West Virginia Humanities Council Annual Report 2007 by vlq27948


									West Virginia
  Humanities Council
                 Annual Report

     Burning the mortgage, June 20, 2007
  The West Virginia Humanities Council is a nonprofit organization governed
by its board of directors.

2007 Board of Directors
Robert Bastress · President
James W. Rowley · President Emeritus

Kenneth Bailey · Elkview
George I. Brown · Clarksburg
Cicero Fain · Huntington
Hannah Geffert · Martinsburg
Kay Goodwin · Charleston
Julie Ritchie Gurtis · Ravenswood
Cheryl Harshman · Wheeling
Frances Hensley · Huntington
Stephen Hopta · Bluefield                                                       Ken Sullivan · Executive Director
Lucia James · Charleston                                                        Debby Sonis · Administrator
Dee Kapourales · Williamson                                                     Cheryl Marsh · Operations Manager
Joseph Laker · Wheeling                                                         Michelle Walker · Director of Development
Robert Maslowski · Milton                                                       Mark Payne · Program Officer
Mary Ellen Mazey · Morgantown                                                   Pam LeRose · Grants Administrator
Tia C. McMillan · Martinsburg                                                   Sue Vasale · Fiscal Officer
Sharon H. Rowe · Lewisburg                                                      Carol Nutter · Secretary
John Ruddick · Hurricane
Norman W. Shumate, III • Charleston                                             A. C. Designs · Publication Design
Raymond W. Smock · Shepherdstown
Robin Snyder · Charleston
Albert Walker · Bluefield                                                     The West Virginia Humanities Council, a state affiliate
                                                                              of the National Endowment for the Humanities, serves
Shawn Williams · Clarksburg
                                                                              West Virginia through grants and direct programs in the
The Humanities Council welcomes nominations
to its board of directors. Call us at (304) 346-8500
or email marsh@wvhumanities.org.                                                NEXT BOARD MEETING:
                                                                                March 28, 2008

                                                                                Open to the public
     Cover photo: The board of directors works to ensure the
     Council’s financial health. Here, Vice-President Dee
     Kapourales, President Bob Bastress, former President
     Henry Harmon and (right) Treasurer Ken Bailey burn
     the mortgage as Executive Director Ken Sullivan cheers
     them on. Gazette photo by Kenny Kemp.

2   West Virginia Humanities Council
From Our President

Dear Friends:                                   Director Mark Payne), in delivering another
                                                successful West Virginia Book Festival.
   The West Virginia Humanities Council            Grants from the Council spread hundreds
closes out 2007 looking back on another         of thousands of dollars around the state to
year of accomplishment.                         support diverse humanities projects, ranging
   Undoubtedly, one highlight was the           from minigrants, to teacher workshops on
mortgage-burning party on West Virginia         civics and on coal-mining history, to major
Day, as we celebrated the successful drive      publications and films on the humanities.
to retire the mortgage on the MacFarland-          The oncoming year promises more
Hubbard House, the historic and beautiful       excitement and more challenges. The next
home of the Council. We thank everyone          major project will be taking the Encyclopedia
for their contributions and their effort        and its enormous database online. When
in reaching our goal. Special gratitude is      completed, that project will provide the
extended to Council Vice-President Dee          most comprehensive source of information
Kapourales, who headed the mortgage-            about West Virginia in existence and will
burner committee, and to our former             prove vital for both casual readers and
president, Henry Harmon of Triana Energy,       serious scholars. Meanwhile, the Council          “Journalist Jim
who provided a very generous matching           has again teamed with the College of             Comstock once
gift that ensured its success. The campaign     Creative Arts at West Virginia University to
enables the Council to re-direct more than      produce a traveling exhibit. The subject of        quipped that
$50,000 each year from paying off debt to       this one will be John Henry, the legendary       ‘West Virginia
funding humanities projects.                    “steel driving man.” Grants will support
   In 2007, those projects continued to         (among many things) films on the West
                                                                                                  is a great state
educate and entertain West Virginians.          Virginia state capitol and on the 1907           for the state it’s
The West Virginia Encyclopedia, published       Monongah Mine Disaster, and will enable         in.’ The Council
by the Council in 2006, had another             WVU Press to publish a thorough and
healthy sales year and has met widespread       unique historical atlas of the state, with         is committed
acclaim. A recent review in West Virginia       127 different maps covering a spectrum of        to preserve and
History noted the book’s comprehensiveness,     geopolitical subjects and accompanied by
usability, attractiveness, and its “engaging”   detailed keys, charts, and brief essays.
                                                                                                 document that
and “thoughtful” Introduction (written by          As always, the Council is looking to         greatness. Please
the editor and our executive director, Ken      expand the quality and quantity of its              join us . . .”
Sullivan).                                      programs and grant projects. To accomplish
   On the programming side, the McCreight       all of that, of course, the Council will
Lecture scored another success by bringing      need help. We welcome your financial
the prestigious and prodigiously productive     contributions and encourage you to keep
author, Joyce Carol Oates, to Charleston        them coming.
for an enlightening evening. The Council’s         Journalist Jim Comstock once quipped
traveling exhibit on the birth of West          that “West Virginia is a great state for the
Virginia completed its run, after it had        state it’s in.” The Council is committed
been displayed for over two years in            to preserve and document that greatness.
25 different locations around the state.        Please join us in this good work.
History Alive again provided its troupe of
historical characters to school, civic, and                       With warmest regards,
other groups. And the Council was a major
player, both in providing financial backing
and representation (through Program                               Bob Bastress

                                                                                                       Annual Report 2007   3
  We gratefully acknowledge major support from
the following for the purchase and restoration of the
MacFarland-Hubbard House:

National Endowment for the Humanities
Vandalia Heritage Foundation

Triana Energy
State of West Virginia                                  celebration
Clay Foundation
Herscher Foundation

Bernard H. & Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation                   n 2007, the Humanities Council burned the
Joseph C. Jefferds, Jr.                                       mortgage on its historic headquarters during
Columbia Natural Resources
                                                              a special West Virginia Day celebration at
Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
                                                        the MacFarland-Hubbard House. The day marked
United Bank                                             a major milestone. We have raised over a million
Daywood Foundation                                      dollars to buy and restore the property, and on
Ms. Gabrielle Parker Hubbard
In Memory of Roxalana Noyes - I. N. Smith, Jr.
                                                        June 20 it was proclaimed “free and clear!”
Ms. Ruby Newman-Peck                                      The preservation of the 1836 house was undertaken
Kanawha-Roxalana Company                                in June 1999 when the Humanities Council
Verizon Foundation                                      bought the property for $362,500. Restoration was
Mr. William M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. L. Newton Thomas, Jr.                      completed at a cost of nearly $900,000 more. Today,
Appalachian Power Company                               the MacFarland-Hubbard House is a busy, productive
Richard and June Beardsley                              place. The second floor serves as offices for the
Elizabeth H. & H. B. Wehrle Foundation
McJunkin Corporation                                    Council. We welcome visitors to the formal historic
Steve and Rita Tanner                                   areas of the first floor, and the adjoining carriage
                                                        house is regularly used for meetings.
Ms. Martha Wehrle
Bernard McDonough Foundation
Tom and Nancy Bulla
William McDavid and Diana Long
Ms. Helen D. Tallman
Dr. and Mrs. Ward Maxson
Norfolk Southern Foundation
Henry and Joy Harmon
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp.
Dominion Foundation
Lawson W. Hamilton, Jr.
Betty Sweet Ness
Ken Sullivan
Mrs. Sally L. D. Todd
Mr. Charles B. Stacy
Bobbie Hill
Elizabeth P. Kenna
Helen B. Epps
Nina Ratrie Peyton
Mrs. Mary Watson Ragland
Jill Wilson and Russell Isaacs
Daniel Foster

Additional donors are recognized on pages 12-14.

4   West Virginia Humanities Council
Donors Recognized
   Donors to the MacFarland-
Hubbard House were recognized
at the West Virginia Day
mortgage-burning party. Food,
fun and music set the festive
tone, and when the party was
over we wanted something
permanent to mark the day.
   Our Stewardship Registry
contains all the names —
nearly 500 — of those who
made possible the purchase,
restoration, and renovation of
the 1836 MacFarland-Hubbard
House, its grounds, and
adjoining carriage house. Donors
and fundraising volunteers are
listed in the hardbound book,
which was produced as a special
edition of one copy by Pioneer
Press of Terra Alta. It is displayed
in the sunroom of the Council’s
historic headquarters alongside a
large antique-framed wall plaque
of donor names. The handsome
plaque is enhanced by an overlaid
glass etching of
the MacFarland-
   It’s our way
of saying
you” for
a job
a space where
donors are permanently
recognized in the landmark
property they helped to preserve.

                Annual Report 2007   5
Our Direct Programs
2007 Program Highlights

            ur direct programs are those presented directly by
            the Humanities Council and managed by Council

                                                                                                                              Courtesy West Virginia Public Broadcasting
            staff. They enlighten and educate audiences
about history, literature, folklore, and other disciplines of
the humanities, while helping us build a network of partner
organizations. Direct programs provide opportunities for young
and old alike, regardless of locale or financial means, to interact
with respected scholars, authors, and public intellectuals.
  In the past year we presented a variety of speakers, toured
exhibits, and created classroom tools for teachers. Our direct
programs were presented from Charles Town to Huntington,
Chester to Bluefield, and many points between.
                                                                      Remembering the War
                                                                         In September, the Humanities Council sponsored the
Resting the Road Show                                                 statewide broadcast of the Ken Burns film, The War,
   The traveling exhibit, Born of Rebellion: West Virginia            on West Virginia Public Broadcasting. The 15-hour
Statehood, wrapped up a two-year tour in July. Since 2005,            documentary tells the story of World War II through
Born of Rebellion has exhibited at retirement villages, schools,      the personal accounts of men and women from four
libraries, colleges, arts centers, courthouses, banks, historic       widespread American communities. The loss, grief,
properties, museums, and even a fast-food restaurant. The             triumphs and tribulations of these communities are
exhibit, which explores constitutional questions surrounding          meant to convey what happened across America.
the formation of West Virginia, visited Morgantown,                      On two nights, West Virginians Remember WWII
                                             Huntington,              aired in conjunction with The War. The documentary,
                                             Parsons, Keyser,         part of the ongoing Veterans History Project at WVU,
                                             Martinsburg,             was supported by a major grant from the Humanities
                                             Marlinton, Ripley,       Council.
                                             and Clarksburg in
                                             fiscal year 2007.
                                                And Produce              American
                                                                      literary great
                                        Photo by T. McCrea

                                             for Victory: Posters
                                             on the American          Joyce Carol Oates
                                             Homefront, 1941-         delivered the
                                             1945, completed          2007 McCreight
                                             a successful tour        Lecture in the
with showings in Wheeling and Elkins. The Smithsonian                 Humanities.
Institution traveling exhibit, sponsored in West Virginia             Oates, who is
by the Humanities Council, dealt with homefront war                   Distinguished
                                                                                                                                      Gazette photo by Chip Ellis

production during World War II.                                       Professor of the
   Two new exhibits are now in the works. The Council                 Humanities
is developing an exhibit about folk hero John Henry in                at Princeton
conjunction with WVU graphic arts students, building on               University,
the collaboration which produced Born of Rebellion. The               combined
exhibit on the Steel-drivin’ Man will be available in summer          readings from her
2008. Our next Smithsonian exhibit, New Harmonies:                    works with observations from her rural upbringing
Celebrating American Roots Music, will tour from April 2009           for an audience of several hundred at the University
through January 2010.                                                 of Charleston in October.

6   West Virginia Humanities Council
Humanities Here & There
  Harvard economist Benjamin Friedman spoke
on “The Moral Consequences of Economic
Growth” at the University of Charleston on
April 23 (right) and again at Concord University
on April 24. On August 23, historian James Horn
presented “Jamestown: A Land as God Made It”
in Marlinton. Horn, vice-president of research
at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, spoke
about the significance of the Jamestown settlement
in observance of its 400th anniversary at the
Pocahontas County Opera House.
  On September 27, John E. Stealey, Distinguished Professor of History at Shepherd University, gave a presentation at the
Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies in Shepherdstown entitled “Porte Crayon’s Mexico: David Hunter Strother’s
Diaries.” The lecture was based on Stealey’s recent book of the same name, published by Kent State University Press with the
support of a Humanities Council grant.

                                                           Book Festival
                                                             The seventh annual West Virginia Book Festival was held at the
                                                           Charleston Civic Center on October 13 and 14. Sixty programs
                                                           were offered by more than fifty
                                                           presenters. Forty-three booksellers,
                                                           presses, publishers, and related
                                                           organizations set up shop in the
                                                           Festival Marketplace. Authors
                                                           Chris Crutcher, Ann B. Ross, and
                                                           Carole Boston Weatherford were
                                                           among the featured writers, along with West Virginia authors Jean
                                                           Edward Smith, Marc Harshman, and Irene McKinney.

                                                           Little Lectures
                                                              These Sunday afternoon talks are presented each spring within
                                                           the friendly confines of our headquarters at the 1836 MacFarland-
                                                           Hubbard House. The popular series both educates the public and
                                                           allows us to welcome people into our historic home. In fiscal
                                                           year 2007, capacity
                                                           audiences heard
History Alive!                                             presentations about
   Notable figures from the past come to life through      Appalachian author
History Alive! A total of 210 presentations were           Jesse Stuart, President
given in 40 counties during the past year. Schools,        Franklin Roosevelt,
libraries, museums, senior organizations, historical       archeological research,
societies, festivals, colleges, civic groups, service      and the making of the
associations and other community organizations             film We Are Marshall.
were able to meet with the likes of Harriet Tubman,        The 2008 Little
Robert E. Lee, and Pearl Buck. New installments of         Lectures begin in
the History Alive! television show were filmed for         February.
the West Virginia Library Television network.

                                                                                                          Annual Report 2007   7
2007 Grant Highlights

               he Humanities Council awarded
               more than $300,000 to West Virginia
               grants projects in 2007. Project topics
    ranged from archeology and history to literature
    and comparative religion. We funded video
    documentaries, publications, teacher institutes and
    research fellowships, and provided a wide range of
    other grants.
      Our grant dollars were put to good use by
    creative West Virginians in 32 counties. As always,
    Humanities Council staff were available to discuss            Big Band Jazz and Dance Music in Black
    ideas for grants projects and assist applicants through
    the process.
                                                                  West Virginia, 1930 -1942
                                                                    Older Charlestonians recall a time when they enjoyed listening
                                                                  to big bands play jazz music on the radio and on tour in town.
                                                                  Christopher Wilkerson, WVU professor of music history, author
                                                                  of Jazz on the Road and editor of Black Music Research Journal,
                                                                  lectured with Humanities Council support at West Virginia State
                                                                  University on the impact of big-band jazz on the lives of black
                                                                  West Virginians. Charleston Blues Society.

                                                              Media Grants Awarded
                                                                In October the Humanities Council funded the production of three
                                                                Temple of Democracy: The West Virginia State Capitol, awarded to
                                                              the University of Charleston and MotionMasters, will present the
                                                              history of West Virginia’s earlier capitols and the construction of the
                                                              present capitol in Charleston. The film will air in 2008 and is to be
                                                              distributed to libraries and schools.
                                                                The Darkest Month: December 1907, The Monongah Mining Disaster,
                                                              to be produced by the West Virginia Division of Culture & History
Project Archeology                                            and Argentine Productions, will
                                                              document the worst mining
   Green Bank science teacher Anne Smith                      disaster in American history,
and her students were archeologists for a day                 which killed at least 362 men at
at Warwick’s Fort in Pocahontas County.                       Fairmont Coal Company’s No.
Smith, along with other teachers, was trained                 6 and 8 mines at Monongah.
to teach archeology in workshops funded                       Interviews, historic photographs,
by the Humanities Council. These teachers                     and other archival material will
have formed a network of educators and                        aid in the telling of a terrible
archeologists who will train additional teachers              tragedy.
throughout the state. The major grant also                      The West Virginia Filmmakers’
funded the development of a handbook with                     Guild will produce Them That
lesson plans and hands-on activities. Council                 Work – How Matewan Inspired a State. It’s a film about a film and will
for West Virginia Archaeology.                                tell the story of how the 1987 movie Matewan, shot at Thurmond in
                                                              Fayette County, encouraged West Virginia’s young filmmakers.

8    West Virginia Humanities Council
 The Art of West Virginia                                            Mining Our
 Music                                                               History
   The West Virginia Music Hall of                                     Twenty West
 Fame received a major grant to produce                              Virginia teachers
 their third, and largest, Council-funded                            were selected to
 traveling exhibit. The show features                                participate in

                                                                                           Courtesy Eleanor Forlines Dinsmore
 West Virginia musicians from classical                              the Humanities
 composer George Crumb, renowned                                     Council’s 2007
 hill singer Hazel Dickens, and country                              teacher institute,
 star Brad Paisley, to the Lilly Brothers                            exploring the
 and Little Jimmy Dickens, highlighting                              history of mining
 their contributions to the rich music                               and hosted by West
 of America. West Virginia Music Hall of                             Virginia Wesleyan
 Fame.                                                               College. The
                                                                     teachers worked with scholars and visited historic mining sites, including Sago,
                                                                     Monongah, the Beckley Exhibition Mine, and Bramwell’s “Millionaires’ Row.”
                                                                     West Virginia Wesleyan College.
                                                                        Conference on African Literature and the
                                                                        Cultural Dynamics of Globalization
                                            Photo By William Crumb

                                                                           Last March, hundreds of people attended the African Literature Association
                                                                        Conference funded by the Humanities Council at West Virginia University.
                                                                        The seminar was a celebration of African literature with an emphasis on
                                                                        its relationship to globalization. Participants attended presentations on
George Crumb.                                                           traditional African literature, music, poetry, and films. Internationally
                                                                        acclaimed writers and scholars argued that globalization is a “double-edged
 Walking Guide to Upper                                                 sword,” threatening local literary traditions even as it blends different cultures
                                                                        for mutual enrichment. WVU Department of Foreign Languages.
 Town Harpers Ferry
   Harpers Ferry National Historic Park                                                                                            Preserving
 visitors spend most of their time in the                                                                                          Congregational
 lower part of the hillside town, touring
 the park’s museums and historic sites.
                                                                                                                                      Two of Charleston’s historic
 Much has been done to interpret and
                                                                                                                                   churches collaborated in Council-
 showcase the lower town, but the upper
                                                                                                                                   funded workshops for amateur
 town lacks published information to
                                                                                                                                   church archivists. In sessions
 establish its place in the rich history of
                                                                                                                                   open to all faiths, a certified
 Harpers Ferry. The Humanities Council
                                                                                                                                   archivist taught how to plan for
 awarded a heritage tourism grant for the
                                                                                                                                   and maintain church archives
 development of a walking tour brochure
                                                                                                                                   in meetings at First Presbyterian
 highlighting the history and architecture
                                                                                                                                   Church and at Kanawha United
 of the “other” Harpers Ferry. Harpers
                                                                                                                                   Presbyterian Church. The archivist
 Ferry Historic Town Foundation.
                                                                                                                                   later assessed First Presbyterian
                                                                                                                                   records as a model for other
 This 19th-century view of the Potomac River                                                                                       churches that may wish to preserve
 at Harpers Ferry is from the cover of a new                                                                                       their history. First Presbyterian
 book from WVU Press. The Potomac Canal:                                                                                           Church of Charleston.
 George Washington and the Waterway West, by Robert J. Kapsch, was published in
 2007 with financial support from the West Virginia Humanities Council. Painting                                                The Humanities Council awarded
 courtesy Maryland Historical Society, artist unknown.                                                                          69 other grants in fiscal year 2007.

                                                                                                                                                 Annual Report 2007    9
Council Finances                                          The facts behind the figures . . .
at a Glance
                                                                                              45% national
  The Humanities Council had a good year in                                                       endowment
                                                                                                  for the
2007, ending with a surplus of nearly $35,000.                                                    Humanities
Nonetheless, income was down from the                                                         33% state of West
exceptional levels of the previous year.                                                          virginia
                                                                                              22% Other sources

                                                          2007 Revenues:
Where we are . . .                                          the Humanities Council receives income
                                                          from public and private sources. the national
                                                          endowment for the Humanities, a federal agency,
2007 Revenues & Expenditures                              remained the single most important revenue
                                                          source in 2007. Our neH income was $572,820
Revenues                                                  (45 percent of total income), rising slightly from
                                                          $571,530 (36 percent) in 2006. the West virginia
     national endowment for                               department of education & the Arts provided
      the Humanities                       $ 572,820      $414,600 (33 percent), up from $350,000 in 2006.
                                                          the remaining $276,069 (22 percent) came from
     state of West virginia                $ 414,600      other sources, mostly in the private sector. the
     All other sources                     $ 276,069      changes were due primarily to the increase
                                                          in state funds and the predicted decrease in
     Total revenues                        $1,263,489     Encyclopedia sales, which brought in more than a
                                                          quarter-million dollars in 2006.

     programs & grants
          Grants                           $ 307,605
          direct programs                  $ 230,641                                          60% programs &
          Related expenses                 $ 209,222
                                                                                              31% Administration
                                                                                               9% development
     Total programs & grants               $ 747,468                                              & publications

     Administrative                        $ 383,537
                                                          2007 Expenditures:
     development & publications            $     97,572
                                                            Humanities Council expenditures are divided
     Total expenditures                    $1,228,577     into three categories, with the large majority of
                                                          resources devoted to the programs & Grants
     Surplus (deficit)                     $     34,912   category. in 2007, programs & Grants claimed 60
                                                          percent of expenditures, or $747,468, compared
                                                          to $945,828 in 2006. the decline was due to the
                                                          successful completion in 2006 of the West Virginia
                                                          Encyclopedia and the southern West virginia
                                                          music survey, two large projects which together
                                                          accounted for more than half of direct program
                                                          expenses that year. expenditures on other
                                                          programs increased in 2007, as did the amount
                                                          given in grants.

10    West Virginia Humanities Council
Where we have been . . .                                                                . . . and where we are going
Five-year revenues & expenditures
                                                                                          the 2008 budget
Revenues                          expenditures                                              each fall the board of directors of the West
                                                                                          virginia Humanities Council approves a balanced
                                                                                          budget for the coming fiscal year. The 2008
                                                                                          budget projects revenues of $1,340,000, assuming
                                                                                          a continued reduction in sales of the West Virginia
1.5M                                                                                      Encyclopedia while anticipating increases in
                                                                                          federal and state money. the portion of Council
                                                                                          resources devoted to programs & Grants
1M                                                                                        increases to 65 percent, with 29 percent going to
                                                                                          Administration and 6 percent to development.
                                                                                          The 2008 fiscal year began on November 1, 2007.

              03               04               05               06             07                                                          65% programs &
       $1 $1       $1 $1       $1 $1       $1 $1     $1 $1                                                                                      Grants
         ,3 ,3       ,2 ,2       ,1 ,1           ,     ,2 ,22
           76 28       42 40       96 63 ,598 435        63 8                                                                               29% Administration
             ,5 ,1       ,5 ,8       ,3 ,8         ,       ,4 ,57
               27 40       51 00       87 89 ,080 574        89 7                                                                           6% development &
  the Humanities Council had its best two years
ever (2003 and 2006) within the last five-year
period. While lower than either of those years,
2007 revenues continued a long-term upward
trend and expenditures fell well within revenues.

Five-year assets
  Council assets fluctuated over the five-year
period as a reduction in mortgage debt was
offset by real estate depreciation. Assets saw a
nice increase in 2007, with the final elimination of
debt. Real estate equity and a securities portfolio
comprise the major part of Humanities Council



                                                                                          Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the figures and charts on these
            03           04               05               06             07
                                                                                          pages are based on actual, unaudited financial information as reported
       $1               $1               $1               $1             $1               internally to management and the board of directors. The West
         ,6               ,4               ,4               ,5             ,6             Virginia Humanities Council is audited annually by an independent
             44              67               19               07             05
                 ,4             ,1               ,1              ,2             ,9        auditor, with each year’s audit available for public inspection by April
                   66               69               80             99             56
                                                                                          of the following year.

                                                                                                                                      Annual Report 2007      11
 2007 Members & Donors                                                                                               C. G. and Jean Harris
                                                                                                                     Marc and Cheryl Harshman
   This list represents memberships and other donations for 2007. Donors                                             Ms. Carole Hartman
                                                                                                                     Dr. Mark Hatfield
 are listed in the category of their total giving for the year.                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Milton T. Herndon
                                                                                                                     Mr. Richard Hess
UNDERWRITER ($3,000+)                   Larry and Sandra Groce                 Terry and Athanasia Butcher           Ms. Dorothy R. Hieronymus
^Richard and June Beardsley             Dr. Frances Hensley                    Mr. and Mrs. Arley W. Byer            Mrs. Barbara Highland
^Bernard H. & Blanche E. Jacobson       Mr. William Hoag                       George and Beth Carenbauer            Mr. Howard W. Illig
  Foundation                            Tina Sonis Holmes – In honor of        Dr. Marshall J. Carper                Tom and Sissy Isaac
Henry and Joy Harmon                      Debby Sonis and in memory of         Robert and Susan Castellan            Ivy & Stone
^Ms. Gabrielle Parker Hubbard             Larry Sonis                          Stan and Carolyn Cavendish            Ted Jeffries – In memory of
^William McDavid and Diana Long         Stephen and Barbara Hopta              Dr. John T. Chambers                    Edward Mason Jeffries
Ms. Betty Sweet Ness                    John and Kathy Jacobs                  Elizabeth E. Chilton                  Howard and Betsy Johnson
State of West Virginia - Department     Lucia B. James                         Dr. Betty Jane Cleckley               Rody Johnson
  of Education and the Arts             Kanawha-Roxalana Company               Dr. Clarence L. Coffindaffer          Helen E. Jones
                                        Dr. Joseph Laker                       Bertie R. Cohen                       Mr. Jay L. Joslin
                                        Ed and Susan Maier                     Dr. Robert S. Conte                   Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Kahle
BENEFACTOR ($1,000 to                                                                                                Emory and Janet Kemp
                                        Mary Ellen Mazey                       Thomas S. and Lakin R. Cook
$2,999)                                 Mr. Samuel C. McCorkle                 Dr. and Mrs. S. D. Cooley             Ms. Jennifer Kemp
Betty Gardner Bailey                    Mr. Edward McDevitt                    John and Camille Copenhaver, Jr.      Dr. Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline
Kenneth and Anna Bailey                 Tia and Bob McMillan                   Mr. Randolph Cox and Ann Bradley      Mrs. Gladys W. Knapp
Bob Bastress and Barbara Fleischauer    John and Lee Mitchell, Jr.             Helen Seim Craver                     Miss Gretchen Moran Laskas
Briar Mountain Coal and                 Bob and Ann Orders, Jr.                Dr. and Mrs. William E. Crockett      Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lawson, III
   Coke Company                         ^Nina Ratrie Peyton                    Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc.      Carl† and Marion Lehman
Elizabeth H. & H. B. Wehrle             Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Potterfield        Mr. Frank D’Abreo and                 John G. and Sally A. Lepp
   Foundation                           Mrs. Nancy Pryor                         La Ree Naviaux                      Mrs. Norma S. Levy
Dr. William L. Harris                   Mrs. Mary Watson Ragland               Charles H. Daugherty                  Mr. J. William Lowe
Dr. and Mrs. Steven and                 Jack and Joy Rossi                     Wilson and Marge Davis                Dr. Sally Ward Maggard
   Sharon Jubelirer                     Judge James and Sharon Rowe            Alison and Pat Deem                   Ms. Theresa Marlow
Ms. Ruby Newman-Peck                    Judy K. Rule                           Dr. Sarah N. Denman                   Dr. Joseph F. Marsh
NGK Spark Plug (U.S.A.), Inc.           Ms. Betty Schoenbaum                   John and Mary Virginia DeRoo          Paul and Fran Marshall
Don and Sally Richardson                ^Mrs. Ruth L. Schuda                   Dr. J. W. Dixon, Jr.†                 Bob Maslowski
Senator and Mrs. John D.                Mr. and Mrs. K. Richard C. Sinclair    Drs. N. B. and Joyce E. East          Betty M. Maxwell
   Rockefeller, IV                      James F. and Robin C. Snyder           Horace and Sally Emery                William B. Maxwell, III
^Ike and Stuart Smith                   John E. and Patricia T. Stealey, III   Helen B. Epps                         Davitt and Kathryn McAteer
Ken Sullivan                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Summers         Dr. Frederick G. Fidura               Brooks and Barbara McCabe
^Verizon Foundation                     Dr. Duke Talbott                       Ms. Linda Cunningham Fluharty         Dr. Moni McIntyre
Sharon M. Wehrle                        Bonnie Thurston                        Senator Daniel Foster                 Britt and Judy McJunkin
Jill Wilson and Russell Isaacs          Vandalia Heritage Foundation           Elizabeth H. Franzheim                Mr. William P. McNeel
                                        Mary and Stephen Voorhees              Bill and Marty French                 Val and Mary Frances McWhorter
PATRON ($500 to $999)                   West Virginia AFL-CIO                  Rod and Lynn Frye                     Mr. Richard Merrill
Cecil I. Walker Machinery Company       West Virginia Chamber of Commerce      Dr. Ronald Garay                      Mr. Gregory Merritt
Dickinson Properties Limited            Dr. Kenneth C. Wright                  B. J. and Pat Garner                  Judge M. Blane and Mary Anne
  Partnership                                                                  Ms. Samme Gee                           Michael
David and Linda Dickirson               SPONSOR ($100 to $249)                 Hannah Geffert                        Thomas A. Michaud, Ph.D.
Martha and Rudy DiTrapano               Dr. Sarah J. Adams                     Mr. William H. Gillespie              Marc and Christine Monteleone
Mr. Stephen Duffield                    Mr. Timothy C. Alderman                Mr. Michael Gioulis                   Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moore, II
Huntington Federal Savings Bank         Mr. and Mrs. R. Ruffner Alexander      Dan and Kellie Gooding                Dr. Patricia A. Mulvey
^Jacobs & Company                       ^Allegheny Restoration &               Ms. Sandra G. Graff                   Miss Susan H. Mundy
Sam and Dee Kapourales                    Builders, Inc.                       Greenbrier Historical Society, Inc.   Ms. Patricia S. Nelson
Dr. James W. Rowley                     Rudolph and Helen Almasy               Mr. Jack C. Grimm                     Mr. Harold L. Newman
^John and Patty Ruddick                 Drs. Constantino and Diana Amores      Mr. Edward Hacala – In memory of      ^NTV Asset Management, LLC
Regina W. Skaggs                        Ms. Barbara Anderson                     Joseph R. Hacala S.J.               Ms. Susan B. Orders
Mr. Raymond Smock                       Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Andrews             Priscilla M. Haden                    Donald and Deborah Patthoff, Jr.
Solid Ground Films                      Mr. Hunter Armentrout                  Dr. Echols Hansbarger, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. William C. Payne
Jennifer Soule and Glade Little         Ms. Frances C. Auville                 Mr. Norman R. Harlan                  Ms. Mimi Pickering
Ms. Helen D. Tallman                    Frank and Marion Baer                  Henry and Joy Harmon                  PrayWorks, LLC
The James & Law Company                 William E. and Alevia J. Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. L. Newton Thomas, Jr.      Dr. and Mrs. C. Robert Barnett
^Ms. Martha Wehrle†                     Edgar and Betty Barrett
                                        Ralph and Barbara Bean, Jr.
SUSTAINER ($250 to $499)                Mrs. Harriett Beury
^Mrs. Jeanette M. Alexander             Mr. Charles Boll and Kim Pauley
Fred and Sandra Barkey                  Lynn Boyer
Buzz Food Service                       Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brown, III
^Ms. Susan K. Conner                    Barbara and David Bryant
Hornor and Freddy Davis                 Nancy Bulla
Mrs. James H. Davis, III                Billy and Marjorie H. Burke

12   West Virginia Humanities Council
Ms. Mary E. Radabaugh                  David Allen Barnette, Esq.           Gerald and Shirley Eagan
Ms. Rita Ray                           Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Battle        Ms. Pamela Edwards
Mr. Frank S. Riddel                    Henry and Anne Battle                Mr. and Mrs. M. Wayne Eich
Ms. Alice Riecks                       Mr. Ken Batty                        Bob and Mary Alice Elkins
Ron and Connie Riley                   Ms. Wilma Bays                       Elkins Branch American
Glenn and Emma Lou Robinson            Charles and Frances Beasley            Association
Mr. R. Terrance Rodgers                Cal and Marcy Beckelheimer             of University Women
Mr. Carl J. Roncaglione, Jr.           Ms. Mary Edna Beckett                Linda Dickenson Elliott
^Elisabeth Rose Lathrop                Mr. Roscoe R. Bee                    Joan W. Ellison
Stephen and Sharon Rowe                Mr. George Belling                   Jean B. Emch
George Rutherford                      Debra Benedetti                      Cicero M. Fain, III
Peggy Sadd                             Maggie Bennett                       Mr. and Mrs. John W. “Jack”
Mack and Thelma Samples                Ms. Elizabeth L. Beury                 Feller
Robert and Margaret Sayre              Dr. Heather Biola                    David and Jennie Ferretti         Mr. Norman Julian
Anne Selinger                          Mrs. Ann Embleton Bird               Ms. Josephine Fidler              Ms. B. J. Kahle
Carroll and Wanda Simpkins             Spencer Bivens                       Harry Finkelman                   David and Susan Katz
Robert and Olivia Singleton            Cora B. Blair                        Ms. Mildred Fizer                 Lois S. Kaufman
Mr. William T. Slicer                  Mr. Robert Blobaum                   Mr. Dan B. Fleming                Eleanor M. Keenan
Barbara A. Smith                       Mrs. Carter V. Blundon               Mr. Briscoe Peyton Forbes         Jeanette H. Keeney
Ms. Dale S. Snyder – In memory of      Lorella Boggess                      Mr. Harold M. Forbes              Ed and Kitty Kelly
  Giles D. H. Snyder                   ^Ms. Karen F. Boner – In memory of   Mark, Leska and Andrew Foster     Ms. Elizabeth P. Kenna
Debby Sonis                              Floyd Monk                         Paul and Ardath Francke           Dr. Skyler Kershner
Bob and Agnes Sonntag – In memory      Ms. Patricia Bowers                  Mr. Alex Franklin                 Mr. David King
  of J. C. Jefferds                    Nate and Janie Bowles                Mr. Peter L. Freeman              Ms. Francene Kirk
Anne and Dennis Strawn                 Jack and Myla Bowman                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Frey       Ms. Barbara L. Klingler
Ms. Sarah Sullivan and Ricklin Brown   Ms. Bonnie Branciaroli               David and Sharon Fuerst           Mrs. E. D. Knight
Jerry and Wendy Summers                Betty Bratton                        Rebecca Gandee                    Mrs. Gerry R. Kohler
^Suttle & Stalnaker PLLC               Ms. Margaret Brennan                 Ms. Ann Garcelon and Gene Carte   Rita T. Kohn
Ms. Annette Tanner                     Ruth Brinker                         W. Frank and Jane T. George       Ms. Flossie M. Kourey
Col. and Mrs. Victor L. Thacker        Gary and Bonnie Brown                Tom and Susan Gilpin              Ms. Peggy Kourey
Ms. Helen F. Thalheimer                C. Rand Burdette                     Ms. Katherine Giltinan            John P. Lambertson and Katherine B.
Lorain E. Thomas                       Joe & Nancy Burford                  Dick and Anne Goff                  Aaslestad
Greg Tieman                            Mrs. Carol Campbell                  Mr. James L. Gooch                Ms. Susan S. Landis
Mr. R. Brawley Tracy                   Shannon Bennett Campbell             Mrs. Anna L. Gray                 Gordon and Susan Lane
Bob and Irene Upton                    Mr. Walter A. Case                   Ms. Mary E. “Liz” Greene          Ms. Karen K. Larry
Ms. Fawn Valentine                     Becky Ceperley                       Leonard and Louise Gross          Oscar Larson
Ms. E. Marie Van Meter                 Mr. and Mrs. Florian F. Ceperley     Sandra K. Gunther                 Ms. Helena E. Lee
Helen T. Waters                        Jerry K. Chambers                    Mrs. Robert G. Hall               Joe and Pam LeRose
Ms. Carolyn Welcker                    Mr. and Mrs. John Chapman            Ms. Betty Agsten Hamilton         Robert M. and Joyce Levy
Ms. Uala Puckett Wells                 Ms. Jane Cheatham                    Ms. Sally Hamrick                 Mr. John Lilly
Ms. Rita Wicks-Nelson                  Ms. Nelle Chilton                    Ms. Hedda L. Haning               Phyllis W. Livesay
Walter and Shawn Williams              Jeff and Beth Chiparo                Bob and Vieva Harlow              Mr. Kermit Long
Mr. J. B. Wollenberger                 George and Annette Cipriani          Pauline R. Harman                 Mr. Glenn V. Longacre
Martha and David Woodward              Robert and Elizabeth Clarke          Mr. William H. Harrington         Mrs. Glendine Looney
Ms. Eleanor Wray                       Clay County Landmarks Commission     Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Harris     Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lopinsky
Ms. Chris Zinn                           and Historical Society             Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hartman     Mrs. Sally M. Love
                                       Dave and Lois Cleland                Mr. Dale Hatfield                 Ms. Mary Martha Lovitch
FRIEND ($30 to $99)                    Jason and JoAnn Conley               William M. Haydon                 Ms. Jennifer Lynch
Alice Abernethy                        Debra Conner                         Dr. Frances Hensley               Betty L. MacQueen
Mr. Randolph S. Allan                  Mr. and Mrs. James W. Conner         Dale C. Hicks                     Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Maddex
Ms. Roberta Allison                    Ms. Patty Cooper                     Augusta High                      Madie Carroll House Preservation
Alpha Delta Kappa Sorority - Kappa     Ben and Jane Crutchfield, Jr.        Philip and Lily Hill                Society
  Chapter                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Csernica      Mr. Paul Hodges                   Mrs. Sylvia Mallory
Belinda M. Anderson                    Mr. David B. Cunningham – In         Jane W. Hoffman                   Mr. John Manchester
Ms. Colleen Anderson                     memory of Edith Clay               Dr. Arthur and Jolanda Holmes     Mr. Ralph Mann
Mrs. Helen V. Anderson                 Steve and Laura Cunningham           Ray and Annabelle Hoppe           Mr. Julian Martin
Anonymous                              Dr. John A. Cuthbert                 Mrs. Pamela Hoppe-Ice             Paul Martin
Anonymous                              Ms. Sandra E. Czernek                Ms. Maxine Huff                   Sevlyn C. Masinter
Anonymous                              Mr. Frank DeCaria                    Huntington Museum of Art          Stuart L. and Susan Striar May
Cathy L. Aquino                        Mrs. Elizabeth D. Degges             D. A. and Elaine Hutchison        Mr. John Egan McAteer
Karen Arms                             Carol DelCol                         Joseph and Ann Hutchison          Jeremy and Jane McCamic
Arthurdale Heritage, Inc.              Mr. Len Deutsch                      Frances G. Hutton                 Ms. Evelyn McChesney
Ms. Ede J. Ashworth                    Dr. Alan DeYoung                     Cecil and Becky Jarvis            Tom and Connie McColley
Mr. Paul A. Atkins                     John Wm. “Bill” Dillon               Mr. J. C. Jefferds, III           Ted McConnell
Juanita T. Auer                        Edwin and Jane Dils                  Ms. Jerra Jenrette                Ms. Marilyn R. McCord
Dr. John C. Baker                      Pattye Dodson                        Dolores M. Johnson                Dr. W. Richard and Mary Lou
Homer K. and Helen Ball                Mr. Ernie K. Dotson                  Susannah G. Johnson                 McCune
Melissa Bannister                      Kevin and Cynda Douglas              Virginia B. Johnson               Ms. Terri L. McDougal
Dr. David Bard                         Arthur R. and Patricia W. Doumaux    Ms. Jeannette Joslin              Lawrence and Beatrice McElhinny
Mr. John A. Barnes                     Tom Dukas                            Kirk and Janet Judd               Harry and Sara McFarlane

                                                                                                                       Annual Report 2007       13
                                                 Ms. Ann Barry Schneider      Mrs. Sandra R. Walker          Jim and January Wolfe
                                                 Judith D. Seaman             Dr. Barry J. Ward              Wood County Historical &
                                                 Dr. Ann Serafin              Dr. and Mrs. Stafford Warren     Preservation Society
                                                 Mr. Paul A. Shackel          Ms. Deborah Weiner             Zeb and Sara Sue Wright
                                                 Ms. Jane Price Sharp         Ms. Jo Weisbrod                Ms. Linda G. Wright and Peter Lydens
                                                 LTC Pauline Shaver           Dr. Janet G. Welch             Ms. Linda Yoder
                                                 Marion Christine Shaw        Ms. Norma Whitacre             Mrs. Dolores V. Yoke
                                                Mr. Paul Sheridan and Kate    Kathryne Williams              Mr. Charlie Young and Drema Slack
                                                   FitzGerald                 Mr. Kenneth D. Williamson
                                                Ms. Sima Shor                 Ms. Taunja Willis-Miller         Italic denotes pledges
                                                Bob and Beverly Shumaker      Mr. Nicholas Winowich          ^ Hubbard House Campaign Gifts
                                                Peter and Elizabeth Silitch   W. D. Wintz                    † Deceased
                                                Sam Silverstein
                                                Dr. Fran Simone
Dr. C. Stuart McGehee                   Mr. John H. Skaggs
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. McWhorter
Mr. Matt Meacham
                                        Ms. Barbara Smith
                                        Don and Katy Smith                       Wills Week
Lucie A. Mellert                        Mr. Joe F. Smith

Mike Ross, Inc.                         Oce Smith                                            uests enjoyed a performance by the West
Mrs. Jean L. Miller                     Rod and Lisa Smith
Robert and Rosemary Miller              Roger and Courtney Smith                             Virginia Symphony Orchestra, October 12, at
Mr. G. Thomas Minshall                  Anna and Kim Smucker                                 the Clay Center as part of West Virginia Wills
Jim and Phyllis Moore                   Ms. Mary Bruce Snyder
Dr. David Z. Morgan                     Kelly and Kay Sparks
                                                                                 Week. This was the second year for Wills Week, held
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Morgan               Christine Spaulding                      October 14-20, which is sponsored by Leave a Legacy
Mrs. Janet K. Morris                    Dr. Martha Spiker                        West Virginia to provide information on preparing an
David and Nancy Morrison                Ms. Liz Spurlock
Ms. Shirley A. Morten                   Christian and Sandra St. John            appropriate will and related end-of-life documents.
Betty Ann and Earl Morton               Kaila St. Louis                            As a participant, the West Virginia Humanities
J. C. and Mary Moss                     Dr. Sam Stack                            Council invited friends in Kanawha and Putnam
Ms. Heidi Muller                        Peter and Mary-Bess Halford Staffel
Mr. Randy Myers                         Justice Larry Starcher                   counties to the Clay Center event. Michelle Walker,
Elizabeth Nelson                        Ms. Nancy Fish Stark                     director of development for the Humanities Council,
Dr. Joanna Nesselroad                   Dr. Edward Steel, Jr.
Mr. John W. Newman                      Robert and Judith Stitzel
                                                                                 works with Leave a Legacy to inform West Virginians
Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Newman           Ms. Gail Stone                           on planned-giving options. “If you don’t state in a will
Ms. Sarah Mullins Nicholas              Kathryn A. Stone                         where your money goes when you die, someone else will
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Nickerson           Mr. Gerry Stover
Mr. Otis L. O’Connor                    Strand Theatre Preservation Society      decide for you. It’s as simple as that. It is imperative
Gary O’Dell                             Nancy M. Street                          to leave instructions in a will for your heirs and your
Mrs. Patricia Ohlinger                  Gardner and Libby Stultz                 favorite nonprofit organizations. That’s the only way to
Delegate John Overington                Maureen F. Supcoe-Galperin
Dr. Frieda M. Owen                      Lorena M. Surber, DDS                    be sure your wishes are carried out,” Walker said. “I look
Ms. Julie C. Palas                      Gerald and Lenora Sutphin                forward to talking with any of our readers who want to
Mr. Kathleen Paleudis                   Jerrold L. Swan
Dr. Hazel K. Palmer                     Mr. Gerald D. Swick
                                                                                 learn more.”
Ms. Sharon Parker                       Ms. June Symonds                           Contact Michelle Walker at (304) 346-8500 or
Ms. Edwina Pendarvis                    Rev. Robert O. Sypolt                    walker@wvhumanities.org.
Ruth R. Peyton                          Mr. Robert Tabscott
Ms. Cindy Phillips                      Mr. James L. Taylor
Cathy Pleska                            Ms. Judy Teaford
Bret and Leanna Preston                 Sidney and Barbara Tedford
Mr. Paul Rakes                          Mr. Noel W. Tenney
Gerald S. Ratliff                       William D. Theriault, Ph.D.
Mary Price Ratrie                       Ms. Jeannie K. Todaro
Juanita J. Reed                         Mr. Sam Uppala
Ms. Mary Relihan                        Linda Utt
Mr. Donald L. Rice                      Don and Diana Van Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Richardson       Dr. John Vielkind
Dr. Thomas R. Ross                      Mr. John K. Vintroux
Ms. Helaine Rotgin                      Karen Vuranch and Gene
Mr. Larry L. Rowe                         Worthington
Mr. Tony Russell                        Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts
Ms. Paula Russo                           Program
Julia Sadd                              Mr. John Wack
Dr. Rhonda Lemke Sanford                Mr. and Mrs. George and Michelle
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Scharf            Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Manfred                    Michael D. Walker
   Schmellenkamp                        Mr. Richard B. Walker

14   West Virginia Humanities Council
 The Encyclopedia Goes to School . . .                                                            Getting and Giving

          y the end of fiscal year 2007,      West Virginia Encyclopedia in classrooms,           * To get lesson plans for the
          the West Virginia Encyclopedia      the Council issued a set of 25 lesson             West Virginia Encyclopedia,
          was present in all or some          plans in June 2007. Developed by                  teachers should visit www.
of the schools in a majority of West          a team of experienced educators,                  wvhumanities.org. Click on
Virginia counties. In most cases, the         the lesson plans address the content              “West Virginia Encyclopedia,”
books had been placed through the             standards and objectives of the state             then on “Encyclopedia Lesson
financial support of donors or purchased curriculum for the teaching of West                    Plans.”
by individual schools or school boards.       Virginia Studies at the elementary and
The Humanities Council published the eighth-grade levels. They are available                      * To get the West Virginia
popular one-volume reference on West          to teachers at no charge in print and             Encyclopedia at the special
Virginia Day 2006.                            CD-Rom versions and online.                       25% education discount,
   The Council’s goal is to place at least                                                      schools or school boards should
two copies of the Encyclopedia                                                                      contact Cheryl Marsh at
in every school in the state.                                                                       (304)346-8500 or marsh@
Given the cost of producing                                                                         wvhumanities.org.
an oversized hardbound book
of nearly a thousand pages,                                                                          * To give the West Virginia
we unfortunately cannot give                                                                       Encyclopedia to schools
the West Virginia Encyclopedia                                                                     or for any other purpose,
to educators free of charge,                                                                       contact Michelle Walker at
but we are committed to                                                                            (304)346-8500 or walker@
doing everything possible to                                                                       wvhumanities.org.
put the book into the hands
of teachers and students. We
offer a discount to schools
and work to match schools
and donors.
   To encourage use of the
                                 Teachers at work on the lesson plans.

                                                                                 . . . and Beyond Print

               ith more than 16,000             “We are not interested in just            audio, video and other media. We
               copies now in circulation,    putting the book online,” he added.          believe the online encyclopedia will
               we are pleased to know        “There is not much point to that. We         provide a revolutionary resource for
that the West Virginia Encyclopedia has      have already done a good book, and           West Virginia students and teachers,
made its way into homes, schools and         it’s widely available in libraries and       and the general public.”
libraries across the state,” said Ken        bookstores. Rather, we expect to create        Plans continued throughout 2007 for
Sullivan, the book’s editor and the          a thoroughly interactive reference           publication of the online
executive director of the Humanities         website, building on the information         encyclopedia, and to
Council. “We are committed to                content of the West Virginia                 identify funding sources.
keeping our big book in inventory and        Encyclopedia while incorporating
foresee an extended sales life.”
   At the same time, the Council is eager       The West Virginia Encyclopedia continues to be a thriving
to move the West Virginia Encyclopedia        success, with most of the second printing now sold out. Its
beyond print and onto the Internet,           sales remain a significant source of income for the Humanities
Sullivan said.                                Council, bringing in more than $110,000 in fiscal year 2007.

                                                                                                           Annual Report 2007     15
    Serving the
    Mountain State
    West Virginia Humanities Council
    Programs and Grants in 2007

                          During the 2007 fiscal year,
                          the Council offered 231 direct
                          programs in 43 counties . . .

                                                           Courtesy West Virginia Public Broadcasting

                          . . . and awarded 79 grants
                           in 32 counties.

Contact us!
West Virginia Humanities Council
1310 Kanawha Boulevard, E.
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 346-8500
(304) 346-8504 (fax)

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