papua             One photograph album.              Archives New Zealand,
        Insurance Co.                                                             Auckland office, A786/902u.
1913    F.R. Stanley         Papua New         14 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
                             Guinea                                               Archives: AA304/961, 1841,
1913-   H.M. Steadman        Fiji              Methodist Church in Fiji: 214      PMB 1074, 1 reel, 35 mm
1940                                           photographs depicting              microfilm. Originals at the Pacific
                                               students, colleagues, friends      Theological College, Suva.
                                               and family; members of the
                                               Indo-Fijian community;
                                               scenes in various parts of Fiji.
                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1913-     George Herbert    Cook Islands;    LMS Missions at Rarotonga        PMB 1073/Reel 8, 35 mm
1947      Eastman (1881-    Kiribati         and Gilbert Islands: 170         microfilm. Originals at the Pacific
          1974)                              photographs.                     Theological College, Suva.
1913-     Sir Raphael       Papua New        Papers, photographs relating     University of Queensland, Fryer
1983      Cilento           Guinea           to Papua New Guinea.             Library, MC44.
c.1914    G.R. Le Hunte &   Papua New        27 photographs.                  South Australian Museum
          S. Owen           Guinea                                            Archives: AA461/1833.
1914      Alan Fraser Fry   New Guinea       Photonegatives from Fry‟s        Mitchell Library, Original:
          (1895-1916)                        stay in New Guinea: 20 glass     Pic.Acc.4289/17-36.
1914      Gerald A. Hill    PNG: including   Scenes on board HMAS.            Mitchell Library, Original: PXB
                            Kabakaul,        Yarra, including the crew's      362; transfer from Mitchell
                            Bitapaka and     Christmas Day celebrations in    Library Gerald A. Hill papers re
                            Madang           1914. Also scenes relating to    war service, 1914-1919 (ML MSS
                                             naval activities in New Guinea   1989).
                                             during World War I: 40
1914      A.P. Lyons        PNG: Western     57 glass negatives.              South Australian Museum
                            Province         (Gogodale?)                      Archives: AA188/654.
1914      S. Owen           Papua New        10 photographs.                  South Australian Museum
                            Guinea                                            Archives: AA263/1812.
1914-     Hackworth         Samoa            The Hackworth Album: 28          Turnbull Library, PA1-q-107.
1915                                         pages of photographs of the
                                             NZ occupation of Samoa, 29
                                             Aug 1914. Together with
                                             photographs of Samoan
                                             scenery and people, some by
                                             Tattersall, 1914-1915.
1914-     Ernest Sterne     PNG: Vailala     Usher Collection. 560 images     South Australian Museum.
1916      Usher             and Purari       by Usher, L.L. Wrathall, E.R.
                            Rivers, Papua    Stanley, J.W. Beattie and
                                             Papuan postcards by W.H.
                                             Cooper (Melbourne).
c.1914-                     Fiji             Life in Fiji during World War    Mitchell Library, Original: PXD
1918                                         I.                               618.
1914-     E.W. Pearson      PNG: Mt          „Enlarged Photographs of         Royal Commonwealth Society
1919      Chinnery          Chapman, Mt      Unknown New Guinea‟. Five        Library, London, Y3084C.
                            Lawson, divide   loose b/w prints, all murky      Catalogued in detailed by John
                            between          images with much scratching      Falconner. (Davies, 1986, p.278.)
                            British and      and some staining, presented
                            German New       to Sir Harry Wilson by Lieut.
                            Guinea           E.W. Pearson Chinnery.
1914-     Norman C. Deck    Solomon          Photographs associated with      Many prints held with SSEM
c.1930                      Islands          the South Sea Evangelical        archives, Sydney, and in SSEM
                                             Mission.                         publications.
c.1914-                     PNG; New         „Photographs relating to New     Mitchell Library, PXA275.
1944                        Caledonia        Caledonia, Noumea and New
                                             Guinea‟: 64 b/w and sepia
                                             prints, presented by Mrs
c.1914-   Noel Gash         Papua New        „Photographs of New Guinea,      Mitchell Library, Original: PXE
1964                        Guinea           New Guinea Islanders and         707/1-26.
                                             Government representatives‟:
                                             26 silver gelatin photoprints.
c.1914-   Kathleen          Papua New        „Photographs of Papua New        University of Queensland, Fryer
1969      Vellacott-Jones   Guinea           Guinea.‟                         Library, MC 133.

                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1915-     Thomas J.          New Guinea       Denham‟s New Guinea              Mitchell Library, Manuscripts
1916      Denham                              Notebook: a collection of        B/695.
                                              postcards and photographs.
1915-     A.P. Lyons         PNG: Gulf,       98 captioned prints. „A good     University of Queensland,
1920                         Milne Bay,       proportion of the Western        Anthropology Museum. The
                             Central, & W.    Province prints are of           Lyons Papers are at the Fryer
                             Provinces;       Gogodola people.‟ (Bolton,       Library. Negatives of prints held
                             Marind-Anim      1980.)                           by the Lyons family. (Bolton,
                             in West Papua.                                    1980, p.255.)
c. 1916   Ernest Sterne      PNG: Northern    99 b/w prints, captioned.        National Museum of Victoria.
          Usher              Province         (Collingwood Bay).               (Bolton, 1980, p.286.)
c.1916    Unknown            Papua New        Two series of photographs: 10    PMB 1010, 1 reel, 35mm
                             Guinea           from Manus and Tolai and         microfilm. Original prints held by
                                              Bainings areas of New Britain;   Ms Jill Clingan, Charnwood,
                                              176 photos taken in or around    ACT.
                                              Rabaul, Kokopo, Port
                                              Moresby and Samarai.
1916-     George R.          Papua New        Aerial and other photographs:    Mitchell Library, Orig Neg 52,
1932      Hamilton           Guinea           296 negs and some prints (a      PXA109, PXD168-174.
                                              few in PNG, most in Aust.)
1916-     Paul Wirz (1892-   New Guinea:      Wirz Photographic Archives       Museum der Kulturen, Basel,
1955      1955)              Marind-anin,     includes more than 3,000         Switzerland; and by Wirz‟s wife,
                             Lake Sentani,    photographs made during          Erna Wirz and his son, Dadi
                             Enga,            research trips to New Guinea.    Wirz. (Andrea E. Schmidt, “In
                             Gogodala,                                         Search of „Men of Nature‟: Paul
                             Sepik and                                         Wirz‟s photography in New
                             Maprik                                            Guinea, 1916-1955”, Pacific
                                                                               Studies 20:4, Dec 1997; p.35.)
Oct-Nov   Thomas J.          PNG; Solomon     Published photographs.           Published in the Cairns Post
1917      McMahon            Is.; Torres                                       and Northern Herald, The
                             Strait; Nauru;                                    Queenslander, and 26 other
                             Ocean Is.;                                        illustrated publications.
                             Kiribati;                                         (Quanchi, 1997 & 2004.)
                             Marshall Is.;
                             Norfolk Is.;
1917-     Caleb Beharell     Papua New        Diary and photographs from       University of PNG Library, New
1918                         Guinea           LMS mission to Kerapunu          Guinea Collection, ALX-19.
                                              and Hula.
1917-     Wunderlich Ltd     PNG: Papua       Wunderlich Ltd: photographs      Mitchell Library, PXA355,
1927                                          and architectural plans,         PXD480.
                                              including public buildings.
c.1917-   G. Allen Innes.    Papua New        PNG photographs, including a     Mitchell Library, ML A2118.
1938                         Guinea; Fiji     photograph of the Fijian
                                              Constabulary, 1917.
c.1918-   Eric Halliwell     PNG: Manus       „Views of New Guinea Islands     Mitchell Library, original:
1920                         Is., Rabaul,     and natives‟. 5 albums (354      Pic.Acc.1008.
                             Aua &            photoprints). Includes Manus
                             Western          radio station.
c.1918-   NZ Dept. of        Samoa            23 mounted prints of Samoa.      Turnbull Library, PAColl-0644.
1920      Foreign Affairs,
          Pacific Islands

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1918-     E.R. Waite         PNG: New           Waite, who was Director of        South Australian Museum
c.1928                       Ireland, New       SA Museum 1914-28, made an
                             Britain, Central   expedition to New Ireland in
                             Province and       1918: 1 album of New Ireland
                             Milne Bay          photographs and 121
                             Province           photographs of Melanesia
                                                general. (Prints, negs and
                                                glass plates).
1918-     Sir Raphael        PNG: Central       152 b/w photographs and           Fryer Library Manuscript
1920s     Cilento            Gulf Province,     post cards of places including    Collection 44, Papers of Sir
                             Admiralty Is.,     Mati Is., Aua Is., Rabaul,        Raphael Cilento. (Bolton, 1980,
                             New Ireland,       Hermit Group, Ninigo Gp.,         p.256.)
                             New Britain.       Madang, Edie Creek, Morobe
                             Solomon            District, Solomon Islands,
                             Islands; Fiji      leprosy patients, 1920s.
                                                426 b/w photogarphs and
                                                post cards of places including
                                                Atzera Mountains, Wau,
                                                Morobe Dist., Ramu R., Sepik
                                                R., Lae, Edie Creek, Manus Is.,
                                                Rabaul, Fiji, Madang,
                                                Kavieng, 1920s.
                                                Photograph albums: # New
                                                Guinea; # Photographs
                                                collected by Drs P. Hemmant
                                                and R.W. Cilento during
                                                League of Nations Mission to
                                                the South Pacific, 1929.
                                                Loose photograph albums,
                                                including disesae conditions
                                                among New Guinea people,
                                                Two timber cases containing
                                                glass negatives of PNG.
                                                Cilento house at Namanula
                                                Road, Rabaul, 1924?
                                                Plantation labourers collecting
                                                coconuts, c.1924-28
1919      Kerry and          New Guinea         List of New Guinea                Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
          Company                               photographs by Rev. W.G.
                                                Lawes (Catalog), Sydney.
c.1919    Prof. B.           PNG: Milne         33 b/w prints, captioned, made    National Museum of Victoria.
          Malinowski         Bay Province       by Malinowski on Mailu            The Museum also has an
                                                Island and the Trobriand          artefact collection made by
                                                Islands.                          Malinowski. (Bolton, 1980,
c.1919-   Louise Somerhoff   PNG: New           217 photographs in 2 vols.        Mitchell Library, PXB30.
1920                         Britain, New       taken by Miss Somerhoff;
                             Ireland            many at Kirchener plantations
                                                Gunantambu near Kokopo,
                                                and Ula-None near Kavieng.
1919-     Robert Ward        Samoa              c.200 prints compiled by Col.     Turnbull Library, PAColl-0026 &
1923      Tate                                  R.W. Tate, the Administrator      PAColl-0085.
                                                of Western Samoa, 1919-23.
1919-     Geoffrey           PNG: Rabaul,       c.250 well-captioned              Australian Museum. Restricted
1924      Cunningham         Bougainville &     photographs.                      access.

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1919-     Alex Rutherford      Samoa              4 albums compiled by Dr           Turnbull Library, PA1-0-445-448.
1928                                              Rutherford. Many of the
                                                  photographs are by Tattersall.
c.1919-   Alice Allen Innes    PNG, including     Alice Innes Papers, „Scenes of    Mitchell Library, Original:
1940                           Salamaua,          native peoples & European         Pic.Acc.1053
                               Rabaul &           pioneers‟: 107 photoprints.
                               Misima Island
c.1920    T. W. Cameron,       Papua New          211 lantern slides, (chiefly      Mitchell Library, Original:
          Slide Specialist,    Guinea             hand col.) prepared for an        SLIDES 56.
          430 Bourke                              unidentified missionary
          Street,                                 society: including villages,
          Melbourne                               islanders and missionaries:
c.1920    Harry Pidgeon        Marquesas;         Harry Pidgeon Collection: 300     California Museum of
and                            Hawai‟i;           photographs of Pacific Island     Photography, Uni of California -
1940s                          Samoa; Society     subjects made over the course     Riverside. (F.R. Beardsley,
                               Islands; PNG;      of Pidgeon‟s two                  „Pacific Islands Collections at
                               Vanuatu, Fiji      circumnavigations of the          the California Museum of
                               and Tuamotus       globe.                            Photography‟, Pacific Studies
                                                                                    20:4, 1997)
1920-                          Papua New          9 albums.                         Royal Geographical Society,
1922                           Guinea                                               London, D87. (Davies, 1986,
1920-     Frank Hurley         PNG: Milne         826 glass plates, briefly         Australian Museum. (Bolton,
1922      (1885-1962)          Bay, Northern      identifies, with village names.   1980, p.263.)
                               Central, Gulf      Taken during expedition with
                               and Western        A.R. McCulloch of the
                               Provinces          Australian Museum.
1921      Frank Hurley         Papua New          1 album, 260 photographs          National Library of Australia,
          (1885-1962)          Guinea &           from Hurley‟s first expedition    PIC/8907/1-261, Album 1067;
                               Torres Strait      to PNG, Mar-Aug 1921.             Access online.
1921?     Frank Hurley         Papua New          New Guinea natives, villages      National Library of Australia:
          (1885-1962)          Guinea             & activities: 36 photographs      PIC P590/1-36. Access online.
1921-     Frank Hurley         Torres Strait      „Papua New Guinea, 1921-          Mitchell Library, original: PXA
1923      (1885-1962)          and Papua          1923‟: 301 silver gelatin         698. The negatives are at the
                                                  photoprints.                      Australian Museum, Sydney.
1921      R.A. Vivian          PNG, Massim,       1,484 (?) photographs.            South Australian Museum
                               Trobriand Is.                                        Archives: AA?/1655.
1922      Miss Parkhouse       Papua New          8 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
                               Guinea                                               Archives: AA247/2013.
c.1922    Capt. George Pitt-   PNG: Central       28 b/w prints, captioned. Capt.   Museum of Victoria, (Bolton,
          Rivers               and Gulf Prov.,    Bolton notes that Pitt-Rivers     1980, p.285.)
                               Admiralty Is.      was an anthropologist who
                                                  worked in Aua Island.
1922-     Henry Ludlow         PNG: Eastern       „Photographs taken by H.L.        Mitchell Library, ON54 and
1938,     Downing              Highlands,         Downing in New Guinea             NCY2: 161-749; and FM3/680.
1951                           Morobe, New        between World War I and II‟:
                               Britain; Norfolk   432 b/w negs +29 prints.
1922-     Henry Ludlow         PNG: Bulolo,       126 silver gelatin photoprints    Mitchell Library, Original:
1932      Downing              Edie Creek,        derived from the negs above..     PXA650.
1922-     Henry Ludlow                                                              Mitchell Library, See also Small
1938?     Downing                                                                   Pictures File.

                          Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1920s-    Henry Ludlow         NG goldfields?    Album of Downing prints          Noel Butlin Archives Centre,
1930s?    Downing                                presented by Harry Darby to      Australian National University
                                                 Sir James Burns?                 Archives Program, Burns Philp
                                                                                  & Co archives, N115, Box 514.
                                                                                  (Info from Michael Waterhouse
1920s-    Henry Ludlow         PNG               Album of 100+ Downing            Album held by Michael
1930s?    Downing                                prints which belonged to         Waterhouse, Centennial Park,
                                                 Michael Waterhouse‟s             Sydney
1922-     F.E. Williams        Papua New         „F.E. Williams Ethnographic      National Archives of Australia,
1943                           Guinea            Photograph Collection‟: 728      CRS A6003. (M.W. Young and J.
                                                 glass plate negatives,           Clark, An anthropologist in
                                                 captioned and inventoried.       Papua: the photography of F.E.
                                                                                  Williams, 1922-39, Honolulu
1922-     W.G.                 Papua New         Photographs, including views     Mitchell Library, UNCAT MSS
1954      Woolnough            Guinea            in Australia and New Guinea      Set 491, items 7-12.
                                                 re Dr Woolnough‟s scientific
                                                 work and expeditions: negs
                                                 and prints.
1922-     William Charles      Papua New         W.C. Groves Papers relating      University of PNG Library, New
1962      Groves (1898-        Guinea;           to education and                 Guinea Collection, AL-103, Box
          1967)                Solomon           anthropological research in      8.
                               Islands; Nauru.   Papua New Guinea and Nauru:
                                                 Pt.8, Photographs.
1923      Malcolm Henry        PNG: New          Scenes of New Guinea             Mitchell Library: Copy print:
          Ellis (1890-1969)    Britain -         plantations, 1923, compiled by   Pic.Acc.1356 (v.2).
                               Bainings          M.H. Ellis: 60 glassplate
                                                 negatives; 57 prints.
n.d.      Eric O. Pockley      PNG:              16 quarter-plate glass           Mitchell Library, Original: ON
          (1876-1956)          Bougainville      photonegatives in box            171.
                                                 marked, „Kieta, Marou‟.
1923-     Karius, Charles      PNG: Karuama      Papua New Guinea patrols:        National Library of Australia:
1924      Henry (d.1940)       - Kunimaipa;      126 photographs taken on two     Album 815; and online access at
                               Goilala -         patrols, May 1923-Jan 1924 &
                               Ononge            Feb-Apr 1924.
1923,     Eric O. Pockley      Papua New         Suva, Solomons Islands and       Mitchell Library, Original: PXE
1954      (1876-1956)          Guinea;           unidentified photographs of      692/96-134
                               Solomon Is.;      south-west Pacific islands: 38
                               Fiji; Tahiti      silver gelatin photoprints; 1
                                                 postcard (Tahiti, 1954).
c.1923-   Rev. M.K.            Papua New         Methodist Mission at Dobu        Mitchell Library, original:
1935      Gilmour              Guinea            Island, PNG: 81 photographs.     Pic.Acc.1380.
c.1924    A. Mattingly         PNG: Samarai,     75 lantern slides, mostly with   National Museum of Victoria.
                               Port Moresby      captions.                        (Bolton, 1980, p.285.)
1924-     E.A. Briggs          PNG: Rabaul,      171 unidentified glass plate     University of Sydney Archives.
1926                           Wewak,            negatives and a silent movie     (Bolton, 1980, p.273.)
                               Torricelli Mts.   film.
c.1924-   R.K. Richardson      PNG: Madang       99 b/w prints with brief         National Museum of Victoria.
1928                           & Morobe          captions. Bolton notes that      (Bolton, 1980, p.285.)
                               Provs., Sepik,    Richardson worked with the
                               New Britain,      Anglo-Iranian Oil Company.
                               Admiralty Is.
c.1925-                        PNG: Rabaul,      Album of photographs             Mitchell Library, PVB164.
1931                           Kokopo,           associated with voyages of
                               Madang;           the MV Malabar: 50 sepia
                               Solomon Is.       prints.
                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1925-     H.I. Hogbin        Solomon Is. &     1242 prints taken from           Australian Museum. Sets of the
1934                         PNG: inclu.       negatives held by Professor      prints have also been deposited
                             Bougainville,     Hogbin. The subjects are         at the Solomon Islands Museum
                             Buka, New         briefly described and include    and the Institute of PNG Studies.
                             Britain, Sepik,   many portraits.                  (Bolton, 1980, p.262.)
                             Milne Bay and
                             Morobe Provs.
c.1925-   George D.          New Guinea:       Photographs of Rabaul, its       Fryer Library, MC 270.
1956      Hawkins            Rabaul            inhabitants and scenery,
                                               including the 1937 eruption.
1925-     Jessie March       Papua New         Photographs taken in New         Mortlock Library, Papers of
1949      (1901-1994)        Guinea            Britain.                         Jessie March, PRG 1140
1925-     Ivan Champion      Papua New         Papers, letters log books,       Fryer Library, MC 272.
1983                         Guinea            patrol reports, photographs.
1927      Ivan Champion      PNG: Fly to       64 photographs in 1 portfolio    Mitchell Library, PXA52.
                             Sepik Rivers      taken on the North-West
                                               Patrol with C.H. Karius:.
c.1926-   A. Liston Blyth    Papua: Delta      „Capt. A. Liston Blyth, FRGS,    Royal Commonwealth Society
1930                         Division          FRAI, FRCI, Resident             Library, London, Y3084D.1.
                                               Magistrate, Delta Division       Catalogued by John Falconner.
                                               Papua, and Native                (Davies, 1986, p.279.)
                                               Constabulary‟: 1 b/w print.
                                               Photographer unknown.
1927,     Lieutenant         New Guinea        First church service at Edie     Mitchell Library, Original:
c.1930-   Colonel N. P. H.                     Creek, New Guinea, 1927;         SPF/New Guinea - Edie Creek,
1945?     Neal                                 Members of the Legislative       1927; Original: SPG/New Guinea
                                               Council, New Guinea, c.1930-     - Legislative Council.
                                               45: 2 photographs.
1927-     Jack Stratton      New Guinea:       Photos of Rabaul 1927,           PNG Association of Australia
1929                         Rabaul            photos of native police          Collection, Fryer Library,
                                               paraded for the 1929 visit of    University of Queensland.
                                               Lord Stonehaven, Governor-
                                               General of Australia.
c.1927-   Rev. M.K.          Papua: Dobu       „Photographs of Dobu, etc.‟ re   Mitchell Library, ML MSS 697.
1935      Gilmour                              work of Rev. Gilmour and his
                                               wife of the Methodist
                                               Mission, Papua: 1 folder of 85
1928-     Charles Price      Papua: Port       „Papuans and Papua.‟             Mitchell Library, ML PXA36.
1929      Conigrave          Moresby, Yule     Photographs taken on an
                             island, Mekeo,    expedition: 80 photographs.
                             Dilava and
                             Yakaluma R.
1928-     W. Fleming         New Guinea:       Photographs of Rabaul, Edie      Fryer Library, MC 273.
c.1933                       Rabaul, Edie      Creek, Lae, Bulolo, Wau and
                             Creek, Lae,       Salamaua, PNG.
                             Bulolo, Wau
                             and Salamaua
1928-     K.H. Thomas        New Guinea:       One album of b/w prints,         South Australian Museum
1934                         Sepik area,       captioned, and 7 prints,         Archives: AA 336/700,
                             Madang            including one taken in the       AA336/964, AA336/2415.
                             Province.         Tuamotus. (see Bolton, 1980,
                             Tuamotu           p.295.)
                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1928-    Herbert Ian         Solomon Is.;      1574 negatives and prints,         University of Sydney Archives.
1944     Hogbin (1904-       PNG: general,     frequently identified, but the     (Bolton, 1980. P.273.) See also:
         1989)               East Sepik and    collection was disorganised,       the Hogbin Collection at the
                             Morobe            when sighted by Bolton in          Macleay Museum (below).
                             Provinces.        1980, and appeared to include
                                               many duplicates.
1928 +   Herbert Ian         Australia;        „The Hogbin Collection‟: more      In the Historical Photographs
         Hogbin (1904-       Solomon           than 700 ethnographic lantern      Collection at the Macleay
         1989)               Islands; Papua    slides made by Hogbin on his       Museum, University of Sydney.
                             New Guinea.       fieldtrips, supplemented with      Partially catalogued (?) (Ref.
                                               slides from commercial             Barbara Wittmann, „The Hogbin
                                               photographers, books and           Collection‟, Macleay Museum
                                               other anthropologists,             News, No.13, Apr. 1999.
                                               documenting indigenous
                                               people of Australia and the
                                               South Pacific Islands.
1928-    Guy Broad           PNG: Rabaul,      115 photographs of Rabaul,         Fryer Library, MC 272. Detailed
c.1971                       Edie Creek,       etc. (including 1937 volcanic      item list available from the Fryer
                             Wau, Samarai,     eruption of Matupi).               Library
Apr-     Crane Pacific       New Guinea:       Over 500 photographs were          Metropolitan Museum of Art,
May      Expedition          Sepik, Keram      made of people, art,               Peabody Museum, Field
1929                         and May           architecture, and everyday life    Museum, Peabody Essex
                             Rivers            by Sidney N. Shurcliff Karl        Museum and the Moss family.
                                               Schmidt, William Moss,             (Webb, 1997.)
                                               Murray Fairbank and Charles
n.d.     George Carter       Papua; Fiji       „Album of photographs of           Mitchell Library, PXA122.
                                               Australia, Papua and Fiji‟: 119
1929-    Lilla Lashmar       Papua: Dogura     Photograph albums showing          State Library of South Australia:
1936     (1895-1942)                           part of the life of the Anglican   Album B 56981/1 (1929-1933),
                                               Mission in Papua, including        Album B 56981/2 (1933-1936):
                                               mission buildings at Dogura        Selected digitised images from
                                               and people attending mission       Album 2 available on South
                                               conferences, indigenous            Australiana Database B 57203 -
                                               people, including children,        B 57216.
                                               and Papua scenery. Lilla
                                               Lashmar and other mission
                                               staff were executed by the
                                               Japanese on Buna Beach in
1920s    Pat Murray          Papua: Port       Photos of Port Moresby.            PNG Association of Australia
                             Moresby                                              Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                  University of Queensland.
1920s    Sacred Heart        PNG: Mekeo,       Papua New Guinea,                  National Library of Australia:
         Missionaries        Hanuabada,        Missionaires du Sacre-Coeur        PIC P543, album 818; access
                             Kubuna, Yule      d'Issoudun: 43 photographs.        online.
                             Is., Arapokina,

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1920s-    C.W. Marshall       PNG: general,      830 b/w contact prints and        Australian Museum,
1930s                         Morobe & Gulf      35mm negatives, deposited         Anthropology Dept. (Bolton,
                              Provinces,         with Marshall‟s field diaries.    1980, p.264.)
                              Western &          „With the Leahy brothers,
                              Eastern            Marshall, an exploration
                              Highlands.         geologist [with New Guinea
                                                 Goldfields?] was one of the
                                                 first Europeans to explore the
                                                 NG Highlands.‟ (Bolton, 1980.)
1930      Francis Gleeson     Samoa              Album compiled by Gleeson, a      National Library of NZ.
                                                 NZ Police officer in Samoa
                                                 during the Mau uprising.
c.1930    Rev. R.E.S.         Papua              Lantern slides by Rev. Taylor     Mitchell Library, ML Slides 12.
          Taylor                                 of Papua, showing a war
                                                 canoe, house building and a
                                                 village school.
c.1930                        New Caledonia      Negatives of New Caledonia        Mitchell Library, Orig Neg 27;
                                                 and Noumea: 22 negs.              NCY1:223-245.
1930-     Mick Dwyer or       PNG: Purari R.,    121 photographs taken on an       National library of Australia: PIC
1931      Mick Leahy          Waria, Purari,     expedition by Europeans           PIC/3234/1-121, Album 962;
                              Markham,           across Papua New Guinea via       access on line at nla.pic-
                              Tauri,             the Purari River, (probably the   an20650880.
                              Langemar and       1930 expedition of Michael
                              Gira Rivers; the   Leahy and Michael Dwyer).
                              villages of        Includes photographs of
                              Kasangari,         people, canoes, bridges,
                              Watot,             fortifications, shields, and a
                              Kukukuku,          community house and 2 aerial
                              Port Romilly,      views.
1930-     A.J. Hunter         PNG: Madang        c.600 photos, including           South Australian Museum
1933                          Province,          photos taken on the first         Archives: AA363/974, 975, 129,
                              Bismark Range,     administration patrol to the      AA145/647-649, AA145/1728,
                              Morobe             south of the Bismark Range        AA145/1760-1781, 1787, 1935.
                              Province,          (307 photos); and an album
                              Milne Bay          (of 28 photos) with Ms.,
                              Province,          Across the Bismark
                              Bougainville       Mountains into the interior of
                                                 New Guinea 1930-31.
1930-     Michael J. Leahy    New Guinea:        „Photographs of New Guinea        Mitchell Library, Original: PXA
1934      (1901-1979)         Mt Hagen,          1930-1934‟, many taken in the     632 (v.1-5).
                              Bena-Bena          Mt Hagen and Bena-Bena
                                                 areas in 1933-34: c.760
                                                 photoprints in 5 albums
c.1930-   Ruby Allen          PNG: Rabaul        Ruby Allen Collection: 7          University of Queensland, Fryer
1947                          and Kokopo         prints.                           Library, PhS 617-623.
1931      A.W. Allen          New Guinea:        Views of Samarai, etc. and        Mitchell Library, PX*D607
                              Samarai, Bulolo    loading Junker planes for
                                                 Bulolo Gold Dredging Co,
                                                 probably taken by Hugh Lyon
                                                 who gave them to Allen.
1931-     F.E. Williams and   Papua              Territories Branch of the         National Archives of Australia,
1937      others                                 Australian Prime Minister‟s       Canberra, A6004.
                                                 Department. Nos.1-406 (gaps)
                                                 duplicate negatives and
                                                 reference prints of
                                                 ethnological photographs.

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1931-    Jack O'Neill        New Guinea:    „Collection of photographs of     National Library of Australia:
1937     (1907-1975)         Morobe         New Guinea‟: 55 photographs       PIC P1034; PIC/8585/1-29.
                             goldfields     of mining operations and          Access on line at nla.pic-
                                            camps, airfields and planes,      an11634963.
                                            official patrols and tribal
1932     Josie Wallenius     PNG: Morobe    Letters and photos of Kath        PNG Association of Australia
                             goldfields,    Honeysett, Wau/Bulolo 1932,       Collection, Fryer Library,
                             Kavieng,       and photos of Kavieng,            University of Queensland.
                             Rabaul         Rabaul, Bulolo, Wau, Baiune.
1932-    W.L. Doe            New Guinea:    „Photographs of Papua New         University of Queensland, Fryer
1947                         Bulolo Gold    Guinea, particularly the Bulolo   Library, MC 275.
                             Fields         Gold Fields.‟
1932-    John J. Murphy      Papua New      Diaries, correspondence,          University of Queensland, Fryer
1985                         Guinea         reports and photographs           Library, MC 99.
                                            relating to Murphy‟s service
                                            in the Australian
                                            administration of PNG.
1933     R. E. Honey         New Guinea:    Album of 45 photographs and       National Library of Australia:
                             Rabaul, New    34 loose prints collected by      PIC/3079/1-80, Album 945;
                             Britain, Wau   Honey while working for the       online access at
                                            Commonwealth Bank of    
                                            Australia, Rabaul, 1932-33.
c.1933   Daniel Leahy        New Guinea:    Collection of photographs of      National Library of Australia:
         (1912- )            Wahgi Valley   New Guinea‟: c.800 negatives      PIC P831 LOC R19.
                                            of photographs of gold
                                            mining operations in New
                                            Guinea; tribal gatherings,
                                            costume and adornment;
                                            family groups and dwellings.
                                            Some of the photographs
                                            were used in the film First
                                            Contact, 1982.
1933     Tom Leahy           PNG: Eastern   173 b/w captioned prints          Australian Museum,
                             Highlands      taken on joint expeditions        Anthropology Dept. (Bolton,
                                            with C.W. Marshall.               1980, p.265.)
1933+    Michael J. Leahy    New Guinea:    Lantern slides relating to the    Mitchell Library, SLIDES 1.
                             Highlands      exploration of the highlands
                                            of New Guinea shown by
                                            Leahy to the Explorers‟ Club
                                            New York & at the Museum of
                                            Natural History: 94 slides.
1932-    Michael J. Leahy    New Guinea:    „Collection of photographs of     National Library of Australia:
1935                         Eastern        New Guinea‟: c.2,800              PIC Album 801/1-28.
                             Highlands,     photographs and negatives in
                             Chimbu and     sequences according to M.J.
                             Western        Leahy's journeys. Views,
                             Highlands      panoramas, members of tribes
                             Provinces      met, costume, decoration,
                                            weapons and fighting.
1933-    H.I. Hogbin         Solomon        School of Civil Affairs,          Hallstrom Pacific Collection,
1934                         Islands        Photographs of the People of      University of NSW Library.
                                            Malaita and Guadalcanal, Nos.
                                            IH/1-82; Photographs of the
                                            People of Ontong Java Nos.
                                            IH/OJ 1-35.

                         Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1933-     Ken and Iris        New Guinea:      „Ken and Iris Spinks'              National Library of Australia:
1936      Spinks              Highlands,       collection of photographs          PIC/8691/1-125; access online at
                              Edie Creek, Mt   Central New Guinea‟: 125 
                              Hagen, Lower     photographs of an expedition       vn3289640.
                              Watut            to Mount Hagen and region in
                                               1933 on which Ken Spinks
                                               was surveyor.
1934      A.J. Bearup         New Guinea:      Photographs taken in Mount         Originals held by Dr John
                              Mt Hagen         Hagen during parasitology          Walker, Centre for Infectious
                                               survey by the School of            Diseases and Microbiology,
                                               Public Health and Tropical         Westmead Hospital, Sydney;
                                               Medicine; 17 prints.               digital copies at PMB Photo 4.
c.1934-   Fred Kitching       Lord Howe;       Views of Lord Howe Island,         State Library of NSW, Original:
1936                          Norfolk Is.;     Norfolk Island & Vila, New         Pic.Acc.7208.
                              Vanuatu          Hebrides: 1 album, approx. 333
                                               sepia photoprints.
1934-     H.A.J. Fryer        Papua New        Negatives of photographs           University of PNG Library.
1946      (1910-1993)         Guinea           made while surveyor with Oil
                                               Search Ltd, engineer with
                                               Australasian Petroleum Co
                                               and as an officer with the
                                               Allied Intelligence Bureau on
                                               patrol in the Sepik.
1934-     R.N. Wilson         PNG: Rabaul,     „Photographs of Papua New          University of Queensland, Fryer
1950                          Salamaua,        Guinea‟ (bulk 1934-37, 1948).      Library, MC 274.
                              Wau, Lae,
                              Bulolo, Watut
                              & Dunantina
1935-     Nancy Reason        PNG: Madang      Madang photographs.                PNG Association of Australia
1939                                                                              Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                  University of Queensland.
c.1935    Louis James         Papua New        „Collection of photographs of      National Library of Australia:
          O'Malley            Guinea           Papua New Guinea‟: c. 200          PIC P558 Album 851.
          (1912- ).                            photographs of villages,
                                               houses and lake dwellings,
                                               tattoos and tattooing, women
                                               working, costume and
                                               ceremonial dress, copra
                                               making, canoes, cricket, Port
                                               Moresby, dances. O'Malley
                                               accompanied Jack Hides on
                                               the 1935 expedition up the
                                               Strickland River.
1935-     William and         PNG: Port        145 family snapshots of            In private hands. Access online
1941      Charles Gray        Moresby,         aviation services in PNG,          at PNG Association of Australia
                              Wau, Salamaua    including aircraft belonging to    Photo Gallery,
                                               W.R. Carpenter & Co. See
                                               also: Dennis Gray Collection
                                               1969-73, below.
1935-     Johnston Family     PNG: Sogeri,     „Johnston Family                   PMB 1054, 1 reel of 35mm
1977      Papers              Port Moresby     Photographs, Sogeri                microfilm. Originals held by Mr
                                               Plantation‟: 480 photographs,      E.L. Johnston, Armidale, NSW.
                                               including many of work and
                                               life at Sogeri. (128 of them are

                     Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1936-   Mary Lambie         Fiji; Samoa;       Albums in the NZ Dept of          Archives New Zealand, Dept of
1948                        Cook Islands -     Health, Head Office, Mary         Health records, Series H11,
                            Rarotonga;         Lambie Collection, holding        W2615, Items 1/2, 2/2, 2/3.
                            Kiribati -         photographs of nurses in the
                            Tarawa             Islands.
1937    Rosemary Turner     PNG: Bulwa         Photos of visit of Governor-      PNG Association of Australia
        (Brewer)                               General and Lady Gowie to         Collection, Fryer Library,
                                               Bulwa.                            University of Queensland.
1937    E.M. Frisk          Papua New          18 photographs.                   South Australian Museum
                            Guinea                                               Archives, AA256/1896.
1937    Charles F.          PNG: Bulolo        Visit to North Queensland and     Mitchell Library, PXA 179.
        Walton              Valley, Rabaul,    Papua-New Guinea early 1937:
                            Port Moresby,      100 b/w photos in 1 vol.
1937    L.V. Waterhouse     New Guinea:        Prints of photographs taken in    Mitchell Library, Q988.4/W.
                            Bulolo and         New Guinea, including visit of
                            Bulwa regions      Lord Gowrie to Bulolo.
1937-   Charles Valentine   New Guinea:        New Guinea, mining and            NLA MS 364.
1939    T. Wells            Lae, Bulolo,       aviation, Guinea Gold No
                            Wau                Liability Ltd, Guinea Airways
                                               Limited: photographs.
1937-   Gerald F. X.        PNG: Rabaul,       War diary, patrol reports and     PMB 1162 2 reels, 35mm
1965    Brown (1909-        Port Moresby,      personal papers, including        microfilm. Originals held by Mrs
        1968)               Lae, Kavieng,      photographs.                      Helen Tracy, Sodwalls NSW.
1938    Norm Janke          PNG: Wau           Photograph of students at the     PNG Association of Australia
                                               Wau European School.              Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                 University of Queensland.
1938    T.O. O‟Dea          PNG: Western       19 b/w prints, captioned.         Western Australian Museum.
                            Highlands,         Includes one photo of an          (Bolton, 1980, p.300.)
                            North of Sepik,    airstrip in Wewak, 1936.
1938-   Ian Downs           PNG: Wabag,        Photographs relating to the       National Library of Australia:
1939                        Enga, Mt           Hagen-Sepik patrol, 1938: 12      MS8254, Series 2/Folder 8
                            Hagen, Chimbu      photographs taken by Downs
                            Patrol Post        or by P.O. Murray Edwards,
                                               First Officer-in-Charge Mt
                                               Hagen (Feb-Dec 1938).
1938-   C.B. (Pat) Walsh,   PNG: Hagen-        Photographs relating to the       National Library of Australia:
1939    J.L. Taylor and     Sepik,             Hagen-Sepik Patrol, Papua         MS 8346; MS 9218; MS 9219
        John Black          including          New Guinea, 1938-1939.
                            Hoiyevia ,         Photographs in the papers of
                            Madang,            Pat Walsh, Jim Taylor and
                            Telefomin,         John Black, including portraits
                            Waga Valley,       of the members of the patrol
                            Tumbudu            and carriers, camps,
                            Valley, Sirunka,   aeroplanes dropping supplies
                            Biviraka, Tekin    and airstrips; portraits of
                            Valley, Porgera    Papuans showing their
                            Valley, Wabag,     costume and headdresses,
                            North Enga.        body ornamentation, houses,
                                               tombs and graves, gardens
                                               (crops), and markets; views of
                                               the region travelled by the

                     Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1938-   C.B. Walsh           PNG: Western      29 captioned negatives of         Queensland Museum. (Bolton,
1939                         Highlands,        photographs „taken during         1980, p.257.)
                             Enga,             the 1938-39 Official Expedition
                             Highlands         under J.L. Taylor, Assistant
                             general.          District Officer, Rabaul.‟
1938-   Guinea Airways       New Guinea        303 photographs.                  State Library of South Australia,
1959    Ltd                                                                      B 57200/1-B 57200/303; digital
                                                                                 copies available on-line at
1939    Archie Gibson        PNG: Port         Port Moresby and district: 52     State Library of NSW, Original:
                             Moresby.          silver gelatin photoprints.       PXA 652. The National Library
                                               Some of these photographs         of Australia Pictorial Collection
                                               appear in Burns Philp's travel    also holds an unattributed album
                                               brochures. Photographs by A.      with most of these photographs
                                               & K. Gibson illustrate The        in it. (Information supplied by
                                               Official Handbook of Papua        Max Quanchi.)
                                               (5th ed., 1938).
1939-   P. Kaberry           New Guinea        School of Civil Affairs, Prints   Hallstrom Pacific Collection,
1940                                           of Photographs taken of the       University of NSW Library.
                                               Abelam People, Nos. PK/1 to
1939-   Horace R. Niall      PNG: Bundi        Photographs from St Francis       University of PNG Library, New
1953                                           of Asisi Boarding School,         Guinea Collection, AL-56.
1930s   Rev. H.K. Bartlett   PNG: New          256 lantern slides and glass      South Australian Museum
                             Britain, Milne    negatives.                        Archives: AA21/1002,
                             Bay; Fiji;                                          AA21/1997.
                             Samoa; Tonga;
                             Admiralty Is.
1930s   E A (Ted) Hawnt      New Guinea:       34 photos of Rabaul, Morobe       In private hands. Access online
        (1910-1976)          Rabaul,           Goldfields, Lae and               at PNG Association of Australia
                             Morobe            miscellaneous.                    Photo Gallery,
                             Goldfields, Lae
1930s                        PNG:              Collection of photographs of      National Library of Australia:
                             Salamaua,         Papua New Guinea, Nauru and       PIC P2216/1-29, Album 936;
                             Rabaul and        an Australian trade exhibition:   online access at
                             Nakanai           12 photographs of PNG   
                             Village, Sepik,   including a geological survey
                             Nukumanu;         party, Sepik, and a boys
                             Nauru             carpentry class. 6
                                               photographs of Nauru.
1930s   David Ramsey         New Guinea        Album of Bulolo Gold              Mortlock Library. PRG 942.
        Dickson (1910-                         Dredging Company
        1997)                                  photographs.
1930s   Edward Ford          Papua New         Photographs (& artefacts).        Macleay Museum. („Recent
                             Guinea;           Professor Ford was at the         Acquisitions‟, Macleay Museum
                             Solomon           School of Tropical Medicine,      News, No.17, Apr 2001.)
                             Islands           University of Sydney.
1930s   William Fowler       Solomon           30 photographs made in            Horniman Museum, London.
                             Islands: Isabel   Southern Isabel                   Ref. W. Fowler, This Island’s
                                                                                 Mine, Longmans and Constable,
                                                                                 Toronto and London, 1959; from
                                                                                 Richards and Roga, Not Quite
                                                                                 Extinct, 2005; p.93.
1930s   Shirley Lockhart     PNG: Madang       Photos of Madang between          PNG Association of Australia
        (née Feetum)                           the Wars.                         Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                 University of Queensland.
                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1930s +   Phosphate          Christmas,        Unspecified number of               Archives New Zealand,
          Commission of      Nauru and         photographs: island scenes,         Auckland Office, part of BAKF
          New Zealand        Ocean Is.         indigenous people, phosphate        Accession A689. Restricted
                             (Banaba)          workings, workers, their            access.
                                               families, and buildings.
1930s     F.R. Vyse          PNG: Gulf         Initiation of Hevehe                South Australian Museum
                             Province          ceremonies: one album, 26           Archives: AA353/335.
                                               glass plate negatives,
                                               captioned and dated. Prints
                                               published in F.E. Williams,
                                               Drama of Orokolo, 1940.
c.1940    Frank Clune        PNG: Yule         Mount Hagen, Bulolo,                State Library of NSW, Original:
          (1893-1971)        Island, Daru,     Apinaipi, etc.: 91 silver gelatin   PXA 653.
                             Madang,           photoprints.
1940      R.V. Oldham        Papua: Port       Funeral of Sir Hubert Murray        National Library of Australia:
                             Moresby           in Port Moresby, Papua, 1940:       PIC/6211/1-17; access on line
                                               17 photographs                      nla.pic-an23594547.
c.1940    Pat Boys, Basil    PNG: Rabaul       General Rabaul pre-War              PNG Association of Australia
          Hayes, Alex                          scenes.                             Collection, Fryer Library,
          Malcolm and                                                              University of Queensland.
          Keith Colyer
c.1940    N.B. Tindale       Pacific Islands   c.140 photographs.                  South Australian Museum
                                                                                   Archives, AA338/1017.
1941-     James Campbell     Papua:            Photograph album containing         PMB 1059, 1 reel, 35 mm
1945      Ross (1920- )      Samarai, Port     wartime photographs,                microfilm. Originals held by Mr
                             Moresby,          including views of Samarai          J.C. Ross, Paradise Waters,
                             Daru, Kikori      burning as a result of              Queensland.
                             and Purari        Japanese bombing, native
                                               dress and ceremonies,
                                               houses, barracks and other
1942      Cecil E.G. Gill    Papua New         4 photographs of Duvira             New Guinea Collection, UPNG
                             Guinea: Duvira    Mission Station before              Library: ALX-22, Series 5 & 6.
                                               Japanese invasion; portraits
                                               of Cecil Gill and his wife.
1942      Betty Woods &      Papua New         Photographs of German               PNG Association of Australia
          Diana Grose        Guinea:           buildings in Madang and             Collection, Fryer Library,
                             Madang and        Kavieng and plantations near        University of Queensland.
                             Kavieng           Kavieng.
1942-     Australian War     Papua New         Australian War Memorial             Australian War Memorial:
1946      Memorial           Guinea            photograph collection. Vast         photograph records database
                                               numbers of well documented          linked to thumbnail display of
                                               prints, including portraits and     actual photographs. Many also
                                               operations, on web-                 accessible on Picture Australia.
                                               searchable database.
1942-     Don Barnes         Papua New         Collection ranging from Gulf        PNG Association of Australia
1960                         Guinea: Gulf      District 1942 to Lae and the        Collection, Fryer Library,
                             District, Lae     Highlands 1960s, including a        University of Queensland.
                             and Highlands     separate series on coastal
1942-     Don Barnes         Papua New         Photos of the Kainantu sub-         PNG Association of Australia
1960s                        Guinea:           District, Goroka, Malaria           Collection, Fryer Library,
                             Kainantu,         Control School at Banz,             University of Queensland.
                             Goroka, Banz      Western Highlands, and
                                               general Highlands scenes.
                      Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1943    W.J.R. Reginald     Papua New          Press clippings, articles,        Fryer Library.
                            Guinea:            photographs, maps, etc. re
                            Bulldog-Wau        construction of Wau-Bulldog
                            Road               Road.
1943-   R. Schafer          Papua New          20 b/w glass negs.                South Australian Museum
1944                        Guinea: Gulf                                         Archives: AA279/646,
                            Province                                             AA89/781.
                            (Purari Delta)
1943-   William Cottrell-   Papua New          153 photographs, 1948-1952,       Fryer Library, Manuscript
1967    Dormer (1901- )     Guinea,            of colleagues, agricultural       Collection 124, Papers of William
                            Mekeo,             trainees, other people, feasts,   Cottrell-Dormer. See collection
                            Kairuku, Lake      dancing, etc.                     list for details.
                            Murray,            800 slides - PNG subjects.
                            Bereina;           280 slides - Taipo, Boianai,
                            Rogeia,            Bukaua, Waroka, Wau, n.d.
                            Samarai, Milne     120 b/w slides - agricultural
                            Bay. Norfolk       activities in PNG.
                            Is. New            Envelope - Pacific Isles No.4
                            Caledonia,         159 coloured slides - Norfolk
                            Noumea. Fiji,      Is., Noumea, Fiji, Suva.
                            Suva. Tonga.       Envelope 2 - Mekeo Agric.
                                               Devt. - 216 slides.
1944    J.J. Murphy         New Guinea:        Photographs of Rabaul             PNG Association of Australia
                            Rabaul             burning and a Kempei Tei          Collection, Fryer Library,
                                               guard.                            University of Queensland.
1944    Don Herborn &       New Guinea:        Photographs of Rabaul in the      PNG Association of Australia
        Ted Marr            Rabaul             months following the              Collection, Fryer Library,
                                               Japanese surrender.               University of Queensland.
1944-   Commonwealth        New Guinea:        c.162 photographs.                South Australian Museum
1945    Department of       Bougainville,                                        Archives: AA124/1953,
        Information         New Britain                                          AA552/1952, AA260/1954,
                                                                                 AA490/1955, AA483/1956,
                                                                                 AA483/1958, AA63/982.
1943-   Alastair            Solomon            Collection of 99 prints and       On Jenny Scott‟s Flickr site at
1945    McGregor Scott      Islands:           copies of documents from
        (1921-1993)         Halavo Bay         RNZAF No 6 Squadron's             elaide_archivist/sets/7215760415
                                               deployment to Halavo Bay,         0119757/. Original negs & prints
                                               Solomon Islands Jan 1944-         to be transferred to Alexander
                                               1945.                             Turnbull Library in 2009.
1944-   J.K. Murray         Papua New          Correspondence, pocket            Fryer Library, MC 91.
1976                        Guinea             diaries, scientific and
                                               technical papers, notes,
                                               transcripts of lectures,
                                               photographs and other
                                               material relating to Murray‟s
                                               activities in PNG.
1945    L.E. Bowden         Papua New          2 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
                            Guinea:                                              Archives: AA35/651.
1945+   Whites Aviation     New Guinea;        Albums of photographs of          Mitchell Library, D96, D97.
        Ltd                 New Britain;       places on Qantas air routes,
                            New                photographed and compiled
                            Caledonia; Fiji;   by Whites Aviation Ltd,
                            Lord Howe and      Auckland, NZ: 9 vols.
                            Norfolk Is.

                      Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1940s-   Whites Aviation    Aitutaki, Fiji,   5,000 prints and negs relating     Alexander Turnbull Library,
1960s    Ltd                Honolulu, New     to the pacific region. They        Wellington, Whites Aviation
                            Britain and       include aerial shots of            Collection. Catalogue on line at
                            Rabaul, New       villages, cities, landscapes
                            Caledonia,        and coastlines, and also many      Samples web accessible at
                            New Guinea,       land-based photographs of
                            New Ireland       scenes and people. Some of         (Ref. Pambu 5:24, Jun 2008, p.6)
                            and               the photographs depict
                            Admiralties,      developing tourist amenities,
                            Papua,            and the airlines flying tourists
                            Rarotonga,        to the Pacific.
                            Islands and
                            New Hebrides,
                            Tahiti, Tonga,
                            Samoa, and
                            Samoa (US).
1945-    Rev. A.P. Freund   Papua New         Kodachrome neg. and                South Australian Museum
1967                        Guinea:           positive b/w transparencies,       Archives: AA63/1940,
                            Morobe,           captioned: c.300 photographs.      AA100/1786, /658, /665, /671,
                            Western &                                            /708, /780, /782, /1715, /1718,
                            Eastern                                              /1788, AA491/1957, AA492/1958
                            Siassi, Tauro
1946?+   Anglican Board     Papua New         Uncatalogued photograph            St. Martins House, Brisbane.
         of Missions        Guinea            collection.                        Ref. M. Quanchi, „The Imaging
                                                                                 of South Sea Pastors in Papua‟,
                                                                                 Pacific Studies, 1997, 20:4.
n.d.     Anglican Board     Papua New         “New Guinea”, uncatalogued         Church House, Brisbane. (Ref
         of Missions        Guinea            collection of lantern slides.      Quanchi, ibid.)
1946?-   Bob Hoy            Papua New         Vacuum Oil Company                 PNG Association of Australia
1960s                       Guinea: Lae       installations at Voco Point,       Collection, Fryer Library,
                                              Lae, and Lae scenes.               University of Queensland.
1946-    P.G. Grimshaw      Papua New         Papua New Guinea                   Some digitised at PMB PHOTO
1955                        Guinea            photographs, including Mt          5; originals held by PMB.
                                              Hagen and PNG Royal
                                              Constabulary: c.100 prints.
1946-    John D. Bodger     Papua New         Photographs and postcards,         New Guinea Collection, UPNG
1976                        Guinea            some unidentified but all of       Library: ALX-24, Series 3.
                                              PNG, with Canon Bodger‟s
1947     Doreen Langley     Papua New         PNG Nutrition Survey, 1947:        University of Sydney, Women‟s
         (1920-1998)        Guinea            105 official photographs           College Archives.
1947     R.C. Nicholson     Solomon           4 photographs.                     South Australian Museum
                            Islands                                              Archives: AA236/971, 2010.
1947-    R.S. Swift         New Guinea:       Rabaul photographs.                PNG Association of Australia
1949                        Rabaul                                               Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                 University of Queensland.
1948     F. Hurley          New Guinea        19 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
                                                                                 Archives: AA146/981.

                           Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1948-     B.F. Gunnarsson       Papua New          40 photographs.                    South Australian Museum
1949      Hagman                Guinea:                                               Archives: AA119/652,
                                Bougainville,                                         AA119/653, AA 119/1713,
                                Buka, New                                             AA119/1782.
                                Ireland, New
                                Britain, Central
                                Province, Gulf
                                Tabar Is.;
                                Solomon Is.
1949-     J.S. Womersley        Papua New          Womersley was Director of          South Australian Museum
1953                            Guinea: Sepik      the Lae Herbarium: 37 glass        Archives: AA378/674, 2364.
                                area.              positives, captioned; and 14
                                                   other photographs.
1949-     Percy (1907-1980)     Papua New          c.500 colour transparencies        Part of the Cochrane Collection
1979      and Renata            Guinea             detailing traditional activities   (D160) at the University of
          (1919-1983)                              such as pottery, tattooing,        Wollongong Archives.
          Cochrane                                 ceremonies and rituals from
                                                   various regions including
                                                   Motu, Amphlett Islands,
                                                   Eastern and Western
                                                   Highlands, Forei People and
                                                   Sepik District.
1950      Douglass Baglin       Papua New          The Jimi River expedition          National Library of Australia:
          (1926- )              Guinea:            1950. Record of an expedition      PIC P662/1-103 Album 852a-e.
                                                   to the area around the
                                                   Bismarck Ranges between the
                                                   Central Highlands and Lae,
                                                   starting from Sir Edward
                                                   Hallstrom's experimental farm
                                                   Nondugl, the first sheep
                                                   station in New Guinea: 303
1950s     Sister Gilbert        Papua New          Photos of infant welfare           PNG Association of Australia
          Gillie                Guinea             scenes.                            Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                      University of Queensland.
1950s-    Don Brewster          New Guinea:        Photographs of Rabaul.             PNG Association of Australia
1960s                           Rabaul                                                Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                      University of Queensland.
1950-     Dorothy Crozier       Tonga; Samoa       Dorothy Crozier Papers.            PMB 1196 35mm microfilm copy;
1951      (1918-2001)                              Tonga Social Services Survey       many digitised at PMB Photo 3;
                                                   Photographs – Tonga and            originals held by PMB.
                                                   Samoa, Gps A-Z, AA-BB
                                                   (c.400 prints).
c.1950-   Ronald                Papua New          Collection of coloured slides      National Library of Australia:
1960      Bannatyne Lewis       Guinea             taken in New Guinea and            PIC P777, Filing Cabinet 48.
          (1898-1985)                              Australia. Lewis was an
                                                   Engineer and Director-General
                                                   of the Commonwealth
                                                   Department of Works 1962-64:
                                                   c. 800 col. slides.
1951      G. Blythe             Papua New          Photographs of art work with       South Australian Museum
                                Guinea;            clay: 12 prints, captioned.        Archives: AA33/678,
                                Vanimo,                                               AA386/1789.
                                Aitape, North
                                of Sepik

                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1951    John D. Bodger       Papua New        Mount Lamington Eruption           New Guinea Collection, UPNG
                             Guinea: Mt       1951: newspaper cuttings and       Library: ALX-40, Series 3.
                             Lamington        photographs.
1951-   Peter Broman         Papua New        Photographs of J.K. Murray,        PNG Association of Australia
1967                         Guinea: Mt       official party at opening of 1st   Collection, Fryer Library,
                             Hagen            Legco 1951, Lord Casey and         University of Queensland.
                                              Paramount Luluai at Mt
                                              Hagen Show, 1967,
                                              decommissioning of
                                              Laurabada, 1952.
1953    L.R. Healey          Papua New        The Telefomin murders: 36          New Guinea Collection, UPNG
                             Guinea:          photographs.                       Library: AL-8.
1953    Nancy Simington      Papua New        Photographs of Coronation          PNG Association of Australia
                             Guinea: Wau      Day celebrations, Wau.             Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                 University of Queensland.
1953-   Historical Society   Papua New        Photograph album mainly            New Guinea Collection, UPNG
1957    of Papua New         Guinea:          Morobe District.                   Library: AL-15, Series 2.
        Guinea               Morobe
1953-   CSIRO, Division      Papua New        A Collection of Selected           Dr Bryant Allen of the
1964    of Land Research     Guinea           Colour Slides of the Territory     Department of Human
                                              of Papua and New Guinea:           Geography, Research School of
                                              c.1,000 slides. See guide to       Pacific and Asian Studies at the
                                              collection by H.A. Haantjens,      Australian National University.
                                              et al., CSIRO Division of Land
                                              Research, Technical
                                              Memorandum 65/7, (Canberra
1953-   Terence Spencer      Papua New        Spencer collection of slides of    National Library of Australia,
1978    (1917-2002) and      Guinea: Port     Papua New Guinea, 1953-1978;       PIC/3803/1-1270; online at
        Margaret             Moresby,         Malaria control in PNG,  
        Spencer              Wahgi Valley,    entomological surveys: 1234        Some also at PMB 1146.
                             d'Entrecasteau   slides, including landscapes,
                             x Is., New       village life, ceremonies and
                             Guinea Islands   patrol work.
                             Tasmans and
1954    Don Barnes           New Guinea:      Photos of opening Markham          PNG Association of Australia
                             Morobe and       Bridge 1954, views of Morobe       Collection, Fryer Library,
                             Eastern          and eastern Highlands.             University of Queensland.
1954-   J. Kostka            Papua New        63 captioned negatives.            South Australian Museum
1955                         Guinea:                                             Archives: AA170/767, 710.
                             Province (Mt
                             Karimui area)
1955-   Albert Speer         Papua New        Photograph album Duna              PMB 1122, 35mm microfilm;
1956    (1922- )             Guinea: Duna     country, 1955-1956.                originals at the National Library
                                                                                 of Australia.
1955-   John D. Cribb        Papua New        86 photographs with letters to     New Guinea Collection, UPNG
1960                         Guinea: Gulf     his family while stationed at      Library: ALX-18.
                             District         the LMS mission, Aird Hill,
                                              Gulf Province.

                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1955-    Meigan, Tom         Papua and        Papuan sing-sings, visit of        Collection in private ownership.
1960                         New Guinea:      HRH Prince Philip to Lae in        Online access at National
                             Port Moresby,    1956, Qantas aircraft, Port        Library of Australia PIC/8484/1-
                             Lae              Moresby, Port Moresby              63;
                                              World War II memorials and         an25030125.
                                              Lae War Cemetery: 63
                                              coloured slides.
1957-    Ross Johnson -      Papua New        52 photographs taken at            In private hands. Access online
1959                         Guinea:          Henganofi, 1957-59, and 55         at PNG Association of Australia
                             Henganofi,       taken at the Goroka Show in        Photo Gallery,
                             Goroka           1957 & 1958.
1957-    Neil Lucas          Papua New        c.130 photographs taken at         In private hands. Access online
1967                         Guinea           various patrol stations: Ialibu,   at PNG Association of Australia
                                              Ioma, Kagua, Koroba,               Photo Gallery,
                                              Kupiano, Margarida, Mendi,
                                              Nipa, Popondetta and Tufi.
1959-    R. Sharpe           Papua New        66 b/w prints and negs.,           South Australian Museum
1960                         Guinea:          captioned.                         Archives: AA288/1726.
1959-    Gavin Carter        Papua New        Patrol reports, field journals,    PMB 1226, 35mm microfilm.
1969     (1935- )            Guinea: Simbai   photographs and related            Originals transferred to the
                                              papers, Kainantu, Chimbu and       National Library of Australia.
                                              Simbai, Territory of Papua
                                              New Guinea.
c.1960   Bill Seale          New Guinea:      Colour slides of the Eastern       PNG Association of Australia
                             Highlands        and Western Highlands.             Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                 University of Queensland.
1960s    Maslyn Williams     Papua New        Papua New Guinea                   National Library of Australia:
         (1911-1999)         Guinea           photographs. Photographs           PIC Album 447a.
                                              illustrating the changes in
                                              social and economic
                                              conditions of the New Guinea
                                              people under Australian
                                              administration. Taken under
                                              the direction of Maslyn
                                              Williams and assembled and
                                              captioned by him. Arranged in
                                              subject groupings with
                                              extensive descriptions: 6
                                              albums (358 photographs).
1960s?   Leo Butler          Papua New        Photo of Denis Buchanan, self      PNG Association of Australia
                             Guinea           and refuelling boy at Goroka.      Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                 University of Queensland.
1961-    Kevin Lock          Papua New        79 photographs taken while         In private hands; online access
1975                         Guinea:          Lock taught at Arehava             at PNG Association of Australia
                             Rabaul, Gulf     Primary School in the Gulf         website,
                             District,        District and later at Madang
                             Madang, East     Technical College, 1961-64,
                             Sepik,           and later managing the
                             Popondetta       Bainyik Vocational Centre and
                                              Popondetta Vocational

                         Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1964                          Papua New         Collection of photographs of       Mitchell Library, PX*D137.
                              Guinea            Royal Papua and New Guinea
                                                Constabulary, including
                                                training at Kila Depot and on
                                                parade outside Govt. House,
                                                Port Moresby: 25 b/w prints.
1964?    Fred Caterson        Papua New         Official opening album of the      PNG Association of Australia
                              Guinea: Lae       Lae Institute of Technology.       Collection, Fryer Library,
                                                                                   University of Queensland.
1964-    Canadian             Easter Island     Medical Records, including a       PMB 532-536: 5 reels 16mm
1965     Medical                                photograph of each islander        microfilm. Original records held
         Expedition to                          examined.                          at Université de Montreal,
         Easter Island                                                             Quebec
1964-    Dennis Bradney       Papua New         Rugby Union beginnings in          In private hands. Access online
1966                          Guinea: Port      PNG: 12 photographs.               at PNG Association of Australia
                              Moresby                                              website,
1964 &   R. Hoad & John       Papua New         From the source of the Fly to      In private hands. Access online
1968     McGregor             Guinea:           the source of the Sepik - Min      at PNG Association of Australia
                              Telefomin, Star   Tribes: 57 photographs.            website,
1965     R. J. Lampert        Banaba: old       Archaeological excavation at       PMB 1136, 1 reel, 35mm
                              Teaka Village     Teaka: photographs and other       microfilm; originals with Dr Ron
                                                records.                           Lampert, Canberra.
1965     Peter Steele         New Guinea:       17 photographs taken by            In private hands. Online access
                              Bougainville,     Peter Steele at the Kieta Patrol   at the PNG Association of
                              Kieta             Post.                              Australia Photo Gallery,
1966-    Mike Slough          New Guinea:       8 photographs taken ion            In private hands. Online access
1970                          Morobe,           patrol in Morobe and               from PNG Association of
                              Northern          Northern Districts.                Australia Photo Gallery,
1964-    Laurie Bragge        Papua New         7 Boxes of slides (120 in each     In private hands.
1992                          Guinea:           box); 42 vols. of photographs
                              Telefomin,        documenting Bragge‟s
                              Mianmin,          patrols, 1964-1979, and
                              Hewa, Star        consultancy with Oil Search
                              Mts, West         Ltd, 1989-1998.
                              Sepik, Middle
                              Sepik, Eastern
                              Chimbu, Daru,
1966-    Michael Young        Papua New         Many hundreds of field work        Dr Michael Young, Department
1991                          Guinea;           photographs: slides, colour        of Anthropology, RSPAS,
                              Vanuatu           prints and black and white         Australian National University
                                                prints, as yet uncatalogued.
1968     P. Hossfeld          New Guinea:       256 photographs.                   South Australian Museum
                              North of Sepik,                                      Archives: AA140/1727.
                              Aitape area

                       Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1969-   Dennis Gray         Papua New        477 photographs of aviation        In private hands. Access online
1973                        Guinea:          services and social life,          at PNG Association of Australia
                            Rabaul,          including airport scenes,          Photo Gallery,
                            Trobriands,      aeroplanes (DC3 and F27).
                            Ck, Highlands;
                            West Irian
1970    Kilo Dukapri        Papua New        3 photographs of panels by         New Guinea Collection, UPNG
                            Guinea:          Dukapri hung in the UPNG           Library: AL-111.
                            Maprik, East     and portrait of the artist.
1971-   Cook Islands        Cook Islands;    Cook Islands Betela Dance          PMB Doc 394, 1 reel, Colour
1976    Betela Dance        Japan            Troupe - performances in           microfilm:
        Troupe                               Japan
Mar     Albert Speer        Papua New        Sir Albert Maori Kiki's funeral:   PMB 1122, 35mm microfilm;
1993    (1922- )            Guinea           album holding press cuttings,      originals at the National Library
                                             photographs, etc.                  of Australia.
1973    Andrew Vial         Papua New        Ack-Ack Girl, experimental         ScreenSound, Australian
                            Guinea           film consisting of                 National Film and Sound
                                             photographs, magazine              Archives: Cover Title No.45267.
                                             advertisements and pictures
                                             from World War II depicting
                                             wartime civilian life in New
1975-   Matthew Spriggs     Melanesia,       Field notes and associated         Dr Matthew Spriggs, RSPAS,
2002                        Polynesia        maps and photographs from          Australian National University
                                             based on research in
                                             Indonesia, New Guinea, Island
                                             Melanesia and Polynesia: 4 x
                                             4-drawer filing cabinets.
1978-   Bryant Allen        Papua New        Collections of slides from Dr      Dr Bryant Allen, Land
2002                        Guinea           Allen‟s research on PNG            Management Group, Dept. of
                                             agricultural systems.              Human Geography, RSPAS,
                                                                                Australian National University.
1981-   Alan Rumsey         Papua New        Materials from fieldwork in        Dr Alan Rumsey, RSPAS,
2001                        Guinea:          Western Highlands, PNG,            Australian National University.
                            Western          including photographs and
                            Highlands        slides.
1985-   Todd Barlin         West Papua       3,970 images, W. Papua,            South Australian Museum
2000                                         including Asmat area and           (Ref. emails from Barry Craig 22
                                             Marind-anim ceremonies and         & 24/4/08)
                                             Dani war dances taken on 30
                                             fieldtrips. Relates to artefacts
                                             donated to SAM by Barlin
                                             and by John Keeney.
        Todd Barlin         PNG: Sepik &     3,000 images, PNG Highlands        South Australian Museum
                            Highlands;       and Sepik, 995; Vanuatu 530;
                            Solomon Is.;     Solomon Is 585; New
                            Vanuatu;         Caledonia 61 prints. Some
                            New Caledonia    related to objects donated to
                                             SAM by Barlin, Keeney and
                                             also by Chris Boylan and
                                             Johan Wierda.
1990-   Ian Scales          Solomon          Solomon Islands                    Dr Ian Scales, Canberra.
2001                        Islands          Photographs: c. 200 photos.

                         Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

1997       Barry Craig           Vanuatu            Photographs documenting a        South Australian Museum
                                                    South Australian Museum
                                                    trip, 1997


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                        Sample Catalogue of South Seas Photograph Collections

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