Interdisciplinary Training for Ecosystem Restoration

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					  Interdisciplinary Training for
  Ecosystem Restoration

   Course Number: 280

    Date: TDY May 09
 Location: Vicksburg, MS
                             The restoration and protection of environmental resources in our
  For Course Information:
    U.S. Army Engineer       Nation’s ecosystems is a project purpose in the Corps Civil Works
  Research & Development     Program and is consistent with the Corps’ Environmental Operating
      Center (ERDC)
                             Principles. Guidance has been sent to Corps field offices on planning
   3909 Halls Ferry Road     ecosystem restoration projects. This course provides an interdisciplinary
 Vicksburg, MS 39180-6199    perspective on ecosystem restoration, protection, and management.
                             Students learn the principles and vocabulary of selected disciplines
  Phone: 601-634-3305 or     outside their own and become familiar with relevant case studies and
  800-522-6937, ext 3305
                             issues in planning and conducting ecosystem restoration projects. At the
 Email: Jim.E.Henderson@       end of the course, students have a more holistic understanding of
                             ecosystems and the requirements for successfully restoring, protecting,
                             and managing them.
      For Registration
                             “Overall, Great Course! Now if we        “Instructors were well organized and
       Information:          can get our PM’s to attend.”             very knowledgeable.”
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