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					Explore, enjoy and protect the planet
                                                                                                                Vol. 50, No. 3, March 2005

MEETING PROGRAM .............................................       1
                                                                         THE GRIZZLY BEAR FACTS
MEETING DETAILS AND LOCATION.........................               2    Meeting program
  Mercury rules rigged .......................................      2    Monday, March 15, 2005, 7:30 PM
  Judge upholds wolf protection ........................            2
MEETING MINUTES ...............................................     3    Explore the world of the grizzly bear
                                                                           Join us for an informative and educational slideshow with
  Mountain Thoughts: The Sierra in the roar
                                                                         pictures and interesting facts about wild grizzly bears in
    of storms.......................................................3                                     Yellowstone.
                                                                                                             Made available to us by
  Most humorous meal: Backcountry
                                                                                                          the Sierra Club Grizzly Bear
    tortillas by Herb Steierman ..........................          3                                     Ecosystems Project, Dave
LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACKING CLASS .....................                 4                                     Barry, our programs
                                                                                                          volunteer, will be the
  Snafu results in insufficient enrollment...........               4                                        The 30-45 minute show
                                                                                                          encompasses everything
  Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Part 2
                                                                                                          from general bear biology to
    by Nancy Barlow ..........................................      5                                     discussing the issues that
                                                                                                          currently threaten this
  Volunteer wilderness rangers .........................            6                                     American symbol of
                                                                                                          wilderness and its habitat.
  General information.........................................      7                                        Children are welcome.
  Trip ratings.......................................................
  Schedule..........................................................7          PHOTO COURTESY OF USFWS           About the Sierra Club
LIVING IT UP! SUBMISSIONS ..................................        10                                        Grizzly Bear Ecosystems
MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION/CHANGE FORM .......                         10   Project: “[We are] working to protect and restore wild grizzly
                                                                         populations and their habitat in the lower 48 United States and
                                                                         Canada. We are committed to ensuring that grizzly populations
                                                                         are healthy and large enough to be viable in the long-term, and
                                                                         that strong habitat protections are in place prior to removing the
                                                                         grizzly from the Endangered Species Act list.” 

Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section (BPS)
c/o Katherine Greene                                                                                                            postage
PO Box 2655                                                                                                                     required
Menlo Park, CA 94026
                                                                   Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

Backpack Section (BPS)                                       Meeting Details and Location                        Members and nonmembers are invited to attend Section
   Founded January 13, 1956, the BPS is an official          meetings. Meetings are held at Acterra in the Peninsula
activities section of the Sierra Club's Loma Prieta          Conservation Center on the second Monday of every month
Chapter, serving San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San             except July and August. The evening’s program is followed by
Benito counties in California. The Section sponsors          a refreshment break, then Section business, conservation
backpacking trips to wilderness and scenic areas,            issues, trip reports, and discussions of upcoming trips.
ranging from easy beginner weekend outings to
more rigorous expeditions of up to two weeks, no
matter what the season. Most trips are within                Acterra Building
California and Nevada, mainly in local, state, or            Kestrel Room
national parks, national forests, wilderness areas, and      3921 E Bayshore Rd
national monuments. All trip leaders are volunteers,         Palo Alto, CA 94303
and fees for trips are limited to actual costs incurred
for expenses, such as group meals and permits.               Directions

Officers and Appointees                                      From Highway 101,
                                                             exit San Antonio Rd
Chair                                                        (north). At the first
Dan Cobb, 650-631-9303                                       traffic light, turn left                                       onto E. Bayshore Rd,
Vice-Chair/Equipment Manager                                 and continue 0.2 miles.
Matt Hahne, (408) 749-9968                                   Acterra is located at the
                                                             corner of E. Bayshore
Secretary/Living It Up! Editor                               Rd and Corporation
Jean Higham-Sergeant, (408) 937-8116                         Way.
Elizabeth Barry (408) 238-1336                                        INSIDER NEWS
Outings Chair                                             from the Sierra Club Insider (
Steve Stearns,
                                                          Mercury rules rigged
Marjorie Ottenberg (408) 867-4576                            Wondering whether you have any capacity left for outrage? Try                                         this on for size: According to a February 3 report by the EPA's
Membership                                                Inspector General Nikki Tinsley, EPA political appointees set
Katherine Greene,                      “modest” new mercury pollution limits that just so happened to
                                                          coincide with those in President Bush's “Clear Skies” proposal.
Programs                                                  They then told EPA scientists to work backwards to justify those
Dave Barry, (408) 238-1336                                limits.                                    She also found that the EPA did not adequately evaluate the
Webmaster                                                 environmental health effects of the proposed rule on children.
Steve Sergeant (408) 937-8116                                “Rather than basing its decision on good science, the                                      administration stacked the deck to give its industry friends what
                                                          they wanted,” says Nat Mund, a Sierra Club clean-air expert.
Loma Prieta Chapter                                          One in six American women has mercury levels in her blood
3921 E. Bayshore Rd, Ste 204                              high enough to put her baby at risk from mercury poisoning. To
Palo Alto, CA 94303                                       find out how mercury makes it from the smokestack to your
(650) 390-8411                                            dinner plate, go to h t t p : / / w w w . s i e r r a c l u b . o r g /
Sierra Club
                                                          Judge upholds wolf protection
85 Second St., Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105-3441, USA                           Not everyone is ignoring science. District Judge Robert E.
Telephone: (415) 977-5500                                 Jones in Portland ruled on January 31, 2005 that the actions of
FAX: (415) 977-5799                                       Interior Secretary Gale Norton to downlist the gray wolf and

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Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                              Page 2
                                                                       Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Wolf protection, continued]                 eastern gray wolf was one of the               org/pressroom/releases/
prematurely end the federal wolf             original animals on the Endangered             pr2005-02-01.asp. 
recovery program in the eastern              Species List. For more information, go
United States were unlawful. The             to http://www.sierraclub.

MEETING MINUTES FOR FEBRUARY submitted by Jean Higham-Sergeant, Secretary
   Dan Cobb, Section Chair,               Dave Barry reported on his findings            were submitted for publication in our
presided over the Backpack Section        regarding digital slide projectors.            newsletters and on our Web site. 
meeting on February 17, 2005.             Some suggestions were made for
There were 11 people in                   additional investigation. Dave
attendance.                               indicated he would determine which
Business                                  Sierra Club sections meet at the
   Steve Stearns reported that the        Peninsula Conservation Center, and                JOHN
Trip Leadership Workshop,                 contact them to see if they are                   MUIR
                                          interested in sharing the expense and
scheduled for March 4-6, will need
                                          use of a new projector. Steve                     QUOTE
to be postponed due to insufficient
interest. Because the Loma Prietan        Sergeant indicated that he would
failed to run the announcement,           bring up the issue at the next Ski
                                          Touring Section meeting. Dan Cobb                 Mountain Thoughts
news of the workshop never
reached outside the Section. We           will follow-up with Melissa Hippert,              The Sierra in the roar of storms
agreed to tentatively reschedule it       Chapter Director, regarding possible                 “Only in the roar of storms do these
for June 25-26. It was suggested          matching funds from the Chapter.                  mighty solitudes find voice at all
that if necessary, we might leave            Dan Cobb attended the Loma                     commensurate with their grandeur…
fliers about the workshop at REI, or      Prieta Chapter’s Strategic Planning               The pines at the approach of storms
post an announcement on the               Meeting on January 29-30, 2005. He                show eager expectancy, bowing, Web site.                    provided us with a draft outline of the           swishing, tossing their branches with
   Steve Sergeant reported that           strategic plan initiatives and                    eager gestures, roaring like lions
there has been strong interest in the     objectives compiled by the Strategic              about to be fed, standing bent and
Lightweight Backpacking Class.            Planning Ad-Hoc Task Force.                       round-shouldered like sentinels
   Dan Cobb reported that about 20        Trip Planning Meeting                             exposed…”
students have so far signed up for          Steve Stearns, Outings Chair,                   “Mountain Thoughts,” written by
the Basic Backpacking Class.              presided over the annual trip planning            Muir during the 1870s, were collected
Enrollment seems equally divided          meeting that was held in lieu of an               by Linnie Marsh Wolfe and published
in response to the announcements          evening program. Each proposed trip               in John of the Mountains, (1938).
on our Web site and in the Loma           was discussed, and trip descriptions

   What a culinary treat I have for you      to hear about them! Send stories (or              To save weight I made a simple
this month! Instead of a recipe, this        recipes) to Sue at s u e h i k e r @           skillet from an 8 x 8 inch square piece
column presents a story which will                                 of flat aluminum, with the corner bent
add much pleasure to your day and                                                           up to use with pot grippers.
will certainly feed your funny bone. In      Most humorous meal:                               The night of dread came. I carefully
the February issue of LIU!, I urged          Backcountry tortillas                          mixed the tortilla flour with the exact
readers to share their “worst meal           by Herb Steierman                              amount of water in a Ziploc® bag.
ever” with the intention of adding                                                          Problem one: I added a little too much
some humor to the column. The                  I have always tried various things           water so the mixture was a bit pasty,
following story, by Herb Steierman,          for backpack meals — some work,                and I didn't have any extra flour to
definitely offers a lot of humor, even       some do not. So I thought about                correct the consistency. So I did the
if (according to Herb) it is not his         making homemade tortillas in the back          best I could to mold flat, round
worst meal ever. Enjoy! Thanks to            country. I purchased a flour tortilla          tortillas, but they looked more like
Herb for sharing!                            mix; just add water — it contained             thick lumps of dough.
                                             everything else. I tried the simple
If you have any “worst meal ever” or         recipe at home, the tortillas came out                         [Continued on next page]
humorous stories, we would really like       great, so it was time for the field test.
Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                                 Page 3
                                                                    Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Backcountry tortillas, continued]          I thought, “This is just trial and        skillet was so hot that the weight from
   Not to despair, I placed the          error,” so I tried to make another           the lump of dough was enough to
homemade aluminum skillet on the         tortilla. Double whammo! The same            deflect the skillet and punch a hole
homemade stove, and then placed the      thing happened. Now I had two lumps          through it — the tortilla dough and the
tortilla dough on the hot skillet.       of dough in the dirt.                        homemade aluminum skillet were in
                                            Not wanting to fail, I thought I'd        the flames of the cook stove.
Whammo! The oil in the flour
                                         hold the next tortilla on the skillet with      Anyway, failure was bad enough,
instantly greased the hot skillet, and
                                         a fork. So on went the third tortilla. Lo    but my friend was just going
the lump of dough slid off into the
dirt.                                    and behold, the fork trick worked, but       hysterical from laughter. I still hear
                                         by now the homemade aluminum                 about this, but now I laugh too. 

                                                                                      Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one of
                                                                                      the country's environmental
                                                                                      champions, will speak at the
                                                                                      Sierra Summit!

Snafu results in insufficient enrollment
   Originally scheduled for March         and during this tumultuous period,              Look for the announcement in
4-6, the Trip Leadership Workshop         the announcement submitted to the             the next Loma Prietan, and pass the
is being tentatively rescheduled for      Chapter newsletter somehow failed             word along to anyone you know
June 25-26, 2005.                         to make it to publication. As a               who may be interested! 
   The Loma Prietan has been              consequence, news of the workshop
undergoing staff and other changes,       never reached outside our Section.

Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                           Page 4
                                                                    Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

                                           Since Becky and I were anxious to      why, she explained the porters sometimes
Inca Trail to Machu                     hike, we stayed with the porters          take things.
                                        instead of stopping at the Llactapata     Day 2
Picchu                                  Inca ruins. The guide instructed us to       We awoke the following morning at 6
                                        stop at our campsite, designated by a     am to start hiking at 7 am. After storing
Part 2: Hiking with a guide
                                        green flag. The campsite was near         our stuff away and dropping off our packs
and porters                             Huayllabamba, the only inhabited          on a huge tarp, we headed inside the
by Nancy Barlow                         village on the route. Since we didn’t     dining tent for breakfast. While eating
                                        see any green flags, we kept hiking       breakfast, the porters busied themselves
Day 1                                   past several campsites. We stayed
   After the required four wait-                                                  with taking down all the sleeping tents.
                                        behind a porter we thought was ours;      What a luxury not having to worry about
days, we were finally ready for the     we didn’t want to pass him. Upon
Inca Trail. The bus picked us up                                                  setting up or taking down a tent!
                                        arriving at a campsite, the porter took      The second day’s hike is the most
around 7:30 am before stopping at       a break and then set up a tent. We
a plaza in Cusco to pick up the                                                   gruesome of the Inca Trail. It’s a five-
                                        looked around, but saw no other           hour, approximately 3,000 ft climb to
porters and supplies. Prior to          porters we recognized, until another
arriving at the trailhead, we had to                                              Dead Woman’s Pass (14,000 ft/4,200 mi).
                                        porter approached us and informed us      The locals living along the trail set up
make a final stop in Ollantaytambo      that we had passed our campsite. At
to pick up additional supplies and                                                resting stations where they sell water,
                                        this time, our porter arrived (with no    chocolate (Peruvian and American), and
purchase our hiking canes. One of       backpack and climbing uphill) to tell
the regulations on the Inca Trail is                                              of course, toilet paper. The cost of a
                                        us to turn around. Fortunately for us,    Snickers bar was triple that of a Peruvian
no steel-tip hiking poles; only         our porters found us. So we back-
hiking canes are allowed. We both                                                 chocolate, so we stuck to the Peruvian
                                        tracked about 1/2 mile downhill. Of       chocolate. It was a luxury for us to
purchased two canes for five soles      course, we were the last to arrive. The
(about $1.25).                                                                    purchase water along the trail instead of
                                        campsite was in the backyard of a         having to carry or filter it.
   We arrived at the trailhead, KM      local’s house.
82, around noon, and promptly the                                                    The majority of the trail that day was
                                           After resting awhile, the guide        uphill. Every time I sat down to rest, one
porters set up the dining tent and      called us at 5:30 pm for afternoon tea,
prepared lunch. During the two-                                                   of our porters would walk by and say
                                        which included tea, coca leaves,          “vamanos!” which means “let’s go!”
hour lunch rest we wandered             popcorn, crackers and fried dough.
around, trying to avoid the locals                                                Since I had been living on flat land for
                                        The coca leaves help with altitude,       about a year, my pace was significantly
who were selling everything from        but for me, they tasted funny, so I
hiking canes to water bottle                                                      slower than normal. The porters were like
                                        stopped having them. At 7:30 pm,          energizer bunnies; they just kept going
containers, and toilet paper. Since     dinner was served. The tours usually
we knew in advance that there is no                                               and going. Several years ago, a porter’s
                                        serve fish on the first night, and        maximum load was regulated to 40 lbs.
toilet paper on the Inca Trail, we      chicken and rice on the remaining
carried our own supply —                                                          There is a weigh station along the way to
                                        nights. Remembering this from a           ensure this regulation is enforced. The
purchased in Cusco — one roll for       newspaper article we read, Becky and
one sol (about $0.25).                                                            guide informed me that the porters get 60
                                        I had informed our travel agency that     soles (about $18) for three days’ pay.
   After eating for about an hour,      we were vegetarians. So for the first
we finally started on the Inca Trail,                                                After what seemed like an eternity of
                                        night, we ate rice and an omelet.         hiking, I finally reached the top and was
passing through a checkpoint first         After dinner, we visited the local
to ensure our tickets and passports                                               greeted by Becky, who was there ahead of
                                        bathroom. What an interesting             me. Becky is about 20 years my junior.
were in order. Our 12-party hiking      bathroom! No toilet, but a hole in the
group consisted of two German                                                     The vistas were stunning – snow capped
                                        ground the size of a two-cup measure,     mountains. After taking a few pictures, we
couples, two Australian boys, two       with water from a garden hose
English girls, two Peruvian girls                                                 headed downhill to the designated lunch
                                        running into the hole. There were two     spot. After about five minutes, we reached
from Lima, and Becky and me.            footprints to assist users in
Augmenting this were two guides                                                   the dining tent, but then had to wait for
                                        positioning themselves to aim             the two girls from Lima to arrive, which
and eleven porters. We crossed the      correctly. Immediately in the next
Rio Urubamba on a wooden and                                                      completed our group.
                                        space was the shower, with no divider        After lunch, we headed downhill again
wire suspension bridge, and in          between the bathroom and shower.
about two hours, we came upon the                                                 to our campsite beside several waterfalls
                                        Afterwards, when we were getting          — a beautiful location. During afternoon
Llactapata Inca ruins. These ruins      comfortable in bed, the assistant
have two parts: an urban setting                                                  tea, Becky and I taught one of the porters
                                        guide came by to tell us to put our
where noblemen stayed, and a            boots inside the tent. When we asked
suburban setting.                                                                                    [Continued on next page]

Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                          Page 5
                                                                        Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Inca Trail, Part 2, continued]            had to be carried down. So much for         they thought they would miss sunrise at
to play “Go Fish.” It was pretty           the 40 lb weight limit for the porters!     6:30 am.
amusing since the porter spoke             We met up with them while they                 I arrived at the Sun Gate around 6:20
only Quechua. Becky could                  were resting and offered the porters        am, and found porters and hikers staring
translate English to Spanish, so           some food and water. Since they were        at Machu Picchu. This was my first sight
                                           past Dead Woman’s pass, they had to         of this magnificent place. Since the
when another porter finally joined
                                           take her down to Machu Picchu.              entrance fee to Machu Picchu has
us, he helped translate Spanish into
                                           Luckily, no one in our group got sick.      increased, many Peruvians cannot afford
                                             When we arrived at Winay Wayna,           to visit this sacred place. The porters are
Day 3                                      we were surprised to see a hotel and        allowed to see the view from the Sun
   The third day of hiking started at      restaurant. Naturally we purchased          Gate, but are required to leave when the
6:30 am. The guides surely made            some refreshments and enjoyed the           majority of Inca Trail hikers arrive.
us start hiking early. Again, this         view with the rest of the Inca Trail           After about 30 minutes, Becky and I
day started uphill and leveled off at      hikers. Luckily, there weren’t 500          decided to head down to Machu Picchu,
another ruin, Runku Raqay. This is         hikers and a comparable number of           an Inca citadel. “Machu Picchu” means
a pre-Inca site, noted by the rock         porters that day. Most groups had           “Old” or “Ancient Mountain.” The citadel
walls built without mortar. It has         dinner there, and the following             lies between the mountain named Machu
only two of the three main sections        morning’s breakfast was in the              Picchu and Huayna Picchu. Our guide
left, due to an earthquake and the         restaurant, albeit porter-prepared.         informed us that it was named for the
Spanish. Supposedly, the Incas             That way the porters didn’t have to         adjacent mountain, since no one knows
used this site as a rest stop, which       set up the dining tent. We said our         what the Incas called the site. This site
we repeated.                               goodbyes to the porters who were            was never discovered by the Spanish
   After a brief rest, we set off          leaving our group that night.               conquerors and was apparently forgotten,
again into a lush jungle-like valley.      Apparently, only the cook and a             except by local Indians and settlers. In
About two hours from the Runku             couple of porters stay on for the           July, 1911, US explorer, Hiram Bingham,
Raqay ruin, we came upon an Inca           fourth and final day.                       with sponsorship of the National
tunnel. The Incas carved little steps                                                  Geographic Society, discovered the site
down into the tunnel, which they           Day 4
                                              The last day of hiking took about        with the help of a local settler. Our guide
created by splitting the rock. It was                                                  took us for a walking history of the place
wide enough for a porter carrying a        two hours. After an early morning
                                           breakfast, we started on the trail          before leaving us around 2 pm to explore
40 lb pack, and tall enough for me                                                     on our own.
to stand up straight. We hiked for         around 5:30 am, so as not to miss
                                           sunrise over Machu Picchu at                   The majority of hikers in our group
another 30 minutes before we came                                                      were taking the 4 pm train back to Cusco,
to our final lunch spot on the trail.      Intipunku, the Sun Gate. Since the
                                           checkpoint and gate across the trail        but we headed down to Aguas Calientes.
   After lunch we headed to                                                            Fortunately, Becky and I were staying two
Phuyupatamarca. Our guide called           didn’t open until 5:30 am, no one
                                           could start earlier. Once past the          nights in Aquas Calientes so we could
it “the town above the clouds,” but                                                    take in Machu Picchu, again, the
                                           checkpoint, we started hiking en mass
we called it “the town in the                                                          following day. After saying our goodbyes,
                                           to the Sun Gate. What a sight to see: a
clouds.” Its main attraction is the                                                    Becky and I headed to see my porter,
ceremonial bath and aqueduct               massive group wearing headlamps,
                                           hiking along a narrow trail, with a         where I gave him a $15 tip.
system. After resting a bit, we
started towards Winay Wayna, our           steep drop-off on one side. The guide       The previous installment of Inca Trail to
final camping spot on the trail.           informed us the porters aren’t              Machu Picchu, Part 1: The four
While we were hiking, two porters          allowed to run along this portion of        mandatory wait-days before hiking on the
from another group, one carrying a         the trail because of the steep drop-off.    Inca Trail appeared in the February issue
girl, ran past us. Apparently the girl     Around 6:15 am, a few British hikers        of the LIU!. 
was feeling altitude sickness and          started running along the trail since

EDITOR’S COLUMN by Jean Higham-Sergeant
Volunteer wilderness rangers                    Ken Murray, Public Information               According to Murray, “The primary
                                              and Education Director for The High         emphases will be on visitor contact,
   We've all heard how funding for our        Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew                 wilderness education and wilderness
national forests is being cut, resulting      (,                 stewardship activities. This is not a
in fewer and fewer wilderness rangers         was asked to initiate and coordinate a      law enforcement position.”
being hired to manage these areas.            new program in partnership with the            There are two types of
There simply aren't enough people to          Sierra National Forest for recruiting       opportunities: summer-long programs
handle essential duties, and forest           and training volunteer wilderness           that require a full-time commitment
rangers need help.                            rangers.
                                                                                                          [Continued on next page]
Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                                Page 6
                                                                     Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Volunteer Rangers, continued]              want to protect and improve the               In light of the current state of
from mid-June to mid-September, and         condition of the wilderness.               dwindling funds for national forests,
part-time programs that require an 8-         As a new program, recruits will be       I'm delighted that there are efforts
day commitment between June and             carefully screened and wilderness          being made to fill in the gaps. While
September, not necessarily in a row.        managers will select only a very few.      you're out backpacking this summer,
                                            Murray promises “a certain amount of       keep in mind that some of the rangers
   Volunteers should have excellent
                                            chaos involved in such a new               you see may be volunteers who are
interpersonal skills, have longstanding
                                            program.”                                  helping protect our wilderness and our
backcountry-travel experience, under-
stand conservation principles, and                                                     access to it. 

General information                         Up-to-date trip information                outings/chapter/forms/, or
                                               All trip information is subject to      con-tact the Outings Department at
Trip registration                                                                      (415) 977-5528 for a printed version.
   Participants need not be members,        change. The Section Web site at
                                            http://lomaprieta.sierraclub.                 The Sierra Club assumes no
however, trip leader approval is                                                       responsibility of liability for
required. Contact the trip leader to        org/bps/ may reflect changes that
                                            occur after LIU! publication. Contact      transportation by private vehicle.
preregister. For by-mail trip regis-
tration, send the trip leader two large,    the trip leader for up-to-date             Equipment loans
self-addressed, stamped envelopes           information.                                 Two bear canisters and some trail
(SASEs) with your name, address,            Liability waiver                           maintenance tools are available for
work and home phone numbers, e-                All participants on Sierra Club         loan (deposit required) to Section
mail address, a summary of your back-       outings are required to sign a standard    leaders and members. For details,
packing experience, and if specified in     liability waiver. You may review the       contact Matt Hahne, Equipment
the trip description, send a check made     liability waiver in advance at             Manager, (408) 749-9968.
out to the trip leader.           
Trip ratings

Max Daily Mileage                    Max Daily Elev Gain                 Additional Criteria
Distance in Miles     Rating         Elevation in Feet    Rating         Description                                     Code

0–5                   1              0 – 1,000            A              Cross-country                                   -xc
5 – 7.5               2              1,000 – 2,000        B               (Off-trail travel with backpack)*
7.5 – 10              3              2,000 - 3,000        C              Fast and light                                  -f&l
10 +                  4              3,000 +              D               (Fitness/base pack-weight requirements)

* Any trip may include optional cross-country hikes from camp
NR = not rated (Contact trip leader for information)

Schedule                                       Prior snow camping experience is        Coe State Park is 11 mi from the
                                            recommended, but not necessary. The        nearest trailhead. Most backpackers
Mar 12-13, Dewey Point Snow                 leader can advise you on appropriate       who choose to visit this wilderness
Camp, Yosemite NP, 1A                       gear and preparation. Skiers should        take two days just to get to the
   Sat-Sun. Camp in the snow                have experience skiing with a full         wilderness. They spend a couple more
overlooking Yosemite Valley. This           pack (on a hut trip, for example). The     days exploring it, making it as much
trip will start at the Badger Pass ski      trip is individual commissary, but         as a week's trip altogether. With
area parking lot, and will cover            participants will be encouraged to         lightweight backpacking techniques,
3.75 mi by cross-country skis or            team-up for shelter and cooking. Co-       we can visit it as an overnight, even
snowshoes. Participants will be             listed with the Ski Touring Section.       going a few miles inside this pristine
encouraged to try alternative winter           To register, contact the leader:        area.
shelters, such as a snow cave, or a         Steve Sergeant, s t e v e s g t @             We'll travel in through-hiker style,
hybrid tarp/trench structure. On  , (408) 937-8116.               hiking between 15 and 18 mi per day,
Sunday morning we'll explore the rim                                                   cooking on the trail, making camp at
of Yosemite Valley to the east of           Apr 9-10, Orestimba Wilderness
                                            Overnight, Henry Coe SP, 4C-f&l            sunset, and continuing our hike at
Dewey Point before traveling back to
the Badger Pass parking lot.                  By the most direct route, the edge of
                                                                                                       [Continued on next page]
                                            the Orestimba Wilderness of Henry
Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                            Page 7
                                                                       Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Schedule, continued]                       Apr 23-24, Lightweight BP Course                For Thu night before the trip, I
at sunrise. This is a fast and light trip     Sat-Sun. Graduation trip for the           reserved a campsite at Upper Pines
with special fitness requirements and       Lightweight Backpacking Course.              Campground at the back of Yosemite
gear-weight restrictions. Individual        Apr 30-May 1, Basic Backpacking              Valley. On Fri, we’ll start at Happy
commissary. Limit of 5 participants.          Sat-Sun. First trip for the Basic          Isles and climb up the Mist Trail to
                                            Backpacking Course.                          Little Yosemite Valley (about 4 mi
   To register, send your proposed
                                                                                         and 2,100 ft). During our stay we may
itemized gear list with weights, a $5       May 7-8, Ohlone Trail, 4C-f&l                have time to do a day hike up the
check for the permit fee, and a filled-        Fri-Sun. Get in shape, and shake-
out copy of the Sierra Club Medical                                                      Merced River to Bunnell Cascade.
                                            down your gear for your fast & light         The trip route might change due to
Form to the leader: Steve Sergeant. E-      trips this summer! Hike the entire           heavy snowfall this year.
mail:;                 30 mi Ohlone Trail from Lake Del                Leader: Dave Barry, assistant
phone: (408) 937-8116.                      Valle near Livermore to Stanford             leader: Katherine Greene. Hot water
Apr 15-18, Sykes Hot Springs, 2B            Avenue in Fremont as an overnight.           commissary (I supply the water and
   Fri-Mon. 22 mi, 2000 ft elevation        This trip includes a total of 6,000 ft       you supply the food). To reserve a
gain. 5-6 mi per day. Pine Ridge Trail      accumulated climbing, and spectacular        spot, send $14.00 (one check per trip)
to Terrace Creek, Barlow Flats, Sykes       views from Rose Peak (3,817 ft) and          to Dave Barry, 1743 Shady Creek Ct.,
Hot Springs and Ventana Creek.              Mission Peak (2,517 ft). In between          San Jose, CA, 95148. Home: (408)
   Sykes Hot Springs is one of the best     we'll spend the night at Maggie's Half       238-1336 home; cell: (408) 205-4629.
hot springs (100º F with a cold stream      Acre in the shadow of Rose Peak.             You will need a bear canister for this
a few feet away for cooling off). We’ll        Saturday will be a short day of           trip. Cancel deadline for a refund is
leave from San Martin or Gilroy at          11 mi, plus some short scenic detours.       two weeks before the trip. Limit: 8
12:00 PM on Fri, Apr 15, and back-          Sunday will be a more ambitious              people.
pack from 2:00-5:00 P M at Terrace          19 mi. Some day-hiking groups
                                            regularly traverse this trail in a day, so   Jun 17-19, Mountain Home SF, 2B
Creek (about 5.5 mi). The next day
                                            an ultralight backpacker should be             Fri-Sun. Moderate loop in an area
we’ll backpack to Sykes Hot Springs
                                            able to cover it in two! Individual          with several groves of giant sequoias.
(about 4.5 mi). We’ll swim in the Big
                                            commissary. Limit 7 participants.            Springtime in the southern Sierra
Sur River and sit in the hot springs.
                                            Through-hike requiring car shuttle.          adjacent to Sequoia NP. Leader: Matt
(The best of four different places to sit
                                            Ultralight trip with special gear and        Hahne, (408) 749-9968.
in the hot springs is located just above
the Big Sur River.) We can also fly         fitness requirements.                        Jun 25-26,Trip Leadership WS
fish. On Sat we’ll move to Ventana             To Register: Send $5 for campsite           Sat-Sun. Trip Leadership Workshop.
Creek, which has several long               registration and a filled-out copy of        Jul 1-4, PCT, Section K, 4C-f&l
swimming holes. We’ll trek over to          the Sierra Club Medical Form to                 Fri-Mon. Hike the Pacific Crest
the mouth of the creek for fly fishing,     leader Steve Sergeant. Contact: (408)        Trail 64.3 mi from Donner Pass to
as well as day hike down the Big Sur        937-8116,              Echo Summit. We might have to do
River for a mile. We’ll pass through        May 14-15, Basic Backpacking                 this trip either direction, depending on
redwoods and may have time to day             Sat-Sun. Second trip for the Basic         permit availability. This section of the
hike to Redwood Camp. You’ll enjoy          Backpacking Course.                          trail passes through the intensely
views of Cone Peak and the Ventana                                                       popular Desolation Wilderness, the
Wilderness.                                 May 27-30, Domelands Wilderness,
                                            Sequoia NP, 2B                               Granite Chief Wilderness, and other
   It’s OK if you need to return home                                                    less visited portions of the Eldorado
on Sun; you can leave from Sykes and          Fri-Mon. Moderate loop hike in
                                            early-season southern Sierra. Fishing        National Forest. We'll be passing
get back to the trailhead in 4+ hrs. On                                                  through this area while many of the
Mon, we’ll stop at the River Inn for        in the forks of the Kern, and rock
                                            scrambling are possible. Bring               PCT through-hikers will be there.
libations on the way home, and sit in                                                       We'll travel through-hiker style,
the river adjacent to the inn.              mosquito repellant. Leader: Matt
                                            Hahne, (408) 749-9968.                       hiking between 16 and 18 mi per day,
   Leader: Bill Flodberg, 12925                                                          cooking on the trail, making camp at
Foothill Ave, San Martin, CA 95046;         Jun 3-5, Basic Backpacking                   sunset, and continuing the hike at
Fax: (408) 683-4683; wflodberg@               Sat-Sun. Graduation trip for the           sunrise. This is a fast and light trip Trip limit: 6 participants.        Basic Backpacking Course outing.             with special fitness requirements and
Central commissary: $15.                    Jun 10-12, Half Dome, Yosemite               gear-weight limitations. Individual
Apr 16-17, Ventana Wilderness, 2B           NP, 2C                                       commissary. Limit of 5 participants.
  Sat-Sun. From SR1 to Vicente Flat           Fri-Sun. This is the traditional climb        To register, send your proposed
and return. Sweeping views of the           up the cables to the top of Half Dome        itemized gear list with weights, a $5
Pacific coast from Lucia to Pacific         (8842 ft), but since it is done via a        check for the permit fee, and a filled-
Valley. Possible waterfall 1+ mi above      two-night stay in Little Yosemite            out copy of the Sierra Club Medical
Vicente Flat Camp. Leader: Matt             Valley, the day we climb will be a           Form to the leader: Steve Sergeant.
Hahne, (408) 749-9968.                      moderate hike (without backpacks).
                                                                                                         [Continued on next page]

Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                              Page 8
                                                                   Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Schedule, continued]                     third segment leads us to Burro Pass       the area. Then we’ll hike the upper
                                          and Upper Paiute Creek (8.5 mi and a       trail just east of the Triple Fork to
                                          2100-ft ascent). We’ll camp at 9600 ft.    Lyell Fork, where we’ll have another
phone: (408) 937-8116.
                                          The next day we’ll hike from Upper         layover day to explore the upper basin.
Jul 1-4, Saddlebag Lk to Tuolumne         Paiute Creek to Barney Lake (7.5 mi        The next two days we will hike down
Meadows, Yosemite NP, 3B-xc               with an elevation drop of about            the Merced River Canyon, camping at
   Fri-Mon. This is a great trip to see   1000 ft). From Barney Lake, we             Merced Lake and Little Yosemite
all the types of country Yosemite has     should be able to get back to the          Valley (15 mi). The last day is a 6 mi
to offer. From Saddlebag Lake we’ll       trailhead in 2 hrs, leaving plenty of      hike back to Glacier Point via the
hike past many lakes in great alpine      time to get home early. Plan for a         Panorama Trail.
scenery to cross McCabe Pass (a           layover day in Matterhorn Canyon to           Leader: Dave Barry, assistant
second class cross-country pass) at       day hike (9 mi) to Smedberg Lake via       leader: Anne Gorby. Central
11,600 ft, and camp at Lower McCabe       Benson Pass. Benson Lake, Rogers           commissary (Anne and I will supply
Lake. The next day we’ll travel down      Canyon, and Rogers Lake are also           all breakfasts and dinners, but you
Cold Canyon to about a mile below         within reach.                              supply your lunches, snacks and drink
Glen Aulin on the Tuolumne River.            The scenery is spectacular and          powders). To reserve a spot, send
Then we’ll take a layover day to enjoy    fishing can be quite good. For more,       $60.00 (one check per trip) to Dave
the many fabulous waterfalls below        refer to Sierra North: 100 Back-           Barry, 1743 Shady Creek Ct., San
our campsite. On our last day we’ll       Country Trips by Thomas Winnett,           Jose, CA, 95148. Home: (408) 238-
hike about 7 mi out to Tuolumne           Jason Winnett, Lyn Haber, and Kathy        1336 home; cell: (408) 205-4629. You
Meadows (total trip mileage of about      Morey. Of interest is the sixth day of     will need a bear canister for this trip.
22 mi) where we’ll do a shuttle to        Twin Lakes to Smedberg Lake, and           Cancel deadline for a refund is two
Saddlebag Lake for our cars. We           the first and second days of Upper         weeks before the trip. Limit: 8 people.
might have to do an alternate trip due    Paiute Creek to Twin Lakes. Trip #46       Sep 2-5, Twin Lakes to Peeler and
to the heavy snowfall this year.          describes Summit Lake to lower             Crown Lakes, Northern Yosemite
   Leader: Dave Barry, assistant          Virginia Canyon. The day hike to           NP, 3B-xc
leader: Elizabeth Barry. Hot water        Smedberg Lake is described on pgs             Fri-Mon. After an 8 mi and 2400 ft
commissary (I supply the water and        134-5.                                     climb to Peeler Lake (layover day) we
you supply the food). To reserve a           Leader: Bill Flodberg. E-mail:          will have easy hiking while we visit
spot, send $12.00 (one check per trip) No deposit              Snow and Crown Lakes for a loop trip
to Dave and Elizabeth Barry, 1743         needed at this time.                       back to Twin Lakes. There should be
Shady Creek Ct., San Jose, CA,
                                          Aug 5-7, Granite Lake, Emigrant            some good fishing and great scenery
95148. Home: (408) 238-1336 home;
                                          Wilderness (tentative)                     to make this a memorable trip. On the
cell: (408) 205-4629. You will need a
                                            Fri-Sun. Leaders: Dan and Jo Ann         layover day we’ll explore Thompson
bear canister for this trip. Cancel
                                          Cobb. Details to be announced.             and Rancheria Canyons (some
deadline for a refund is two weeks
                                          Aug 13-20, Circumnavigating the            moderate cross-country). The third
before the trip. Limit: 8 people.
                                          Clark Range, Yosemite NP, 3C-xc            day will be a hike of about 6 mi to
Jul 8-10, Kaiser Peak Wilderness,                                                    Crown Lake, with a day hike (about
Sierra NF, NR                                Sat-Sat. This eight day trip with two
                                          layover days is about 55 mi, starting      2 mi) cross-country to Rock Island
  Fri-Sun. Moderate loop in fairly                                                   Lake. The last day is a downhill of
high Sierra, not far from Huntington      from Glacier Point, going along
                                          Illilouette Creek on the west side of      about 8 1/2 mi.
Lake. Leader: Matt Hahne,                                                               Leader: Dave Barry, assistant
(408) 749-9968.                           the Clark Range, crossing this range at
                                          Red Peak Pass (11,200 ft), exiting out     leader: Elizabeth Barry. Hot water
Jul 25-30, Virginia Lakes to Twin         the Merced River Canyon, and               commissary (I supply the water and
Lakes, 2B                                 returning to Glacier Point. I have         you supply the food). To reserve a
   Mon-Sun. After dropping off at         wanted to visit the beautiful country      spot, send $10.00 (one check per trip)
least one car at Twin Lakes (at times     east of the Clark Range, and so we         to Dave and Elizabeth Barry, 1743
these lakes empty at both ends into       will spend one layover day near            Shady Creek Ct., San Jose, CA,
Yosemite and into the watershed on        Ottaway Peak and another checking          95148. Home: (408) 238-1336 home;
the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada),   out the Lyell Fork area.                   cell: (408) 205-4629. You will need a
we will backpack to Summit Lake. We          The night before the trip we’ll camp    bear canister for this trip. Cancel
may be able to begin this part of the     at Bridalveil Campground, then meet        deadline for a refund is two weeks
trip (about 4 mi with a 1200 ft           at Glacier Point where we’ll hike          before the trip. Limit: 8 people.
elevation gain) on Fri. The next          towards Upper Merced Lake (9 mi).          Sep 2-5, To Be Announced
segment is primarily downhill,            The next day will be cross-country            Fri-Mon. Base camp trip (not fast &
following Return Creek, connecting        over Red Peak Pass to a small lake         light); probably a 2B rating. Leader:
with the Pacific Crest Trail, and then    just south of the pass (about a 2200 ft    Steve Sergeant.
winding its way over to Matterhorn        climb and 5 mi). We’ll have a layover
Canyon. We’ll camp at 8400 ft. The        day to explore the lakes and peaks of                      [Continued on next page]

Living It Up!  March 2005                                                                                          Page 9
                                                                           Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter, Backpack Section

[Schedule, continued]                           overnight. Destination and details to        area above Little Yosemite. On Sat
Sep 9-11, Toiyabe NF, 3B                        be announced. Leader: Steve Sergeant.        we’ll hike 6 mi and 1700 ft up to
  Fri-Sun. Hike up Long Canyon to                                                            Maggie's Half Acre camp with an
Beartrap Lake and return. Depart from                                                        optional hike to view the sunset on
Leavitt Meadow on SR108 east of                 COURTESY LISTINGS AND                        nearby Rose Peak, only a 1/4 mi away.
                                                                                             Then on Sun we’ll hike back downhill.
Sonora Pass. Beautiful, narrow valley           PRIVATE TRIPS                                Enjoy a group commissary for a
with ragged ridges on both sides and a
                                                   The Backpack Section offers to list       dinner and breakfasts with eight
creek beside the trail. Leader: Matt
Hahne, (408) 749-9968.                          backpack trips sponsored by other            others. Bring your own lunches and
                                                sections, and private trips planned by       dinner for Fri night.
Sep 15-18, To Be Announced                                                                     Leaders: Bob Segalla, segallab@
  Thu-Sun. Leaders: Dan Cobb and                its members and friends. Private trips
                                                are not sponsored or endorsed by the, (650) 962-1316; and
Mike Zensius.                                                                                Larry Stafford, (650) 493-7567.
                                                Sierra Club in any way.
Oct 7-10, Yosemite NP, 3B-xc                                                                 Reserve with a $20 check made out to
  Fri-Mon. Hetch Hetchy to Branigan             May 6-8, (Nearby) Sunol Regional             Bob Segalla, and send it to 70 Eldora
Lake and return via Tiltill Valley.             Wilderness, 2B                               Dr, Mountain View, CA, 94041.
Brilliant fall colors on aspens, crisp             Fri-Sun. Have fun on a two-night          Money includes one dinner, two
mornings, cool days — Yosemite                  backpack on the other side of nearby         breakfasts, and park reservations.
backcountry at its best. Leader: Matt           Mission Peak with lots of wild                 Sponsored by the Singleaires
Hahne, (408) 749-9968.                          flowers. Start Fri after work about 5        Section, and co-listed with other
                                                PM , and hike less than 3 mi and 900 ft      Sierra Club sections. 
Oct 29-30, Halloween, NR-f&l                    up to the Sunol backpack camping
  Sat-Sun. Local fast & light

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