Wolf Creek Dam Project Update

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					                               Wolf Creek Dam
                                                                                                US Army Corps of Engineers
                                                                                                     Nashville District

                               Project Update                                                            08 Oct 2009

Treviicos Soletanche JV has com-
pleted installation of 118 panels of
the Protective Concrete Embank-
ment Wall (PCEW) in and adjacent
to Technique Areas 1 and 2. A
Quality Control audit of the verti-
cality data identified four panels
that did not meet specifications
and will require corrective action.
Twenty additional panels are being
analyzed further.

The JV has completed drilling the
first 50-inch diameter shaft for the
secant pile wall in TA#1. They
have also completed 9 directional
                                        Aerial photograph of Wolf Creek Dam indicating the location of Technique Areas,
drilled pilot holes in TA#1.
                                        Critical Areas, right abutment, and New Ray Mann Road.
Subcontactor Hayward Baker Inc.
(HBI) completed grout treatment
of the large cavities in Critical        Upcoming Activities
Area 1. HBI resumed grouting of          •    Drilling 8-inch pilot holes for the 50-inch shafts of the secant pile wall in Technique
the rock below the cave features              Area 2.
in CA#1 and along the right rim
near Halcomb's Landing this week.        •    Drilling the 50-inch shafts with the Wirth piling rig in Technique Area 1.
                                         •    PCEW corrective action in Technique Area 2.
                                         •    PCEW installation in Critical Area 2.
                                         •    Work platform widening in Critical Area 1.
                                         •    Seeding of the right-of-way along New Ray Mann Road.

                                                                                      Lake Cumberland Elevation
 Water Management Report
 The elevation of Lake Cumberland on 10/08/09 was 683.3 and falling
                                                                                      683.30                     Time: 0600
                                                                                                                 08 Oct 2009
 about .3 feet per day. There is 0.5 inches of rainfall in the forecast over
 the Wolf Creek basin for the next two days.