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                                    Interact Rules and Guidelines
Interact Hours

   1. Service Hours are required each 9 weeks
             8 hours per 9 weeks
             1st nine weeks due: October 5th (only 4 hours are due at this date for NEW members)
             2nd nine weeks due: December 14th
             3rd nine weeks due: March 8th
             4th nine weeks due: May 3rd

-Turn hours into the Interact box in the office, or give them to Austin Eckhoff

-You may carry summer hours over for the 1st nine weeks only

-You may carry hours over from one nine weeks from the school year to other nine weeks

   2. Guidelines for Hours

   -   This year there will be a new hours log (which you can find either on the MBHS website or in the
       interact box). The log will contain a space for you to briefly explain your service.
   -   Signatures on your service hour forms are NOT to be signed by your parents.
   -   This year, making posters will not be counted for service hours, but an opportunity to make posters
       when necessary will be provided within certain interact meetings.
   -   Only two hours can come from non-direct service. This includes buying supplies, donations, cooking
       food for meetings, etc. (We want are members to be actively aiding the community)
   -   We will not count religious retreats as service hours, but we will count church/synagogue related
       service, such as mission trips, teaching Sunday school, teaching vacation bible school, etc.
   -   If you have any specific questions about what can count as hours, please ask one of the officers. If we
       are questioning the legitimacy of any of your hours, we will ask you for further information.
   -   If we decide any of your service hours are unacceptable or this form is turned in more than 2 weeks
       past the initial due date, 2 additional hours will be required from you within the next 9 weeks interval.

   3. Tardees and Absences

       Meetings are held every Tuesday at 7:35

   -   Meetings WILL begin at 7:35, if you come after the meeting has begun then you will be given a tardee.
   -   At 7:40 the door WILL be shut. If the door is shut, then you will be counted as absent. Do not disrupt
       the meeting by entering after the door is shut.
   -   3 tardees = 1 absence
   -   3 absences = 2 extra hours of work plus a written warning
   -   If there is a need for a second written warning then we are forced to expel you from the club.
   -   If you have make-up tests, study sessions, sickness, doctor appointments, etc., please give Austin
       Eckhoff a written excuse, or put one in the interact box in the office.

       4. Required events ALL Interact members must attend

                 - Mercedes Marathon – date not yet known

                 - Relay for Life – Friday, April 4th, 2008 (Mark it on your calendar NOW)

                 - Habitat for Humanity

       If you have a conflict with the dates of one of these events, please talk to one of the officers at least 2
       weeks before the date of the event.

Questions/Concerns contact:

Interact Faculty Sponsor               Mr. Kornegay

President                              Andrew Watson

Vice President                         Marci Engel

Secretary                              Austin Eckhoff

Treasurer                              Katie Dugger

Parliamentarian                        Merrye Summers Stradtman

Chaplain                               Margaret Watford

Group Email: mbhsinteract@gmail.com

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