Quality Management in the Finland’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory by RG


									Quality Management in the Finland’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Leena Raittinen, Statistics Finland
UNFCCC Workshop on National Systems 11-12 April 2005 Bonn, Germany

Quality - What is it all about?

Quality is not a thing but a relation Quality is the relationship between intention and outcome


High quality of the inventory is in practice conformance to requirements

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Quality strategy for the Finnish GHG inventory system

 quality requirements for the GHG inventory are integrated directly to the National system & annual inventory process




 no separate QM system  all parties of the national system are responsible for the quality of their own inventory calculations  documentation provides confidence in the conformity of the system to the requirements

National system

Annual inventory process

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National system for inventory preparation and reporting in Finland
Responsible national entity

Statistics Finland
Sector and emission specific calculations
Energy Industrial Processes Subcontract: Transport Technical Research Centre of Finland Agreements on inventory: F-gases Waste Finnish Environmental Institute Agriculture Agrifood Research Finland Land use change and forestry Finnish Forest Institute

Compilation and reporting of the inventory

EC Monitoring Mechanism & UNFCCC

Environmental permits, Emission trading, Traffic

Expert organisations

Administrative information:

Co-operation with Government ministries participating in the preparation of climate policy

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Unit /



Annual inventory process
4. Inventory Improvement
•assessing the effectiveness of the inventory system •conclusions for future actions

1. Inventory Planning
•setting quality objectives •specifying necessary processes and resources •elaboration of QA/QC plan •selecting methods and emission factors

3. Inventory Evaluation

Plan Act Continual Improvement Check Do

2. Inventory Preparation

•implementing QA activities: internal audits, expert peer reviews •reviews of international review teams

•collecting activity data •estimating GHG emissions and removals •implementing uncertainty assessment •recalculations •implementing QC checks •reporting •documenting and archiving inventory material
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Quality Management process
Requirements = Inventory principles Continual improvement Transparency  Consistency  Comparability  Completeness  Accuracy Timeliness
Setting of quality objectives Setting of the standard that is aimed for in the inventory preparation and reporting with regard to the inventory principles. Planning and implementation of quality control (QC) Actions aimed at attainment of the quality objectives, such as: •Routine checks of the integrity, correctness and completeness of data •Identification of errors and deficiencies •Documentation and archiving of inventory data and quality control actions. Planning and implementation of quality assurance (QA) Inspections, reviews, and audits to ascertain the standard reached in meeting the quality objectives. Improvement of quality Results from QC and QA, and analyses of observations are utilised to draw conclusions based on facts about actions that are required to improve inventory quality (= i.e. conformance to requirements).

QA/QC programme Quality objectives What standard do we aim for?

Descriptions and records generated by quality control actions What outputs and results did we produce?

Quality control plan How do we intend to reach the targets?

Quality assurance plan How will the inventory be evaluated?

Archive of inventory data and CRF tables

Inspection, review and audit reports How did we succeed?

Inventory improvement plan What improvement actions should we take?

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