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                                                                                                                                                                       THE TEMPER TRAP
     ED LET                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      by dan clarke. Photo by Perou.

                                                                                                                                                                              ome people have all the luck. I sit in my     two weeks ago, which is pretty exciting. We've         He recalls being a “mad Michael Jackson freak            “It's probably more important to have an
                                                                                                                                                                              chilly office in the middle of Sydney,        actually got a base now even though we've spent        when I was a kid. In most of the family videos I         established label behind you in America. Luckily
                                                                                                                                                                              seeking solace in the still-frosty beer       hardly any time there. We've been playing lots of      was doing my worst and probably best Michael             the label was gracious enough to let us do that.
                                                                                                                                                                              sitting in front of me, while Lorenzo,        gigs and getting quite a good response around          Jackson impersonations so I've always really             We're still trying to finalise a deal. Hopefully
                                                                                                                                                                     lead guitarist for The Temper Trap, is currently       England. We've gone into Europe a few times            loved music.” Interim distractions like school           that'll all be done soon and we can get the record
                                                                                                                                                                     traipsing around Europe.                               too.”                                                  and university came and went, but when he met            released out there in about September. “
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the other members of The Temper Trap, things
                                                                                                                                                                     The band relocated to London a month ago to            Australian fans might feel a little left out at this   started to fall into place.                              While plans for their next conquest are well
                                                                                                                                                                     “spend a bit of time on the continent and try and      stage, given the debut Temper Trap album is                                                                     underway, the band is being well received in
                                                                                                                                                                     build a fan base over here” Lorenzo says. “It was      due to be released next month and they won’t           “I guess it really became apparent in the room with      Europe.
                                                                                                                                                                     always our dream to at least come over here and        be in the country for quite some time after that.      the other guys. They had a real drive and really
                                                                                                                                                                     give it a good crack early on.”                        Lorenzo is quick to reassure though.                   wanted to succeed as musicians and so did I. I           “We were in Germany last week where we did some
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   guess that's how it all came into fruition. I never      shows with Glasvegas. The audience response was
                                                                                                                                                                     He’s upbeat, and with good reason. I take another      “It's not that we don't love Australia, but we         thought my dreams could be realised until I met          amazing, more than we could ever have hoped for.
      Well we’re back again, and amazingly we are          The Daily Telegraph just needs to face the facts         Anyway I’ll stop ranting here and move on to     sip of my beer, naively hoping the alcohol will        want to try and give our music a crack in every        other people that had the same aspirations as I did.”    In England, we're getting a bit of radio play so that
      in one piece after the shenanigans involved          that most people living in Sydney at least, if not the   talking about the issue as I’m sure you’re all   warm me up. Lorenzo tells me the last month of         continent that we possibly can. We wouldn't be                                                                  always helps. It's amazing how influential the radio
      in putting out our 21st issue, and even more         state and country, aren’t all jaded and bitter right-    well tired of me and my sandy vagina.            touring and performing has been somewhat of a          here today if it weren't for the fans that we have     The band is signed to Infectious records worldwide,      stations are over here.”
                                                                                                                                                                     blur.                                                  in Australia.”                                         except in the US where it seems they will next be
      amazingly this issue may be one of our best. But     wing journalists who have been suffering under
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   turning their attention. The decision to wait it out
      before I go on to tell you about what to expect      so many years of a Labour State Government               The uber-hip purveyors of freaked out folk       “It's been bizarre, it doesn't feel like a month has   I jealously ask him how he did end up there, what      over there for more lucrative offers wasn’t entirely a   Temper Trap’s debut album, Conditions will be
      in this fortnight’s issue of Music Feeds there are   that they have had to resort to child pornography,       Grizzly Bear have taken up cover position        actually passed. We moved into a house about           attracted him to music in the first place.             financial one.                                           released in Australia on June 16th.
      a few things I would like to say.                    transvestite sex and gang rape to keep themselves at     this week on the back of the release of their
                                                           all interested in a world that is fast leaving them      sublime new album Veckatimest.
      First off, Bud Tingwell is dead. I never met         behind. Though you have to feel sorry for them,
      the man but I loved him like a father and I          their lives must be a listless hell of boredom and       On the eve of arriving in Sydney to play
      can only hope that somewhere in the genetic          sexless marriages.                                       Come Together, Norwegian electro pop
      backlog of humanity there is a back up file and                                                               powerhouse Datarock also dropped in for
      that we shall see Bud V.2.0 roaming around           Anyway finally I just want to say fuck Richard           a bit of a work out with me this issue, giving

      soon.                                                “Dick” Kingsmill and fuck triple j. I am so              me the lowdown on their love of Jane Fonda
                                                           tired of turning on to 105.7 and instead of hearing      aerobics videos, Molly Ringwald and their
      Secondly I would like to incite a call to arms       something interesting or new being constantly            latest album Red.
      against The Daily Telegraph for hassling             bombarded with talentless hacks re-hashing tired
      Premier Rees about spending money on                 musical stereotypes - only it’s either done on synths
                                                                                                              Sometimes writer and perennial pillow biter
      Brain Eno’s Luminous Festival rather                 or the band are bringing back (insert worn out     James Cotterell gets taken to the Gallows
      than a three day visit from Tiger Woods.             genre here). Why do I never hear Pivot? Where      to see how the UK’s great hope for punk to
      Now I know that the fanatically conservative,        are The Drones or Seekae?                          come is shaping up. The Temper Trap check
      wife beating, snag eating and impossibly                                                                in with Dan Clarke from their London
      feebleminded readers of this paper would         Also on a note of rubbish and uninspired local         home, the king of controversy Necro shares
      rather golf than music (AC/DC already            music I have something to say to Daniel Johns. his views on feminism, Kanye West and what
      announced a tour, who needs more music!), but      ou
                                                       Y are an ego-maniacal piece of shit who wouldn’t to expect at his soon approaching Australian
      never would I have thought to see The Daily      know creativity if it came up and gave you a           tour, and Astronomy Class’s Ozi Battla
      Telegraph support a black man entering our       blowjob in a male bathroom. Y      oung Modern         comes out of orbit to chat to Zoltan Blazer
      country.                                         must be one of the most stench ridden sonic turds      about the group’s new LP The Pursuit Of
                                                       this country has ever dropped out its musical arse     Happiness.
      But put aside their xenophobia (that’s a form of and I think it’s about time Silverchair got
      racism to the telegraph readers) they have, and thrown on the compost heap with the rest of this        Jesse Hayward catches up with star
      Tiger they want. The best part of the article is country’s shit like Men At Work.                       studded collaboration masters N.A.S.A.
      when they bring in ‘celebrity manager’ Max                                                              and does a number on both Danimals and
      Markson (who manages such shining stars          But it’s not just the mainstream acts that are in need Joe Doubleclick Chapman from Two
      as Ita Buttrose, Carson Kressley, Ian            of a kick up the arse, a bunch of the indie bands are  Fingers.
      Kiernan, and a whole bunch of other people falling fast into the same pattern of churning out
      you couldn’t give a shit about) who weighs       lifeless crap with no individuality or spark. Think    On top of this we have interviews with St.
      into the debate claiming “Half the public don't of all the technically talented but altogether rubbish Helens, Zeahorse, Polo Club, Sui
      know who Brian Eno is and the other half         bands you’ve seen in clubs and pubs over the years. I Zhen, Fink, and much more.
      are probably still on acid,” as the article then don’t care to mention any names suffice to say outside
      continues to include “Mr Markson wants the       of a certain few artists such as Ghoul, i like         That’s it, so excuse me while I retreat once
      Government to lobby Michael Jackson to           cats, Kirin J Callinan, Fashion Launches more to my sensory deprivation tank to
      perform in Sydney, as he is doing in London.”    Rocket Launches The Winter People                      wallow again in the bliss of nothingness.
                                                       The Bird’s Robe Collective, Sherlock’s
      With the whole article implying Eno is a has     Daughter and others I don’t have time to               Keep your chin waxed and your chest trim till
      been, it’s laughable to then mention Jacko as an mention, Sydney’s local band scene is increasingly     next time.
      alternative. I know, why don’t we get Stevie leaning toward becoming a group of glorified cover
      Nicks to come out then, she’s got a new album artists. I don’t care if you play guitar like Hendrix,    Mikey
      and her original face, none of which I can say   if all your songs sound like Zeppelin, I W ANT
      about MJ.                                        INNOV      ATION AND CREATIVITY!                       Music Feeds! It’s Cheaper Than An Abortion

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         Mikey Carr                Rochelle Fernandez, Janet King, Clare Molesworth,
                                                                  Jesse Hayward
         Dan Clarke                         CONTRIBUTORS
                                                                  Thomas Mitchell, James Paker, Amelia Schmidt, Kurt
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         Toby Smith                  & Pep's Mum.

                     astronomy class                                                                  by zoltan blazer

           ue Johann Strauss as we leisurely             A lot of the songs are pretty short and there is no      have forgotten that. Before people had any kind        Unfortunately the stars did not align for every
           float past hoards of glistening stars         excess fat on there. There were probably three or        of success everyone was working together and           collaboration planned in Pursuit of Happiness. A
           occasionally interrupted by a hurtling        four tracks that were really good tracks that we         playing together.”                                     combination of miscommunication and a lack of
           meteor looping around a lumbering,            didn’t include on the album.”                                                                                   commitment led to one major international artist
complacent planet. Limbs weightless and body out                                                                  Ozi briefly pauses our conversation to float off       pulling out. “We were kind of glad that it didn’t
of control, you’re probably wondering why we’re          Currently Ozi resides in outer space relentlessly        to the cockpit and check on his ship’s orbit. It’s     happen,” Ozi reflects. “We just thought if it was
out here, floating through the cosmos, exposed           performing a harrowing routine of altitude training      the perfect time to take a look around. There          going to be that hard and that person was going to
to the unknown and possibly under the watchful           in preparation for Astronomy Class’ upcoming             are screens everywhere streaming sci-fi classics       be that difficult to get in touch with obviously their
eye of some distant, intelligent life. “If you haven’t   tour. “We’ve been hitting the rehearsal studio and       like Aliens and Brazil, while X-men comics hover       heart isn’t totally in the project.”
heard already,” a garbled voice informs us over a        obviously had a few drinks, trying to replicate          around the room blocking air vents. A certain
two way radio, “2009 is the year of Astronomy and        game day. It’s really coming along. A lot of the new     source of inspiration is plain to see.                 As we strap ourselves in for re-entry I realise that
you’ve come to meet Ozi Batla, spaceman, rapper          tunes I think will replicate really well live. So yeah                                                          I might not be cut out for space travel. There’s
and voice of hiphop outfit Astronomy Class.”             we are just looking forward to getting back out          I ask how the name Astronomy Class came about          a violent jolt forwards as we go into hyperdrive,
                                                         there. It’s been a while.”                               and Ozi yells from the cockpit in response. “It just   hurtling back to Earth at incalculable speeds.
The thick steel sheets of an airlock hiss to a close                                                              came about because of a few of the first tracks that   The whole time Ozi is beaming. He seems to be
as we are greeted by a broad smile. I bounce off         This year Astronomy Class is teaming up with             I wrote. Midnight At The Observatory and also          enjoying the futuristic jaunt perhaps a little to
the ceiling and manage to shatter a neon vase. A         fellow hiphop aficionados, Thundamentals, for            Brink Of War and Exist Strategy. There is a sci-fi     much. So I ask a man obviously obsessed with
thousand fluorescent fragments swirl around the          a nationwide tour. The fact that these two bands         theme there and I am a pretty big sci-fi fan. We       progress and evolution what he wants to see in the
room. Ozi just laughs, graceful in zero gravity.         come from competing labels seems irrelevant. I           kept on the sci-fi theme with War Of The Worlds        future of hiphop. His answer: retrograde.
Trying to catch the floating fragments I ask him         scratch the back of my helmet and ask why the            and a few other tracks that are on this album as
how he’s been. “Things are good, the album’s just        Australian hiphop scene has such a friendly and          well. There is a hiphop and reggae tradition as well   “The RnB, hiphop major label stuff it’s just
been out a couple of weeks now and seems to be           supportive culture.                                      of that kind of outer space theme. We just were        soulless. It’s just become so throw away. Maybe
going well.”                                                                                                      drawing on that as inspiration.”                       someday people will get rid of autotune and the
                                                         “I think it’s probably something to do with the                                                                 same mix sounds and it could go back to beats
Ozi is referring to the second installment of            Australian mentality. But the main thing is that         Aside from a love for extraterrestrials and space      made on SP12s and people rapping on 58s. Who
the Astronomy Class saga. Titled Pursuit of              most of the key people involved all came up              opera the most noticeable theme on the album           knows it might go back to that raw grimey sound.”
Happiness, it’s a stripped back, raw example             together and are aware that it was a lot harder          is collaboration. Artists from The Tongue to Ash
of unadulterated Aussie hiphop. “We obviously            to get stuff out there and get people along to           Grunwald all feature, adding their own unique          Check out Astronomy Class's new album Pursuit
wanted to approach it differently to the last album      shows a few years ago. Every release that came           vocal spice. This diversity of musical influences      Of Happiness out now on Elefant Traks through
and make it something unique. We wanted to make          out was another building block in a way so I don’t       and creativity generates a surprising new direction    Inertia and be sure to catch the boys when they
it a bit more punchy and immediately accessible.         think that the main people involved in the labels        for Astronomy Class.                                   play Come Together on Sat June 6th.
                                                    6                                                     7

          ntering Oberfjord Gymnasium in            and he has to hide underneath the desk of
          Bergen Norway it’s very easy to spot      Molly Ringwald? You know, he is sitting under
          Datarock’s Fredrik Saroea. Draped         the desk, he is looking at her undies. So if
          in one of the band’s trademark red        you put it in slow motion you can actually see
tracksuits he waves me over as he partakes          Molly Ringwald’s panties, for you know a good
in a particularly energetic and suggestive          couple of seconds which would allow you to
aerobics workout in anticipation of returning       print a pretty nice picture of Molly Ringwald’s
to Australia to play Come Together.                 undies.”

The gym is packed with overweight forty-            “You got to do it,” he commands, “and you
somethings all putting on a sickening display       have to print it very large, put it in the ceiling
of fluid and undulating gelatinous flesh. “We       of your bedroom and then everytime you make
have two festivals going on right now so there      love with someone you can think about Molly
are a lot of people here,” he tells me in his       Ringwald,” he finishes with a tone of victory as
Scandinavian drawl.                                 I collapse in a heap on the gym mat.

Excited by the prospect of local music              I come back to my senses a few moments later
festivals, and festival goers, I eagerly press      as Fredrik splashes some water on my face. I’m
Fredrik for details of the event and where          amazed to see the man has barely worked up a
I might go to enjoy some of that famous             sweat. Intrigued and somewhat jealous I have
Norwegian party spirit. “These two festivals,       to ask him where all the energy comes from.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the average age is
over 40,” he explains, laughing and gesturing   “You know when Spiderman puts on the black
to the rest of the room.                        Spiderman suit and it has it’s own personality?
                                                Well our tracksuit is like that, it’s a separate
“I’m sure something crazy is going on though,   individual, when you put it on you get a
but I think it’s probably more the kind of sad  separate personality,” he explains showing
grown up version of going crazy, you know like  me the exquisite inseam and stitching. “When
infidelity in hotel rooms                                                 you put this on you’re
and stuff, the boring        “If you combine that opening a dancing hyperactive
stuff.”                                                                   hyper-energetic
                             scene from Barbarella with the entertainment unit.
Ushering me over to                                                       And it all comes from
a change room he           aerobics videos Jane Fonda did the red tracksuit and
hands me one of the                                                       that’s why the new
famous red tracksuits         in the early 80s, then you see album is called Red,
and tells me to suit up                                                   cos the new album is
in charmingly broken        how Datarock can come about. a tribute to the red
English. Five minutes                                                     tracksuit, the honorary
later I exit dressed        It’s certainly a reaction to being member of Datarock,
head to toe in red and                                                    the red tracksuit, where
dreading what I know is         exposed to Jane Fonda.”                   all the fun comes
next. Aerobics.                                                           from.”

“Can you imagine at the early 80s,” he asks         Assuming it only works on the band, or people
me mid squat-thrust. “You had this culture          who are equally deluded, I muster the strength
of aerobics and exercise it was all because         to stand and insist Fredrik take me to a bar so I
the 68ers, you know the hippies, they were          can replenish my journalistic fuel cells. Arriving
getting old but they were all still into free sex   at a local brasserie, the kind of place with
and drugs and stuff. So the only way to make        animal heads on the walls and in the food, the
that all happen in 81, the same guys would          barman pours me a heady pint of ale and I
have to work out, and there was not a better        finally get to ask Fredrik about the band’s new
way to keep the free sex focus than aerobics,       album Red.
you know, like it’s not very sexy doing, like, a
marathon.”                                          “The live show is kind of different to the first
                                                    album, so I think Red is sort of a continuing of
I ask whether that 80s aerobics mentality is        what happened on the first album but it’s like
where Datarock draws its inspiration from and       the essence of the first album combined with
I am met with quite an unexpected answer.           the essence of our live show.”
“It’s a combination of Jane Fonda in the late
60s and the aerobics videos she did in the          “What we wanted to do was to create an
early 80s. You know the opening scene of            album that was perfect for our live show. It’s a
Barbarella, the striptease, that is the best        little bit more energetic, it has a little bit more
striptease, you know anti-gravity striptease,       musicianship and it’s a little more suited to the
isn’t that something!” he almost yells, his head    high-octane live show that we do. It’s more
between his feet.                                   tied in with songs like Sex Princess and Fa Fa
                                                    Fa and Night Flight To Uranus, it doesn’t really
“If you combine that opening scene from             have a new Computer Camp Love you know
Barbarella with the aerobics videos Jane            what I mean.”
Fonda did in the early 80s, then you see how
Datarock can come about. It’s certainly a           I assure him that I do and ask him if he’s
reaction to being exposed to Jane Fonda.”           looking forward to coming back to Australia.
                                                    “Oh yeah,” he exclaims excitedly spilling a
Bemused and somewhat aroused I pursue this          drink all over the woman next him and not
new Fonda-centric line of questions. “She was       even noticing.
picking up girls for herself and her husband in
the 70s so they could have fast threesomes”         “The only country that picked up on Datarock
he continues kicking his legs up in front of him    early was Australia, oh and Norway. I’m really
like a dancer. “In retrospect she feels like she    looking forward to coming back to Australia
was forced into it by her husband. I thought        because that’s really where it all started and
that sounds a little bit… you know, why would       that’s why we’ve been touring all around the
you go out and find a girl you could sleep          world so hard. You know if it works in Norway
with with your husband just under pressure. I       and it works on the other side of the world in
think she was pretty liberated you know. She’s      Australia then you know, lets go for it,” he tells
a Vietcong, sex orgy, aerobics anti-gravity         me standing and raising his hand symbolically
striptease goddess.”                                as a cheeky smile spreads across his face.

By this point I am exhausted, struggling to         However by this point the woman he
complete the intiricate routine of pelvic thrusts   moistened has returned with the management.
and lunges Fredrik is guiding me through.           Having been asked to leave as he is ‘making a
Fredrik on the other hand is a picture of           scene’ I quickly make my exit in an attempt to
relaxation as he continues to speak to me in a      avoid Norway’s draconian law enforcement.
calm and composed manner.
                                                    As I leave I catch one last glimpse of Fredrik.
“Hey check it out,” he tells me mid pirouette.      Arm around the woman, he’s leading the
“Last week I saw Breakfast Club again, and you      security staff through a few aerobics moves and
know the scene where the tough guy comes            the spilled drink seems forgotten. I guess you
into the room and the teacher comes back in         just can’t fight the power of the tracksuit.

                                                                                                                by mikey carr

                    o I feel like taking a shit when I’m       At this point I’m pretty much giving up trying to         “I got in to fuck bitches all day and night,” he exclaims      Again attempting to shift the conversation away from
                    onstage?” Brooklyn’s king of death         control the interview, instead choosing to let Necro’s    in response, with a sort of ‘what do you think’ tone in his    all things degrading, I ask about his love of guitar.
                    rap Necro asks me. Having started          mind wander hoping it will wander away from the           voice. “Of course money is nice too you know and fans          “Musically I do stuff for the art and guitar is a wonderful
                    out playing guitar in metal bands          current focus of sexism and homophobia.                   and writing good rap songs and all that but I would say        thing and I love guitar especially from a metal
before his brother Ill Bill convinced him to try his hand at                                                             nice pussy is good. Remember though, nice pussy is             perspective. So it was definitely more than just bitches
hip hop, Necro is a man apart in the world of hip hop,         He last visited Australia in 2007, leaving a trail        rare, most pussy smells so I’m talking about the good          when it came to playing guitar but it always helps to
embracing metal imagery and art as well as the genre’s         of raving fans as well as a hearty amount of              shit you know. Like good weed, hot pussy is hard to            impress a bitch if you can play some good shit,” he
brutal attitude and approach to performance.                   understandably outraged people. “People should            find.”                                                         confides.
                                                               expect no energy at all, nothing,” he tells me of his
“Who doesn’t,” he continues as I remain mute in                upcoming shows in Australia. “When I do my show           “Like, I would like to fuck that girl from Twilght, you know   “Anything that gets the bitch interested in being the
confusion, having never asked such a question. “The            I’m going to be very lazy, I’m coming on stage high.      Kristin Stewart,” he continues, ignoring my interruptions.     whore she was meant to be. A lot of times they don’t
number one thing I would like to do is shit on stage, but      You should expect me to fall over by the second           “I don’t know why, there’s something about her that            want to act like the whores they were meant to be,
I don’t think people want to see that show. If people          song and just fall asleep on stage. This is what I want   makes me want to make a whore out of her. I want to            they want to act like they’re bigger than that. I know
wanted it I wouldn’t have a problem delivering it, but it      everybody to expect. Don’t expect a good show, I’m        fuck her asshole you know, I want to see what she’s about      they’re lawyers, they’re doctors, no no no no, you’re a
doesn’t pay the bills, know what I mean?”                      not coming to Australia for that this time, I’m coming    naked. If she’s not on point I could abuse her you know        dick sucker and I’m going to get you to fucking realise
                                                               to sleep on stage.”                                       like ‘you fucking whore. Go make me some fucking food          you’re a dick sucker, somehow.”
I assure him I do as I try to erase the image of him                                                                     you bitch. You big star, Twilight yeah ok I’ll show you
squatting onstage and uncoiling a weighty length of            Assuming he’s taking the piss, I start to talk to him     Twilight you little fucking cunt.' She doesn’t really have     “Now to get them into that mode that they were
brown rope. Attempting to steer him away from the              about why he started making hip hop music and             the most banging body though, there’s just something           naturally meant to be, it requires a little brainwashing.
faecal focus the interview started with, I ask what’s been     what keeps him in the business today.                     about her you know, I want to cum in her fucking face.”        Like you run into a lawyer she’s like, “oh, I'm a lawyer”
keeping him busy lately.                                                                                                                                                                  you know, she’s not going to suck a dick, she’s a
                                                                                                                                                                                          lawyer! So you play guitar and she’s like ‘oh you’re
“What’s been keeping me from breaking my girls neck                                                                                                                                       so good on guitar,” now she’s realising she’s a dick
after sex? Nothing’s really been keeping me actually,                                                                                                                                     sucker. Then you give her some liquor and she’s
maybe it’s just the little devil in my head telling me                                                                                                                                    getting drunk and she’s a drunk dick sucker.”
'don’t don’t don’t she might suck your dick again'.
There’s always a fucking problem when it comes to me                                                                                                                                     “In the end of the day you gotta do what you gotta
figuring out whether I want to break her neck, but you                                                                                                                                   do to get her down to be what she was meant to be.
know we want to stay civilised on tour.”                                                                                                                                                 They’ll deny it all day saying they’re not this, they’re
                                                                                                                                                                                         not that but in the end of the day every female lawyer
“Is that hard?” I ask. “It’s not hard for me to stay                                                                                                                                     on this planet is sucking some dick somewhere. But
civilised because I’m a pure gentleman; it’s just                                                                                                                                        they get offended if you call them a dick sucker. I
a fact that I have urges. When I see a female’s                                                                                                                                          wouldn’t get offended if someone called me a pussy
head my first instinct is to stick a bottle down                                                                                                                                         licker. Like ‘hey Necro, you’re a pussy licker.” Damn
her mouth just to see how far it can go down her                                                                                                                                         right.”
throat, that’s only natural shit to do you know. I’m a pure
gentleman though, I would never stick the bottle in                                                                                                                                      Feeling like I’m going to be lynched for this (even
her mouth or asshole without asking, it’s just that I’m so                                                                                                                               though I am laughing my arse off by this point) I try
persuasive that after I ask as a gentleman they always                                                                                                                                   and wrap up the interview by asking Necro if there’s
agree. Women let me do whatever I want to them.”                                                                                                                                         anything he wants to say to his Australian fans.
Feeling a bit offended as well as somewhat aroused I’m
eager to keep the interview moving. Our conversation                                                                                                                                     “I want to tell all the dick suckers in Australia to get
moves on to discussing the commercial hip hop                                                                                                                                            ready,” he tells me as I start drafting the disclaimer to
industry and of course mister sunglasses, Kayne West.                                                                                                                                    put on the article. “I’m bringing my dick with me so
                                                                                                                                                                                         all the young female dick suckers, get your mouths
“Kanye, you know Kanye can rap. He’s ok you know, he                                                                                                                                          ready. Not the male dick suckers though, they can
knows how to make a beat and he can do all that but                                                                                                                                                deal with Kanye.”
I don’t appreciate these awful faggots and I think
he’s a homosexual. I think he’s an undercover                                                                                                                                                        Please don’t write to us about this, we
faggot, I think he eats cock and I think any man                                                                                                                                                     know it’s offensive.
that sports pink takes it up their ass and I think
he’s in to that. He dresses like a homosexual,                                                                                                                                                     Catch Necro when he plays Manning Bar,
he acts like a homosexual and he supports                                                                                                                                                          Sydney, Saturday May 30, Hyde Park, Perth,
homosexuals so you know yeah he can rap a little                                                                                                                                                   Thursday June 4 and HQ, Adelaide, Friday
bit but so can a lot of faggots.”                                                                                                                                                                   June 5

                                                           POLO CLUB

Club 77 has long held a reputation as a den of filth,
debauchery and filthy debauchery. On the night I
showed up not much had changed.

Opening act Yes Nukes delivered a passionate set of
high energy post punk. The bass player and guitarist               by jesse hayward
were both furious and skilled in their delivery but the
drummer was the definite focus for me. Watching the
speed with which he churned out fills was amazing,
even more so when you consider the fact he was
singing almost the whole time.

Next act i like cats, having long been a Music Feeds

favourite, were why I was there that night. Not having                                   hat doesn't even look real!” I cry     If I had a choice I'd definitely have a B-grade
seen them since they returned from travelling abroad                                     as an 8-bit pterodactyl batters        superhero for a bodyguard. Something like
over summer I was blown away by the improvement                                          me off a precipice. I am suddenly      Ben Stiller's character from Mystery Men with
in not only the bands playing but the song structures.                                   falling through polygonal space,       some pointless power, like he could open doors
                                                                          sure to meet my death where the map rendering         really fast or something. If I were a superhero
Mexican bassist Jaie Gomez Gonzalez, having lost                          ends, but am saved by a two-dimensional rope          my power would be being able to fly, obviously,
his dirty sanchez moustache, was the most marked                          that somehow lassoes my three-dimensional             also the abbility to sit down and do a remix
improvement having gained a real mastery over his                         form. The Urban Monk has come to the rescue.          with someone and not have to lift a finger, just
effects pedals, building shimmering walls of sound                                                                              controlling ProTools with my mind.”
that set the stage for the ball-flooring tsunami of                       “It may not look real, but if you die in the
postrock the band deliver.                                                matrix, you die in real life.” Urban Monk and         Speaking of remixes, The 13 has a version of
                                                                          I are suspended in a virtual space imagined           The Presets' track 'A New Sky'. “It's a Presets
Guitarist/songers Rollo Anderson and Dylan Baskind                        into being through the minds of Urban Monk            remake more than a remix. Cam is a massive
both showed their steady hands and heaving glands,                        and Camelot the Cameleon, the electrohop              fan of The Presets. He's always loved dance and
both demonstrating how to rock the fuck out while still                   duo known as Polo Club. Tron meets Alex Kidd          electro stuff and I really like The Presets. When
remaining calm. Anderson’s scream in crowd favourite                      meets Dangerous Dave. I feel trapped in late-         the album was being finished there were a few
Monster was well worth a shilling or two, while Cellist                       80s graphics. Listening to Polo Club's debut      tracks on there we weren't really feeling and we
Dominic Mercer could’ve have asked me for all the                              album should give you the same feeling –         wanted to get rid of some old stuff and do some
money I had and I’d have given it to him. Drummer                                that is, if you spent your childhood playing   new stuff. We were going to do an old song but
William Newton Johnston put on quite a show, hitting                               console games.                               then we thought, no, we'll do that track and send
the skins with the ferocity of a mountain lion that woke                                                                        it off and see what we have to do to get it on the
up halfway through being neutered.                                                “I do a lot of 8-bit production. I love       album. Everyone agreed and it ended up being
                                                                                  old school sound, old school games,           easier than I thought.”
I can’t stress how good this band can be when you                                 anything old school. My girlfriend's little
catch them on a good night. Having seen them again                                brother brought me a sega megadrive           Sonic the Hedgehog rolls by in a blur of blue
a few days later at Progfest, the band delivering a set                           the other day cos mine was busted and         spines. In the distance we hear the chime of rings
somewhat less impressive than this one, I must stress                             I've been paying Sonic 2 heaps.”              being collected and stowed in the hope of future
that they’re not perfect. Yet.                                                                                                  lives. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 rolls past. Is it a
                                                                                   You can hear the early video game            reincarnation? A step up the spiritual ladder? Or
Anyway the last band for the night was Eye Of The                                  influences in the album, titled The 13,      just a flashier imitation?
Spider. The band is sort of an indie rock super group                              both in the lyrics – such as the first
with the bewitching and bedazzling Aleesha Dibbs on                                 track, Turn That Console Off – and in       “Producers in the US seem to do a lot of
keys, Lucas from Atrocities on bass and Marc Silvers                                the many vocal filters, which make me       recycling of stuff. They find something that's old
from Perfect Sandwich Records on guitar.                                            think Lawnmower Man and terrible 3D         and go with it for a while, make a bit of money
                                                                                   imaging. Don't let the old school theme      on it, and keep churning it out. They just switch
The lead singer Ariel, one of the only two members                                fool you into thinking this stuff is retro    the artist instead of the sound. When Timberland
in the band without another project, has a voice you’d                            though. On the contrary, this album           was producing Justin Timberlake's Future Sex/
expect to find in a 300 pound black woman rather                                 is some of the most refreshing Aussie          Love Sounds or whatever, the production on that
than in Ariel’s four feet of whiteness. Irrespective of                          hiphop around.                                 was different at the time you know, no-one was
her anachronistic voice, she delivers in a way that,                                                                            doing it, but now he's like everyone thought that
regardless how many people try to kill or rape me                                  The tracks are funny and lyrical and         was crazy so I'll just keep doing it. He's now done
tomorrow, is somewhat reminiscent of Janis.                                       sometimes unaffectedly fanciful; and are a    Nelly Furtado's album and even Chris Cornell's
                                                                                 slight departure from their live shows. The    new album and that sounds like the Nelly album
As a whole though, the band have really come into                              giant gorilla that is Polo Club's live show      with Cornell singing. When we're working on
their own. While particular members, such as guitarist                        throws burning barrel after burning barrel into   tracks we always try to make the next track
Marc, may fall out of time or hit bum notes here and                         the audience, making the crowd jump for their      different from the one before. Not to the point
there, when the band pull it all together they produce                     lives.                                               where we break our own sound mold, Polo Club
a quite biblical sound. I’m happy to say on this night                                                                          definitely have their own sound, but we certainly
they succeeded.                                                           “Cam and I are spontaneous dudes so when we           try to be different within the album.”
                                                                          play live we don't think about it too much aside
Anyway after the gig I finished out the night in true 77                  from gettng our lights right. Other than that we      The 13 is available now in shops and online
style, sharing a needle with a hooker. As I passed out                    just go a bit crazy and who knows whats going         through AmpHead Music/The Orchard.
on Miss Burt’s stubbly shoulder there wasn’t a single                     to happen. At a gig in south Gippsland we got
bad thought in my mind. Great gig.                                        a friend to dress up in a superhero outfit and
                                                                          go nuts on stage, people seemed to enjoy that.
                                         12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       13

St. HelenS
         here’s an old African proverb that goes
         something like ‘The fool speaks, the wise man
         listens.” Talking to Jarrod Quarrell, lead noise
         maker for Melbourne band St. Helens, I get
the feeling I’m definitely the former. It’s not that he’s
                                                             as he sips delicately at his piping hot espresso looking
                                                             incredibly hung over and in great pain. “Maybe they're
                                                             doing it for practise or they're doing it for money, I don’t
                                                                                                                            by mikey carr

                                                                                                                             With the media throwing about all this sexual
                                                                                                                             innuendo I felt it necessary to ask Jarrod what
                                                                                                                             actually inspired the album and after a few minutes
                                                                                                                             of resistance and avoiding the question he opens
                                                                                                                                                                                       he confides. “I've been in locally successful bands
                                                                                                                                                                                       before but nothing like this.”

                                                                                                                                                                                       We start discussing how this project really differs from
                                                                                                                                                                                       his other work and Jarrod quickly expresses a dislike of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Amazed at his uncharacteristically detailed answer, it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  takes me a second to regroup and move on with the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  interview. I ask him what he thinks of Sydney compared to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  his hometown of Melbourne and what the band's plans
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  are for the future, all of which are answered in monotone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   He stands up and leaves before I can say goodbye,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   obviously a little perturbed at my less than hangover-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   friendly style of questioning. But as I watch him cross
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the busy street and jump on a tram I can’t help but
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   empathise with him. Putting myself in his shoes the idea
belligerent, or even unpleasant to talk to, but it does      “There's a lot of bad music writing out there,” he                                                                        the topic, taking long pauses and giving short answers.    with little detail or simply a long pause peppered with          of having to meet some uppity young journo at 11 in the
seem that he prefers to let his music speak for itself.      elaborates angrily, “just like there’s a lot of bad rock and    “It’s celebratory music. The songs are ultimately         Trying again from a different angle I ask how working in   half sentences.                                                  morning after having spent the previous night swimming
                                                             roll. Sometimes bad press annoys me but I take it for           positive, and ultimately carry a positive message. It’s   this band has been different in terms of how they write                                                                     in booze and women, well, I wouldn’t be particularly
It’s a valid sentiment, though not particularly useful       what it is.”                                                    been called dark a lot but it wasn't coming from a        or where they draw their inspiration.                      By this point he seems a little worked up at my persistent       interested in an interview. Hell I wouldn’t have ever left
given I’m sitting across from him with pen in hand,                                                                          dark place. Hopefully people will see us for what we                                                                 questioning and I’m more than a little flustered with his        the party.
eagerly poised to jot down every interesting quote he        Well he must not be too annoyed now then, even if his           are rather than what someone has said we are.”            “Well having two vocalists gives us a whole other world    stubborn determination to avoid my questions. He looks
might throw my way. I guess it’s the curse of every even     demeanour says otherwise, as St. Helens' debut Heavy                                                                      we can explore. Our guitarist plays keyboards and I        at his watch, giving me the international music journalism
moderately successful band that they have to interact        Profession has been getting rave reviews all over town.         Guessing that’s somewhat of a yes to my question,         play keyboards, the drummer's a good guitarist and         signal to wrap it up so I ask him, again, what he thinks it is
with the media at some point or another. Jarrod agrees.      Rave magazine described the album as “sexy in a filthy/         we get back to talking about the media coverage           keyboard player,” he tells me as he runs through the       about St. Helens that has earned so much positive press.         St Helens' debut album Heavy Professionis is out now on
                                                             gorgeous way,” with The Vine adding that “St. Helens            the band has received and how unexpected it was.          text messages on his phone. “There’s a lot of room to                                                                       Remote Control. Join the launch party at Spectrum on
“I realised that a lot of people who write about music       make music that sounds like every bad thing you ever did                                                                  move. I feel like we've got all the elements to do as      “I don’t know,” he yells at me from over the table. “ I just     the 26th of June. St Helens also play the Northcote Social
are writers of other things as well,” Jarrod remarks to me   – and damn it feels so good.”                                   “This is the most coverage I've ever had in a band,”      many different songs as we like.”                          do what I do, a song's a song, I just take it for what it is.”   Club in Melbourne on the 30th of May.
                                                                                           14                                                                                                                                                                                                          15

                                                                                                                                                       by jesse hayward

                                                                                                                       animals sound like peanut butter with
                                                                                                                       sherbet sparkles. Their looped tunes
                                                                                                                       are twinkly and smooth, reminding me
                                                                                                                                                                  “That's entirely intentional, you only see real
                                                                                                                                                                  ballers packin Danimals Yoghurt Drink. The
                                                                                                                                                                  chimp knows whats good.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      zeahorse                                                 by mikey carr

                                                                                                                       of Play School and Radiohead.                                                                       n a time where most bands sound like      I ask him whether he prefers feedback or           the mane Morgan calms the great beast and       With all the touring you’d be right to
                                                                                                                                                                  MusicFeeds entirely agrees with this                     some unholy marriage of The Smiths,       freak-outs when it comes to getting a crowd        we continue at a less genital-crushing pace.    wonder how Zeahorse find any time to write
                                                                                                            It's fun electronica – simple loops of complex        statement. The chimp knows all. We                       Gary Numan and insert-generic-electro-    excited. “It depends on the venue and the                                                          or record. Putting the question to Morgan
                                                                                                            sounds with a vocal miasma that seeps through         domesticated primates have a pretty good                 douche-collective here, Zeahorse are a    crowd,” he tells me as he puts a foot in a         Laughing at how rattled I was, Morgan starts    he seems ambivalent in regard to the bodily
                                                                                                            to the childhood fun strata of the mind. Jonti,       idea of what's what too. It seems the apes          bit of a rare find. With an upcoming show at   stirrup and lifts himself into the saddle.         telling me stories of performances gone         harm and mental stress he faces with the
                                                                                                            the original Danimal, tells us things and we watch    that Jonti displays his work to are all teeth       Fuzzbox, Music Feeds’ favourite new band       “If the crowd’s being boring then a bit of         wrong due to freak-outs ending in injury.       band's upcoming run of shows which will
                                                                                                            and listen. Come with us as we go through the         and hoots after Danimals' strange vibrations.       night, as well as about a thousand others      feedback to send em’ walkin.”                      “I smacked my head on Xam’s head stock          include 18 performances in just over two
                                                                                                            round window for a story.                                                                                 over the next few weeks, we saddled up with                                                       once, but my hair protected my skull,” he       months.
                                                                                                                                                                  “I've only really showed my music to friends,       guitarist and vocalist Morgan Anthony to       As I scramble up onto my horse with all the        laughs, running a hand gratefully through his
                                                                                                            “The initial rough concept behind Danimals            other musicians, girls I liked, or whoever was      talk long hair feedback and freak-outs.        style and grace of a Rugby League star,            luscious blonde locks.                          “Well yeah I guess we're just going to tackle
                                                                                                            came about when I was really into the aesthetics      around. And they’ve all been kind enough to                                                        Morgan is already well ahead of me. Kicking                                                        these shows coming up and keep writing,”
                                                                                                            of beat tapes that hip hop producers like Pete        save harsh criticisms for after I left the room.”   Running a brush across the weighty flank       the sides of my horse to try and catch up,         The story comes as no surprise to me having     he explains confidently. “We’re also going
                                                                                                            Rock or J Dilla would hand out to MCs. Tracks                                                             of his stunning horse, Morgan Anthony is       it’s not long before I’ve lost control and start   seen Morgan on stage a few times and            to Melbourne in July, which should be rad
                                                                                                            were really short, instantly engaging and pretty      Danimals are still in the pubescent stage of        a picture of serenity. His band Zeahorse       screaming for help like a little bitch. Coming     wondering more than once how he manages         and we’ve just started to plan our debut E.P.
                                                                                                            raw. And I wanted to hear that in a kind of pop       the live music life cycle. Though receiving         however are anything but.                      up alongside me and gripping my horse by           to escape unscathed. However, I doubt           We’ll probably hit the studio toward the end
                                                                                                            context with Brian Wilson- and Stereolab-like         good response from crowds Jonti is aware                                                                                                              that even the most square of blows would        of the year.”
                                                                                                            arrangements. I haven’t stayed totally true to that   that the band still has to go through the           Taking cues from 90s grunge and                                                                   do little to rattle this musical cavalier, as
                                                                                                            concept, but I guess that’s what inspired it.”        furious-masturbation, just-noticing-girls           hardcore as well as blues and rock                                                                the band have gone through the live music       In and amongst all the touring, the boys
                                                                                                                                                                  phase.                                              artists such as Black Sabbath and The                                                             equivalent of a Spartan military academy.       have made the time to play Fuzzbox, a new
                                                                                                            Jonti originally performed a few shows with                                                               Rolling Stones not to mention Steve                                                                                                               night held every second Friday at the UTS
                                                                                                            nothing but guts and a sampler, but this              “Danimals band is gonna work on crystallizing       Albini and Shellac, Zeahorse have                                                                                                                 Loft Bar designed to showcase some of the
                                                                                                            apparently didn't go down too well.                   the live set as it's still pretty brand new. I'm    quickly built a reputation on standing                                                                                                            best independent bands our lovely city has
                                                                                                                                                                  thinking of compiling the best tracks I've          out from the crowd of over-produced                                                                                                               to offer. As I ask him what to expect from
                                                                                                            “They were borderline slapstick! As a result,         recorded into an introductory album and then        and polished pop rubbish.                                                                                                                         the night a wide Grinch-like smirk spreads
                                                                                                            I asked a few friends to do some shows as an          maybe writing and recording a new one with                                                                                                                                                            across his angelic face and for a second I’m
                                                                                                            experiment. Instantly we were writing, fusing         the drummers. Also cooking up some stuff            They have a touring schedule that                                                                                                                 worried he’s going to jump me.
                                                                                                            personalities and making something more               with some MCs and singers abroad. Im also           would make even the most stalwart
                                                                                                            abstract and better! The band includes Julian         working on a solo live beat symphony thing.         of Kenyans ask for a Gatorade and a                                                                                                               “I might have my Shin ei Wah pedal by then,
                                                                                                            Sudek from Mercy Arms, Moses Macrae from              It's worth mentioning that most of my energy        live show that Morgan describes as                                                                                                                that’s pretty fuzzy,” he exclaims excitedly.
                                                                                                            Good Buddha, and my Sherlock's Daughter               will probably be going to the other band I'm        sounding like “the feeling of nails                                                                                                               “Uni crowds are always fun, except for when
                                                                                                            bandmate Will Russell, who are all drummers and       in, ‘Sherlocks Daughter,’ for the next couple       on a blackboard followed by a kiwi                                                                                                                they ask you to play Sneaky Sound System.
                                                                                                            fingerpaint in their spare time.”                     of months, so depending how caught up I get         fruit. Oh and then stepping on a slug,                                                                                                            Just don’t expect us to be quiet.”
                                                                                                                                                                  in that, none of these projects might ever get      barefoot.”
                                                                                                            Jonti says it can get confusing with three            finished!”                                                                                                                                                                                            Like anyone was.
                                                                                                            drummers on stage, but says this is only because                                                          This colourful picture of amphibian
                                                                                                            he still forgets everyone's name. He would            Danimals' next scheduled gig is on the 24th of      torture aside, if you’re going to go to                                                                                                           Be sure to catch Zeahorse when they play
                                                                                                            like to point out, however, that the band is not      June at Spectrum. These beats aren't brutal,        a Zeahorse show expect to come out                                                                                                                Fuzzbox at UTS Loft Bar on the 29th of
                                                                                                            sponsored by Danimals Yoghurt Drink for kids,         they're buggy. If you like candy twitch, you'll     of it a little harder of hearing. They                                                                                                            May with Megastick Fanfare and check out
                                                                                                            but is named after the same.                          love Danimals.                                      construct towering spires of feedback                                                                                                      band to have a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      which come crashing down upon the                                                                                                                        look through their mammoth amount
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      audience in a maelstrom of skull-                                                                                                                             of upcoming shows.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      shattering decibels and mind-felching

                                     by rolf "hairychest" adams

          hris Arnott meets me in the                  a dream start to a new release. Being able to
          honeymoon suite at the Hilton Hotel.         start alone and build up to a full 6 piece was
          I have readied the sauna for his             awesome. The band are on the single and
          arrival and placed bouquets of fresh         B-sides so it’s a different colour to my last
roses on ever y available surface, strewing the        release ‘Far Beyond The Exits.’”
bed with the fragrant loose petals. I hear his
knock on the door and my heart jumps. I feel a         O Chris, your voice is like a megaphone,
tingle down my spine. He’s here!                       impersonally blaring the order to love you into
                                                       my bleeding ears. I want him. I need him. I
We sit on the lounge like lovers, legs entwined,       must have him. He senses my urgency and puts
hands holding delicate flutes of champagne. I          on another pair of pants, refusing to meet my
place my hand under his chin and slowly turn           eye as he talks about the idea behind Sunsets.
his face towards mine. Leaning closer, I look
into his eyes and quietly ask “Where’d ya get          “There is a massive hunger for live music,
the name Sunsets from, eh?”                            ever yone wants it. And the more people are
                                                       exposed to it the more they'll want and expect
“At the beginning I was so fuckin stoked to be         it. I wanted to do a night run by musicians
able to put on our own gigs, in a pub that would       for musicians and music lovers. So many
give our punters free beer, that I didn't even         "promoters" just pimp the bands and their
think about the name. One of the Fringe Bar            audience, one of our acts even told us they
dudes threw around Sunsets and it just stuck.          had to pay to play a recent show and that just
I enjoy that it is both cr yptic and original.” Just   pisses me off. I like having a gig where all
like you Chris, my sweet prince of experimental        the acts walk a way with a bit of cash, have a
folkpop.                                               decent rider so they can eat free and get a little
                                                       boozed and play to an enthusiastic crowd. I also
I refill Chris’ glass and wedge a strawberr y onto     wanted to make a night where, as an audience,
the lip. Slowly I lick the coconut off a lamington     it doesn't matter if you know who’s playing you
and drool it into his glass. I smear the rest          know it’s gonna be good quality music. We now
of the lamington on my chest, it leaves a trail        have heaps of regulars that come each week
of chocolate and cake pointing towards my              regardless of the line-up so I'm pretty damn
bulging crotch, but Chris seems not to notice.         happy with that.”
“So, sugarhoney funnydumpling, how did your
album launch go the other week?”                       Sun Sets is held weekly at The Fringe Bar in
                                                       Paddington on Sundays. Entr y is only $8 and
“The launch went great man. I'm so used to             includes a free drink, so get down there and
playing and recording solo. This time I had a          hopefully you'll have a chance at getting in to
motley crew of lads playing with me, so it was         Chris' underpants.
                                                                                                    16                                                                                                                                                                                                                           17
 by mikey carr. photo by tom hines.

                         e haven’t
                         really gotten
                         underway yet,”
                         Grizzly Bear singer
and drummer Christopher Bear tells me. “We
did one show in the UK last week, but pretty much
we don’t get started for about another week.”

Having just recently released their latest album
Veckatimest, the band are currently gearing up for
their next tour. “It does feel a little bit like we’re training
actually,” he tells me in response to my question
about the band’s physical fitness regime. “We’re still            for the
a pretty DIY sort of operation, so we’re trying to write          second leg
arrangements and re-arrange the songs in our own little           of Radiohead’s
way. But we’re very busy bees.”                                   American tour the band
                                                                  pounced on the opportunity like,
With nine releases in 5 years, including three studio             well, like a Grizzly Bear.
albums, as well as touring with TV On The Radio                                                                                  we pretty
and Radiohead, playing shows with Paul Simon and                  “The Radiohead thing was like a dream,” Chris tells me,        much completely
appearing at such festivals as Coachella, Sasquatch,              his voice going up in pitch with excitement. “They’ve          revamped Graceland and
Roskilde and Pitchfork, they’re not just busy bees, these         been a favourite band of mine for a really long time. They     Mother & Child Reunion. I find those
guys are almost German.                                           put on an amazing show every night and we were all just        types of projects really fun. Taking a song,
                                                                  super grateful to be able to play with them and share          especially those songs because I’ve had a relationship
But the band’s Teutonic work ethic aside, Grizzly Bear’s          music with them and also just hang out with them, they’re      with them since childhood, especially Graceland, to take
music is a delicate mix of layering and production applied        all really sweet dudes.                                        them and then to be able to sort of put our own spin on        “It was very
to acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies. If you imagine                                                                           it was really cool, especially because it’s with the man who   interesting, that was
the Beach Boys and Nick Drake on acid (ok more acid),             “Not so much jamming really, I had gotten into a               wrote the song.”                                               like one of the first
and add in a little Death Cab For Cutie on acid (for good         couple of really nerdy discussions with Johnny about                                                                          shoots he did. We
measure) you’ll have some idea of what the band sound             laptop music and what sort of programs we were using,          It’s not hard to understand why the band attract so much       happened to be in
like.                                                             trading ideas and stuff, but there was never a proper          attention from artists as varied as Radiohead and Paul         Paris and one of the
                                                                  jam session,” he explains, a hint of regret immediately        Simon, as every album, especially Veckatimest, has a           guys from the label we
Veckatimest, the bands third album, has been eagerly              apparent in his quavering voice.                               timeless and hypnotic quality that is so rare in popular       were with got a call in the
awaited by fans and critics alike for some time now and                                                                          music. It’s no surprise then to discover that, after playing   middle of the day when
it sees the band embrace a more organic and natural               However Thom and the poms aren’t the only heroes the           with an orchestra, the band have decided that certain          we were out doing the tourist
sound.                                                            band have had the chance to work with, having been             songs will only ever be played live with orchestral            thing, and he was like ‘are you guys
                                                                  specifically invited by Paul Simon to play with him for five   accompaniment.                                                 down to do some acoustic things at so and
“I think we really enjoy natural sounds and I think on this       nights as part of his month long residency at the Brooklyn                                                                    so’s apartment?’ We were like, ‘we don’t know we don’t          With the band having already embraced France as well as
one we were sort of able to capture more natural sounds           Academy Of Music.                                              “What was cool about playing with the orchestra was that       really have it together,’ but somehow his sort of, spirit and   many other countries, it would seem as though the time
and just maybe not layer so many things on top of things                                                                         we were able to do things we weren’t able to do before.        character really pulled some interesting creative ideas out     may indeed have come to venture to our fair shores. “Yes,
and leave it sounding very simple and natural. There are          “It was really interesting taking his music and kind of        We were doing things that were more true to what was           of us you know. He brought a bunch of beer and wine             yes indeed,” Christopher answers excitedly. “I think as of
parts that are definitely very built up and lush but I guess      completely reinterpreting it in what we do,” he tells me,      done on the album as a lot of the time we sort of have to      and a bunch of cute French girls, and yeah, it all worked       right now there’s sort of talk of sometime in the winter, well
we sort of went through both extremes this time, like             sounding like a little kid on the end of the line. “It was     reinterpret what goes on with our live arrangements.”          out!”                                                           winter for us which would be perfect, it gets really bleak in
having a lot of really dense moments and then having              also really interesting to get his take on it and to hear                                                                                                                                     New York around that time.” All the better for us.
very stripped down and natural moments as well.”                  what other people did with his music.                          One such occasion was when the band collaborated with          With that venture also yielding an a‘capella performance
                                                                                                                                 Vincent Moon for one of his famous Take Away Shows,            of Knife as the band walked the street of gay Paris it
Having long been fans of collaborations and working               “I think we actually changed it the most out of everyone,      where the boys were placed in a bathroom and asked to          would seem Moon’s formula of booze + women + band               Grizzly Bear’s third album Veckatimest is out now on
with other artists, when they were offered the support slot       the other covers were fairly true to the original song but     play one of their songs acoustically.                          = great creative ideas, should be embraced worldwide.           Warped through Inertia.

   by jesse hayward

              ASA’s Sam “Squeak E. Clean” Spiegel is      like there is sometimes when you’re working with           that we didn’t want to get them together cos they          Isn’t it ever hard parting ways with collaborators?
              a busy man. Between surfing, working on     new people, there’s just this really clear causeway of     might just not get each other and just bug out.”
              Cee Lo’s and Spank Rock’s albums and        communication between us. Also it doesn’t hurt that                                                                   “It’s sort of like a girlfriend, you have to appreciate the
              working with Drew Barrymore on a film,      we share a very similar taste.”                            Spiegel is also taking a leaf from his brother’s book      time you spent with them. You know it can be weird
he and the team have been flight-testing the new                                                                     by directing and editing a documentary about the           seeing them with someone else like a new boyfriend
Explorer shuttles for the upcoming mission to Mars.       NASA released the album Spirit of Apollo in February       making of the epic album. I wonder how Sam deals           or whatever, but you know the time you had with
Currently in orbit around Phobos, Mars’ largest moon,     of this year, but the album had been in production         with a different art form.                                 the girl was great and you created some amazing
we have a chat that lasts for hours, given the delays     for five years. The album is packed with an eclectic                                                                  moments together. Also there’s always that chance
inherent in interstellar communications. I ask Sam how    megastar list of collaborators such as Tom Waits, John     “It’s been really fun to be able to work in a different    you might get back together.
the flight tests are going.                               Frusciante, George Clinton and Ol’ Dirty Bastard,          medium. It’s basically half documentary half animation.
                                                          which was one of the reasons for the long production       We’ve been working with some of our favourite artists      “I love working with people, it’s definitely something
“The truth is I really want to make some pop music        time. NASA had to wait up to three years for               like Sage Vaughan, Shepard Fairey, Mark Gonzales,          I thrive on. It’s just fun you know, making music with
right now, you know.” Tests must not be going so well     collaborator’s schedules to align favourably.              Marcel Dzama, and The Date Farmers, like all these         people is fun cos it just feels like your hanging out with
then. “I’m not really feeling the mainstream of hip hop                                                              amazing different people, we’ve been getting them to       these people, having fun making music with a friend.
music right now and I think pop music is kind of better   “Everyone’s really eclectic, everyone’s really open        animate music videos and stuff for the film. So the film   People inspire me as well, you know sometimes even
than hip hop pop music. I’m really kind of intrigued by   minded and it was something we really wanted to            is like a bit of a cross genre experiment, in the same     just their personalities inspire me, just by hanging out
the idea of the challenge of doing music that many        explore on the record. We feel we’re very eclectic         vein as the album.”                                        and vibing and making me feel creative. But at the
many people love but also remains really tasteful and     DJs and very eclectic music fans and that’s something                                                                 same time I like to work alone too, you know, I need
really good.”                                             we feel really comes through on the album. It’s also       Spending time with some of the most unique                 the contrast.”
                                                          something that is really kind of pervasive in society      musical artists in the world must have been like a
Spiegel is the brother of director Spike Jonze, who       today - the idea of being open minded and not being        five-year party, with a shitload of hard work thrown       We leave Sam there, sitting in a tin can, far above the
gained critical acclaim for his Kaufman-penned films      locked down to one kind of music or one kind of            in too. How does one come down off such a high?            world. Planet Mars is red and the radio’s gone dead.
Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. Jonze and            aesthetic. Everyone is borrowing from everyone right                                                                   Make sure you check out Spirit of Apollo before
                   Spiegel worked together on an          now. I think music really makes you feel you know. It’s                                                                Sam’s craft comes rocketing back towards Earth like
                   ADIDAS television commercial           the most emotive art form and I think that is one of the                                                               the end of the dinosaur age all over again.
                   entitled Hello Tomorrow, with Sam      biggest things that make people love it, that it makes
                   lending the score.                     you feel.”

                  On Jonze: “We goof around a             Tom Waits appears on the album with rapper Kool
                  lot, we have fun. Both of us, you       Keith, a strange collaboration indeed. “As much as
                  know, we’re pretty fun loving           possible we tried to get people in the same room
                  people. I think we understand each      together you know so they can feed off each other
                  other really well though, there’s       and have chemistry. But we thought these two people
                  no, like, communication barrier         are so amazing, so unique, and so in their own world

Now, I was more than a bit wary when I entered the
Oxford Art Factory on Thursday the 21st of May.
With a line up consisting of everything from funk
to psychedelic rock, stoner rock to shoegaze, I was
anticipating quite a unique experience. Suffice to say
I got one.

I didn’t catch many band names, a lot of them not
being worth a mention, but playing early Eye Of The
Spider really made an impression. Their loosey goosey
brand of psy rock was a welcome change to all the
upbeat pop rock and electro that had been blaring
from both the stage and DJ booth earlier.

The singer, a pentagram hanging from her mic stand,
had a voice that could command sea creatures if
amplified underwater in the opinion of this humble
reviewer. The guitarist looked like had had been
smoking cones since he woke up, and judging by the
aroma wafting off the stage I’m not far wrong.

The real highlight of the band though is keyboardist
Aleesha Dibbs. Having seen her play in solo mode
before many times it was really refreshing to see her
playing more of a support role in the band. Support or
not, for me she stole the show. Finger pounding down
on the ivory like a pimp slap on a ho, she delivered an
amazing set as did the rest of the band.

The next few bands don’t even warrant a mention,
apart from The Jungle Fever Sessions who must be
smoking something whack as Australians shouldn’t
be that funky.

Yo Ho Diablo took to the stage with an awkward
introduction from the emcee, letting loose an old
school set of stoner rock and filthy grunge. With the
bass player and drummer both sporting dreads and
the singer guitarist having hair halfway down his arse
I reckon this band should hit up a shampoo company
for a sponsorship. No seriously, if they told me, ‘for
strong roots and lasting shine use blah blah,’I’d buy it.
If you rock that hard you have no reason to lie.

The final act for the night Kirin J. Callinan was by
far the highlight for me. With the crowd thinning
out slightly due to the Holy Soul’s set starting in the
sidebar next door, the main room of the Oxford Art
Factory did seem a little empty to begin with, but the
second Kirin started up there was no room at all, the
sheer amount of sound coming off stage filling the
room to capacity.

Joined on stage by two drummers, one of whom was
his old Mercy Arms counter part Julian Sudek, Kirin
had also brought in the aid of Paddy Harrowsmith and
Tom Crandles from the recently returned Ghostwood.
I only know the second drummer as Alex, but by god
he was a beast.

Anyway while being a little loose in part (a fact that can
be easily forgiven considering the guys only had a few
days to prepare as I found out later), the set was one
of the most interesting and powerful performances I
have seen recently.

Finishing up in his underwear with Manukah honey
spilled all over his chin, Kirin look drained, destitute
and fucking tired. I get the feeling he wasn’t happy
with his set, but Kirin, if you’re reading this, you
fucking rocked.
                                                                                                  22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                23


                                                                                                        by James cotterell
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    SUI ZHEN
          fter their barnstorming 2006 debut,           “People just aren’t proud of where there from anymore          Grey Britain offers evolutionary leaps and bounds from       A point of amusement has often been the band’s three                                                                                                                   by jesse hayward
          Orchestra of Wolves, Gallows are              – back in the old days people would just work as hard          their previous album Orchestra of Wolves. The band           album, 1 million pounds Warner Brothers deal. . “I don’t

          predicting the end of the world as we         as they could to be the best they could be. But now            entered the studio with the careening momentum,              think they really understood Gallows at the time, I really             ecky Freeman has a lovely voice. In her         trying to get the instrumentation right for the album       “There’s no end to it. I want to create a body of work.     nice. I’m very aware of the sound of my voice and the
          know it on the utterly brilliant Grey         the generation gap is getting smaller – people would           creating an a bold statement of an album, reeking            don’t. They claimed they got us – as with all labels,                  music, under the name Sui Zhen, she plucks      songs and trying different arrangements. It’s pretty        Someone told me I'd be making music for the rest of         type of music that I write so I try to balance it out with
Britain. Axeman Steph carter gave the skinny to         rather just sit at home and get on the dole - receiving        with attitude, energy, and perhaps even an ideological       they wanted to be the first label that gets that new                   her vocal cords to produce beautiful sounds     close but I probably won't be able to record for a little   my life and I just thought about it and thought, yes,       some dark features so it doesn't sound too sweet. I
James Cotterell.                                        money from the government instead of working and               movement – either fuck or get fucked.                        thing that’s exciting. Warner expected us to be the next               which she shapes with her mouth to form         while yet.”                                                 I am. Once you’ve had that thought it relaxes you a         think darkness is real, not everything is happy all the
                                                        being proud of where they’re from and being they best                                                                       Green Day or something, and when all five of us were         words of love and longing. In her basement surgery,                                                                   bit. It makes you feel comfortable, like, I can make this   time. You can't really ignore it so I try to express it in
Gallows are a band whose reputation precedes            they could be... These people go and get their forty four      Garth Richardson's production (Rage Against the              like ‘they’ve given us a million pounds’, we knew they       where I am strapped to a table, she plucks stray hairs    Becky removes my leg and sticks it into a large papier-     now and make something different later. I can always        my music.”
them. Known for his hostility towards the press, it     pounds a week, go and buy drugs with that forty four           Machine, Biffy Clyro, Rise Against) provides the album       could never get that back. I don’t think Warner Brothers     from my leg and prepares to start cutting with the        mâché dinosaur’s mouth. The dinosaur has a smile on         create new things.” Becky detaches my foot and puts
was inevitable that front man Frank Carter would        pounds, then sell those drugs for a hundred pounds.            with maximum impact – sonically as well as the attitude      as a label know what we’re about.” The equivalent            scalpel. Though I am quite attached to my leg, the        it’s face and a bloody human leg in its smile.              it in front of a brontosaurus, which seems to stare in      I certainly can’t ignore Becky’s dark side. My lower
be unavailable, having been relieved of his much        It’s just pointless – kids just get money to become drug       and fiery energy it creates – and is reminiscent of          of this would be strolling into your local scummy off        sound of Becky’s voice is soothing and I am strangely                                                                 bemusement. Brontosauri are vegetarian after all.           limbs are now integral to spatter art pieces placed
hated press dues already. Instead his brother,          dealers. I don’t know why people would want to live that       Guns 'n' Roses’ debut Appetite for Destruction – this is     license looking for a packet of gum, but leaving with a      complacent.                                               “The recording process has so many possibilities so                                                                     around the room. I particularly like the tendons
guitarist Steph Carter, stepped in and proved just as   way”.                                                          just one of those records that could change the face of      packet of cigarettes – the band’s toxicity is that high.                                                               you have to be really decisive. You have to trust your      “I really like the brontosaurus. For one thing it's         hanging from the Diplodicus mouth like bloody
passionate and wired during our conversation – his                                                                     music, whether the punters like it or not. Steph concurs                                                                  The shelves are lined with large cutting implements       instincts especially if you're on your own time, you        a recognisable icon – I made felt dinosaur merch            seaweed. Though I lie a bloody mess, I can’t help but
wit, street smarts and braggadocio all too apparent.    Before ultra-nationalist accusations are flung the band’s      Richardson was an important part of that, yet his            The band’s passion for their music, and more                 and plush dinosaur toys. Mark Ryden dolls stare           have to give yourself limits and deadlines. I really        key rings and stuff and started selling them. But           admire Becky’s art, she is such a sweet lady.
                                                        way, Steph is quick to highlight it is people’s lack of        meddling seemed minimal. “When he first came into            importantly their live show, has meant pushing               eerily, cute and disturbing in equal measure. Sui Zhen    enjoy performing live because you can communicate           I also just like prehistoric creatures. I like thinking
A band like Gallows are something too big to            motivation and utter apathy to the world around them           our rehearsal space, he sat us down, and said ‘Let’s talk    themselves to the point of mental and physical burnout.      plays softly, the blood flows and I feel warm and safe,   the songs personally, whereas if you record something       about dinosaurs because it makes me feel humble.            “If I'm watching a person play and I know them, then
swallow for most, let alone stomach. Confrontation,     that has lead them here. “Some serious change is               about changes to the music’ and we thought ‘fuck this’.      One story is particularly stark. Steph’s repeated phrase,    though that may be the general anaesthetic. I ask         and listen to it later, you're like 'hmm, I kinda see it    There was a different type of world before this one         I like the music better because I know where they're
darkness, grimace and menace are all the things         needed, because we are so close to hitting rock bottom,        Then all he said was ‘in this one song let’s just add the    “I put my body through fucking hell every night” might       Becky what she’s been up to and Becky responds with       differently now'.” Becky regards my bleeding form           and there'll be a different one after. I like bringing      coming from. When I get to know people, if I don't
Gallows thrive on, and ultimately live as a band        we’ll need to hit rock bottom to start again. That’s the       chorus once more - the rest is fine’. We just all thought,   seem like a recurring theme, but get a hold of this:         both tongue and scalpel.                                  for a moment then decisively readies a bone saw. I          otherworldly creatures into the music.”                     like the person then it's hard to separate them from
each day. Grey Britain forewarns a dark forecast        only way out of this. On the record we try to point it out,    fuck, one of the world’s best super producers just told      “The other day we played in Leeds, and twenty minutes                                                                  ask her if she expresses herself in other ways, beyond                                                                  the music.”
of the band’s home, England, as well as the world       but as a band we personally have not got the answer – we       us our music is ‘fine’ and we don’t need to change a         before we were to go on I was in our dressing room           “I've started working full time again and that’s          music and impromptu surgery sculpture.                      Sui Zhen blends naïf lyrics and a little-girl-lost voice
at large. From opening track ‘The Riverbank’, the       as people make more fuckups than anybody we know.”             thing! We all just thought ‘We’re fucking golden!’”          having an ECG scan with four paramedics because they         because I just had 6 months off work last year. I was                                                                 into a sweetly dark milieu. Alice is down the rabbit
epic darkness that is the reality of the modern                                                                                                                                     thought my heart had caved in. I’ve nearly killed myself     living off music which was awesome, but now I’ve          “Music is my first point of expression so I always come     hole, falling in love with the rabbit and possibly
world is thrust upon the listener. Sinister tidings     Far from philosophers, the band’s middle class attitudes       Grey Britain has changed the game – aggressive street        every song we’ve ever played on stage, in fact I hope I      started saving money to produce an album and to go        back to that. If I’m not doing music then I feel a bit      planning to murder him later. I think the blood loss
and strings enforce this before the band launches       and upbringing have had a large influence on their point       punk bands can use strings, pianos, and even acoustic        do kill myself one show!” Bands might say their hearts       overseas so I had to start working again.” Becky starts   useless. I can do other things of course but when I do      is getting to me. Why, Becky? Why are you and your
into its signature form of assault and battery. As      of view. Even the band’s new press photos - showing            guitars (the highlight being ‘The Vulture’), without         are in it, but it’s hard to deny a man who is actually       work on my leg, making a neat incision just above         music I feel I’m doing something right. The creative        music so sweet yet so dark?
to the generational struggle (or lack of) the band      them as nifty ‘mods’ - doesn’t hide the fact that they could   turning into gutless whiners. It is the amalgamated          willing to lose his for the sake of the music.               the knee. “Taking time off really made me more            process inspires me to do even more creative stuff.”                                                                    Becky is finished with extremities and looks at my face.
proclaims, Steph says the situation is clear, but       (and would) kick the shit out of you at any point if you       sound of each great hard rock record of the last twenty                                                                   productive. I’ve almost finished writing the album        The saw cuts through my flesh like snow and goes to         “That’s just how things come out. In my head it might       “Your nose is cute,” she says. I black out and the rest is
answers are not.                                        bumped into them in the street with a scowl.                   years – not a flash in the pan, but a kick in the balls.     Grey Britain is out now on Warner Brothers.                  and recently I’ve been doing heaps of demoing - just      work on the tibia.                                          be a bit dark but because of the way I am it sounds         lost in a dark warm mystery.
                                                              24                                                                                                                                                                                       25

                 TWO FINGERS

               lright boys, wake          “That’s our new single, it came out        We can work independently.”               chance on. It’s not just about finding    “Oh yeah? Dat’s a good stor y. I won’t    people and they’d say its really dark,   completely disconnected. It’s great to   “Well I spent last weekend icing
               him up. Slap him           May 4th. We’re quite excited about                                                   odd little bits of hip hop, but also      tell ya why we call dat guy Scrotum,      really weird, difficult to get their     work with him, its like an extension     cakes for a children’s party at the
               around a little. Let’s     it,” Doubleclick babbles. I think he’s     “That’s good. That’s ver y good. Now,     Middle Eastern music, African music,      cos it aint a good stor y. It’s a bad     heads around. Then Amon’s fans           of the friendship. All the MCs that we   community centre. That’s not ver y
               have a little chat with    scared. That’s good. We like ‘em           tell me how you get your sound. The       whatever it is. I often buy something     stor y. You wouldn’t like it. Tell us     are quite upset you know, they’d be      worked with have been fantastic as       hip hop is it? I do sculpting as well. I
Doubleclick here. The boss says           scared.                                    Boss thinks Brighton has somethin’        because its got a musician on it who      another stor y Doubleclick. Tell us       saying ‘what’s this poppy fluff you’ve   well. Sway is extremely professional     got into it by accident. My American
he’s been hiding out wit Tobin,                                                      ta do wit it.”                            is on another record that I have.”        what kinda music this album is.           been making’. It’s either too dark or    and friendly; he made the whole thing    girlfriend wanted the whole American
workin on somethin. We’re gonna           “Relax Doubleclick, we just want to                                                                                            What is it, hip hop? Dancehall? We’re     too light.”                              ver y easy. Miss Jade was great as       Halloween experience and wanted me
find out what it is.”                     have a little talk. Tell us about Tobin.   “Brighton certainly. It’s not just the    “Thank you Doubleclick, you’re being      confused over here.”                                                               well. She’s really down to earth and     to car ve a pumpkin. I thought ‘if I’m
                                          You met him in Brighton, right? Do         scene but the record shops as well.       ver y informative. Keep goin like this                                              “Ok Doubleclick. Enough about the        it was great to meet her. We had a       going to car ve a pumpkin I’m really
My boys slap Joe ‘Doubleclick’            you live there now?”                       Brighton has many second-hand             and Lefty won’t have ta use the pliers.   “It’s a tricky thing. In our heads it’s   album. The Boss will tell ya what he     lot of fun in the studio and ended up    going to car ve a pumpkin’ and I went
Chapman a few times, then pour a                                                     record shops. Despite what they say       Now, tell us where ya gotcha name.”       distinctly a hip hop record because       thinks of dat when the time comes.       doing more tracks together than we       to town with it. I want to get into
bucket of water over his head. He         “Yes, I’ve been there for a couple         about the record industr y – that no-                                               we know the approach we use, but          Now we wanna hear about Tobin and        originally decided to. It’s been great   doing proper permanent sculptures in
finally comes to, sputtering water. He    of years but spent a couple of years       ones buying music etc – virtually all     “It started because I worked with a       people who consider themselves            you. What’s your connection to Tobin,    working with all of these people.”       wood.”
looks around blearily then realises       before that living in Montreal, which      the record shops are still alive there.   friend at first and the two of us were    strictly hip hop heads are going to       huh?”
he’s tied to a chair in a dark room wit   allowed me to work with Amon side          It means you can walk in and spend        tr ying to think of a name. We wanted     have serious questions, because                                                    “Well if you’re recommendin ‘em,
no windows. I show him a CD case. It      by side.” I don’t say anything. “He’s      all day listening to LPs, then walk out   to make music on computers which          it doesn’t sound like the hip hop         “The friendship between me an            we’ll have ta check ‘em out. Maybe       “Well when you do, make sure the
is That Girl, by Two Fingers.             in California now. I’m hoping to get       with a bunch of music from around         was unusual at the time, to do the        that people are used to. It doesn’t       Amon is extremely important. When        Lefty will get to use his pliers after   Boss sees a little of the cash flow,
                                          there later in the year. In the mean       the world. Some things you buy cos        whole thing with software, so we          really fit into any other genre either,   you’re collaborating it really helps     all. That can’t be all you do though     know what I’m sayin? Ok boys, let
“Alright Doubleclick, what the hell is    time we’re just doing things separately    you know they’re exactly what you         decided to call ourselves Doubleclick.    something I’m actually quite pleased      to either know the person really well    Doubleclick, what else have ya been      him loose. Ya done good Doubleclick,
this?”                                    and playing the results to each other.     want and other things you take a          It just sort of stuck.”                   about. We played our stuff to hip hop     or not know them at all so you’re        up to?”                                  real good.”

fink                      by thomas mitchell. Photo by Will cooPer mitchell.

                    hen we catch up with Fin               “It’s physically impossible to do a record
                    from Fink he has just finished        quicker then 18 months, but we’re going to
                    touring with Gomez. Strangely         tr y and do it ever y 18 months.”
                    enough I’ve just finished eating
      Guzman and Gomez, so in some way we’re              As if this wasn’t enough Fin still produces
      both in the same place.                             music for bands, and his own side project,
                                                          Sideshow, a dub step reggae act.
        Fin is ready to chill, something he became
         ver y familiar with during his youth,            Talking about the dub step scene it’s obvious
          listening to The Orb.                           Fin is passionate about the music; he’s
                                                          excitable and bubbly.
           “I had a totally dif ferent journey to
            most of my mates, they were intro             “A lot of good stuf f is coming out of Bristol,
             gr unge and Nir vana, but I was buying       and Sideshow is into that. The heavy revved
             dif ferent stuf f, trip hop, electronic.     up bass stuf f, I’m not really up for, but the
              I have always been up for new,              deep side, the Bristol side of it, bands like
              interesting music. But the Orb has          Scuba. The deep musical side, the reggae as
               always been the bullocks for me,           opposed to hard-core acid stuf f, that’s more
               they’re the best.”                         what I am into.”

               And when did he enjoy their music          Fin’s skillz as a producer have landed him
               the most?                                  gigs with Amy Winehouse, Zero7 and Mar tin
                                                          Taylor, but it is clear that he has fallen in
              “When I was a student, ever yone            love with the music lifestyle, talking about
              listened to Orb. Just smoke weed            guitars, amps and equipment with unbridled
              and do nothing, chill out.”                 passion.

               Fin speaks with the kind of English        In between our formal inter view Q&A type
              accent that instantly makes him cool,       thing, Fin tells me of crazy discos he saw in
              like ever y character created by Guy        Berlin, some intense shit. Fink would be way
             Ritchie. It is this inherent cool that       out of place there he says, so where is there
             allowed Fin to make the transition           place on the musical landscape I ask?
            from trip hop producer/DJ to singer
           songwriter, seamlessly. Although he            “To me it kind of suits late night driving,
           admits it wasn’t that easy.                    or Sunday afternoon with the papers. Or if
                                                          you are in a pretty emotional place, I tend to
          “It was tough transition, I didn’t want         connect with those people. If you’re feeling
         to do it at the star t. Being a producer is      intense, then just chill and listen.”
        good, your faceless, nameless and you
       make money but being a musician is good            I get the feeling by ‘papers’ he means the
      for you soul.”                                      ones you can roll, not the Guardian. Which
                                                          is ok by us.
      At Music Feeds we’re all about the soul,
      so Fin’s preaching to the conver ted. But           Before Fin leaves us, (of f the phone, he isn’t
      won’t he miss those days/nights of pills for        terminally ill) we need to know where he
      breakfast and beats for dinner? Fin was ver y       stands on the big issues. Analog or digital
      much immersed in the club scene, so the             when it comes to recording?
      shift is major.
                                                          “I’m still an analog man. Doing it digital is
      “I think what really made me want to change         quick and easy, and can do amazing stuf f,
      was that clubland had changed, I don’t really       but with analog you can’t make mistakes, it
      want to go clubbing anymore. Also I really          forces you to play better. In the album, Sor t
      wanted to play live, so in order to play live       of Revolution you can hear the mistakes,
      I needed to do something. That kind of              because we did it in one take. That captures
      forced me into it really, become more a live        the energy, when you get overly digital you
      per former, more of a musician.”                    lose that.”

      Speed has always been a par t of Fin’s life, in     Speaking of losing things, Fin may just
      one form or another, so it’s no surprise his        well lose his mind this year with his hectic
      current record, Sor t of Revolution, has been       schedule. We’ll leave it up to the man himself
      finished at astonishing pace. And it seems to       to break it down for you, because simply it’s
      be the tip of the iceberg.                          exhausting to even read.

      “We finished touring in October last year, in       “Well, May 26th album comes out. Then big
      November we got into studio star ted mucking        European tour. Album out in USA in June,
      around, getting high. We wrote the record in        then tour US, then back to UK. Release
      November, recorded in December. In Januar y         second single, then doing some random
      ever yone left me alone and I produced it, and      Swiss stuf f, maybe Canada, Japan. Then
      in March it was done, and we were of f, came        another British tour, then chill the fuck out
      out in May.”                                        in November.”

      I need to take a breath after that, but Fin is      Sounds good to us.
      still ready to go, telling me he plans to release
      material ever y eighteen months, giving
      himself a year and a half to get shit done.

                                              MC                                                             by dan clarke
                                                                                                                            L ARS
     stand hunched over an old arcade machine. The        were two reasons I suggested we meet here. The first          I'm convinced. He can even make preparing for           "We have a full live band and a multi-media
     lights and sounds from rows of these archaic         I bring up by motioning to the haphazardly placed             a fictitious war with the undead sound like an          projection show. The Brisbane band A Year to
     video games fill the dimly lit room with their       gamers, pointing out that there are no women to               explosive house party. We start to wander through       Remember will serve as our backing band and will
     garish, almost desperate cries for attention.        be seen. His music might appeal to these guys, but            the aisles of machines, talk turning to the fading      also open for us. It's pretty exciting because the
                                                          I wonder whether being associated with nerdcore               relevance of places like this one. I bring up my        last two times I just had my laptop, and this time
I barely notice MC Lars approach as Ryu lets fly with     makes it hard with the ladies.                                second clever journalistic analogy, and explain         we've got the full-on rock show!"
a barrage of hadoukens. My Blanka stops, mid roll-                                                                      that I saw this place as a bit of a reflection on the
attack, and falls to the ground. Before he completes      "Extremely, which is why I always make the case that          decline of the major record labels in the past few      Lars' excitement seems to have upset the punters.
his slow motion death I let loose with a string of        I'm not 'nerdcore.' I write music that is sometimes           years.                                                  I realise again where we are as they turn as one
obscenities, pushing away from the machine and            about 'nerdy topics', but at the core I'm not a nerd.                                                                 from their machines and stare at us with the
almost knocking Lars over in the process.                 That's why I still do well with the ladies."                  Lars 2006 single, Download This Song, was an            dogged determination of men who have invested
                                                                                                                        indictment on the crimilisation of online music         far too much time in the welfare of pixellated
Recomposing myself, I try to make excuses for my          I've tried that tack myself. I'm not a nerd, I just like      downloads and the eminent decline of major label        cartoon characters. I turn to Lars with a bemused
defeat. The machine's rigged, it's a newer hacked         nerdy things. Looking at MC Lars, though, it seems            superiority. He says "The Future of Music' was an       look. He shrugs. Taking our cue, we decide to
version where everything is sped up. Lars looks           like he can pull it off. With his Wu Tang Clan hoodie         awesome book by Dave Kusek that inspired me to          leave. Before we part ways, I ask Lars whether he
unconvinced. We wander over to another machine.           and strategically lowered jeans, he looks more like           write Download This Song. It's funny how much           has any time on tour to write new material.
Ten foot high monsters climb up and down buildings,       a cool frat boy than the posterchild for a small niche        has come true in the past few years since that song
smashing at their foundations and eating little           of chip-tune obsessed geeks. He looks so genuinely            dropped. I rapped about how 'music was a product,       "I always try to write and record while on tour. I'm
pixellated people. It all begins to remind me of the      popular that I decide to quiz him on something                now it is a service.' This has increasingly come        working on the next CD, as well as a record with
cover of the new MC Lars album, This Gigantic Robot       particularly uncool. What would MC Lars do if the             true as the bands who have put on great live shows      K.Flay, a record with Jesse Dangerously, and a
Kills. Turning my attention to the Laptop rapper, I ask   Zombie Apocalypse came tomorrow?                              are the ones who have 'stayed in the game'. The         children's record. I'm also working on a graphic
what he might do with a similarly large cybernetic                                                                      labels who have a brand recognition for putting out     novel and some other non-music related projects.
bully.                                                    "I would stock up on shotguns and shotgun shells, and         good music are the ones who have kept their loyal       Best believe I stay busy, son!!"
                                                          hide in a place with great food supplies and doors that       fans. Independent labels with tight rosters are still
"Take it down to Orange County and destroy all of         make it impossible to get out." He answers without            going strong."
the reality TV garbage that has been dominating the       hesitation, as if he's tossed the idea around before. "I
airwaves. I'd make ska cool again."                       would make sure I had my studio, and create beats             Lars has his own record label, Horris Records,
                                                          so incredibly pounding that they would explode the            so he's ticked at least one of those boxes. I           He goes to shake my hand, but fearing a
A two-hit combo. Nice. We turn to look around at the      zombies heads as they tried to enter. It wouldn't be          have to ask whether he thinks his live shows            complicated exchange I know I'll mess up, I go for
almost abandoned arcade. A few older men stand in         pretty, but it would get the job done. If this didn't work,   qualify as great. What can we expect, I enquire,        the high five instead. He laughs, and starts jogging
front of machines frantically smashing buttons, their     eventually global warming would melt their heads, so          from his latest Australian tour which is already        away down the street. I head back inside to teach
faces bathed in that sick fluourescent glow. There        we'd be chilling (not literally)."                            in full swing?                                          that petulant Ryu a lesson.
     14/05/09 - The Darlo Bar

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