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Sears, Roebuck and Co by pgx86857


									                           Business Case Study:
                           Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Background                                                     amount of people could reach these stores. Sears associ-
                                                               ates and PG&E employees staffed the CARE booths.
■   Type of Business: Retailer
■   Location: Illinois headquarters                            Programs: Public Outreach
■   Size: 259,00 employees throughout country, 120 stores      ✓ Low- and fixed-income assistance: Worked with
    in California                                              PG&E to enroll consumers in CARE program, through a
■   Contact: Susan M. Komornik, Project Operations Man-        one-day event, “CARE Day at Sears.” Eight Sears stores in
    ager, Sears Home Appliances                                the Bay Area hosted CARE Day at Sears in December
    C2-248B, 3333 Beverly Road,                                2001. All PG&E customers who enrolled in CARE at par-
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179                                  ticipating store locations were entered into a free raffle for
    Phone: (847) 286-5768                                      energy-efficient products. Sears also offered a $50-off cou-
    E-mail:                                  pon toward the purchase of a new refrigerator to CARE
    Website:                                     applicants. Sears arranged for media coverage of the
                                                               CARE Day at Sears event.
                                                               ✓ ENERGY STAR® promotions:
In 2001 Sears implemented a comprehensive plan to                  •    Played ENERGY STAR® public service announce-
heighten public awareness about high-efficiency ENERGY                   ments (PSAs) on Sears in-store “Wall of Eyes,”
STAR® products. The plan included extensive market                      continuous-loop videos on multiple in-store tele-
research, a California media tour, conferences, product                 visions. (January-September 2001)
development and premier introductions in California,
event sponsorship, associate and consumer education,               •    Used videotapes with U.S. Department of Energy
product labeling and signing, rebates and aggressive                    (DOE) spokesperson in-store.
reductions in Sears facilities. One successful project             •    Posted ENERGY STAR® program description on
included a Sears-initiated partnership with Pacific Gas &                banner page of
Electric (PG&E) to enroll more low-income and fixed-                •    Posted ENERGY STAR® logo on all qualifying
income Bay Area consumers in the CARE (California                       products on
Alternate Rate for Energy) program, which provided a 20            •    Provided ENERGY STAR® training in three publi-
percent monthly discount on PG&E bills. The joint ven-                  cations of Sears’ internal Currents magazine to
ture was spurred by a PG&E press release stating that                   more than 12,000 Sears Home Appliance sales
more than 200,000 eligible Bay Area consumers still had                 associates.
not enrolled in CARE.
                                                                   •    Design work to be completed January 2002 for
Referenced in Business Guides:                                          interactive CD training of ENERGY STAR® prod-
                                                                        ucts, required for all new appliance associates
■   #4, “Promote Energy Conservation and Efficiency                      during orientation.
    Through a Public Outreach Campaign”
                                                               ✓ Media campaign:
Plan                                                               •    Funded a one-week media tour in June 2001 with
                                                                        a spokesperson from the U.S. Department of
The joint venture was initiated and carried out by the Sears
                                                                        Energy; conducted 25 interviews in California.
general manager in the San Francisco district and the
Sears Manager of Strategy and Operations.                      ✓ Showcased products: Introduced new HE3t energy-
                                                               and water-saving washing machine in California three
Participating Sears store locations were Hayward, Newark,      months earlier than the rest of the country. Produced “PR
Oakland, Richmond, San Bruno, San Jose at the Eastridge        in a Box” training kit on Kenmore Elite HE3t washer for
Mall, San Rafael and Santa Rosa. Sears chose these loca-       all California stores to conduct interviews advancing the
tions because demographics showed that the largest
cause of energy conservation and ENERGY STAR® pro-                      media campaign to more than 80 percent after-
grams.                                                                  wards.
                                                                    •   Number of units of ENERGY STAR® products in
Budget and Finance                                                      California increased 79 percent; sales of ENERGY
Sears funding covered the cost of supplying space for                   STAR® products increased 67 percent in Califor-
CARE Day at Sears, ENERGY STAR® Appliance vignettes                     nia in 2001 over 2000.
and in-store signing and press releases that appeared in            •   CARE Day at Sears stores enrolled more than
several major papers. PG&E funding covered additional                   1,100 qualified customers in the PG&E program.
messaging to publicize the CARE program and the loca-                   Hundreds of other PG&E customers came to the
tions where CARE Day at Sears were held.                                stores, but did not qualify for the CARE discount.
                                                                        Other customers received additional information
Results                                                                 about ENERGY STAR® products and ways to
                                                                        reduce energy usage. The one-day event enabled
Sears public outreach efforts were successful in many
                                                                        Sears to showcase its wide range of ENERGY
ways. Indicators include:
                                                                        STAR® products and helped drive in-store traffic
    •     Sears was cited as preferred destination for                  for other shopping.
          energy-efficient appliances by 50 percent of con-
          sumers polled in the Harris Interactive online sur-   Lessons Learned
          vey in October 2001.
                                                                Sears found that a hugely successful public energy out-
    •     Awareness of the ENERGY STAR® rating jumped           reach program, such as CARE Day at Sears, benefitted the
          from 28 percent prior to Sears’ public outreach/      community, the utility partner and the Sears stores.

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